1 year post op...33 yrs old, 5'8, 120lbs, 300cc

Hi ladies! I thought I'd share my story on here as...

Hi ladies! I thought I'd share my story on here as we are all looking for support, reassurance, someone similar to ourselves and so on. So here goes:

After breast feeding my 2 gorgeous girls, I ended up looking like a 12 year old BOY!! I always told them that they "ate all my boobies"...lol. Anyways, after a lot of discussion, my hubby finally gave in (he's not a "fake" fan), but he knew it would be good for my self esteem.

I researched PS in my area (I'm from Calgary, AB) and found an amazing PS in Banff, AB. Dr. Hall Findlay is fantastic. From my initial consultation, I was so comfortable with her that I booked my BA that very day. So May 25 I met her and April 25 she made me a new woman. My experience was so amazing that I'd do it again! My hubby is a bit squeamish when it comes to surgery, etc and she took the time to make him feel comfortable and to walk him thru the after care personally. Now he's a believer! Yay! I honestly cannot say enough positive things about my whole experience. Oh right...and my new twins look amazing already and it's only day 2! I still have to wait for them to drop a bit, but I'm already measuring a C cup!! Yay!! So here are my stats (I was crazy searching for other woman who had my same stats when I was searching size)

I'm 5'8
120 lbs
-32AA (seriously, my nipples sank in)
I got 300cc gummy style silicone and already measure a C cup ;)

If you have any questions, feel free to ask! I wish you the best in your journey :)
Awesome another success story
Congratulations!!! How is everything going?
Thank you!! I am doing great...already out and about. I had to go buy a new bra yesterday (32C!) so that was pretty exciting. I only bought one tho incase they still change when they drop into their final resting place...lol. Did you go under or ontop? I've had slight muscle spasms from going under on the one side...I'm assuming that's normal!

So it's been just over a week now and I am fully...

So it's been just over a week now and I am fully engaged back into real life (minus vaccuming of course!). The only time I get a "reminder" is from my "morning boob", when I have been sleeping so still that getting up literally shifts them on my small frames chest! It's kind of funny...and then I smile. Yup! I have boobs! Lol...so I noticed that one breast has dropped more so than the other, but apparently that's normal. Your dominant side will drop sooner than the other, but by 6 weeks or so, they will have evened out. Anyone else experience this? I was freaked at first, but am fine with it now. For now. Also, I finished all my pain meds and preventative antibiotics on time. All I have to recommend to any woman out there is this: BUY STOOL SOFTENER!!! Lol...I forgot and let me tell you: it took me a week to go and the pain was intense! So drink lots of water (which I did!) and also take your softeners. Trust me, it'll save your precious back end!! Haha...so as for pain, I haven't really had any. I take a couple if Motrin if I over due it, and will add a T1 if I really over due it...but it's completely bare able. Did I mention I went bra shopping? I have to admit that stores need to get their sizes regulated. I went to Walmart and bought a cheap one to get me by (it was a 34C) but when I went to La Senza...whoa. I came home with a 34D and a 32DD. What the heck? I only got 300cc and I was popping out of them!! Sizing really is individual, I have learned that much. Anyone else find sizing totally crazy??!!

I was finally able to upload more pictures! Does...

I was finally able to upload more pictures! Does anyone want a before? It's embarrassing, but I will if it helps you in this crazy, exciting journey!!
Hey you look wonderful and so natural!! Pls share your before photos if you are comfortable; my ba is approximately 2wks away and I am still considering sizes.
I am definitely in the same boat in regards to dropping! My dominant (right) breast has dropped and is perfect, and my left is still quite high which sucks! And Lasenza and Victoria Secret do size differently, apparently its part of their gimmick to oversize! I am a 36DDD and VS and at a lingerie shop or department store I could probably fit into a D or DD. So don't be worried about sizing at the chain lingerie stores! Happy Healing!

Ok, so I just pulled out my SN card for my...

Ok, so I just pulled out my SN card for my implants and figured that I'd post the exact ones that I have...I love them so much!

