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Hello! Is there anyone on here who has breast...

Hello! Is there anyone on here who has breast implants with dr Pichet or any type of surgery with him? How is he, the staff, the clinic and the overall experience? I am planning on seeing him in December as I`ve read a lot about him and he is a Thai surgeon who has been trained in Germany and America and is on the Thai certified surgeon website, which a lot of the other surgeons are not.

If anyone has had surgery with him, could you please let me know so I know whether to trust him with my body and if you could, some photos would be great too!

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Hello to all reader I have a liposuption done on my belle and fat pectorals, the result are bad doctor let me with 3 scare due to bad fat removing i got 2 lines under my pectorals and one on my belle...... went back few months ago and got the worst reply....... i should do some exercice..... then of course i wouldn t had done the lypo. Pls avoid Doctor Pichet. A victim from spain
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Hi..i have my breast implant in bangkok,but not with dr. Pichet.i had mine done in yanhee.....nurses are so lovely,im from the philippines,so i was happy to see filipino nurses working there,cos i wa having difficulties with understanding thai people speaking far my surgery was good,i have my breasy in april 2012, under dr. Vitawat,and i love my twins till now..thinking of dr. Pichet for butt implants though
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Hey girl! I’m considering Dr. Pichet for my BA as well. So came here coz I found his name’s link on Google. It confuses me sometimes looking for the reliable source for quality Thai surgeons. (Seems it’s a very competitive business down there.) Of course, I always look for both good and bad reviews to make my decision and also good communication with the surgeon. It’s very important for me to make it clear from both client and surgeon sides. (I did a nose job in Thailand at Bumrungrad Hospital 2 years ago.) I’m currently contacting and sharing surgery discussion with Dr. Pichet. From my point of view, he’s real and very honest. He told me what I should expect from my BA surgery and the informative details of pre/post surgery (I’m 30 years who wants to have 400cc.) If I make up my mind, it’ll be probably the beginning of next year. Let see what it will turns out to be.
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