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Hi everyone!! So I'm writing this because I'm...

Hi everyone!! So I'm writing this because I'm doing all my research on getting breast implants and after days of reading the reviews on here (good and bad) I'm getting a bit nervous but also very excited. I always had pretty big boobs but that was also because I was heavier... I lost over 40 lbs (still wanna lose about 20) but they shrunk obviously and just want them to be full and perky again. Im 26, 5'4 and weigh 145.. I was a 36C pretty much with the help of VS miraculous bras.. But they problem with the bras is that when you take it off, they "miraculously" disappear lol... I have serious boob envy right now bc of all my friends that had theirs done, they're extremely happy with them but I can't help but worry, what if I'm the one that they get messed up or even worse??? I guess I'm just trying to be realistic about it and get as much info as I possibly can get before my consult with the PS on 2/18/13. I'll take some pics to post a little later..but all the advice would be much appreciated!! :)))) I'm so excited and ready to do this and be fully happy but obviously I'm a little nervous at the same time...

Congrats on your weight loss! How'd you do it?

You might want to check out this forum post from walnut creek about her breast aug. Also, make sure you take the time to read a lot of reviews in this community to get an idea of what to expect.

Keep us posted! Will you be putting up your before and after photos?

Hi! Nice to meet you.. And thanks for the response! I lost the weight thru Jenny Craig.. Best thing I ever did! I lost 40 lbs in like 4 months and then kept it off for over a year now I wanna lose the rest n get to my goal. I checked out the link you posted and it was very informative! Thank you! And yes I will post some of my before pics soon, gotta take some first lol I'm very excited about being on here and getting feedback from the ladies that had the same concerns as me! As well as their end results! :)

Good job on the Jenny Craig! And it's so great that you've kept it off.

Barrington Plastic Surgeon

A few of my friends got their BA with this doctor and they're extremely happy with their results and definitely recommend him.

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