Best thing ever done!!

Hi guy's, Found this site today & was happy...

Hi guy's,
Found this site today & was happy to read so many positive stories :)
I have 36 F boobs, which have alway's hurt my back etc, but 6 years ago i was in a fire which left me with multiple injuries & 6 fractured vertibrae in my Thorasic area of my spine, this injury has been the one that's left me with daily chronic pain. I tried 3 times through my Doctor & the Hospital, yet even though i deal with chronic pain they say my breasts aren't big enough for surgery?!
Luckily my Dad, who Lives in Kuala Lumpur, can help me to get the procedure! I am soooo excited, but scared too...the thought of more pain is not appealing, but it's a positive pain this time :)
My op is on the 15th Dec at Samitivej Srinakarin Hospital in Bangkok. Dr Thiti is doing the procedure.
I've been to Thailand before & a good friend is coming with me, we've got about a month after the op, there's a few things that i hope some of you can help me out with please :)
I'm due to stay in the hosp for 2 nights then my liason at the hosp Kate, who's been really helpful said i should be able to leave Bangkok after 10 days. I really hope this is the case, as my Dad is letting me & my friend stay in his beach house in Koh Chang! The thing is, i love to sunbathe & party etc, but i've been informed not to smoke, drink or do much for at least 3 weeks after surgery. Can anyone who has or is in a similar situation please let me know, would i be able to sunbathe? to an extent of course! What can i do to look after the scars as best as possible? I've heard about silicone tape that helps? It will be New Year & i'm 33 so i like to party lol, to what extent can i party, especially on a party island like Koh Chang? How much movement do you get with your arms? Will my mate have to wash, brush my hair etc?
Also i am not getting an uplift, i'd like one, but it's too expensive. My boobs are big & sag but i'm really worried after all the planning etc, they won't look nice & pert lol...I'm going from 36 F to a C cup i think....
Basically anyone that can relate to my situation, please help!!
Cheers guys. Happy healing!

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Hi guy's, im new to this site today & still...

Hi guy's, im new to this site today & still trying to suss it out! Can you guy's read my info?

Any tips on the way around this site would be appreciated lol, e.g. i can't find my post in the breast reduction forum?
Will add pics also, if anyone has similar size, shape, can you please let me know if your breasts were perky & lifted without the need of an uplift!

Cheers x

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I'm due to get my reduction on the 15th Dec in...

I'm due to get my reduction on the 15th Dec in Thailand. I'm a 34 F 33 & 10 stone, i wan't to go to a C,
I'm nervous about so much, e.g do you have to stop taking the pill? My contact at the hosp said i could carry on taking antidepressants, but i havn't mentioned that i take precribed pain killers..(due to a bad accident) I'm scared i can't take them too?!
Is it worth getting the silicone strips? Can i have one or two drinks in the weeks up to the op? As i'll be in Thailand with family etc!Sorry to unload like this but if anyone can help with my questions that would be amazing!
How long until you get your stitches out? x


Welcome to RealSelf Lexi!

I am so happy you joined us and look forward to being with you on your journey.  

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I'm going to be honest with you , I think you would be mad to smoke or drink leading up to the op and then at least 4 weeks after that . Your recovery is WAY more important than a drink or a smoke regardless of the date . I also think by looking at your pics you should re think the uplift ( what doctor dose a reduction with out a lift when your nipeles are clearly to far down ) this may all seem very harsh but if you are doing this you want it to be the best it can be you don't want to look back and regret that drink or that extra hour in the sun it's just not worth it . I wish you every luck with your op and hope it all goes to plan .
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Lexi, First of all welcome to the board! I LOVE beer! I don't drink a lot but will have 1 or 2 on say 3 nights a week. I didn't drink at all in the days leading up to the operation. I had beer 5 days post op. If you smoke dope at all the residue can be screened for up to 30 days.+/- so keep that in mind. As for your anti-depressants keep on taking them. I too am on them and never stopped. I only missed my meds the morning of the surgery and then just kept on taking my pills. I was in the hospital overnight as I live 1.5hrs away from the hosp. I had drains on either side. There are certain procedures that you can ask for that are reductions but assist with a lift without the cost associated. so you get the benefits of both! I was just reading some medical literature that they have put warnings out around the silicone strips. I am 13 days post op and I have to say I have no restrictions except lifting a height above my head! I put on over the head shift the day after surgery as well as bra's. I am not taking anything for the BR pain. You will need to make sure they are aware of your need for pain meds, the problem if you keep it from them you may find yourself in more pain than necessary. It is easier for them for pain management to know what you take. I would just try to make sure you have the closest conversion to what they are called there so they know what it is you are on. I hope I covered everything you asked...if not send me a note and ask away! I am here to help as there are others who helped me! Oh no tips for navigation...I go between my profile and then click on the forum button, it is not a really user friendly site! I still love it tho!
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Hi ladies! Hope everone is either healing well, or...

