18, 36DDD, 135lbs, Bye Bye Being "The Girl with Huge Tits"! - Banff, AB

I've had DDD breasts since grade 6. My whole life...

I've had DDD breasts since grade 6. My whole life I've been seen as nothing but a huge rack. Disapproving stares from girls, being called a whore for having cleavage (ITS IMPOSSIBLE NOT TO), guys making rude comments, and not to mention the pain. Ohhhh yes, the pain. These boobies are killin' me, smalls. They are extremely heavy, and as the gym and weightlifting are my world, it's very very hard to workout. On top of hating their appearance, they are saggy ( droop down so much I can hold 5 pencils under em), my areoles are really big and I hate them, and it makes it almost impossible for my nipples to stay hard. (Please tell me someone else has this problem) One day even my boyfriend was like "why aren't your nipples ever hard?" I was so embarrassed. On top of them looking bad, I have a LOT of cysts. They hurt so bad, alllllllll the time. I'm done feeling trapped in my own body. All my friends have perfect, perky, smaller boobs and I'm so jealous. I just want to wear a bathing suit, or a strapless shirt or bandeau. I have a reduction and lift scheduled in 16 days. It only costs 3000 because the lift is not covered by Canadian health insurance. I'm so nervous, but I want it so badly. I'm really sorry this post was so long, but I'm just so happy to have found this site! Anyone and EVERYONE whether you already got the BR or are waiting, id be forever grateful for some comments of insight, thoughts/feeling, advice, or anything! :) love you all, I'll keep y'all posted! BIG TITTED WOMEN UNITE

Just over 2 weeks!

So the nurse called an told me to stop my birth control because it could give me a blood clot ???? did anyone else have to stop their pills?? I feel like time is dragging on. I want my new boobies already!!

Back pain :(

Exactly two weeks until BR, and right now I'm sitting in my math lab at school. I've been sitting here for the past 3 hours, and my back hurts so bad I want to cry. Damn you, big boobs. I can't wait for my BR!!!!!

It's actually happening

Okay so now I've been reading more reviews and I'm getting scared. I'm really squeamish and thinking that those lollipop incisions are going to be on MY CHEST scares the heck out of me. I'm probably just being silly, but now there is pretty much 13 days until surgery I can't believe how fast time is going. Someone tell me it's not that bad D:


So I just got measured again and I am a 38DD cup size, but my rib cage is only 32 around. I want to be a B, I really really don't even want to be a C, I really hope he can get me down that far. Do y'all think it's possible??

Getting sick?!

So I think I'm coming on with a little fever, my body feels all achy and I'm a little dizzy and really tired, I'm hoping and praying I don't get really sick! :( if I'm a little sick at the time of my surgery (10 days away!) will they cancel, I absolutely do not want that to happen, I'm so worried! :(

Sick as a dog

Went to the doctor, I have strep throat. I'm on Cefuroxime for the next ten days. Surgery is in 9. I have to call my PS tomorrow and tell him, and I might have to get my surgery postponed. Really sad about it, not to mention I feel like I'm dying :( let's hope this heals up quick..

In the clear!

My fever is gone today, and I'm slowly feeling better responding to the antibiotics well. I called my PS office, and the receptionist said I don't need to postpone my surgery, as long as I am pretty much healed up by the surgery date, and that she will call Friday to see how I'm doing! Very good news! Now to study study study so I can finish my courses before surgery :)

So close

I'm feeling so much better, these antibiotics work like a charm! Getting a little antsy with my BR coming closer and closer, my dad said "For the first three days you'll be in the worst pain of your life, don't worry we will be here to wipe your tears and give you Percocet" Uhhh is that supposed to be comforting??

Almost there

Three and a half days. So close, but seems so far. I know it will fly by and before I know it I'll be up at 5am getting ready to check into the hospital. I'm really nervous, very excited also but mostly super nervous as of right now. I hope my boobs come out good

The nervous is real

Well. I'm just sitting around killing time. Been napping all day. Pretty much too nervous to focus on school work. The cysts in my left breast hurt a lot today. Pretty much ready to get this thing over with.

The car ride home

Any tips for the car ride home? I've got a 5 hour trip home the day after surgery. I'm bring some pillows and a blanket or two, and headphones to listen to music. Any suggestions on sitting/propping yourself with pillow or anything to make it more comfortable?

Oh sh*t

Less than 24 hours. I hardly slept last night, I'm definitely not gonna sleep tonight. The amount of fear I'm feeling is unreal. I want to throw up it feels like my intestines are going to fall out of my butt. I can't believe this is happening and I'm actually doing this.


