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I'm 21 years old & i wear a 34DD. as a matter of...

i'm 21 years old & i wear a 34DD. as a matter of fact, those size bras that i have are getting too small. anyway, i've been contemplating getting a breast reduction since my high school graduation but my mom told me to wait because she wasn't sure if they were done growing or not & they definitely weren't. i was a 32D my senior year in high school (09-10). i barely weighed 120 pounds. i'm 130 now. i started complaining about having back problems around 2008 but no one took me serious until it started getting so bad to where i couldn't get out of the bed from the pain. in january of this year i decided to tell my primary care doctor that i wanted a breast reduction because i was tired of complaining about my back. she referred me to physical therapy for 6 weeks & if that did not help then she would refer me to a surgeon. my first visit with mr. cox went well but he said he wasn't too sure if the insurance would cover it because of something about the amount he would be removing. but i prayed on it & i received a phone call saying that my insurance did approve the surgery. i didn't start getting nervous until my pre-op appointment which was monday that just passed (07-08-13). my mom is worrying about it & her worrying is making me stress. i'm just trying to calm down before monday morning.
Good luck sweetie, i hope you have a comfortable and speedy recovery!
I go for my consult Tuesday and am somewhat nervous. I have read a lot of reviews on this site and the majority are comforting and I try to stay clear of the ones that aren't. I'm sure everything will be fine and you will be enjoying your new boobs and wondering (like most others here) why you didn't do it sooner. Good luck!

a little under 9 hours to go.

it's now midnight & i can't eat or drink anything until after the surgery. i took pictures for myself to look at later on down the line. i tried to crop as much as i could out but i think you guys get the point.
i'm 16 and i've been a 36DD all of the past school year, before which my breasts grew quickly and i had to buy bras often. it seems relatively certain that i've finished growing, and my physical therapist commented on how it'd be good to get this done now because my cervical and lumbar vertebrae had notably shifted. i did physical therapy for six weeks, too, and my surgery was approved by insurance- it's now scheduled for the 31st of this month. my per-op appointment is tomorrow. i'm just plain excited- i loved this medical stuff since i was five, and i'm not even worried. the error rate for this operation is low, rate of infection is low, and hematomas or fluid build up or popped stitches (easily avoidable) are routine and easy to deal with medical happenings. the pain one should expect to experience is low, since only skin and breast tissue (mostly fat, since that's what pretty much constitutes size) are touched. chill; probability-wise, everything is going to turn out swimmingly.
Good luck doll! Wishing you nothing but the best! Please post as soon as your up to it...
Good luck - thinking of you and wishing you a smooth recovery!

24 hours post.

my surgery finished around 11am yesterday. i wasn't really in a lot of pain. i have a high pain tolerance. so it might've been at a 3 or 4 yesterday but now it's a 10. i wanted to look at them yesterday but i couldn't because they are still so swollen. is there anything i could do to make the swelling go down faster? i doubt it. it only hurts on the side of my chest. i'm guessing that's where he cut me at the most. i have a hard time positioning myself to take a nap so i haven't really been to sleep. but besides that . . . everything is ok. i'll post a picture on the next post.


i'm just ready to take this bra off.

2 days.

it hasn't officially been 48 hours but i took a quick bath this morning. i couldn't help it. i also took one layer of the yellow tape off of my right boob. the tape is still covering my nipples & the cuts underneath the left & right boob. they are still very swollen. & the incision marks hurt like hell but i'm dealing.
Looking good hun, I wish you a speedy recovery, i would ask you to give me the down and dirty of recovery but a small part of me that doesn't want to know lol, have you encountered anything new that took you by surprise, anything that wasn't mentioned on here.
i didn't realize that the cuts would itch so bad. that's the only part that's actually getting to me.
benadryl! the third and fourth days I wanted to scratch my chest off!!


do you guys know if i could possibly remove the yellow tape that's on my incisions & replace it with something else?
I had tape similar to yours and I kept it on until my one week check. Unless it's causing extreme discomfort I would leave it be until then. There's a lot of healing going on under there in thr first week. You look great by the way :-)

happy girl!

just received word that i can shower & let the water remove the yellow tape. she also told me to put pads or panty liners over the incision. i'm so happy!


i had my pre-op appointment on yesterday & they cut the stitches. only one of them hurt for some odd reason. he also told me that i could start wearing soft bras & since i don't really know my size yet i decided to get some sports bras until the rest of the swelling went down.

a little nervous.

so i had my surgery a little over 2 weeks ago & nothing has really changed. i went to Victoria's Secret to get sized & was almost in tears by the time i walked out. originally, i was a 34DD & when the worker measured me the other day . . . it turns out that i'm actually larger than a 34C. she gave me a 34C in a full coverage bra to try on & my boobs were busting out. how long does it take for the swelling to go down? i know that's probably a huge factor. i've also started to put cocoa butter on my scars since all of the scabs have come off. i still get a little sore sometimes when riding in a car or trying to lay on my side but that's about it.
You'll probably see a reduction in swelling still...could be months but from what I've gathered, easily some more reduction up until the 1-2 month mark...ibuprofen helps but in any case, by mid day to end of day you may notice a bit more swelling than early morning. I saw quite a bit of swelling go down between weeks 3 and 6. Watch out for Victoria's Secret....I love their bras...but they do run small (so does places like The Gap...so you may be closer to a true C than you think in other brands. Time and sizing at other department stores will probably help. Hang in there you look great!
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