I am 95% sure I want to have a TT. I am 5' 4",...

I am 95% sure I want to have a TT. I am 5' 4", 125 lbs relatively active 47 yr old woman. I have been married to the same wonderful man for the last 24 yrs. We have 1 son who was born almost 3 wks early via CS and was 9 lbs 8 oz at birth. During my pregnancy I gained a lot of weight that until 5 years ago I was not able to lose.

Over the past 5 years I have lost a total of 100 lbs, I have kept 80 lbs off for 4 years and the last 20 lbs for a year. Between the my pregnancy and my weight loss I have a lot of loose skin and that infamous skin flap that seems to come with having a CS. Loosing the weight has changed my life, I am happier, more confident, I enjoy life more and I have been able to go back to my old job.

During the month of April I "interviewed" two PS's both came highly recommended by friends. I am at the point where I have decided which surgeon I would like to do the surgery but I haven't yet committed to doing the surgery.

To say I am nervous/scared would be an understatement. Honestly, I look good in my clothes even the PS's were surprised by the amount of loose skin under the clothes. One commented at how well I hide it. It is not about what I look like in my clothes it is more about what I look like in a bikini.

I am worried about how long the recovery time is. I am a Flight Attendant, it would be interesting to hear from other FA's. Things that would interest me are: how long they were off work for, how the swelling was when they were at work and that sort of thing. One of the PS I went to see said I would be back at work in 4 wks. I think that might be a little ambitious considering the type of physical work I do not to mention the fact that she I am at work my body is in a pressurized enviorment. I also have a high pain tolerance but I am worried about the pain level after surgery. I have had drains before and I have to say they probably worry me more than anything.


Welcome to the community.  Great job on the weight loss.  I say go for this and finish up the journey.  You will love the results and feel like a completely new woman.

The pain is all temporary and different from person to person.  Do not let the thought of pain scare you away from doing this.  Make sure to have at least 3 full weeks off after surgery.  


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Kimmers25, Thank you for the support. I am about to book my surgery, just trying to make sure I leave myself enough recovery time before a faction we are taking in Feb 2014. I am hoping that 3 months will be long enough. I have just added two pictures of before and after weight loss.

Thank you for posting your pictures.  Wow you have done an amazing job with the weight loss!  You look like a completely different woman.  

I would say the more time you can allow for recovery, the better.  

Surgery booked

Booked my surgery for Oct 2nd. Feeling excited and very nervous! 18 wks till I'm on the flat side. :-)


WOW! Congratulations on your weight loss-you look great! You are going to have amazing results! I really cannot say enough great things about Dr. Hall-Findlay and her staff as well as the Mineral Springs Hospital and the nurses there! I do not like hospitals but I am glad I stayed the full 4 nights! :)
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I'm booked with the same DOC for Oct 16....!! my friend went with her and is very happy...
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Did your friend have the same surgery?

Tummy pictures

Never ever thought I would post pictures of my tummy online. Feeling a little embarrassed by them. You would never guess I have all this skin when i'm in clothes. Roll on October!


Omg you are going to LOVE your results!!! I started researching This procedure in January. Time will fly!! I can't believe I'm almost 2 weeks post op. this surgery is life changing!! I look forward to following you! Good luck! : )
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I hope you are right, I am still nervous about the surgery. I am at a bit of a funny place. I wish it was sooner rather than later but it seems like the time is flying by.
Your plank photo has mine beat! haha
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Anyone tried these after surgery?

I bought a couple of these Tummy Toning Cami's from Costco the other day. I was wondering if anyone else used these after surgery?


WOW, I just checked out your story and you are INCREDIBLE!!!!!! Great work losing the weight, and good for you for going for that last step!! How are you feeling as your date draws closer???
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Thanks (blushing). Nervous and super excited! I think at this point I just want to get this over with and be on the healing side.
About the FLEXXIES from Costco... I think I have read that some ladies do use those, kinda as their stage 2/step down garments. Very exciting that your surgery is October 2---mine is the 28th of October, plus very exciting that your are 47....because I am 49! I will anxiously follow your journey.... Tis is a wonderful resource...everyone tells their stories, just like it is....and the photos are fantastic ---good luck...and keep us up to date! :0)
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35 days till surgery day :-0


Good luck! I think youll look great! Congratulations on the weight loss.
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I justs started the resarch for the doctor and place to do TT and mybale lipo (depends on price). I founded this website and here are so much info . I am from Calgary so Banff is quite close. COuld you share what price range are they charginbd for TT and lipo. I had one cosultation here in Calgary with Dr.Whidden but his price is sky high. And I have to say you look amazing. Wow...losing 100 pounds. Youd eserve the TT and you will look GREAT after it.
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Just curious, am I the only one that can't sleep? I have 9 days till surgery and I am struggling to get a decent nights sleep. I stress about everything from work to what if something goes wrong… Is this normal? I could really use some sleep. Yawn!


