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I always had saggy breasts, and what I considered...

I always had saggy breasts, and what I considered “large breasts”. Then almost 9 yrs ago I was involved in a car accident, which resulted in broke 2 vertebrae, broken ribs and clavicle, as well as requiring 50% of my bowel removed. Since that time, I’ve always had a sore back, whether it was because of the injuries, or from carrying around the weight of my breasts. I had talked to my family physician about getting a breast reduction, and he recommended Dr. Hall-Findlay, as he considered her the best in her field. As well Dr. Hall-Findlay was using a different technique which would benefit the fact that I seem to scar unevenly.

The turning point for me, was when I went and got a “proper fitting” of a bra. I was always squeezing my breasts into a DD bra that never seemed to hold everything in, or always rode up, and felt awful. The day I put on and fit into a 36GG and a 34H was astonishing for me. HOW could this actually be my bra size? WHO has breasts that big? Well it was me. I had to do something about it.

I had a consultation with Dr. Hall-Findlay in Banff, on January 10, 2014. She agreed that I was a good candidate for a BR and lucky for me I was able to book surgery for February 12, 2014. I’m less than two weeks away, and I am excited, anxious, and looking forward to surgery.


I neglected to add the following to the beginning of my post. I'm 48 yrs old, 5'3, 160 lbs and wear a 36GG or 34H bra. I'm hoping to go down to 36C!


Excellent - I believe she is renowned and had a technique named after her. I was 34H also - not sure yet if I ended up C or D. good luck - it will be wonderful!
The ironic thing is, she doesn't use the "Hall-Findlay" method any longer. My family doctor has recommended many patients to her in the past, so I know I'm confident in her abilities. And she was very great during my consult. I'm getting a bit nervous, but I'm also very excited to have the surgery.
Good luck, you will be so happy. I am 11 days post op, you might like my review

Paranoid of getting a cold

It seems like everyone around me at work is getting a cold! I'm paranoid I'm going to get sick and I'm 5 days away from my surgery! I'm not allowed to take any herbal prevention remedies! Other than drinking lots of fluids, getting lots of rest, and washing my hands what else can I do? The power of positive thinking better be strong enough!
I got a cold 3 weeks post op and it was way worse than the people around me that got it. Probably because my defenses were working on keeping post op infection from taking hold, but it was actually easier than before. I don't know about you, but getting a cough would intensify my back problems. It was like I couldn't hold my boobs up and cough effectively at the same time. It's the first time in 10 years that I've gotten sick and didn't need to prop myself up every time I coughed. Just hide in a hand sanitizer bubble for a few more days
You can only do the right things and hope. It happened to me and my surgery got put back 3 weeks, but I am 2 weeks post op now and very happy.
I had the exact same fear! I was so afraid something would prevent my surgery, and when I read about someone having a fever and theirs being postponed, I became paranoid. Positive thoughts and great nutrition,,, hoping all goes well for you : )

3 Sleeps Away!

It's hard to believe its only a few sleeps away till my surgery. Since my husband has gone into work today, I'm taking the time to do a thorough cleaning of our bedroom for when when I get home from surgery. If I'm going to be in bed for a few days after I'd like it to feel like I'm on vacation in a nice hotel instead of post-op! A little feng shui can only help the healing process and positive energy.
Lots of luck with your surgery :) It is so exciting!
good luck, this is going to be great
Good luck with your surgery! I hope that everything goes well, which it should. What's the different technique that your PS uses?


In Banff tonight. One of my favourite places in the world. Tomorrow is surgery day. I'm anxious, nervous and excited. Thankfully I didn't get the winter cold that many coworkers had. And I credit my flu shot for keeping that virus at bay!

Hopefully I get a decent sleep tonight. Hospital at 8:30am ! Here's too my last night with yucky boobs! ????
GL Banffie,,,, LOVE YOU
Just waiting to hear that you are fine, and your breasts are even finer!!! Hope it went smooth and your recovery is completely uneventful!!! Welcome to the small side!
good luck, we will be looking out for the new you!


Out of surgery for about 4 hours now. Feeling pretty good. Just taking T3's. So glad it's over! I'll write more later.

Thanks for the well wishes!
congratulations. try not to get a sore face from the grinning!

Home and well rested....

So far so good. I was discharged yesterday after a visit from my PS and a shower and breakfast. I didn't sleep that well the night after my surgery, too many trains, too many toilets flushing and other noises. The drive home was uneventful, however about 3 hours so I was really tired. I kept a pillow tighter to my chest during the drive and I was in a semi sleep state for most of the drive. Gravol and Tylenol 3's right before we left Banff helped a lot.

I have REALLY severe bruising from the liposuction that was done on my sides. This was expected, as I bruise so easily on a daily basis. And the lipo is what hurts more than anything else. It feels like someone kicked me in my sides. I haven't taken any pain meds for 9 hours now, so I'll see how it goes this morning. Maybe I'll just try regular Tylenol if I need it. I slept well last night, the first 5 hours on the sofa in the family room, and another 3 in the bed. I'm not looking forward to showering at home. The shower I took in the hospital was scary. I was afraid to get my chest wet, I had limited arm movement, and what I tried to do more than anything was take all the markings off my neck and upper chest. I didn't really look at my chest yesterday, I was afraid it would make me woozy right before my shower. My boobs are really small now though (YAYY)!!! The fact that I'm so swollen from the bruising on my sides looks strange but it will all balance out. My PS said they are great and small! I just love her confidence. If I had to guess, I'd say they were a C, but what do I know, I thought I was a DD, when I was actually a GG! But they are ON my chest and not sagging to my waist! Life is good!
you are doing well, lipo bruising is sore, make sure you get 500mg bromelain to alleviate the swelling

February 16, 2014 – 4 days post op

February 16, 2014 – 4 days post op
I want to start by saying that this forum is a wonderful way for women who have went through this procedure to support and encourage others who are just starting their journey. I do wish there were some ways to put restrictions on our profiles, or edit our posts. Since this isn't possible, I’ll be limiting my updates and posts.

Update, I had a shower again last night, and washed my own hair. Mobility in my arms is getting a lot better, the bruising is better; it’s starting to turn greenish around the edges. I slept on my side for a while. It was good to get into another position. I took a couple photos close up of my incisions after my shower. I’ve got puckering along the bottom (expected), and it seems that the tape has folded over some exposing some of the stitches. I’m just going to monitor it and see if anything comes of it. Swelling is going down on my sides, and my breasts seem to have a decent shape to them already. I’m not taking much for pain meds. Before my shower I did take one T3 as a preventative measure, I didn’t want to have any discomfort. I’m thankful that sleep has been easy for me. I’ve been sleeping 8 hours at night and I had about a 4 hour nap in the afternoon.
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