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Tummy Tuck - I don't have any regrets - Baltimore, MD

I had surgery on 2/28/2011. I don't have any...

I had surgery on 2/28/2011. I don't have any regrets about having the surgery. I haven't experienced a whole lot of pain, lots of swelling though. My stomach had a lot of loose skin and the muscle was very laxed. It has only been 2 weeks, I still have swelling mainly in the evening and at night. But I am pleased with the results so far. I can't wait until I see the final results.

Congratulations!  Your swelling will last for a while but be assured it will end. 

The end of the day is the absolute worst and all you can do is put your feet up and rest.  You will notice improvement month after month for about the first year.  So enjoy the changes and love your new body:)
Thank you. So it's normal to have the pubic pain at the end of the day? How long did you you experience walking like an old lady?

Oh yes..it is all normal.  Now that is a normal I could have done without.   Mine would ache and swell something terrible.  Hot compresses help on the area.   I looked like I had a man package for about three months.  It got better but drove me nuts.

I walked like a total old lady for the first two - three weeks.  It got better and better each day but did take forever...darn it!  I noticed that from like weeks 3-5 my back would hurt more by the end of the day.  It felt really sore and stressed.  

I am feeling a lot better. This is week#3 for me I...

I am feeling a lot better. This is week#3 for me I have said good bye to the pain meds. I'm using motrin as needed. Still can't fit fully into my pants yet almost there though. My swelling is still occuring in the late evening and the night. I must say this whole process was not as bad as I thought. I am almost standing up all the way just a little more and i will be standing tall. My incission did break down just a little bit, currently applying bacitratian ointment.
i am started week 4 of a tummy tuck and lipo with belly button move and my belly button still looks bruised inside, is this normal?

i could walk straight after 1st week but do notice back pain a lot lately

we are going on vacation in 3 weeks and i currently have a small area that remains open on the center of my stomach, is this normal?

The belly button takes a while to heal so hang on. 

My back was pretty sore for the first month and when I got tired and over did it I payed the price.  Try some massage, heat and ice and that will give you some relief. 

Keep an eye on the open area closely and if something feels or looks odd have your doctor check it right away.  Just keep it clean and dry for now.

Now when you go on vacation take it easy and don't over do it. 
? for you. At what point were you able to fit into your clothes again?

Well this is week#4 and so far the healing process...

Well this is week#4 and so far the healing process seemed to be going well. I have had some break down of my incission, and it has been bleeding and oozing. I have been using ointment on it and dressing it with gauze. I have also developed an abcess on my right side I am so ready for this to be over. Still a little bent over almost standing 100%. Any tips on helping my wound to heal a little faster?
Any new pics?
I will be postin some new pics probably tomorrow. The swelling has went down tremendously.
thanks for your reply
i plan to do zip lining and lots of swimming -
the dr indicated he will put some type of plastic coating on the open area so it won't be exposed to bacteria
- - is is normal for your skin to break open when you put tape on it over the gauze? i got a rash and it started bleeding very easily

I have a question have any of you ladies used...

I have a question have any of you ladies used fluid pills to help release some of the fluid from the swelling,to make this process go a little faster? Please let me know Thanks.

I just added my four and five week pictures. The...

I just added my four and five week pictures. The swelling comes and goes:)

Wow they did a really good job. Thanks for posting your Tummy Tuck information. I'm calling to make an appointment Monday! Good Luck


Yesterday was my first day back to work. I thought...

Yesterday was my first day back to work. I thought I was going to be tired, sore, and swollen to my surprise, I felt just fine. I am 8wks post-op and I'm still really puffy (swollen) in the the middle of my stomach. I have been wearing my garmet like clock work i really don't know what to do to make this swelling MOVE! My doctor said that he expects me to have swelling for about 3 months. However since I had a wound infection the swelling could last a bit longer. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know... But overall I feel wonderful and I'm very pleased with my resuts.

I just saw this dr here for a consult in Florida lat night. What facility did you go to? Was $3400 your total cost?
Do they do breast implants also at the resident clinic you went to?
Dr.Avron Lipschitz

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