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I'm 38 years old mother of 2 teenagers,...

I'm 38 years old mother of 2 teenagers, happily married and i feel really healthy and happy with my body BUT i dont like my boobs, i am a deflated B cup ( size 8B) i weight 54kg, and i feel so self conscious of my breasts, there are certian clothes that i cant wear they would just look silly on me. My husband ( of almost 20 yrs) is supportive but says ' dont worry , i love your boobs, you look great etc etc" but i dont feel womanly, or sexy, so about a year ago i looked into getting a BA in thailand ( i just couldnt ever afford or justify getting one done in australia, i have never even had a consult in aus). i found a company called global health travel and they have made all the arrangments for me.

Type and size ! ok the type i know mentor,...

type and size !
ok the type i know mentor, silcione proberly high profile, as i have grade 1 ptosis and i want to avoid a lift, the surgeon, from looking at photos ( remember i dont actaully get to see him so no consult untill day before, this is the scary bit for me- as i like to know excatly what is going to happen) anyway, from the photos he thinks i should be ok to not have a lift ( fingers and toes crossed as i DO NOT want a lift, i'll let you in on a secret - i really like my nipples!! )
now the size i have done the rice test ( and then foolishly left them on the table so the dog ate them, there was rice i swear in every room! argh!!) i thought from that about 300-350 ish!!! but once again that we be decided the day before!
I think this for me will be a bit stressful, as i find it hard to decide on choosing a meal from a menu, and now i have to choose my breast sizes!!!!!!!! lucky i have my hubby coming over with me.
so its 9 days to go, i will be making you tube videos to share this experince , and i will post up the links

26th may we flew in from sydney to bankok last...

26th may
we flew in from sydney to bankok last night, flight was good, ( THAI airways) and the hotel is nice ( president solitare). i cant sleep as i am so excited/nervous regarding my consult today, as today is the day i find out lift or not lift ( i'm hoping NO LIFT)

26th may today i had my consult ( we arrived in...

26th may
today i had my consult ( we arrived in bangkok last night) Dr Terrasit was nice and went through everything, showed lots of examples of others pre and post op, i was nervous as i was borerline re needing a lift, but he is happy to do the implants only !! so NO LIFT !!!
here is a little video i made tonight, surgery is tomorrow

Surgery and post op i was really calm going into...

surgery and post op
i was really calm going into theatre, and not nervous at all which realy surprised me, the surgery went well, after the operation i was put on a morphine drip and had calf comprssors on my legs to prevent clots, i felt like i had an elephant sitting on my chest, they felt so heavy and sore, it was sore even to move slightly in the bed and getting up to the toilet! ouch. 5 hours post op i started vomiting so i asked them to take the morphine drip down and since then have felt much better, i was given a sleeping tablet and had a good nights sleep, i am now only on panadine forte, and i havent vomiting anymore, i am glad my hubby is here with me and he has been so helpful , i would recommed if possible to take someone over with you. ( if your getting surgery overseas like myself)
this mornig the dr will come and take off the compressin bandage and i will get to see mu boobs, i know when i first see them thats now how they will always look they will be swollen and high. i have been having ice packs on my chest, which are nice/

I have been discharged from the hospital and now...

i have been discharged from the hospital and now back relaxing at the hotel, i am happy with the results and happy i didnt have a lift, its ust at the moment as the are swollen and sitting high, i feel a bit weird, but i understand they will settle down, they should look natural.

Today is day 5 and i am feeling ok , i am not...

today is day 5 and i am feeling ok , i am not taking as many pain killers now. i have started doing the massages and wearing the strap, which i actaully dont mind, i feel "secure" in the strap, and i want them to drop, so happy to wear it,
i had a real emotional day yesterday, i was at dinner and started crying ! ( always a good look!) i just flet over whelmed, sore,tired ( and i had just gotten up from a sleep!!) and to top it off i am in bangkok and the spring rolls where shit! so i cried!!
my wounds are still covered by a little water proof dressing that will get changed tomorrow when i have my final consult with my surgeon, i then have to ask all my questions.
so far the questions i have are
1. when can i shower.
2. when can i run / exercise
3. when can i apply cream etc to the scar,
4. when do i get to sutures removed
5. what happens if i have a problem or Q , can i contact the Dr ( i am in australia, he is in thailand)
6. when should i wear a bra ? underwire or not?
7. do i wear a bra to sleep
8. how long do i wear the strap for ?

we fly home tomorrow ( thank god!) some people love thailand and bangkok but its to busy for me, i have liked not being at home, but i want to go home now.
so far i am very happy with my decision NOT to have the lift, i think once the implants drop i will love the shape, i like the size

Hi well i am now 10 days post op, i am feeling...

hi well i am now 10 days post op, i am feeling well really just today though, up untill today i felt exhausted! it really took alot more out of me then i ever imagined, even though leading up i was fit and healthy, no drinking for 8 weeks pre op ( i dont smoke) i exercise and i was taking vit C and zinc.
my only concern now is that my surgeon recommends that the sutures ( ill post a pic) that they be removed on day 21, and i feel this is way to long! i have reasearch other surgeons and most are removed day 7-10. so i feel this will leave me with scars if i leave this long, i have emailed my surgeon, and asked if i can get them removed earlier,
i am still wearing the strap and no bra ( well i did wear a bra out for lunch , i just felt too uncomfortable with no bra !) but i think they are slowly starting to drop and settle, i am doing the massages, and i am sleeping on my side, i still cant shower ( not untill day 14) so looking forward to that morning!!!
i'll let you know about the sutures

