First 24 Hours Great. After 48 Not So Good. - Bangkok, Thonglor

Got the Britesmile blue light treatment 48 hours...

Got the Britesmile blue light treatment 48 hours ago in Bangkok at Thonglor. After the treatment whitened my teeth 9 shades whiter. The take home instructions so don’t drink or eat anything that would stain a white shirt. 24 hours later teeth still nice and white. Next morning went back to eating drinking as usual. This evening after 48 hours my teeth don’t look as white anymore and some yellow mottling occurring. Not satisfied after paying $520. Maybe the 24 hours without coffee should be longer. I’ll be going back to say I’m not satisfied but I dont expect a refund.
No pain during process or afterwards. A bit unconfortable during process.

Sorry no before pictures.

Sorry no before pictures.

OK, I went back this morning and they gave me...

OK, I went back this morning and they gave me another session. The dental hygienist said my teeth dropped 4 shades and she never saw that before within such a short time (3 days). She said she was putting more gel this time and gave me another 15 minutes under the blue light. She said I might feel some sensation this time from the extra gel, but I felt nothing. After the 15 minutes my teeth are so white they are off the scale. So if I take from where I was 3 days ago (before treatment) my teeth lightened by over 13 shades. Even though the Brite-Smile brochure says don’t drink coffee or anything that could stain a white shirt, for 24 hours, she told me make it 1 week just to be sure. You see after you do this treatment the pores on your teeth are open and very susceptible to staining. Its "suppose" to take 12-24 hours for those pores to close over but depends on the individual. Hope I can make it 1 week without coffee. Oh coke and pepsi are no-no’s too. I'll check back in a month.
Thonglor Dental Hospital

Very clean. They all speak English.

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What do your teeth look like now?
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Hi. My teeth dropped a few shades since last year (maybe about 6 or 7 shades brighter now), Maybe in a few years I'll go again. If going to do this, be sure to drop coffee for a week right after.
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Hi. My teeth dropped a few shades since having the treatment a couple year ago. Maybe in a few years I'll go do it again. If going you to do this, be sure to not drink coffee for a week right after.
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The reason that your teeth don't look white is quite possibly because they have been re-hydrated. After the teeth have been dehydrated for some time (like during your teeth whitening session) they will always look chalkier and whiter. I have seen this many times in the dental office.

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I'm confused. So, you tried Brite Smile and you found it better to go to your Dentist to have them whitened. And did you use Brite Smile to brighten your teeth? Would you please look at your post again? Maybe, I can get it right. Thank you, Anna

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Yeah, I think waiting longer than 24 hours is a good idea. Hopefully they also told you to avoid tomato sauces, red wine, and curries.

Here are some Q&A's that might be of interest:

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P.S. if you are missing coffee for the caffeine Excedrin has caffeine in it, so at least you could kick the headache & get a little caffeine boost that way.

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Hi Richard in BKK, thanks for your details about what to expect. 9 shades...that's amazing. Would love to see before/after and other might know what to expect with the same treatment. Please add pics if you have them!

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