Tummy Tuck and Hernia Repair After 3 C-sections - I Get a Lot of Compliments

I had three c-sections resulting in an umbilical...

I had three c-sections resulting in an umbilical hernia that needed repairing. When having the ultrasound for the hernia I was diagnosed with diastasis recti; this condition occurs when the main abdominal muscles (called the rectus abdominus) begin to pull apart. The left and right sides of this muscle separate, leaving a gap. I wanted that repaired as well.

I was excited to have my figure back, but nervous to have surgery. I had a young baby and was hesitant because I would not be able to pick him up for 6 weeks.

Im having a TT with Dr. Perry on Wednesday 5-4-11.. Are you happy with your final results???
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I had my tummy tuck on March 3rd with little or no pain. I also had a c-section 15 years ago, I do agree the TT recovery was similar to the c-section,however the TT was easier for me because I worked out hard for 2 years before my surgery in order to prepare my body..I did not use any pain pills after my surgery, I walked around my house the same day after my surgery.. I walked every hour on the hour the next 5 days...I recommend you workout,prepare your body for the surgery, and do not sit around popping pain pills after your surgery get up and move around, it will make a world of difference in your recovery.. I hope this helps... i love my new body...
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I used Dr. S because I was told he had experience with this type of surgical procedure. He was an excellent surgeon. He explained all of the procedures ahead of time and my post-operative care was excellent. I feel great!

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