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I am scheduled to have a facelift in Bankok,...

I am scheduled to have a facelift in Bankok, Thailand at the Bumrungard Hospital. Anyone have experience this hospital? Which doctors do you recommend? I am planning to have a face lift and lower and upper eyelids. The hospital is rated very highly - top ten in the world, and I know someone who has already gone there. But would appreciate comments.

Thank you for starting your story on RealSelf! Do you live in Thailand or are you planning to go there because of lower costs?

I hope you'll keep us updated in this space as you go through the process of choosing a surgeon, scheduling your surgery and transforming. :)

Going there to save a lot of money and to see a bit of Thailand!
oops forgot to put his name and contact on: Teerasit Sripanidkulchai (Dr.)

Scheduled for July 3 with Dr. Komwit

I am now scheduled for July 3 facelift, upper & lower eyes and neck. I am 60 yrs old and suddenly when I looked in the mirror I saw that my whole face had drooped! I have decided to do this for myself - I have taken very good care of myself and am in good shape, just look older than I feel. My husband is going with me and may have some skin resurfacing done and some injections done while I am recovering. Anyone stay at the Bumrungrad Hospital Residence? Do you recommend it?
Yes I've had surgery done at Bumrungrad......more serious than a facelift actually. It is an extremely professional place and I immediately felt in the best of hands, though it is about three times the cost of regional private hospitals in Thailand (I live here) for general surgery. In fact I am surprised to see that $8500 figure as on their website under packages a face and neck lift is half that. Good luck and use the in hospital food court it is fantastic.

Less than 30 days until my procedure

I appreciate very much the pictures and descriptions of facelift surgery on this site. I do need to know what I am getting into! I have a question - general anethesia (out like a light) or the other (twilight) kind??? What do you all recommend? Thanks!
BJ... thought I'd check in to your review after our communications and saw your question re: anaethesia. I had the local. No fear of being "put out" completely, but my doctor's and my preference for an easier recovery for me. BUT here's a question you may want to ask your surgeon... mine used an anti nausea pre op , and in the IV along with an anti anxiety in the IV for the local. Absolutely as relaxed as a sleeping kitten with periods of communication with the doctor. No awareness of pain at all for me. But the anaesthsia team is important... and should have experience working with the plastic surgeon.... another question you might ask. :) This is all exciting for you and your husband... good luck!

Thailand trip cancelled

Hi All, Came down with a bad case of the flu so I had to cancel my trip to Thailand for my FL. Maybe next summer???

Checked into Bumrungrad Hospital July 18.

Waiting for my surgery in an hour with Dr. Komwit. He is very gentle and I liked him a lot.

My FL in Thailand

Waiting for my surgery!

My before

Here's my before picture - no makeup. Just turned 60!
I went to Mexico much closer and less expensive. I had a full face lift upper and lower lids and injections in my lips because I smoke and paid only $7000, stayed over night in the Hospital which looks like the picture you have taken. I researched here in San Diego and it was $25,000 for what I wanted. It was last October and everything came out perfect. Best thing I have ever done!
Good Luck! Wish you the best! I know how happy I was after everything was healed.
Where did you have it done and by what surgeon? It is help for those of us doing our research to find a physician

Two days post op

Dr. Komwit is a very gentle and sweet man and I totally trusted him. The were playing gentle piano music in the OR when they wheeled me in. Doesn't that say a lot about a doctor? He spent 6 1/2 hours on my FL and eyes and neck and I was in recovery for another 2 hours.
Very uncomfortable after surgery, I guess I have a low tolerance for pain. I felt like I could feel every stitch. Asked for more pain meds and got it.
Now it is 2 days post op and I am starting to feel much better. Most of the pain is gone and I have plenty of pills in case it comes back. I am still very swollen but I am starting to see the results. I am glad I decided to do this for me - other people get pierced tattooed Etc. but this what I wanted to do with my body. Curious for those I'd you who have done this. Did you get negative (jealous, judgemental) feedback from family and friends?.. Some of my friends told me not to do it, that I looked fine the way I was. But I didn't like the way I was aging - I didn't like the way I looked. I am optimistic that I will be very pleased with my results.

