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Well I thought after all this lovely forum has...

Well I thought after all this lovely forum has helped and encouraged me I would be brave (not as brave as some of you as I can't now look at my previous op pictures without cringing) and post some piccies. I am now one month post op and the happiest and most confident 42 yr mum of a 14 and 10 yr old old ever!
I will be brave and post a piccie of the girls in all their glory later x


You look great. I am so looking forward to being able to walk without having my breasts bopping up and down. A little over a month to go!
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Wow those are lovely! My surgeon scared me with his "disclaimers" but I hope his shaping techniques/my body are as receptive as yours. Did you have issues with sleeping, pain, or being back on your feet within a week? Thank you for being brave, my surgery date is July 22nd. Happy healing to you!
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Hi, no I've been really lucky, no pain just discomfort in the first couple of weeks. I've not taken any pain meds since week 3 PO. Back sleeping is awful but you do get used to it. I am starting to side sleep now for small periods of time only. Good luck with your surgery, it really is a wonderful thing :-)

Five weeks post op apart from manky lefty :(

So all was going well until I looked at my bra and the constant staining underneath. Surgeon says keep taping it but in this hot weather I think that's a crap idea - surely it needs air? (Sorry pic is gross!!)


Well I had the same thing too but pretty small opening that after a couple weeks wasn't healing very fast so I took the tape off, cleaned the site with alcohol then aired dry and reaped...the thing closed up virtually over night and is good to go. There's so much conflicting views on how to handle it but...so far do good.
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I have exactly the same problem. I keep them covered in medicated gauze and change them every day. My understanding is that I shouldn't let them dry out as it stops the body from creating new tissue. So far so good.
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First bra fitting - HAPPY!!!

So went for my first bra fitting today, couldn't be happier. I kind of thought I was BUT I AM A C CUP :-) :-) :-) I love my new bra, I never thought I would ever wear a pretty bra like this :-) and it is a third of the price of my old clonky bras. I love bra shopping now:-)


Hey! I'm from bristol and had mine this week! You look so good, your shape and dressings look similar to mine, I'm a bit nervous about having the dressings changed and stitches cut out on Monday! How are you doing several months later now?
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Plummey (if you see this) how long did your left manky wound seperation take to heal? I have one just like that under my right - seems like it's taking forever - no matter what I do with it.
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I'm someone else but I had one just like it (my surgeon said it is where the internal stitches are making their way out) mine took about three weeks to heal.
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