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53 Years Looking Sad/angry Eyes,Jowls & deflated breast .How to Look 20 Years Younger - Destination Beauty Thailand Bangkok

I first contacted Destination Beauty to get quote...

I first contacted Destination Beauty to get quote and if I was a good candidate for surgery .My face was looking sad and tired even a bit angry,I sent over photos for Dr Narongdej in Bangkok Thailand to re-view,I received conformation the next day from the Doctor that would be doing my procedure,with his recommendation/ suggestions.
With excitement I booked my Flight, confirming my Flight/Date details with Toey my Destination Beauty Rep ,from there she Organised everything else for me I didn't have to do a thing,which really took the pressure off me ,being in Australia trying to book hospitals,motels,taxis etc in a foreign country ,scary stuff.
What a amazing lady she is,Toey booked all of my Doctor Appointments,Hospital , all Travel Transfers with-in Thailand and 4-starLuxury Apartment accommodation.I didn't have to lift a finger.
Arriving in Bangkok I was met by a DB staff ,he escorted me through the Airport /Customs ,even carried my suitcase can you believe that :), I was greeted by awaiting driver who then drove me to the Hospital,and checked me in .The next morning I was picked up by DB driver and DB rep and taken to my appointment with Dr Narongdej at Tria Destination Beauty Plastic Surgery Centre,the premises are like a 5-star Motel beautiful.Better then I have ever seen in Australia
The nurses and staff treated me with the up-most of care & respect.Dr Narongdej asked me what I expected and what I was looking for in my surgery.I told him I need to be refreshed that I was not happy with my eyes and jowls.He suggested a Eyebrow Lift, Mid Face Lift,Lower Eyelid ( I also had Breast Augmentation)
(Its really happening what I have wanted to do for so many years,in a few hours I will be a new woman ,I just can't wait.)
After my appointment and all of my medical checks I was taken up to my Hospital Room.
Dr Narongdej visited me and went over my procedures one more time ,and informed me that I will be going into theatre shortly.He held my hand and told me I would be fine and with-in a few hours( approx 6hrs) I will be waking up in my Hospital bed.
When I woke up ,My Head had a halo of bandages around it,this was not a good look freaky
.However my excitement was high because I knew in a matter of days swelling and any bruising would start to disappear .
Not long after Dr Narongedj came in to visit me ,he just smiled when he saw my face light up,as I was beaming from ear to ear, he informed me that all went as planned.I had very slight discomfort with a shocking headache and my breast were tight and heavy,however saying that I really wasn't in pain.The sides of my face sort of cheek area was numb,and I had a fat swollen face,I lifted the bandages to have a peek and I could see a thumb print bruise on my cheek and I had bruising under my eyes ,I felt pretty good really considering what I had just gone through :)
I stayed in hospital for two night s,one final check by Dr Narongdej just to make sure all was good and if I had and questions,.....All Was Good....Fantastic even....
DB staff picked me up and drove me to the Somerset Motel ,once again I was greeted and looked after as everything had been pre arranged,.During my stay of 8 days of shopping and site seeing I had one final doctors appointment to make sure all was ok which it was, I had the stitches removed from my Brow line,Under my Eyes and from in front of my ear around hairline of side burn area ( if that makes sense ) ( OH YES DID I MENTION I WAS OUT SHOPPING THE SAME DAY I WAS TAKEN TO MY ACCOMMODATION )
My day to depart was truly a sad day ,I will miss all of the wonderful people I met over there that helped me through this journey,that have helped me have a new zest in life.For the last time I was picked up by Robert (driver) From Destination Beauty and taken to the Bangkok Airport where he dropped me off.To all of the Staff/Nurses,Destination Beauty Team,Sommerset Luxury Apartment and lastly my wonderful wonderful ( doctor ) Dr Narongdej thank you all you made my surgery / journey a pleasure and truly a wonderful experience A1 +++
I recommend anyone thinking of having work done to contact Destination Beauty in Thailand Bangkok.
This would have cost approx $25-30,000 including breast if I had the same done in Australia
So happy for you, you look fantastic!
Thank you Linde your very kind, I hope my experience might aid in those that might be looking at having same surgery :) And not to be scared or skeptical of going overseas for whatever work you desire .
Love the new you --and hair color!

Breast Augmentation 625cc

I just want to add a few picks on my breast augmentation ,again I got a great result by having implants above the muscle, which gave me a slight nipple lift ,without having to have breast lift. All of my surgery was performed by the wonderful Dr Narongdej in Bangkok

Back to blonde o go with my new face lol

Cream for your scars

I found Pawpaw cream was fantastic on my face where my scars are very soothing ,and on my breast I used Bio Oil every morning and night when I did my massage. I am still using both today . My scaring is pretty much invisible :)

Face & Breast

I just had to add I had combination procedures eyebrow lit,lower lids ,mid face and breast augmentation full cost being $9,500 approx au in Oz it would have cost between $25-30,000

Before & after

After op first few days - to 4 months

As you can see,I don't look that hot in these pic ,however after a week big difference ,then 2 weeks all the way up to 4 months approx
You look fantastic! Thank u for sharing ur surgery with details n pictures.
Thank you Mely I hope by showing how you look before during and after will aid in those that are looking for true result and not just pretty pictures,and that you understand that there is the bruising and unflattering stage you go through while in the healing and recovery time,before you see your final new you !which for me was so worth it .
Looking great -- I know loved it when I could go back to my blondish color :)