Three days post op

Still sore and swollen, getting stitches taken out on Wed. My eyes are looking good but my cheeks are still swollen. He said he removed a lot of buccle fat from my cheeks - is this normal? Did everyone else have this done as well?
BJ, hope you are well into the recovery mode as I write this.  I had one friend who was more admiring than jealous and started to talk about her own facelift vs breast reduction procedure.  Other than that, I was pretty much quiet about my experience and thus didn't give anyone the chance to say, "don't do it".  I really didn't want to have any negative thoughts thrown my way pre op.  As for removing "buccle fat", I'm not sure what that is.  My consult was about doing the minimum to my face for the optimum results.  So while alot of people go with multi procedures, I really had just two processes; lower face lift to encompass my jowls and neck and the upper bleph.  Any fillers and skin work to be done later.  For me, this was more comfortable and less traumatizing.  I don't know the whole fat transfer thing and facial structure never came up...maybe he didn't think I needed it or he understood my desire to have less than more done.  :)  Do not let others doubt what you've done or your motives.  It was the right decision it sounds like for you.  That's ALL that counts! Here's to a good healing recovery for you!  
Just went to my last checkup before flying home today. The buccle fat removal gives you a leaner face. It is not recommended for thin women because they look gaunt and hollow with it done. However, I showed Dr. Komwit a picture of myself 15 yrs ago and asked if he could turn back time and this is what he decided to do. I had the lower and upper eyes done, lower facelift and neck. I am so p,eased that I can see my eyes again! My cheeks and neck are still swollen so it make take some time before I see those results.
thank you. I'm hoping ill get organized enough to go to bumrangrad also . you did a lot at once, and appeared to recover very well.

Day 4 post op

Still numb on cheeks but looking better. Waiting for stitches removed on Wed. Healing is going well. I brought some tea tree oil with me and mixed some with bottled water and use it to cleanse my stitches before applying ointment.

5 days post op

Yahoo I get my stitches removed tomorrow! We moved to a hotel on the river and can't be happier. The Skyy Hotel was recommended by Bumrungrad Hospital because it was next door but had no frills and charged for ice. We just moved to the Chatrium Riverside Hotel and feel like we are staying at a fancy resort - I will finally get to go outside and see some sights soon.
BJ...you sound great! Enjoy your new 'digs' and don't overdo it!  :)
4 days looks like a good result. Thanks.
Just as well have some fun and be pampered white you are there. Seems like you made a good decision for your surgery.

Got my stitches removed today!

where you awake or as lee for the eyes?
You look great, BJ.

Day 8

Still numb in cheeks and around mouth, and have some swelling under my chin on my neck. I feel like I just came from the dentist and my mouth is still frozen. But getting a little better everyday. Taking 1000 mg Vit C everyday to help with healing, and also Vit D.
BJ, you look so young!  Your results are just coming along great , swelling aside.  You should be very pleased.:)  Can't wait to hear what others say!
Thanks! I am starting to see the results - feel 10 years younger!
Looking good.

Day 10

Went out for dinner with makeup on - looking good!

Before and after (10 days)

Global Health Travel

Just packing now for my return flight - back to Hawaii and a tropical storm! I will be working with Global Health Travel to assist others who want to come to Bangkok (and other places ) for health travel. Bangkok is a top destination for cosmetic surgery. GHT will meet you at the airport, make your appointment with a doctor ( they know who are the best ones) , accompany you to your doctor appointments and surgery, put you up in one of their luxury apartments, have one of their own nurses check in on you, bring you breakfast, order meals for you, and book group outings when you are up to it.
I was lucky to have my husband with me, but I wasn't up to doing a lot, so it was kinda bori g for him. We both got a lot of rest this trip! If you book with GHT, you will be with a group that is going thru what you are, so lots of group support. Prices start at $200/day for room and their services. Flight and doctor/hospital charges are not included. A great service!
What I like is that you do not look different, just younger, well rested, and happy with who you are. How many of your friends know what you were doing on your vacation?
This might be worth considering if I consider anything more. Thank for LSL your information. Take care!

Almost 3 weeks and looking good!

I will post new pics soon, feeling and looking really good!
You look great! Looking forward to new pic's.

20 days post op

No more open wounds, bruising all gone, I am so pleased! Still numbness in my cheeks and neck, and I am still sleeping on my back with two pillows at night. My cheeks are tender so I don't want to sleep on my side. One corner of my mouth is a little "slow" I hope that goes away soon. Kinda like coming from the dentist - your smile is a little crooked. No makeup in this photo.
Fabulous results, BJ. Congrats on the bruising resolved!
BJ just great results!  I can only imagine how pleased you must be.  Well done to you and your PS!

28 days post op

I am getting ready to return to work (school) next week and I am very happy with my results. Still have some cheek numbness (but it is going away) and my neck still is swollen in parts with lumps. One side of my mouth is a little "stiff" but I am hoping that will go away.
Bski, you look gorgeous.  Wait till everyone at school sees you! :)
Sorry... I meant BJ...YOU look gorgeous!  (Although, Bski... you do TOO!)  lol
Thanks all for the helpful comments and feedback - I am very happy with my results! Every day I feel myself getting back to normal with a bright young face!

