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Took the Plunge at Age 44 - Love my New Tummy

After years of thinking about a TT, I decided to...

After years of thinking about a TT, I decided to take take the plunge at age 44. My history is not unique -- my children were both almost 10 pounds when they were born and my skin had stretched as a result. Every time I looked in the mirror or wore a bathing suit, I was unhappy with the way my skin sagged.

I only interviewed one doctor because I was utterly impressed with the one I was referred to my my primary care MD. Once I spoke with him, I never looked back.

My surgery took place on 12/15/09 and am almost 4 weeks out now. The first 24-36 hours were rough though managable. Thank heaven for a recliner to sleep in that first week. My Mom and husband were a big help the first 3-5 days. Having them here meant I didn't have to get up and down frequently - only to go to bathroom. If you are prescibed narcotics for pain - and you likely will want them - I would advise considering a stool softener that first week. Narcotics tend to cause constipation (not fun with TT).

For me the only con was the drainage tube. I have had mine almost 4 weeks (more of an annoyance than anything). I love my new belly and am looking forward to a bikini this summer for the first time in 20 years. If you are trying to decide to have this done or not, I would encourage you to go for it and not look back.

I know Speedracer would love your encouragement.

Her TT is coming soon
You look soooo good!!! He did a great job :)
Wow, you look great! I just found this site today and I am so thankful for people like you posting REAL thoughts and pictures. I am scheduled to have a TT in Feb 2010 and your photos and story are so encouraging and have put me more at ease. Thank you so much!

Update -- Now 7 weeks outI continue to be...

Update -- Now 7 weeks out

I continue to be completely (100%)  pleased with my outcome. 

 A couple of observations -

1) I still have some slight swelling at the end of the day above the incision scar. It is not significant but I notice it.  I am told that that will lessen over the next several months as the lympathic system re-establishes itself. 

2) A friend who of mine had a TT 4 years ago recommended vitamin E for the scars.  I used the silicone sheets for several weeks after the incision healed.  Now am trying the vitamin E and it seems to help.

3) Still not back to Kick boxing though am planning to return after my 2 month check up. Am able to do moderate exercises -- walking, some light weights, etc.

4) Overall, I am about 8 pounds lighter post op vs. pre op.  I think much of that was skin though certainly had some lipo.

Everyone go for it Thank you Dr. Salzhauer it has been 3 years and as you can see in my photo my tummy is still looking great. It was worth it!!
If I look as great as you do after my surgery, I'm going to cry tears of happiness for days and days!

Thanks for sharing your story!
My experience is finding the right surgeon is the key. Mine was truly gifted. Best of luck.

FYI -- I plan to post some 1 year pictures this week as I just passed it.
Steven Madry, MD

Truly skilled surgeon with a great bedside manner. He patiently answered my questions and provided excpetional care. I recommend without hesitation and I am picky.

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