Sutures are out! ok well i am 3 weeks now! time...

sutures are out!
ok well i am 3 weeks now! time has flown, i am feeling really good now, but really have had a tough emotinal week, last week i felt very emotinal and paranoid and anxious and nervous! so not a good combo! i felt good on the friday ( 11 days post op) so i cleaned the house and went grocery shopping, by friday evening i was sore espically on my right side, ( i think because i am right handed and i vacumed and mopped) so i was convienced i had CC! and then the next day i had to change my sterri strips on the wounds and i took a photo and i was convienced i had an infection! to the point of going to the GP and making him give me a script for antibiotics. since then i had to make a point of being positive! ( all this time i had been in emial contact with the surgeon in thailand and sending him photos, he would then send me his repsonse, he was wonderful)
so i have had a much better week, i had been to see my GP ( again) and he said the wounds were looking great and no signs of infection, we then decided to wait a few more days to make it closer to the 3 weeks that my surgeon wants for suture removal. i then went back to the GP to get the sutures out, but unfortunatley a little bit of a suture retreacted inside and they couldnt get it out, apparently it will cause no harm, it will either stay inside forever and not be a problem OR it my body will try and expel it and it will make its way out, so then if i see anything to go the the GP and they can take it out.

I am now 7 weeks post op and i am healing realy...

i am now 7 weeks post op and i am healing realy well, i am using a few things to treat the scars - scilone sheets overnight, and during the day either vit E oil or an organic scar healing oil from earth sistas ( its like a boi oil, but with no pretrolum)
i went and got bra sized and i am 8E but i can ( brand depending) fit into some 10DD's ( they are easier to find, so i have to hunt around from some nice bras)
Dr Terraist in bangkok

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait tmes
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Can I ask how your boobs are going now :-)
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where did you have your surgery? what is the name of the hopsital? I am going there soon and considering either Dermaster thailand or Naravee clinic, however I find it difficult finding any reviews regarding breast implants.. I mostly just find about Lipo which Im not very interested in
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Where did you have your surgery? what is the name of the hospital? I am going there soon my self and considering either Dermaster thailand or Naravee clinic
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Great story, I am heading over very soon and so glad to read your story. It shows that it does take a little while to heal and I am being realistic about my recovery. Glad to read you are very happy now. I have a great GP who is ok with me going overseas and also has spoken to the company I am going through and is happy with them so I am excited to get my surgery. Thanks for your story
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I'm planning on getting my surgery in Thailand and have been 'recommended' to stay 10 days, I notice that you just stayed for a week. Did you find that to be okay?
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Please please do an update!!
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Theylook amazing! I want to go to Thailand for my BA :)
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How is everything? How do they look now? :)
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Mine kinda look just like your old ones! What size did you end up getting? Im leaning toward 500ccs!
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They are so beautiful. Is there anyway that I can get Dr. Terrasit contact number or at least his last name. I am going to Thailand next month and would love to get mine done like yours.
Thank you,
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They are beautiful. Perfect size for you.
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"They" came out lovely! I would never have thought that you'd need a lift from your before pics and if anything think that a tiny bit of sag would give a more natural looking result. I know there are some girls out there who like that false look, but I'm not one of them. They look perfect. You are lucky to have Bangkok so close by too. I was in Thailand in 2001 and just loved the country and its people. Hope all goes well with the continued healing.
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Sue! Congrats! You look awesome!!! I hope your recovery is going well and you are taking it easy. Your post about the 375 was like me too 350 were good in the try on so we went with the 375s and I could not be happier :)

Wait until you get to go shopping in a month or so - soooo much fun!
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I'm envy with you Sue and Joy..
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Thank you for the update Sue.. If that's my boobs..I don't want it to drop..It looks perfect..
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Do you think you'll be able to walk around in the mall or any tourist spots while you're there? You should do that so you won't get bored..How many hours is the flight there going to Sydney?. Everything went well and congratulation again...I'm planning in October.
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Sue, how many days you stay in Thailand?
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2 nights before the op and 6 after, to be honest i am so ready to go home, its so busy, but i have liked being in a hotel for the recovery, as its nice not to have to clean / cook, but now i am missing my own bed and home cooked meal!
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you look awesome! They look very natural already. Your PS did a great job...the bikini before and after shots are're going to be turning some heads at the beach Lol I finally fill out a bathing suit now too!!!. WOOOOOO HOOOOO;-)
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Olalah!!! senorita...looking good gurl..
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wow you look great !How many cc's did you get ?
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375 cc ( in the consult i liked the 350cc , and then as i was going under the muscle they go up a size, )
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wow you look great!! Does not look like you needed a lift after all..... When they settle you will have a lot more fullness underneath. Congrats:-) I hope you feel better each day and have a speedy recovery!
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yeah i think so as well, they are still really high so i am so happy with my decision not to have a lift, i know once they drop a bit i will be over the moon!
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whats the contact details of your dr please
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