Hi ladies! Hope everone is either healing well, or for women like me, feeling ok & not too nervous about myself lo!
II get my BR on the 15th Dec, i'm worried about how long it will be before i can fly...short flight, as i'm getting the op in Bangkok & travelling to Koh Chang, about an hours flight, but a bit of travel either side. Luckily one of my best friends will be with me & he will help with all the bags etc. I just hope i'll be fit enough for the journey! I'm 33 36F & pretty healthy....the thought of relief from chronic back pain makes the rest seem worthwile! I hope to travel 10 days after surgery....would be great to get some advice from ladies that have undergone the op.
Cheers x


Hi lexi, I wasn't allowed to drive for 2 weeks, mainly because it was a struggle, but surgeon also said I wouldn't be insured to drive. Maybe check with your medical insurance that it is ok to fly and when. X
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Hi Echeal, thanks for the response. Hope your healing well? Good shout about checking with insurance! Thank goodness for everyone's feedback! x
Hi there, Don't be scared about the surgery! I had mine on 11/2 & today I'm 2 wks+2 days post op and have no regrets. It was NOT as "terrifying" as I had imagined it. And the pain is totally bearable. If you have time, check out my blog - I too sounded like you, a bit nervous, as before BR I had never even been to a hospital before. I asked a ton of questions and received many answers and suggestions for all my concerns. You're asking about flying 10 days after surgery....Well, no one can really answer that question for sure as we are all individuals and our bodies deal with pain and heal differently. In my case, I consider myself a quick healer and haven't had any complications related to this surgery, but if you gave me a FREE ticket w/a paid vacation in Mexico tomorrow, I would seriously have to consider it, and probably decline at this moment. I'm definitely not ready to fly. As a matter of fact today was my 1st car trip since the hospital and I didn't like it. It felt too bumpy. Honestly, my advice for you would be to take it easy for as long as you possibly can. I can't even imagine you'll want to "party" or drink & smoke so soon after your ordeal. there'll be time for that later. I think your body will feel exhausted after what you'll go through. You'll feel tired and the best thing you can do to help speed up and insure a safest and quickest recovery for yourself is REST. You're asking about having help......YES, most defiantly - have someone stay with you for as long as they can. I was very lucky to have my mom's assistance for a week. That included cooking, but most importantly helping me shower and get in and out of bed the first few days. Remember, you will NOT be able to put any pressure on your arms at first for a while. Taking out a plate for dinner off the second cabinet shelf was a challenge at first and so was pulling out a sweatshirt or even coming my hair. Be well and let me know if you have any other pacific questions you'd like answers to.
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Hello ladies! I hope you are all healing well :)...

Hello ladies! I hope you are all healing well :) or for those of you awaiting your BR like me, i hope your trying not to worry too much!
Next week i leave Scotland to spend a few weeks withmy Dad in KL then off to Bangkok for the BR. Gulp!
So been stopped smoking for 9 days! Yay! Finding it not too bad, but stopped drinking & being around smokey atmospheres, so think that helps!
I will be getting all of my 'supplies' this week, as i want to make sure i'm prepared before i head off. So far i will be getting, Bio Oil for scarring, Arnica tablets, Senokot, & lots of books, DVD's etc....please give me any tips on what else i could take that will help for post op recovery. I will be spending Christmas in Bangkok & it will be 10 days post op by then, already i'm feeling a bit sad that i won't be with family, but i know i have to make the most of it. Any feedback on that would be much appreciated ladies :)
Healing hugs x


Hi Lexi! You've got good supplies, just make sure you have easy to do up pjs and slippers and for when you leave joggers, zip up hoodies and vests that you can pull up! If you have any specific questions please ask. I could never think of anything at the time, always 2 steps behind I am! : ) xx
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Thanks Cariad, guess i just want to make sure i've got all covered before i fly...'scuse the pun there! Is it true you can't wear deoderant on day of op? Gonna be pretty hot in Bangkok lol x x
well they kinda told me not to wear make up, lotions and deo on the day. Stock up on baby wipes, they were my friend for the first week post op, great for face and body.....especially underarms!! : ) xx

Hello ladies :) Hope everyone is healing well or...