So they are Allergan brand, Natrelle Inspira Truform 2, style N-SSM which means they are smooth shell surface, soft touch (Truform 2 Gel), moderate profile, 300cc ... Hope that helps!
I was wondering about that implant card... I hear about it but my ps never mentioned anything about it.. Do you need one? how did you get it? Things are looking great! Good way to look at it too with the morning boob lol I will have to try that tomorrow because I REALLY am hating that part of things =( I cannot stand how sizing is so messed up in each store, they really need to get on a similar page because it is confusing! I can't wait to be dropped and get a fitting! im so curious to what I really am. You healed quickly if you are mostly back in the swing of things! I am slowly but surely getting there =/
Of course I havn't had mine done yet but my ps did tell me about the card. He said it is a card that specifically identifies what type of implant you have and allows the company to replace that implant no matter where you may go at no charge to you for the implant, should it ever need to be replaced. I am sure you could contact your ps and retrieve it upon one of your followups:)
Thanks for the website:)

Ok, am I the only one who just wants to get back...

Ok, am I the only one who just wants to get back to normal already? As in cleaning and vacuuming and walking my dog with my kids to the park? I am feeling great, but still get tired later in the day as I literally can't stop doing things. I haven't had to take any pain meds for quite awhile now, which is nice. My only complaint is that one has dropped a lot faster than the other and I'm getting stressed that my lack of healing time I allowed myself is to blame :( anyone else experience this??
I just read your post and bra shopping is a pain in the butt especially at Vicki's secret. What profile dd you get?
I got moderate profile! 300cc...but i now have a little bit of boob greed and wish I'd gone 365cc...lol
Is that really moderate profile?! I just knew you were going to say high profile! You have great upper fullness, im jealous! Lol i have moderate profile 510cc and wish i had gone 570 so dont get me started on boob greed girl :)

Still haven't dropped equally!

I am super frustrated...again, my left breast is awesome...right is still high. This is frustrating to me...I'm a month post op in 4 days and really thought that they would be even by now! Although my new nipple sensitivity makes sex amazing... ;) no complaints from the hubby, so it's certainly worth it. I guess we all just strive for perfection!
I had my BA with lift a few days before you and also had a short healing time. Because of that I did MUCH more than I should have and noticed that my dominate side appeared to ride a bit higher. Now after being in vacation for a week they have evened out for the most part, hopefully yours will do the same.
You don't know how happy I am to hear that!! My hubby has been great, making my job a lot easier...but I am a mom and telling one to stop doing anything is like telling a horse not to eat grass! So maybe I need to take some advice and chill a bit...thank you!
You look amazing :) and looks like we are on the same boat with lopsided boobs (for the moment) ...sighs...

Still waiting...

...for my right breast to drop! But after seeing my PS for my follow up, she said that its normal and not to worry...so I'm not. For now. She measured and it has about a 1/2 inch to go. Not too bad, since within that 1/2 inch, it will also "fluff" nicely like my left. I love them more and more. I have to admit that my boob greed is slowly disappearing, as I am loving that they are SO natural looking and not in my way...yet a "slight push up bra" can really enhance them. So I'm happy :)
you are looking great! And glad things are evening out, you dont have too much further to go =) I am still behind on my right side, so annoying! you scars are healing good too...did you try any of the silicon scar strips? I haven't even put mine on yet, im chicken or something of the incision area lol. Are they feeling more like a part of you now? I totally agree, as much as I thought Id never buy a push up bra again after this I think it's ok to wear one once in a while to give us a bit extra!
You look awesome!! Makes me want my 300cc like right now!! I have a little experience with scars because I have had multiple stomach surgeries and c sections. My advice for your scars is vitamin e oil or bio oil and absolutely ABSOLUTELY NO SUN!!! I know it sounds strange, but I promise if you do not let your scars see the light of day, they will be completely white and ready to tan next summer!! When I had my c section 4 years ago we went to the beach about 3 months after. I covered my new scar with sunblock and bandaid and by the next summer it tanned and blended perfectly with my skin!
Thank you for that advice!! I have vitamin c and bio oil so many I will switch back and forth then...and I'm not much of a nudist (despite this website! Haha) so I will keep them hidden. Thnks again ;)