Before,after, and pick 30 years ago

I have been adding to this as I think of things that might help ladies .Red head before pic, almost 54 years now pic after 4months since op and lastly a pic of me 30 years ago at the age of 24 years old
You're so brave, and you look fantastic. Best of luck to you!
WOW I am very excited/scared and nervous at the same time, I am leaving in two days for a BA,TT,Lipo,Upper Eyelid and Inverted Nipple correction. Fingers crossed it all goes well and I can also write about it so others will feel safe in regards to going oversea's. So many negative thoughts from people from the horror stories. Sadly when people get a good result they never return to these sites to tell everyone....wish me luck....
Hi NikkijL thank you for your lovely comments,I guess you have had your surgery by now ,I trust all went fantastic for you and that you also are as happy as I am with my results.Please add pics of your journey hugs xxx

5 months

Face and breast 5 months down the track ,Loving my look and re-gained confidence.Thank you Destination Beauty for my wonderful results
You look beautiful Kandis. Thanks for sharing your journey I think this is the route I will go as well:)
Good morning PammyT,you will be in great hands,contact Toey or Suellen at Destination Beauty they will be able to assist you in every way with all of your questions,I'm so excited for you,it really is a life changing moment,and I no how you are feeling,hugs gf enjoy & please keep us posted on how you are going xxxx:D
Thank you DeterminedBBL2014 ,I really do feel fantastic,which has changed my overall outlook on life,Im so happy with my results and have re-gained my confidence that was slowly slipping away. I'm looking forward to the next stage of my life with open arms.

Not a pretty look but it gets better fast

Mix of pics over a few days fat,puffy,bruised ,fat neck black eyes,round face ,but within one week all most everything has settled down,with slight bruising that make up can cover
Thank you LovingmyDcup,your looking fantastic as well,beautiful xoxo

Before surgery

I had a BA TT Lipo inner thighs n flanks. I had a brow lift also with Dr Narongdej 6 weeks ago. The whole trip/tour/surgery/accom/spending money cost just over $16k. I am very impressed with Destination Beauty the hospital Piyavate and the surgeons bedside manner. My body is now just starting to feel free of being tender from the lipo. In honest opinion I think this was the worst part. Especially inner thigh. But it's all pain you can deal with and get over like child birth. My TT scar is a little higher than I expected but this was because my skin was too tight to pull down apparently. I only had a small bulge there as I am a size 12/14 and it used to sit above those scars. But I have a smaller waist line which also makes my new boobs look great. Which I love by the way. My lipo is not an obvious change but I can see the difference. My eyes are slightly more open. I had the skin sitting on my eyelashes so wanted that removed Dr N said for my bone structure it was best to do above brow. I was worried about "the SUPRISED look". Luckily it doesn't. The scars are prominent to me but I am only 6 wks post. Makeup hides them and I am just putting scar cream on every day n night In all honesty I am pleased with my results. I had a great experience and would recommend over seas over here in oz. A friend of mine got a horrible infection in one of her breastS after a lift and BA in Sydney from a highly recommended surgeon this week. 1 week post. She was in and out the same day and discharged whilst still throwing up from the anaesthesia. I think Bangkoks post care procedure is of a higher standard than Oz sadly. And a few girls on my tour got their Botox and fillers at a clinic in the MRT shopping complex for a reasonable price. They were all very happy with their results. So I hope I have added some more insight to the above. :) Nikki
Kandis, thank you for your post. You look fantastic!! Lily
Thanks Kandis I really appreciate your comments such a nerve wracking decision lol :-)

6 months down the line

Hi everyone ,just a quickie, looking fantastic my scares under bust,hardly see,around face can't see and I'm now wearing hair off face as the scar above brow is virtually invisible
Gorgeous.... WOW You look like a a baby again!!!
Thank you KKAD 7 months now , and all has settled down lovely :))
Oh there you gorgeous girl - well I went back & forwards after cmg across you on Destination Beauty FB, but in the end I chose Gorgeous Getaways as I had researched them & in particular Dr Jalil for several years. I had a real aversion to scars above my brows or anywhere showing on my face forehead etc as I am part NZ maori & tend to scar badly after living with a car accident scar on my face since 17, I wasn't going to risk putting anymore there on purpose lol you look amazing & have to say you were the trigger that rekindled my FL Aspirations & finally making it a priority. Well day 2 of recovery & so far so good, worst is yet to come but I am mentally prepared thanks to everyone here. Thanks so much Kandis & have a great life x

7 months and just turned 54 today :)

As you can see I have changed my hair,because my scar above eyebrow is almost invisible, and scars around ear I can't see ,very very happy with my results ,
I see others comment regarding your before and after pictures and I wish I had had a chance to look at them as I am planning this procedure. Greatly appreciated if you can post....thank you....
Wow -- just got done reading your journey --- you look like you did 20 years ago --- truly amazing. Can you explain to me about the incisions into your eyebrows -- never seen that performed
Hi Marathon mom , the incision above eyebrow is close to brow, I wanted to open my eyes up however there was no room from eyelid to brow ,so did it above ,also narrowed my forehead doing it this way, I believe you can also go within hair line. If you have olive or dark skin I wouldn't do this as I think scaring would be visible,( my son has dark skin and any scaring on him was very visible in scars , always appear to be darker on his skin ) however saying this I'm happy with my results , I just do my brows a little bit wider now, in certain light you can see a slight dint in the skin , where stitch line was but looking at me straight on it's not noticeable. I would have liked the line to be right on my brow instead of slightly above hairs, but I'm still really happy.
Dr Narongdej

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