My Dream

I want to share with you all a dream I just had. By way of background I had liposuction in 2000 and the PS left a large dent in my belly that looks awful. His nurse stopped my on the street afterwards and told me he had been very aggressive and punctured me and I had lost a lot of blood during the procedure. It took a LONG time to recover.
This time I did my homework, and thank you all for sharing your stories. By knowing others who had used the same doctor and seeing the results from their procedure gave me much more confidence to go ahead and just do it. Dr. Komwit had met with two other women I know and did a face lift on one and refused to do a face lift on the other (he told her she didn't need it - to come back in 5 years). I also searched he internet and found other testimonies from women who had used Dr. Komwit and Bunrungrad Hospital. If I had connected with Global Health Travel at the time they could have helped me select a doctor, but it was difficult connecting with them before I left. I am now a USA representative for GHT and you can reach me at BodyMindSpiritTravel@gmail.com
So.... in my dream I was scheduled for a medical procedure and as I was checking into the hospital I said - "wait - who is my doctor???" and the nurse said she would send him in. He was someone I knew and I knew he was no good so I told the nurse no, didn't want that doctor. Then she sent in another doctor, another person I know, who said "don't worry about that medical license thing - I am getting it straightened out!" I went back to the nurse and told her to cancel my surgery because I didn't want either doctor and woke up. I guess my subconscious was reminding me to do my due diligence and research and not just blindly trust any doctor. I hope this message resonates with all of you, there are no victims in this world, these are our choices.
By the way, I asked Dr. Komwit about having a tummy tuck and he said no, I didn't need it, just need to exercise more. The man has integrity.
Wow ... you look awesome after the surgery!!! I am kinda concern with minor bags under my eyes and I am interested to fly to Bangkok for the surgery but not sure where to go and which doctor to go until I saw "plusbelle" and your review. I live in the US but family lives in Singapore. I will be back in November for vacation and want to fly to Bangkok for that.
You have great results. I can understand way you are so happy.
BJ... great words of advice and quite a dream!

2 months post op

Most of my swelling is gone - still have a bit of numbness on cheeks, but overall I am very please with my results!

Fabulous results from the Best for Less!

I am now just over 2 months post op and my friends are all telling me how great I look. However, I did this for myself, not my friends! I was tired of looking at myself in the mirror and wondering where did I go? I remember myself looking much younger and so I decided to have a face lift in Thailand. It was an affordable option for me and I liked the idea of resting in a nice hotel in Bangkok afterwards. My husband accompanied me and I could not have done it alone. After being there, I met the folks from Global Health Travel www.globalhealthtravel.com.au who really take care of people traveling alone. They pick you up at the airport, go with you to your appointments and procedures, take care of you afterwards and more. I am recommending Global Health Travel to my friends who want to go to Thailand for a medical procedure!
very subtle change yet very flattering looks wonderful
This has been so helpful with my decision. Your story and of course those wonderful progressive photos gives me more confidence in going ahead. I am about to meet my case manager today I think and planning to have the procedure done in 3 weeks! Thanks again.
Thanks for sharing your story. This will help me decide who's gonna be my surgeon (have two in mind) at Bumrungrad on Oct 4 appointment. Just few days from now i will be in Bangkok from Toronto. You look wonderful! and I can see very good results. Cheers!

Happy with my results

I went in for X-rays in November and the nurse asked me to sign a statement that I was not pregnant. I am 61! She said she thought I was 45...so yes, I am very happy with my results. I am retiring the end of the year and I am looking forward to another stage of my life - retired!
Thank you for sharing your story. You look fantastic! I have requested your surgeon for my own FL and lipo next month!
Thanks! I am so happy with the results of my procedure - just visited family and my sister asked me if I had some fillers to smooth out my face - so the results are very natural, I look like me 15 yrs ago!!! : ))
You look great! Thanks for the 7-month picture. It helps a lot to see long-term results. Enjoy your retirement! :)

A year later

I am so pleased with my results from my facelift in Thailand. Bumrungrad Hospital was first class, my doctor was first class, and my results are superb. I look and feel at least 10 years younger. It has given me an incentive to lose some weight and get more active. I like what I see when I look in the mirror! Yeah!
Dear BJ, Thank you for the awesome information and review! I am very curious if your smile has resumed normally on both sides? And if so, how long did it take to resume? Thank you!
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Wow, You Look Great!!!!! Thrilled to hear You are happy!!!!
Bumrungrad Hospital

Dr. Komwit

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