Wow it's amazing here!!! So beautiful! :) the hospital is really small, I haven't been inside but driving by it lookin little. Well, off for one last good dinner before tomorrow :) I'll update when I'm out of the anesthetic fog and when I have wifi! Hoping the hospital will have it :)

So tired

It's too early for this. 5:10 am. Can I go back to sleep??? Of course not haha check in time in 40 mins. See ya on the other side


I made it!! Heres the rundowthey lovely ladies :) I checked in to Mineral Springs Hospital at 6am. Dressed into my gown and a comfy housecoat. My PR Dr. Sinclair came in at about 7:30 and marked me up, answered any more question I had and told me I would get into the OR at about 11. I was given an IV hookup at 8:30. At 10:30 the anesthesiologist came and introduced himself, Made some small talk asked questions and said it was time to go! We walked down to the OR and I was very very nervous. I met the OR staff, all very sweet and kind ladies who made me laugh and feel so much better :) I was still scared with a high heart rate, so my lovely aeths Dr gave me a syringe of something great and I calmed right down. The next thing I know he says "tho may still a little when I inject it, dont worry you will do great" and a nurse covered me in nice warm blankets and smiled and said "think happy thoughts!" I thought of my boyfriend :):) and next thing I know I'm waking up super confused, throat super sore, and my breasts in a TON of pain! I definitely cried a little while waking up. On a scale of one to ten I was an eight. I was given pain killers which helped bring the pain down to a two! And thanks to T3s the worst I've been since is a 4 :) I love my breasts. Let me emphasize. I love them SO MUCH THEY ARE PERF!!!! I'm looking to be a small C or a very full B, the shape and size are so perfect this is better than I could have imagined. Best decision of my life hands down!! The staff here made my experience wonderful, and the only concern is my left breast is slightly more swollen and hurts a little more than the right. My nurse said they are plenty soft and feel good, tomorrow I will talk with my PS about it so I'm not too worried! They're wonderful boobies. I can't wait to shower tomorrow and see, I didn't even need drains! So pleased so far. Very tired these narcotics are knocking me on my butt :) No nausea or anything from the anesthesia or my meds, feeling good just super sore on the sides from my Lipo, and my insicions a little. Time to try and sleep, I'm so blessed I made it and have all this support, ill put one pic up tonight and hopefully more tomorrow, and another update :) night!!

yay for my little boobies

I feel so much skinnier, this feels like my body

soooo hungry

I woke up about an hour ago (6am) I had my last meds at 4am, and I really hope this forty minutes goes by quick so I can get more. The pain is definitely tolerable just uncomfortable as I took two regular Tylenol instead of a t3 and a Tylenol or two t3s, I should have at least had one! I just hate how they suppress your respiratory and it feels a tiny bit hard to breathe. No major complaints thus far. I can even feel both my nipples, AND hardly any bruising. They look so good. I'm really hungry right now, thank the good Lord my parent are bringing me some yummy breakfast in about an hour or so :)

Presenting: my new girls!!

I haven't taken a T3 in about 8 hours so I'm pretty sore, about to have some dinner an take more and go back to sleep. My left is a bit more swollen so it looks like the nipples are uneven but I swear they aren't! They look big but that's cause they're real swollen, they should be a full b/ small c :) love em! The shape is a little boxy, but I've barely had these for 24 hours so it's to be expected :)

:) day one

Blessed :)

I feel AMAZING today! My pain is almost nothing, hardly any bruising or swelling now :) I just showered and washed my hair and I feel like a million bucks! I couldn't be happier with myself now! I'll post another progress pic tomorrow or so :)

Sleep sleep and more sleep

I feel good today, again not much pain. Almost no energy!! By the time I got up, ate breakfast and showered I was so tired I had to go back to bed. I go in spurts where I have a ton of energy so I get up and try to do things, but after an hour I'm dead tired again. But sleep is good, makes ya heal faster!! :) I love how they look, I'm very happy with my body still. Both sides have evened out, but are considerably swollen. Not much bruising either. Still can't feel my right nipple lol but it will probably come back sooner or later. All my tank tops fit!! It's a wonderful wonderful feeling. I finally was able to use to bathroom after four long days. Those T3s really constipated you :( as embarrassing as that is haha, I'm definitely trying to take them as little as possible! Well, I'm pooped again so I guess time for a nap!

Just keeps getting better

It gets easier and easier every day :) lots of energy today, I was even able to shower, get dressed, and put on makeup without any help :) no pain, just feeling a bit tight and a little bit sore but I definitely don't need pain pills. I feel so good!!! My only complaint is I can't wait to sleep on my tummy again, sleeping on my back is not comfortable :p all in due time I suppose!

Made it past a week!

Still loving my new chest :) the incisions are really itchy but I'm assuming because they're healing, I still can't feel my right nipple, but sometimes it feels like I'm getting electric shocks to my nipples and sometimes I can feel it in my numb one, hope the nerves are regenerating. I can't wait to be done with this compression bra. It's so annoying, I feel so constricted. And I'm really really really tired of sleeping on my back!! But the good news, I tried on one of my old bikinis that was too small for me, and it fit perfect :) it was such a good feeling.

