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I've wanted this procedure done for SO LONG, I...

I've wanted this procedure done for SO LONG, I have hereditary puffy eye bags and after years of buying creams and using home remedies, I came to the realisation that nothing would fix it (its fat under the eyes, nothing but surgery WILL fix it!)
So I booked a big surgery trip to Thailand, 3 surgeries in one (breast aug. and alarplasty). I will write more about the others later, I just want to focus on the eyes right now.
I was told I would be awake for this surgery. Talk about freaking out!!! I would apparently be drowsy but still able to function and I would have a local anesthetiser in my face so not actually feel any pain. Right. Sounds like something out of a horror movie to be honest.
The surgeon did the alarplasty and eye bags in the same surgery and the breasts later. It took an hour and a half for the first surgery. I was lying on the table and the doctor was marking my nostrils at the points he was going to cut and I looked down and saw a nurse with a syringe full of gel/liquid, next thing I know, I felt like I was in some kind of trippy video game! It was the funniest feeling, like a dream.

Then I woke up a few minutes later to the feeling of the doctor cutting in my general eye area. And it smelled like burning! I asked him "are you burning my eyelashes off?" And he replied "no, it's an electric knife" it was very small and thin, like a pencil. Then I felt a big of pressure around my eye bag area and sort of winced and pulled back a bit & he told me he was removing the fat. It didn't really hurt, there were just a few moments of pressure and a tiny bit of pain. I the. Asked if he'd already done my nose (I sort of thought I'd be awake for the whole 1.5 hours) and he said he'd done it already! And that was the end of the surgery!!!

Now I'm recovering, 2 days later. I look like I've been beaten up pretty bad, there are stitches all along the bottom line of my lashes. I am not in any pain! Even my nose! I just can't smile right now, I feel a lot of pressure on my face and my eyes are a bit weepy but I am cleaning them every few hours and my room is air conditioned, whenever I go outside they weep more. Stay tuned for another update, after the stitches are out!

4 days later

So now the bruising is yellow and i get little pinches of pain in the corners of my eye. The swelling has gone down, i'm constantly cleaning the wounds. I went out shopping yesterday and wore glasses the whole time (i look like i've been bashed!) and that was a bit much, making facial expressions is uncomfortable and i had a headache by the end of it. Apart from that, really happy with the progress!!!

I ALSO FORGOT to mention, just after the surgery, for about 5 - 8 minutes, my eyes went through crazy spasms! It was kinda funny actually. When i opened my eyes for the first time, they just sort of went a little weird. My eyes, eyebrows, the whole area was trying to come to terms with what happened i think. Not painful, just awkward.

2 weeks after surgery

2 weeks after surgery, my lower eyelids are tender (like when i wipe in that area, sweat or make up or whatever, it does hurt), but if i don't touch them, there are no problems!

I'm alternating scar gel and the gel i got from the hospital, cleaning every few hours (i reeeally want the scars to go away) but i think it's healing really well only 2 weeks post op. I can wear make up over the top if i go out but i don't like doing it for more than a couple hours at a time. First shift back at work in 2 days! I wonder what workmates will think/say...
Dr Suthat

Dr Suthat is a man of few words but he's very good at his job. I've been to Thailand twice to see him and would never see another doctor. I only gave him 3 stars for bedside manner because he literally came in, had a look & rushed out, but he is the best surgeon at the hospital.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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I was in Bangkok two weeks ago for a neck lift and was told to stay away from Yanhee. Im considering the same eyebag treatment and am pleased to hear good things about a doctor from Yanhee. i will follow up on this.
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Sonja, I am considering surgery with Dr. Suthat. Can you tell me how you decided on him & the hospital he works at? I've been looking at other places & feel very overwhelmed as to what the best decision is. Can you email me? Thanks, Violet lotaheart4u@msn.com
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Sonja, Mike Tyson just got me too. But I think I only lasted 2 rounds. I'm sitting here in a hotel after having the procedure with Dr. Suthat less than 24 hours ago. It was everything you said it would be. I can't remember if I was aware 100% of the time, but I think I was. Now it's just a matter of applying ice, meds, and waiting. I get the stitches out on the 10th and fly home on the 11th. What a ride. I'll post back in a little bit.
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HEY how did you go with the stitches? Mine stayed in a little too long (because my breast stitches needed to be in for longer than my eye stitches) so i have a small scar but i've been applying a silicone scar gel and it's faded really nicely! Did you get top or bottom eyes done? Isn't Suthat amazing? I love that guy!
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I just got mine out today. There's a noticeable scar under both eyes right now, but on the whole everything looks much better than before. I got both top/bottoms done. The tops are hard to see at all. What is the name of the scar gel that you're using? Did you get it in Bangkok? I leave tomorrow afternoon. Dr. Suthat was very good. He didn't appreciate my jokes, but really did a great job. I thank you for the recommendation! Pretty amazing that you can affect someone elsewhere in the world like this that you don't even know! Looking forward to being at ease w/o sunglasses and not hiding from the camera any more. You rock Sonja!
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I used Kelo-cote, i got it on ebay when i got home. I would recommend that highly! It's so sticky but it's silicone based and they're the scar gels that WORK. I bought Mederma in a pharmacy over there because they said it was the best but it dried out too fast on my skin i reckon. You might be able to get Kelo-cote there, try a Boots pharmacy? I am SO HAPPY that you went with my suggestion! It really IS crazy knowing i helped someone else. That's totally what i was hoping to achieve by posting all my info on RealSelf!!! I'm so glad everything went well for you. Dr Suthat was the same with my jokes too hahaha the nurses were cracking up at me but he didn't seem heaps impressed. But he's a sweetie, he was all like "come back and visit me!" hahaha... TELL ME ABOUT IT i finally feel better about my reflection too now. Ahhhh Thailand and the cheap surgery, gotta love it :) thanks for messaging me and letting me know how you went!!!
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No problem, thank you! I'll look for Kelo-cote at home and see what the pharmacy has here tomorrow. It says that Kelo-cote is 100% silicon. I've got a tube of silicon at home, maybe I'll try that! If not I hear that eye of newt and bats wings make a good cream this time of year. :)
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what was the cost all up with fares and accomodation etc as well as hospital and doctors fee?

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Airfare from Australia was $670, accommodation was about $20 a night, surgery and doc fees altogether wouldn't be more than $5,000?
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Looking good!

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Looking great! Thanks for all the info!
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It does sound scary being awake. And you had this done in Thailand? What were the benefits of having your procedures done there? The cost? Just curious :)
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The doctors are more qualified than Aus doctors AND the prce of surgery is 1/4 compared to Aus too! So better surgeons for cheaper :)
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That honestly sounds sort of horrible, I can't imagine being awake!  Thanks for sharing your story, I'm looking forward to hearing your updates and following your recovery process :)

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Thats what i thought too! But he just needed me to be conscious & to know i could still move my eyelids, my eyes were closed the whole time, i had the ability to open them, when i tried, all i could see was a bright light. WAY less scary than it sounds :)
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Hi Sonja, Thinking of doing the same thing. Tyson got me too! Can you tell me the doctor/facility/contact in Thailand that you used? Thank you! Dave
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Oops, just saw the doctor entry above. :-/ I'll check if there's a way to contact him on this site. If not, maybe you've got an email for him? Thanks!
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You can email through the hospital website: www.yanhee.net. Do an 'online consultation', your info should go through to Maureen Naypa, she's an angel, super helpful. Message me for more info!
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