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So i am excited and nervous. I go for my consult...

So i am excited and nervous. I go for my consult for my thigh lift on dec 12 , 2013. I have lost over 166lbs with just diet and excersise. Yep no surgery. I had a tummy tuck in 2011 and that went very well. I tried to loose my thighs for two years and nada. I went to my doctors and did a referral and now the insurance is apparently paying for it. I have had some infections and i can't run with the chaffing specially in the knee area. So i am hoping it will get done and make me so i can run and enjoy activties that i couldn't do before. So i will have to send pixs tommorrow and show you my thighs, i am hoping it will be a t surgery and make them smaller. I was hoping this was a preop but i think it is consult to see what they suggest. I can't loose anymore in that area i workout 6 days a week and i eat healthy maintained my weight for 2 yrs and can't loose even dieting. i just hope i will get fix so i can do more. Any suggestions? Thanks i will be adding photos tommorrow.

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my thighs after 166lbs weight loss! nothing is working!

Here are some photos any feed back would be awesome!


Thanks for ur support I hope u have a speedy recovery! Ill let u know what happens! Please keep me posted about all this! Thanks!
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aww man i went and took a shower and missed an entire conversation LOL My PS said no compression garment because I have SO much to remove... IDK if that is a good or bad thing.. He also said staples because of the same reason.. basically as a reinforcer I guess.....I bought the chux from walmart... figured i would need em
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So exciting! I had a TT in 2005 a lower body lift in 2009 and just had my thigh lift on November 25th. Today is day 5. It is rough for sure. My incision goes from the back around to my inner thigh and vertically to about 2 inches above my knees. I came home a few hours after surgery and thankfully without drains! (I hate drains!) walking the first day but pain came before it was time for my next dose of meds but I could push through. Now day 5 I'm still very slow at walking but pain meds are further apart and last night I didn't wake up to take them. Yay! I'm feeling the electrical shocks (that's what I call them) and itching all around the lipo areas. My incisions haven't bothered me until today but I think it's because I'm walking more and feeling the incisions is just an odd feeling. Although I'm very swollen and I know things are going to shift as the healing process continues I'm super excited to see the end results! My thighs measured 38 inches pre-op and are now (swollen) measuring 26 inches! I still have thick legs but the sagging skin is gone! I hope my experience helps you through your journey and your surgery goes smoothly! It is more painful than my TT but I think my body lift was, so far, more pain than my thigh lift! 1st follow up is Tuesday and I'm excited!
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Almost there! 11 more days untill my consult!

Man I am very impantient when I comes to waiting! Lol


See I guess all PS are different. I was told I am going to have drains, staples and inside stitches....humm..
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Your right. She told me normally she doesn't use drains unless she sees something while she is doing the surgery that warranted it. Every PS has their technique. I just can't imagine the staples in the groin area and how that will work out?
hopefully not too painfully LOL they also told me to sit with my legs open and put a fan infront of me to keep the area dry.... uhhh okay LOL

Getting very excited!!! Only four more days!

i am very excited 4 more days and i see the PS to discuss about a thigh lift! I hope it happeneds!


Hi there. I just wanted to offer my support. I read a comment you made and mentioned your consult didn't go well. I'm really sorry about that. Believe me, I've been there. My first consult for my posterior lift and medial thigh lift was horrible. The guy was arrogant and apparently would pick and choose his 'clients' based upon whether or not he felt they would be 100% pleased with the outcome. And (IMHO) I think he doesn't actually perform body lifts (or shouldn't), but concentrates his practice on "shrink wrap lipo". Whatever the case - during my exam he told me he wouldn't do surgery on me, and that I 'needed to work out'. I explained I HAD worked out for three years, countless squats & lunges (his suggestion) but this was the result of all that work. He told me I did too much aerobic work, not heavy enough weights, low reps. Okay - there IS something to what he said, but the fact remains - I DID workout - constantly and had stubborn pockets of fat and loose skin. By the time I reached my car I was in tears - too destroyed to drive on to my second consult! I felt like I was "beyond help" even for a plastic surgeon. Fortunately I kept my consult for the following morning. During that exam, he said - you don't have a 'fat' issue - you have a 'skin' issue. You could work out from now until the day you die and it can't take care of the excess skin - that's a surgical fix. And I HADN'T even told him what the doc from the day before said to me - that was all offered. I had a couple more consults that all confirmed - I needed surgical excision of skin. So keep that in mind - if a surgeon doesn't give you great news at the consult, it could actually be that they know they aren't particularly skilled in the surgery you need. And by all accounts, inner thigh lifts are the most difficult of surgeries to do and to do well. Now that said, I have to agree with onedimsim that you should have lipo first - really debulk the area. Mine will do both at the same surgery, but I'm not dealing with a lot of bulk, more localized, so don't know how much that factors in for the timing of the surgeries. But yes - her doctor explained it very well - you want a little excess weight pulling on those incisions and you can. Both for immediate results and for long term results. Wound migration is a definite possibility with that much bulk, as would be wound healing issues. Plus keep in mind the surgeon needs to secure this newly lifted area to the fascia with permanent sutures, and though they're strong and hopefully the fascia is strong as well, you really want a little additional 'pull' on the area as you can get. Those sutures also help prevent the dreaded labia distortion seen by some thigh lift surgeries. So try to keep all that in mind, but DO seek out several highly qualified body lift surgeons for consults and then make a decision. But I'm feeling for you as I know how devastating and how dejected you can feel with a bad consult.
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ugh...typos! Sorry - you want as little excess weight pulling on the incisions and you can.... and 'you really want as little additional pull on the area as you can get. lol Funny how just missing a letter changes the entire meaning of the sentence!
Thanks! I am going to try alittle harder about my thighs then I am going to make a few consults in southern part of maine. I think she is one of three that does it around here! Also I am not in a hurry I decided to try another 6 months and go from there. I am trying to stay posisitve about it! I need to mix it up! I lost 10lbs in two weeks I weight 199. So I have another 15 to go! So I am workin it! Thanks for all the support!

Well it didn't happen!

Well most of you know i didn't get the thigh lift because PS wants me to loose more weight and they didn't even bother putting it through my insurance untill i asked them too. I had my TT covered why not my thighs. I did it the old fashion way worked my ASS off to get where i am! I didn't have any gastric surgery. I wont know untill a month. So i am going to have another consult with another surgeron that is concerned about my well being and not the MONEY! I know why my other PS didn't want me to put it through my insurance causse she wouldn't get 12000 for the damn surgery. But if your PS is like that then dont do it right! I am so frustrated but i will see what this other PS has to say. Hopefully something good or I am going to have to one of my friends that had it done to there hometown for three weeks! I might bug the hell outta them . Lol Well i am trying to keep my faith. Hope you all had a merry xmas!


Good luck at your next consult! ! My fingers are crossed : )
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Do yourself a favor and do a virtual consult with Dr. Capella. He's only $6-7k for the thigh lift and he does the BEST thighs!!! He has done more thigh lifts than any other surgeon -- more than 1000 of them. I love love love my thighs! He will not tell you to lose more weight, either.
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How can you get insurance to pay after weight loss sx?
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