I'm 7 days until surgery and I've not been able to sleep since this whole process started on the 7th September. I am driving myself crazy, my mind is constantly on the op, the recovery, did I take enough time off work, am I taking the right supplements etc etc! And any moment I have I am on this site looking at other tummy tucks lol. Just wanted it done now!
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I had mine done in May with Dr. Whidden. His price is high, but his belly button is worth every penny!! He leaves no visible 'sunshine' around your new belly button. It's all stitched from the inside. Not many dr.'s do that. I haven't found any, actually. I've since seen a tummy tuck from dr. H-F , and she does excellent work! I believe her price is in the same range as Dr. Whidden's, maybe $1000-1500 less. Good Luck!

48 hrs from now I will be on the healing side!

Starting to feel the nerves, I swing from calm and ready to being scared of the recovery process.

I do have a couple of questions: What do I really need in hospital, in for 4 days? Do I need to take a house coat? Can I just use a hospital gown? Flip flops or slippers? My flip flops are easy to put on.

As per Dr's orders I have started the senokot and I am taking gravel with me to the hospital. As it is getting colder here and my surgery is in Banff (Rocky Mountains) I am taking a cosy comfort blanket for in the car on the way home. I am also going to pop a pillow in for the way home.

Any other suggestions are extremely welcome!


Thinking about you ! Just read your profile !!!, wow I am sooo proud of you, that much weight loss you deserve a TT ! It is worth it , you are going to fill sooo good !
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I stayed overnight only one night. I don't think you'll need much other than the clothes you want to wear and items to keep you busy. I think when you put regular clothes on you'll feel like doing more. Hospital gown made me wanna be lazy. I did get some nice socks there tho! Good luck!
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Almost your time! I'm OCT 16th. Your are going to look amazing!
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All done!

When I arrived at the hospital on Tuesday around 5 pm I was admitted and taken to my room to get settled. Shortly after my husband and I went out for dinner and I returned to the hospital at about 10 pm. I was tucked up in bed with a warm blanket and a sleeping pill.
At 6 am the nurse woke me up, I had a shower and by 7 am my husband was back in the room with me. At about 7:10 am PS and intern arrived to talk about the procedure and to mark me up for the surgery. By 7:30 am I was walked in to the OR, was settled on the operating table and by 7:45 i was being operated on.
The first thing they did to me was to inject a nerve block, this works much like a dentist injecting your mouth for dental work, essentially it freezes your surgery site.
I had MR, TT, Lipo and then a revision to my previous breast reduction. The revision included Lipo. All told they removed about 3 lbs of skin and fat.
At 11:45 my PS called my husband to tell him that I was in recovery and chatting up a storm. By the time he made it to my room I had already been in there for a few minutes.
I was pretty comfortable and by 1 pm I was able to get out of bed more or less unassisted to go to the washroom. I have learned that if I bring the top of the bed up to the most upright position I can scoot my butt to the edge of the bed, put my legs down and slowly stand. I am all hunched up but aim standing. I find it way easier to move myself than allow the nurses to move me. The first time they tried to help me it actually twisted my stomach, I learned very quickly that I can manage if I go slow.
I am on 2 Percocet's every 4 hrs and that seems to be working well for me. I haven't had any nausea and I am not sleepy… Weird!!
I actually got very little sleep last night :-(

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Day 1 PO

Today has been a good day, I had eggs and fruit for breakfast, cottage cheese and fruit for lunch. Luckily for me I have been able to keep everything down. I do find that I get a bit pale and light headed after eating, it's almost like recovery and digesting food is too much to do all at once.
I have been up and about a bit in my room and I had the most marvellous shower and washed my hair.
I went too long last night in-between meds and I ended up being quiet sore.
Happy healing fellow TTers,


