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Hi ladies, gotta say I have found this site the...

Hi ladies, gotta say I have found this site the most helpful out of the lot. So I thought I'd share my experience in e hopes of helping someone out the where are you? You have all helped me.

I'm 31 mother on 2 and after the birth of my baby I swore I would get my always smaller "pointier" boobs fixed once I was at a happy weight. Well I'm 162cm tall and weigh 64 kilos ideally I would like to weigh 60 but that's ok.

After much thought and research I decided to book my ps from Bangkok and whilst there will be people saying I should get it done in my own country Bangkok actually has great ps's and practices and the huge bonus is I save about $10k!

From the photos I sent my ps he said I will need a lift as I have "snoopy" breasts. Hoping that once he sees me in person he will change his mind as I would love to avoid the lift. He is suggesting a "donut lift" and I am looking at going under the muscle and I'd love to be a full rounded upper pole c or small d cup.

So I have started to pack my bags today. Essentials: A few button up tops, some front do-up surgical bras, some of my own pain killers, lots of movies and books and my have pillow, also my lovely sis to go with me.

Leaving hubby behind with school age kids I feel guilty nervous, excited, a little scared of all the things that could potentially go wrong and I know I'll miss my two kiddies. I fly out 2nd April(spending the night in Singapore, pre consultation on the 3rd and my surgery is booked for the 4th and I'm due to fly back on the 10th.

Hello ladies, I had my BA and periareola lift 24hrs ago. 300cc mentor textured hi profile under the muscle with a donut lift. The first 12hrs was a blur of pain and consciousness. I am in my hotel now and still in a lot of pain. Like I've done a thousand push ups then got hit by a truck then had an elephant sit on my chest. I have limited range of arm motion and can only walk very slowly. I hope this pain and discomfort gets better. Though just before I left the clinic before they unwrapped the bandages and showed me what I look like. Well immediately my eyes went to my nipples and how they look . Not pretty but despite what they have been through its to be expected. Shape and size wise I'm happy. But the again I. Quite swollen and tight. Well ladies that's it for now. Need sleep.

Glad to hear you sister is going with you! Can't wait to hear how the surgery went. Update as soon as you can!

Your so brave to go by yourself! Keep u updated on your recovery! Can't t wait to see pics! Good luck!

Hi all, its day 3 post op. I needed up with...

Hi all, its day 3 post op.

I needed up with silicone textured 300cc under muscle, donut lift .

I still have my bandage on and it's making my breathing difficult, i can't really walk- if I do it's extremely slow and steady and I get puffed out quickly. I am not able to open a door, flush a toiled and have a bit more range of movement in my arms. It's been the most painful 3 days of my life and I had 2 c-sections. I am trying to avoid the heavy painkillers till only bed time otherwise just paracetamol.
Tomor I get to see my ps and finally get these bandages off and have a look at my new friends. I'm scared to see e scar around the nipples but I guess it's all part and parcel. At the moment my moons look quite huge and are sitting up very high and hard so hopefully in due course with massage and time they will drop a lil.

I fly home in 2.5 days and can't wait to be back home with my family.
How are you doing? I read in your profile that you had to have your implants removed. We'd love an update to your review when you have a chance. Wishing you the best.
Hi, it's been a rollercoaster 18months, delayed wound healing, lumps and bumps. In the end I developed a large seroma lump 18mobtgs post breast aug that needed to be aspirated but in doing so my skin deteriorated and ended up with me in hospital getting both implants removed. Now I am not only left with shocking scars but also very small miss shapen breasts. Some days it really gets me down. The Drs thing I may be able to get a pleasing result with a revision but now I'm scared. Still don't know what caused the seroma... Textured implants? Too much tension from having a lift and 300cc implants. I wanted to end up with a nice C cup but I ended up with DD size. Or it could have been a recruit to a suture. Still don't know. The whole experience had left me very emotional and also I think of all the money I have wasted wanting ton"better myself" and instead being unable to be myself, not exercise, not be able to be active with my kids, loss of intimacy with my husband, not able to work while I recover... Has it been worth it... No. I'm just praying that somehow I can have a good result from a revision down the track. But truthfully I'm in two minds about it all...
I don't blame you for your uncertainty about a revision. You've been through a lot! I wouldn't rush into anything but hoping you're no longer experiencing any pain or discomfort. Try not to beat yourself up too much about this. It can happen to anyone. If you got a revision, what time frame are you thinking? Thanks for your update and I hope you can get outside with the kiddos this winter and enjoy them to help get your mind of things. ;)
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