Hello ladies :)
Hope everyone is healing well or for ladies waiting for their BR like me, hope your all ok & not too nervous!
Fly to Kuala Lumpur next week, so have got as much things here in Scotland before i leave, thank you to all who have given me great advice on what to get!
I got Arnica, Hibiscrub, Senokot & Bio i missing anything lol
For you ladies that are looking for a post op bra, i have found the Z bra, it's a sports bra that is geared toward women in our situation for use after BR. I found it at - hope that helps.
2 weeks stopped smoking this weekend, yay!
Wee question, i take the pill, but i'm unsure about stopping as i don't want to have even more sensitive breasts at period time! Any advice on if it's ok to carry on with it? x x


Lol no deodorant , that's right . No shower after yuckyyyyy . Day 3 I got my drains out and ps office I had to apologise to the nurse coz I smelt so bad ... Straight home for long shower .
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I take the pill , no one ever asked me to stop , but for the first few weeks after use other form of controseptive because the drugs they give you over ride it ability to work . So keep taking it unless you are told other wise x
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Thanks for the advice ladies, don't know where i'd be without this site! I will carry on taking the pill until i get to Bangkok next week & will discuss with my surgeon. Hopefully he will be ok with me taking it. I'm thinking of using a ribbon to strap down my arms as i'm a total stretcher & guess i'm worried i'll forget, am i being overly cautious lol? x
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So ladies, tomorrow is surgery day!! I arrived in...

So ladies, tomorrow is surgery day!! I arrived in Bangkok feeling mega nervous & stressing about everything! Now i am strangely calm (ish) lol
I have everything arranged that i can think of, hosp bag packed...transfer from hotel to hosp & de-fuzzed & waxed!
The only thing i wish for is my family & friends to be here, but my Dad & friend from back home are with me, so i will be fine.

Hope all the ladies that are in the same boat as me are coping ok & the ladies that are post op are healing well.
Please feel free to give any advice on things that helped you on surgery day.

Will update soon! x x


Hello ladies! The wi-fi at the hotel i'm staying at has been down! So not had a chance to get online. Cost me a fortune calling everyone back home lol! I'm doing ok, it's 5 days po & yesterday i noticed there was alot of leakage on my dressings, the Doc put waterproof ones on as it's so hot & i was concerned about infection, well i was right, i called the hosp last nite to arrange a check up & dressing change today. The nurses are excellent & are very attentive. So it turns out i have a slight infection, the nurse called my ps while in the room my dressings were getting changed in. He asked if i still had antibiotics & to carry on taking them. I too had an IV drip with antibiotics while in hosp. The Nurse took pics of my boobs after taking off the dressing & putting antibiotic cream on my sutures. She sent them my ps today so he can advise again, as they want me to go in every morning to get dressings changed before i'm due to get my stitches out on Sat. I'm ok though, & happy with my boobs, although they are still mega swollen & i feel the left does not have the same smooth definition as the right, but my ps said it will take at least a month for the swelling to go down so i just gotta be patient! Any of you ladies find that after op your breast seemed to be slightly uneven & not smooth? My right is fine & not to bruised, even with the lipo scars, but my right seems to be kinda uneven & mega bruised where the lipo was, finding it weird?! Im icing & taking arnica for the bruising, which helps i think. I fit a D at the moment, but i'm happy with that, as once the swelling goes down i'll prob be a full C. Gotta stop eating so much comfort food tho! Told my ps im gonna lose a stone to get back to my right BMI & he said it wouldn't affect the size too much. Will try & get pics up as soon as i can. Hope your well everyone is well? How's all my br friends recovery going? xxxx
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Hey there, great to hear from you! Sounds like aside from a bit of infection you are doing well. Give the girls time and you will see they begin to look alike. I think my left is a little less dense than my right but I only see it when I stand in the mirror and really look. I think we spend so much time post op checking out the new girls looking for perfection that of course we see something. I know I never looked at the old girls so closely!! Take care of you!
Hey Lexi - glad to hear you're okay and done with surgery. Don't worry about swelling or unevenness. I've had mine done on 11/02 and I'm still swollen at the sides and underneath where the scarring is. The bumps should even out too, but remember; your breasts will continue changing for about 6 months. Sorry to hear about your infection - defiantly continue on the antibiotics, and try to stay indoors where it's cool. Keep your wounds clean and stay away from alcohol as it slows down the healing process and may lessen effects of medication. Post pictures when you can so we can see your progress. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.ap

Hello my friends! Hope your'e all healing well...