This is a rather LATE answer to your question about INSOMNIA. Yes, I couldn't sleep well either for the last couple of weeks before my surgery and not for the first three days AFTER. The AFTER sleep deprivation was due to the anaesthetics and that's normal for me. I think many of us experience the same fears. I was more afraid of dying from complications than I've EVER been. (Never even thought that way before my previous NECESSARY surgeries.) I imagined my family reading my obituary that read something to the effect of...passed away suddenly due to complications from plastic surgery....how shocked they would all be...and all due to my vanity!! I almost backed out the day before surgery! Now, I'm just so happy I'm done and so far I have no regrets. It's so worth all the discomfort. I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE having a flat belly, after so many years!!!
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I KNOW your results will be fantastic. Today you're post op day three and probably at home. If you're relatively fit and if you have a positive attitude your recovery should be a breeze. I'm now day 17 post op and am almost back to normal. In fact I can even lie down on my tummy. Not bad for an old lady! Happy healing to you!!!
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wow ! I would have loved to stay overnight the night before , sounds like they took great care of you and you already have been allowed to shower !
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Day 12 post op

The last 12 days have been interesting, there are definitely some emotional highs and lows. The highs are small things that mark the milestones on the recovery road. I think that the lows are the things you were totally unprepared for.

My biggest low this week was the shock that I had nothing to wear, I assumed that when the surgeon takes 3 + lbs of skin and fat I would easily fit in my pre surgery clothes. What a surprise it was for me to try on my jeans and not be able to do them up. This was a hard knock for me, I had worked so hard to loose/keep off 100 lbs and to have a 29" waist that, to measure my waist and find out it was 33" sent me into an emotional breakdown. I was not thinking rationally! Thankfully I had a few people I could turn to who talked me off the ledge. You see, prior to surgery, I had viewed many reviews on realself. I had look at many pictures of ladies trying on their old jeans and having them fit perfectly shortly after surgery that I just expected I would be the same.

I have been really swollen and feel really wide. However this morning I think I have turned a bit of a corner, I seem flatter, less swollen than I have been since day 2.

Realself is a wonderful resource! Several weeks prior to my surgery I started chatting with a lady that had surgery scheduled on the same day with the same Dr as me. Because we were hosptialized for 4 nights, we were fortunate enough to be able to meet. It was nice to know that she was just down the hall, it gave me a reason to take a walk and have a visit. Even today we text each other to checkin and see how we are doing.

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Wow..great progress in less than two weeks...you feeling okay now...seems like your have turned the corner..I heard someone say that this is the "bi-polar express"--- because there is such an emotional swing...I think even though we know this roller coaster is coming...is really tough when we are right in the middle of it...bu I agree with you...at that moment..RS is priceless!
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I am feeling much better thanks! Your surgery day is coming fast and we will all be here to support you through those dark moments when you second guess yourself. Take care!
I am so glad I read your blog. My surgery was on Oct 10 and I am on an emotional roller coaster. Swelling and feeling bad. Your story gives me hope that I could still turn the corner soon. Thank you!
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Day 17 PO

Physically I haven't changed much so pictures didn't seem necessary, emotionally I am feeling much better. I wake up pretty flat and as the day goes on I start to swell. I do find I get sore towards the end of the day but it is nothing that I can not manage. I am an energizer bunny but since having surgery I find that, I tire easily. I listen to my body and take a nap as I need to. In the morning I can stand straight and by late in the afternoon I am hunched over. At this point I am still not able to walk very fast.

As of this morning I have lost 4 lbs since the day of surgery, pretty happy as I had popped up a little after the surgery.

I am happy I did this surgery, I wouldn't think twice about doing it again. Happy Healing to you all!


Thanks....we all hear what an "emotional roller coaster" it is---I really appreciate that!!! :0)

3 wks update

Not too much to change this week. I am still slow (compared to normal me) and still have a fair bit of swelling in the evening. When you look at the pictures you can see that I am more swollen above the hip on the right side of the photo (left hip). I think that the swelling there is due to the lipo and that area is still quite hard. I also seem to have upper abdominal swelling, maybe due to MR?

My BB looks good, still has some residual surgical clue in it. BB is way better than before :-). I am looking forward to seeing my butt again at sometime in the future….. It seems to have disappeared.

I do have what feel like mini contractions every so often and it is still very painful to cough or sneeze. On the whole my new tummy is so much better than my old one and I still wouldn't think twice about doing this again.
Happy healing!!!!

