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I am 33 years old and I finally decide to get the...

I am 33 years old and I finally decide to get the implants.

I have two things to decide:
- do I need a lift as well?
- I want to go the biggest that I can without being freak or bizarr.
I was thinking about take 370 cc or 350 cc.
I have 48 kilos, 1,53 m (tall) my legs and bottom are ok, proporcional. Just my breast are small.
I am afraid of regreat about size, put only 220 cc (this is what I am reading in every girls that decide to a small implant.
But I don't want to look SO freak.
What should I do?

Just had the apointment w/ the doctor and he said...

Just had the apointment w/ the doctor and he said I should get between 325 to 350 (max) to active the shape I want.
I am 5'2 ft and 103 pounds, today 32B size cup now, but I will probably go to 32D.
It will be silicone breast implant moderate profile and Inframammary incision.
Do you girls think 350 I will look fat?
I like the big and full breast but don't want to look bizarre.
My surgery will be 6 january 2011.

My surgery 6 january, I have only 14 days from...

My surgery 6 january, I have only 14 days from today!

The doctor decision:
use moderate silicone GEL profile 350 cc
under muscle

Isn't too wide for me?
I would like to get moderate profile but he said they don't have in stock.
But he said the wide silicone will be moderate plus projection in my breast pocket.
Does it make sense?

Tks againg,

I just had the surgery and I still feell VERY...

I just had the surgery and I still feell VERY uncorfortable. A little regreat and afraid of the size is TOO big and make me fat.

It's swoller, hard and very tight.
Also the temperature is hot. It so strange...

The doctor was good and nice. I was in doubt of 350cc and 325cc and he said: go on 350 if you are in doubt.

I am still not used to have it...

I am now 10 days pos-surgery and very desapointed...

I am now 10 days pos-surgery and very desapointed w/ the size.
This is too big for my body... it seems that
all I do I have the boobs in front of me.
I wish I could step back.
I regreat about the surgery, was unsure about size/kind of implant and did it. Didn't want to cancel it.
I ask the doctor that I would like to have bigger breasts, the biggest I could without loosing the proportion, we don't know how
much is the perfect for us. We see SO many numbers on internet, but just the doctor can advice the better one...

I want to ask what choice do I have now?
I wish I could do something without loosing SO MUCH more money. (that I don't have)
I am so sad and don't want to show up...

What can I do now?

I am now 3 weeks pos-operation. And I am start...

I am now 3 weeks pos-operation.
And I am start to getting happy with the size!!!
Feell just sentive nipple and some pain in my ribs. But rest is fine.

I am getting happy about size and shape!
Happy the doctor encorage me to go bigger than I was thinking...

It's still early, lets wait then I post some pics!

Tks for the website, I am really happy that I found it!

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Hi, I can send you an email sure.
It has been now 5 months and I still think it's too big. I wish I should go at least 25cc less.
But 300cc should be perfect for me. ( I think)

I endup D cup. C should be perfect.
Just think about it and try to imagine yourself w/ a bigger boobs? It can help.
Check out what bothers you and check some normal sites not only medical pictures, but normal girls and check what you want to have....

I still think 350cc is too big. I LOVE the big breasts but before I have it I couldn't imagine how hard it is to carry around.
And now I know that what I want is to have a "perfect" full but not big.
It's really perfect the appereance of it, but it just doesn't fit w/ my body.
Also almost nobody has a D cup.
It's so nice a small body w/ proportional breast.

I love sports and it's a little bit havy for me.

Just think about it. 300cc is perfect nice!
The projection also can help you to give the appereance you want.

Also in the days before menstruation the breast usually gets bigger and it's a bit hard the pain and big size, just impossible to hide it.
Easy to make it bigger w/ bras but IMPOSSIBLE to hide when you don't want to show it up.

Let's see but I want to change someday when I have money. But my doctor said that It will get ugly if I keep changing... there is a problem in the skin, gets elastic or something like that (I don't remember the tecnical explanation).

Go too big (unless you are a pornostar) is a big mistake worst than go smaller and acceptable.
But I understand everybody wants to give the best shot.

Good luck w/ your choice and hope I help you a little bit.

I am so happy I found this site and will used it for ever. They help and suport me a lot ;)
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Hi Milky,
My girlfriend is the same size as you and is thinking about having 350cc implants but is worried they will be too big. Her friend is just changing from 300 to 370 because they were big at first but she was disappointed
After 6 months. Can you email us and if possible a pic, if not can you meet her in Bangkok? Our email is ***************

Marcus and Tanya.

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3 weeks post-op should be a noticeable improvement, but 6 weeks post should be a dramatic improvement towards your final look.

Don't be too hard on the notion of having gone too big, as a lot of what you're seeing now is swelling. Wait for the swelling to subside, and for your implants to settle into their pockets.

Please keep us updated on your progress!
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P.S. From this angle it doesn't look like you need a lift, but do ask your surgeon.

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I agree with Britt. Consult with your surgeon about implant sizes. I wasn't under the impression that 350cc's were THAT big. But maybe on a smaller framed woman they are. Has your surgeon given you implant samples to try wearing in your bra? That should help some, although they always look different when they're done.

Are you getting them under the muscle or over the top? Saline or silicone?

We'll be thinking of you and waiting to hear more!

Also, if you could update the cost, that'd be great. I'm pretty sure $4 can't be right. :)

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4$ ? No no 4.000 $ (about)

It will be under the muscle and silicone. I will check w/ the doctor what he thinks is the best material for me.

All the pics breasts that I've seing last fell days and that I love was 370cc! They look big and nice for me.
But not freak. More than 400 start to be strange.

I don't expect to be proportional but don't want the aspect of a ball also. Freak. Let's see what the doctor say in the consultation.

I will keep you updated, sure! Tks tks
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Hi Milky -- I fixed the price for you. :) HTH

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Hi Angie,
tks for your help, did you see my last post?

The doctor decide to use Moderate Profile silicone - 350 cc - under muscule

He said even if I am small but my pocket is ok so he can you this wide model and it will appear more full.
But I wish I could use moderate plus but he said there is not in the stock.
What should I do?
Moderate look SO wide to me.

tks for your help and website.
It's very helpfull!!
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Tks Brit!!
It will happen after 19 december!
Will send pics soon.
My doctor in my country just said I can have complications in future if I go more than 300 cc.
Problems w/ my posture, skin and muscle. ;(
Is that usual?
I am only 103 lbs and I was sure about 370cc.
One more question !
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I'm not sure as I'm not a doctor, but I would imagine your doctor would know best especially based on how tiny you are. Please keep us updated about your surgery.



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HI Milky,

Welcome to the community and thanks for the beginning of your review. When is your surgery? Please keep us updated.



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