Bra shopping

You look awesome!!! I am booked in with Dr. Hall-Findlay for Feb 13th! I'm so happy I found your review - we have similar stats (I am 5'9 and 120lbs) and she also chose 300cc for me! I hope I look like you when I'm done.
Sorry, I haven't logged in in forever!! I came across your profile right away, you look so great!! She is truly a master at her work. I was going to post an updated picture as the girls have now settled in nicely. Will do so soon! How are you feeling?
Look great! I have similar proportions 5'7 and a 1/2 and was 118 the morning of surgery. I got 339 silicone and have been wondering what cup size I would end up at. I am only a week post so still waiting to buy bras though I did get a sports bra from lululemon in a 34c and it fits well.

Almost a year!


I love your results! Also getting a little bit frustrated about not being able to do anything around the house! Just want to be normal already!! When were your able to return to your usual routine? Thanks for sharing your experience! It's very helpful!
Thank you!! I really should post a 1 year photo as it's my booby Anniversary next week :) I actually got back into my regular routine pretty quick! It was about a month until I forgot I even had surgery...I was lifting my toddler, vacuuming, etc...I think it helps to not baby yourself too much, it boosts your immune system and strengthens the muscle (if you had unders). I do recommend tho, to take it easy the first couple of weeks for sure as you don't want to cause any damage, either. Listen to your body, us woman have the best instincts! Hopefully that helps you?! You look so great by the way!!!
Yes, yes, please post some recent photos! :-)

One Year Anniversary!!

Well...in a few days "we" will be celebrating! I haven't updated much, mostly because they are just so much apart of me that I haven't thought otherwise! They have dropped perfectly into place and look quite natural (friends and hubby endorsed ????) Do I ever get boob greed still? Yup. But then I remember that I was FLAT as a board and am very happy. Plus they won't sag as much (knock on wood!). Anyways, I've loved reading all of your stories as well...I'm super open, so if you have questions please ask!!!

Before / After w/300cc

Before / 1 month / 1 year

Your surgeon did a great job! Your breast look so natural. Every BA is a challenge, but tiny women like ourselves are especially challenging. I feel the same... Yesterday I was looking at some old photos, and I totally forgot how my breasts feel before getting BA. I still miss them no matter how small they were... And I'm still getting used to my new look. It will take some time for sure.

Settlement/Scars - 1year later

So here are a couple more pictures of how well they settle over the first year, for those of you wondering if they will ever drop! Yes! As for my scars, I never put a thing on them for 2 reasons: one, I just don't care because it's no secret that I had this done and two I still don't care. Lol...honestly, any good PS will have the scars settled right in the breast fold. I had to lift my arms just to make the scars visible so no complaints here :) how about you ladies? Do you care about scarring?
They look natural & ur scar healed nicely... Yay to boobs! Can't wait. Lol
Amazing to see your review!! I'm going october 1st for 300cc natrelle anatomical. Decided that was best because my nipples are lower and with a round implant they would remain low and look weird. I hope I get the same kind of results, hoping for a full b, we have the same stats pretty much. I would hate if I only come out to be an a cup!! Thank you for your review! It helped me a lot!!:)
I always appreciate kind words...thank you! I'm super glad I was able to help, as there aren't very many of us who went 300cc! I can't wait to see you results, I also wanted those implants but my Dr said I wasn't a candidate :( oh! And you will be bigger than a B...I had nothing and am now a 32D. I measured myself and then went for a professional fitting...so yes, for real. Haha
Alberta Plastic Surgeon

Amazing! I cannot say enough great things about her and her staff...Dr Hall Findlay knew exactly the look I wanted and delivered that and more! Her staff were all equally amazing. I'd highly recommend her to anyone looking for their perfect breasts...whether its a BA or a reduction!

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