So happy (still)

This Thursday will be 4 weeks post op :) I love my body. The lines are so thin in 6 months you won't even see them. No pain, I can sleep on my tummy and I just started going for runs again! 5 weeks outta the gym and man I'm outta shape already :( time to get back to it! I tried on an underwire bra at La Senza and that hurt. Definitely sticking with sports bras for a bit longer. And I just can't reach up too high too fast or it pulls the incisions underneath and that doesn't feel very nice :p but other than that it's back to normal. I'm so grateful I had the opportunity to have this surgery. Now that they are settling id say I'm around a 34C which is great. I look how they look in a bikini top :)
Alberta Plastic Surgeon

So far Dr. Sinclair is sooo nice!! He has been practicing since before I was even born, he was very informative of the pros, cons, and possibilities of what could happen, and made very sure that I was certain of my decision!

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Im glad you posted again, i was hoping you would! First off, they look great! Im actually a little jealous, lol. Being only 23 myself, after weight fluctuations and a child my boobs were horrible ! I wish i could show you before and after! As much as im glad i did it, im still a little disappointed in the fact that i paid $4000 for a lift and to me, they still seem a little saggy. Dr. Sinclair did tell me though that there is only so much he can do when the breasts are very big and saggy! I actually almost brought your picture to the Hospital and said "this is what i want" HAHA but everyone is different, so i didnt! I was wondering if you have gotten feeling back in your nipple yet? I have no feeling in both of mine. :( Im two weeks post op tomorrow (we are exactly two weeks apart, with the same surgeon, weird!) and i was also wondering if any of your tapes came off before the three week period, or did you just take them all of yourself at week 3? When did Dr.Sinclair want to see you again? His office said I dont need to come back for 8 weeks?! Sorry to bombard you - Congratulations on your new ta-ta's they really do look fantastic!
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I'm happy your surgery went good, it's only been two weeks give them time!! My tapes partially peeled off but a week ago was my week 3 so I took them all off in the shower :) no I can't feel my nipple still :/ don't worry about yours it can take months to get feeling back! I haven't gone back to see him yet, he also told me 8 weeks :) thanks so much you actually made my blush :p I'm sure you look amazing!! :) if you have any more questions at all don't hesitate to ask :)
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Thank you so much for posting this. I have a consultation in 5 days and I'm so excited! I'm 17 and everything I've found so far was for 40+ years, and very much didn't apply. I'm glad I can see an updated version of how this is all gonna go down, and I'm even more excited now. I'm a 34DDD HOPEFULLY going to a B. I hope I can go that small
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Thank you so much for posting this. I have a consultation in 5 days and I'm so excited! I'm 17 and everything I've found so far was for 40+ years, and very much didn't apply. I'm glad I can see an updated version of how this is all gonna go down, and I'm even more excited now. I'm a 34DDD HOPEFULLY going to a B. I hope I can go that small
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I am scheduled next Thursday with dr. Sinclair. I love your pictures. They look so great. I have heard so many great things about him! I'm getting so nervous, I'm going from a 36G to hopefully a D-DD, I don't want to be to small as I'm a little bigger then you. I soooo hope mine look as fantastic as yours! Congrats on the new boobies!
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Dr. Sinclair is amazing, as are the staff at Mineral Springs hospital in Banff :) you are going to love your new chest I promise! If you are feeling nervous ask the anesthetist for something to calm you down when you get to the OR, I did and it helped sooooo much!!
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you look great, an anti allergy pill will calm down the itching
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You seem to be doing really Great ! The size and Shape are GREAT for your Frame !
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they look awesome!!! I am getting this surgery done September of this year and I am more nervous than anything. After your surgery could you move your arms at all? that is one thing that I am very scared about not being able to do!
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Yeah I could move them lol just no reaching far over your head for a few days, no lifting or picking up anything heavy for a bit either
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thats good news, thank you for responding!
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Glad you're recovering well!!
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Happy for ya!
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Looking good!
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They look good for 1day post looks like your healing good!! Congrats!!
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So happy for you! I've had back pain for 24 yrs now & I know it's because of my breast! Have you noticed any decrease in your pain?
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Absolutely :) I don't take my pain meds really, if I'm just relaxing they don't hurt a bit! I just take a T3 about an hour before shower time because they are very tender still :) but it's definitely manageable
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Looking great. Take it easy now!
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So happy for you. You look fantastic. Take care of yourself and happy healing!
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So happy for U! I have 11 days left for my surgery. I hope that it will be as good as yours. How was your ride home?? I have 4 hours to ride myself and I'm really curious how did you do
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It was a little rough, I brought three pillows and a big blanket and that helped so much, I propped myself straight up and slept for most of the ride, the larger bumps in the road hurt a bit but holding a pillow under my breasts really helped
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thanks for the reply, I will defenitely do the same. I thought that one pillow would be fine, but now as you mentioned 3 I really think that this is much better idea. Best of luck with the recovery time ;)
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Trust me when I say pillows are your best friend!!! Just be sure to take your pain meds BEFORE the pain gets out of control. I take them every 4-8ish hour and honestly I feel fantastic
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if you can manage without the painkillers, it will be so much better, maybe just paracetamol if you are very sore, anything else has side effects. i took nothing from 28 hrs post op. you look great!
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they look fantastic :)
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