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I have had dermal fillers many times and each time...

I have had dermal fillers many times and each time , i end up with lumps . Lumps that hurt and seem to want to push out of my skin . I have had SubQ , Restylane and Perlane and each time i get told that i wont end up with lumps . I have had to have filler disolved on many occasion as its the only way the pain and lumps will go . In august of this year i went to Thailand and had Blepharaplasty on upper and lower eyelids , i also had a Mid Facelift and Tummy Tuck . Surgery went well but i had extreme swelling which turned out to be 2 DVT's , i was readmitted to hospital and spent 8 days receiving treatment for my blood clots , i was given Warfarin . Day 8post op i had a small lump near my left temple and massaged it gently , it was painful and hard , the lump turned into more of a blister and i left it alone . Next morning the "blister" was red and sore , i showed the nurses and it was just left alone . Surgeon had a look and i was told to leave it alone . Travelled home 9th Sept and went straight to GP ,my whole face was throbbing , given more anti biotics , was already on them from surgery . Three days later the "blister " burst and it was full of pus , it left a hole and it drained for days . Had ultrasound and it showed a lesion , had swab taken and it was clean , blood tests were clean also . It finally healed up and now i have a new one right beside the first one , which is where i had my fillers . I have now had a swollen infected face for 7 weeks and the only thing i have been told is that it is a Sterile Infection . I have seen a PS , GP and Dermatologist . I have rheumatoid arthritis but i am in remission at the moment . Can someone please help !!!
Hi 8969anon I have had most of it dissolved , it has been a slow process . The side effects ( swelling , redness and pain ) have not stopped , if i take an anti histamine though it does give me some relief . I will be going to the clinic i use again in a week or so to have more dissolved .I have ended up with a purple coloured scar and a dip in the skin where the infection was . It is really annoying to have these issues with filler . Most people have amazing results .
You hadn't posted posted for awhile. I was hoping you had it dissolved and that was the end of it. Good luck with this next round of dissolver and thanks for the update.
Thank you 8969anon .... i will update after the next round :)
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