Vaser High Def on Upper and Lower Stomach and Flanks - Bangkok, Thailand

Hi everyone I had a vaser high def lipo on the...

Hi everyone
I had a vaser high def lipo on the upper and lower stomach and my flanks. I wouldn't say I was fat, but I was always built in a sporty-muscular way. I wanted to be more slender and most of all, I wished to have a waist as I have none what so ever. The surgeon took 1.5 liters of liquid (not all of it is fat I know. How much fat could have been removed with 1.5 l in total?) and today is my 4. day post surgery. The 1. was the best. As I had general anestesia I was still so tired that I slept nearly all day. I had no pain at all which I could hardly believe. I was so scared of having huge pain so when there was none I even doubted that the surgeon did something. But then they changed the dressing on day 2 and wow I was amazed! It looked amazing! A lot slimmer, toned and there was a waist! :-) but now, after 4 days, the swelling seems to get worst every day, the waist is gone again and I have some sideeffects that I would love some advice/opinions on because I don't know if I should be worried or if this is normal. My surgeon sais it is normal but I would feel more comfortable if some of you could reassure me :-)

- on one insitionhole i have a sharp fiery pain. It's always on the same one but from the outside everything looks fine. The hole is even closed. But fiery pain? Normal?
- sometimes when I move, especially when I try to sit down and bend forward a little bit, I have this cracking feeling inside. It's really difficult to expain how is feels, but it's really cracking. Does anyone have an idea what this could be? My surgeon sais he doesn't know as it could be so much...should I be worried?
- there seems to be a lot of liquid underneath the skin (also in areas thet I didn't have lipo. For exemple between the breasts) is this normal and if so, how long does it take to go down?
- i started having a headache that wouldn't go away for two days now

Thanks to everyone who was some advise for me and if anyone has any suggestions on what to do to aupport the healing (food, cream, massage...) please let me know!!

Thank you!

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5 days post-op

So today is my fifth day after the surgery. I went to get my dressings changed again. I am looking forward to the day after tomorrow when I can start wearing my compression garment. I haven't read about anyone here who had, like me, to wait for one week before starting to wear the compression garment. My doctor told me the swelling was too big for the garment so I was wrapped in bangdages so far. Really uncomfortable!

One of my holes is a bit yellow so I am worried it is infected. Another one is still hurting with fiery pain and anotherone is still leaking. The doctor sais thats fine, better for the fluid to come out as this will help the swelling go down faster. Oh well... :-)

Today I was allowed to have a shower. I was excited to see the result for the first time while standing but oh man I did not like what I saw! The swelling was enormous! I really hope its only swelling and not something to be affraid of! My stomach is blue and yellow and there is nothing to see about a slimmer waist. I was really sad! So I told myself not to look at it again for another week, in order not to get disappointed again.
Right now I am lying in bed, cooling my stomach. The doctor sais this won't help but I'll try it anyway...

I am a little confused because my doc sais I should be staying lying down for the first week so the fluids won't all go down to the legs, but on the internet I read a lot that patients were advised to walk around in order for the bloodcerculation the get going. So what is true?
Thanky for any tipps and advices!


Hi, I think you should post your symptoms to the ask a doctor page. You will at least get some professional opinions. Your swelling is probably normal, but it may be a seroma so maybe get it checked. The blue and yellow is just bruising. I'm not sure why you couldn't get to wear a compression garment right away. You will feel some relief once you start to wear it 24 hours a day. I think walking would be good for circulation then lie down when you start to see some swelling in your feet and elevate your legs so they are higher than your heart. Hang in there! It does get better and the swelling goes down. I'm just past 6 weeks post op and I almost feel myself again. I still have a numb back and butt though! Take care
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Hi! Thank you very much for your answer! Wow you are 6 weeks post and still habe a numb back? That's good to know so I won't worry when I'll have the same. It was amazing: from day 6 to day 7, I don't know what happened but it was such a change! The swelling went down enormously, I could sleep on the side for the first time, no more painkillers and I may wear the compression-garnment now. I was really reliefed! I wrote somewhere that pineapple is good against swelling so I am having two every day now (propanly pretty naiv but oh well if there's a chance that is helps why not give it a try :-) I started walking more in order for the bloodcirculation to start but I can feel backpain coming very fast. I guess the garnment doesn't allow me to stand up straight and I am walking/standing/sitting with a bad posture which isn't helpful. But I have to say the garnment is much more comfortable than all the bangages! I will see my doctor on wednesday for a rf-treatment. I don't really know what it is, some frequencing to build up heat on the treated area (i though cooling is good for swelling?!) but we'll see how that goes :-) Get well soon!
You should be able to stand up straight in your garment! Adjust the shoulder straps so you can.. I'm glad you're feeling better. It gets progressively better, but prepare for some days when there is more discomfort than others! I still get swelling at the end of the day.. The more active I am during the day, the more swelling I have at night! Let me know how the heat thing goes.. All the best.

9 days post op

Today is my 9. day after surgery. Here are some thoughts/experiences about the last week:
- first shower on day 5.
- the skin is so sensitive that even normal bandages and with as much care as possible, it breaks open and starts bleeding. The whole area is extremly sensitive so treat it carefully!
- from day 6 on no more painkiller
- from day 6 to day 7 amazing improvement! I couldn't believe it! Swelling went down more than half of it, i managed to sleep on my side for a few hours
- day 7 started wesring compression garnment (before only bandages)
- day 8 and 9: I manage to walk in the city for a few hours but feel that I am getting better everyday. The improvement is amazing!
- i can't say yet if I would do it again. The pain and the surgery was bearable, once the first week is over, you feel like everything is gonna be alright. But I'll wait to make up my mind until I can have a guess about the final result.
- i had my surgery in thailand because I am living here, not because of the money but if I think about flying I would suggest that patients take about 8-10 days off before traveling back. Depending on the duration of the flight, but before day 8 I wouldn't have been able to fly. Sitting down for a long time makes all the fluids go to youe genitals and legs and they swell up like crazy and in the plain there's no option of putting the legs up.
- two holes are still leaking but it's much better.
- headache is nearly gone
- fever has been gone since day 8


It sounds like a treatment I should have had! I have some hard lumps but I have been massaging them every night. I thought you might like the relief you get when you wear the compression garment. I am out of my full garment and I wear spanx (just like bicycle shorts) during the day. I sure notice more swelling on the days I don't wear it though. Thanks for the update. : )
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Hi! I had undergone all that two years ago, and now cherish that all that endurance was worth it. All what you are going through is very normal after high def Vaser. Make sure you compress adequately. I was 43 and it took over 6 months to see the final results. The time varies with age as well as individally.The swelling subsides very gradually, be patient and assured that your final look will be how you looked 2 days post op. Happy healing!
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Hi Pany Thank you very much for your kind and reassuring words! It really makes me feel better! Patience has never been my strongest power, so I'll have to work on it :-) I am glad you are happy with your results! Enjoy it! :-) Kind regards

5 weeks post-op

It has been fivw weeks since my lipo. I feel a lot better but I am still wearing the compression garnment. My doctore tomd me that after four weeks it would be fine to remove it but when I did it for one day, I had weird bumps on the stomach. It looked as if the fat was in lumps and unevenly distributed. I started wearing the garnment again and when I do, the lumps arent there. I have no more pain at all but I can't bend and stretch. It feels like the skin is too tight to stretch. Does anyone know this feeling? Thanks for the help!


You look absolutely fantastic, I'm glad that you were able to overcome the dreaded 1st week so smoothly! I hope your recovery is still going perfectly. :)
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