Hello my friends! Hope your'e all healing well & for those of you waiting for BR, try to stay calm. Waiting truly is the hardest part!
Finally managed to upload pics, 1 day after op & 4 days after op

Any feedback would be welcomed :) x


The girls are looking great so glad your happy with them hugs x x
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Hey honey just checking up on ya. One min you will feel great and then tired and sore. You wont believe it when you pass four weeks! Dont worry about infections. xx
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Looking good! I had to have 2 rounds of antibiotics post op so keep on them and don't worry if they put you on another round. My right is nicer than my left. The scarring is even so much cleaner on my right. My left one was MUCH bigger than my right so I am wondering if that is why. Have a Merry Christmas and enjoy your new girls!
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Hello ladies! Hope everyone is recovering well...

Hello ladies! Hope everyone is recovering well & those with upcoming BR, best of luck :)
I'ts day 9 po, & feeling better since getting stitches out, although my girls are still very tender & quite sore esp under the breast where the incision was. Is this common?
Any advice on what could ease the tenderness would be great. I have added a couple new pics,
My PS & i discussed before surgery that i would like them to be as perky as poss, & he used a techique similar to the vertical, which leaves about an inch scar under the breats, this type of op he chose to perform as he said it would keep the girls fuller & perkier than the anchor. I also asked him to make sure my nipples were high up, as i want to be able to go bra less as much as possible when i'm fully healed, due to my back injury.
They will drop & become closer together in 3-4 weeks.
Any feedback on the girls would be much appreciated.
Merry Christmas & i'm sure will all enjoy our new 'prezzies' lol
Healing hugs xx

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Hi Ladies, hope you are all enjoying your new xmas...

Hi Ladies, hope you are all enjoying your new xmas 'prezzies'!
I have now left Bangkok & am traveling to Koh Chang hours flight away, to rest for a couple of weeks before heading home.
I am 2 weeks po tomorrow & wanted to post new pics, as my poor friend i'm with has been hearing all about how i think i have wound separation, infection, you name it i think i have it!!
I wanted to ask my friends on here, as i know you have all been through the same situation.
My nipples have the 'ruffled' effect as my ps said this would happen due to the technique he used for minimal scarring below the breasts & maximum perkiness.
I am unsure if i can get comp access where i'm heading, if anyone has any hints or feels there may be something wrong, please feel free to call or txt me on - 00660800749365
I'm hoping to get internet access at the condo, but if not your opinions mean the world to me & would be great to get some piece of mind!
Healing hugs
Lexi xxxxx


Lexi, I think you are healing well from your pictures. I would be applying something like either polysporin or good old Vaseline to just keep the skin supple. The drier the area the more likely it may split with swelling. I will send you a text....then you have my # if you need to vent/question if you have no Internet service.
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Hello ladies, & Happy New Year to all of my...

Hello ladies, & Happy New Year to all of my friends on here...2013 IS OUR YEAR!!
So it's 19 day's po, feeling good...been applying palmers oil, sparingly, to my nipple area & scars, as they were becoming quite dry & on the great advice of Collete, it seems to help.
I have been feeling quite poorly the past few day's...not sure if it's my body's way of telling me to take it more easy, not that i could on the beautiful Island of Koh Chang! :)
How are all you po ladies feeling? Thinking of you all & sending big healing hugs x x
I have uploaded new pics taken today x


I wish I could have done my post op on a beautiful island....your po pics look great. Glad to hear you are doing well. Take care of the scar lines and try to relax....C
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I know Colette, it has been such an excellent place to recover. How is your recovery going? Hope your well? I've been putting a wee bit of Palmers oil on my scar lines, as they were getting dry. Is it too soon? Day 20 today. I have not been wearing my po bra too much, bit worried that may have some effect on sagging etc! x x
As long as it doesn't cause any redness it can't hurt. Get that bra back on ..... gravity is not your friend! ;-))

Hi Ladies, i hope everyone is well x Quick...