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I truly believe that my PS is an artist! The differences in before and after are outstanding!!


you look great, i too have swelling more on one side and whats funny is the same side my butt is larger so one cheek is slightly bigger than the other from lipo. lol
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U look awesome!!!:)
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Awesome results so far!
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After surgery!

For a little fun… This is the only song I could think of after surgery!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QXW1u_1ksJA


You look really great!
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You look amazing. Hope you continue to heal well.
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Pets that watch over us.

Most of us have pets that watch over us during our recovery, I think it is time to recognize my furry family members that watch over me when my human family can't be here.


You look awesome, I still have a month to go, the closer I get the more worried I get, but I want this so much. Please keep us posted. How is your friend doing?
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The feeling you are having are all normal. During the last few days before surgery I just wanted to get it all over and done with. I wasn't one bit nervous when I walked into the operating theatre. My friend is doing the same or better than I am and she looks fabulous!
You look awesome. I really hope mine turns out that good!
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4 wks

Not a much change this week. I think the swelling over my left may have gone down a little. My lipo sites, pubic area and under my arms from the breast lift are still quite sore. Like everyone else I am pretty flat in the morning and swell in the evening. I still feel hard and wide in my sides and below my BB. The tape over the incision came off this week. I do have a few puckers in the incision line and on both ends that I am hoping will settle over the next couple of months.

This week I can get my jeans on and done up but I couldn't wear them for any length of time as they are uncomfortable over the incision site. My waist has decrease from 33" (a few days PO) to 30", i'm hoping it returns to my normal 29" when the swelling has completely gone.

When look at my before pictures it makes me so happy I did this, my tummy looks way better!! Happy healing!!!


Looking great!!! So nice to see the excess skin gone! I still can't quite wrap my brain around this whole thing! I got myself some maternity jeans (super stretch denim) and not only are they as comfy as wearing pajamas, but they are probably one of the most flattering pairs of jeans I've worn! Great score for my return to work. I can be comfy all day. My days are long and I'm still not ready to give up this comfort for regular jeans just yet! lol I'm 13 weeks. Probably going to continue to wear them until Xmas :)
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5 wks

Pictures are taken first thing in the morning. I still think that I have some swelling, there is definitely some over the left hip area. Puckers in the incision seem about the same. I am really liking my BB, I think it looks very natural.

This week I am down to 29.5" waist in the morning… Getting there :-)


Congratulations! you look awesome!
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You look great! I need to start taking pics too!
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Look at you rocking that bikini!!! Looking great!!!
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11 wks

Where does the time go? It's really hard to believe that I am 12 ½ weeks PO. Everything is going well, recovery gone pretty well but, I'm still not back to my pre surgery physical condition. I have also been extremely fortunate in that I have not had to go back to work yet. Between Medical leave and vacation I have been able to give myself lots of time for recovery, I think that is very important for someone who works at 40,000 ft. That said January 1st 2014 is my first day back to flying.

I still have some swelling late in the day, sneezing is still not great and some twisting or stretching can cause sharp pain that doesn't last more that a couple of seconds.

The picture was taken at 11 wks I will post more pictures soon.
Happy New Year and Happy Healing TT friends!!!


You look awesome!
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Looking good. Love the bikini pics.
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I love your review and thank you for sharing. Yes, congrats on your weight loss achievement and improved healthy life style. You look wonderful! Absolutely stunning! And not ashamed to show your tummy. Keep in Touch
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6 months

Well 6 months have gone by and thinks are pretty good. My incision looks good and is starting to turn white. I am really happy with how my tummy looks, I do still have some areas of numbness but that does seem to be improving.

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6 months part 2

I am really happy I did this and I would absolutely do it again without a second thought. My surgeon is amazing I never thought I would ever have a flat tummy again. I have more confidence when I wear bikinis and I am no longer self conscious of the tummy roll in tight clothes.

My weight has dropped a little, I am now 123 lbs and my waist is 27.5". I can't wait for the nice weather to arrive so I can wear my summer clothes.

Im posting pictures from my 6 month anniversary.


you look amazing!
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Belly button picture

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In clothes


Congrats on your weight loss! You look wonderful! =D
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This is very reassuring to read, we are similar age and height, so far my post op experiences and milestones have been very similar to yours, even down to the furry recovery buddies. I am day 19 and reading of your swelling issues at that time then seeing how great you look now really makes me smile!
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