Hi Ladies, i hope everyone is well x
Quick update with pics, i have been using Palmers oil on my boobs & massaging gently, i have run out & cannot find any in the Island in Thailand i'm on! I have Bio Oil, is that ok to use also? 3 weeks po yesterday.
Finally fit into my Zbra po sports bra :)
Any advice / feedback from my friends on here would be much appreciated x x


Lexi, You are looking fabulous! You're healing so well...happy for you!
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Thanks Colette! I've started using bio oil & gently massaging them, it seems to help when they feel tender / sore! How are you doing hun? x x
Doing great.. swelling virtually gone, just working on the scar treatment. I do notice that when I missed the silicone treatment for a day I started to itch... Every day I enjoy looking at the girls smiling back at me! What a wonderful present I gave myself. Hope you're doing well. XO

Hello my lovely ladies! I hope everyone is...

Hello my lovely ladies! I hope everyone is healinhe best thing i'vee g good?& for those still waitng for the OP, please try not to worry, it's the best thing i've ever done!
Postednew pics...can't believe it's 4 weeks & 3 days already!!
It's bye bye Thnd ailand, hello mega cold scotland lol!

Would be great to getsome advise from my friends on here, it prob sounds silly, but i think they seem to be sagging?! Or is this just sweling going down> The last thing i want isaggy boobs again!

Healing hugs x x x


I found that once the swelling went away they started to sag a little more than I would have liked! I liked them swollen and HIGH on my chest! Mine are so small now though that even the wee bit they sag is nothing I just want firm VERY perky titties! Welcome home but boo to being outta the warm and into the cold!
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Hi loadies, I logged on to realself today tp...

Hi loadies,
I logged on to realself today tp upload 4 week pictures, after i had written my update today, i tried to submit my pictures also, but when i rtied to all of my photo's from the 4 week process had disepared. My Updates are still on my profile pic with the only pic being my pre - op :(
This site has been a lifeline & i feel it's important to have the pictures to document your healing journey.
Please advise & help me on this situation , as it would be a real shame to lose the pics.
Thank you very much
Lexi D

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Hi Ladies, hope you are al well x I was going to...

Hi Ladies, hope you are al well x I was going to post my 4 week pics & noticed all my pics since the start of the of this journey have vanished! :(Apart from my before pic! Can anyone please advise me on how to remedy this if you have had this problem :) It's such a shame not to have the pics of your healing journey! Thanx,,,healing hugs


Hey honey! whats it like being home? the boobies will drop and continue to change shape for up to a year so no panicking! you look great. xxxxx
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Helloooo! How ya doin hun? Guess i got a shock as didn't expect the girls to semi sag so quick!! How long until your swelling had noticeably gone down? I'm a D & v happy with it, but just last thing i want is saggy / sweaty girls again!! Not home until Fri, looking forward to seeing everyone but not the cold lol! Was gutted when all my pics disapeared from my profile :( Was great to be able to look at this journey i've been on! Anyway, enough moaning lol! How are you m'dear? How's all with you? xxx
I noticed that too. So different from the first few weeks post op. Mine are still small and perky just a bit softer. Last night when I was power walking I noticed the bounce felt so much better than the pre-op BOUNCE! LOL
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Hello ladies! It's been a wee while since i've...

Hello ladies! It's been a wee while since i've been on.
Wanted tp post my 9 week po pics, my back pain has reduced at least 50% & i have never felt happier! So for all you ladies who are pre op, please try not to worry as it will change your life!!
No probs had with recovery, my lefty still needs to drop slightly to even up, but hopef in time that will happen.
Healing hugs all round x x x


Hi Lexi D :) I'm booked in with Dr thiti for October 14th I'm so glad to see some one else on the Internet who has had a breast Procedure by Dr thiti and samitivj sarinkarin hospital :) you breast look fantastic! although I'm not getting a BR I'm getting tuberous breast correction as well as BA :) how was he with discussing the possibilies and concerns and solving any problems that might occur ? Hope your still healing well :) Demi
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Hi Lexi, I am thinking of going to Thailand for BR surgery can you tell me how you chose your PS and what hospital did he use for the surgery and anything else that could help by the way your boobs look great thanks in advance
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Hey haelgirl, i had my BR op at Samitivej Srinakarin Hospital in Bangkok. Dr Thiti did the procedure. He was excellent, listened to all my concerns etc & all the staff were very attentive & the hospital was more like a hotel! I recovered really well & had very little pain afterwards, more discomfort than anything. I'm now 4 months on & the scars are barely visible! Best of luck! x
Dr Thiti

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