loving the new tummy

I had a child when I was 19. I gained alot of...

I had a child when I was 19. I gained alot of weight when I was pregnant. Which caused horrible stretch marks and saggy skin. I have put up with for years. I work out 4-5 days a week. I have done insanity, p90x. But the skin is still there. I decided i was not going to be happy until I had a tummy tuck. I had my tummy tuck yesterday, Jan 16th. I did not have lipo or muscle tightening. My PS said I had goo muscle tone and no fat. I am feeling pretty good. There is some discomfort and burning sensation near my incision. I have been camped out on the couch but getting up to walk around living room every few hours. So far so good.

I was able to take off the dressing today and...

I was able to take off the dressing today and sponge bath. yay! I was so nervous to see my stomach for the first time. OMG I love it. i couldnt be more happier. I had so many stretch marks so I knew I was still going to have some, but I can't believe how tight and smooth it is! I am so happy. I am not as in much pain and am moving around alot.
The pain meds have also stopped me up so I sent my boyfriend out for MOM and prune juice. As I have been reading other reviews and this seems to help.. So I am waiting!

So I am freaking out. I have been doing pretty...

So I am freaking out. I have been doing pretty well up until this point. I took my dressings off this morning a revealed my belly. Had two BM after taking the MOM and prune juice. WOOO let me tell you. Lucky I was near the bathroom that stuff works really well.
I am starting to freak out about the binder and swelling. I am extremely swollen which I wasn;t this morning. Am I doing something wrong? I dont know if my binder is tight enough or to tight? Does that effect swollen? My boyfriend also thinks i may be dehydrated from the bathroom trips, so I just sucked down three glasses of water.
Overall I can't complain but all this swelling is scaring me

So here I am day 5. Haven't taken any pain meds...

So here I am day 5. Haven't taken any pain meds for 24 hours. Starting to re think it might take one later, when the tylenol wears off. I am extremely swollen and freaking out about it. I know it is normal but its still scary to see. It feels so funny too. I added some new pics today. I am not in much pain but still standing hunched over and sleeping on the couch. Not eating very much but drinking alot of water.

So here I am day 5. Haven't taken any pain meds...

So here I am day 5. Haven't taken any pain meds for 24 hours. Starting to re think it might take one later, when the tylenol wears off. I am extremely swollen and freaking out about it. I know it is normal but its still scary to see. It feels so funny too. I added some new pics today. I am not in much pain but still standing hunched over and sleeping on the couch. Not eating very much but drinking alot of water

Tomorrow will be one week. I finally got out of...

Tomorrow will be one week. I finally got out of the house for the first time yesterday. Had a visit to my PS. He said everything was looking good. I could finally shower.. YAY!! I go back on Tuesday and hopefully the drains will be out. The drains are really starting to hurt and the binder rubbing on them is very unomfortable.
I can not wait to be rid of these drain.
The binder is not so bad. It feels weird when I take it off, like im going to explode.
After the doctors we went to breakfast and it felt good to be among the living. I am walking pretty straight but very slow. The hostess was 20 feet ahead of me taking us the table..lol.
Today I went into work to take of something and out to lunch. I was ready for a nap. After a short nap I went over some friends house to watch the nerve racking football game. The hardest part is walking around. We had some snow and ice, so I am walking very slowly holding on to my bf. The last thing I want to do is slip and fall on the ice and hurt something.
I am pretty much pain free. I am no longer taking pain meds, but some tylenol here and there, and that is mostly for the pain from the drains. I am still very swollen. I know it is normal, but still frustrating. I can not fit into any of my jeans.I am hoping it will start to go down soon.
I have been on sleeping on the couch. IT has been easier and it is comfortable. I may attempt to sleep in bed tonight. I am pretty much laying flat when I sleep. I am nervous about my boyfriend or dog rolling on me or hitting my stomach, so I may just stay here.
One more day with these drains.. fingers crossed!

Yay! Drains came out tonight. I feel semi-normal...

Yay! Drains came out tonight. I feel semi-normal again. It didn't really hurt. The left one hurt a bit it, when he pulled it out it hit my incision on the inside but only for a few seconds. After the doctors, my daughter and I went to the grocery store. Felt fine walking around. She of course put all the bags in the car and carried them all in the house.. I need to have surgery more often, usually it's an battle to get her to help..lol.
I am going back to work tomorrow. I will stay as long as I feel ok. I am excited to re-join the world of the living.
My boyfriend took me to dinner and the movies last night, I swear everyone was looking at me walking all slow and slightly hunched..lol.. but it was nice to be in real clothes and off the couch.
Haven't slept well the past two night, I just can't seem to comfortable I am a side sleeper but the drains were hurting,So I have ben stuck on my back. Hopefully with them out I'll be good to sleep tonight

9 days PO. Went back to work today. Didn't last...

9 days PO. Went back to work today. Didn't last all day. Four hours and I was done. I had to make a few stops before coming home and the getting in and out of car, wore me out as well as work. Home resting for awhile. No pain, just really swollen and my back hurts. Im standing almot straight but it hurts around my belly button to stand to straight. Also it feels like im pulling to much. I guess the healing does really wear your body out, I am so tired and feel like i got hit by a bus.

Went to work again last night. I am the general...

Went to work again last night. I am the general manager of a restaurant/ bar and it is easier for me to go in later since I can't leave early. Let me tell you I never loved the words last call as I did last night. I wasn't in any pain, I made sure to sit as much as I could, but I was tired. I couldnt wait to get home in bed. I am going in for 6 hours tonight and again in the morning. Then off for three days. I think by next week 2 weeks post op I will be able to work full shifts. I hope. But I will see. Im standing much better, the swelling is getting better but still there. I am able to fit into my pre-surgery work pants so thats good. Still to swollen for some of my other jeans.

2 weeks post op: Wow I can not believe it has...

2 weeks post op:
Wow I can not believe it has been two weeks alreay. I am doing good. Went to work four days last week, only 5 or 6 hours each day. I sat as much as I could but was moving around alot. Swelling is not to bad it has gone down alot. I can fit into all my clothes, even with this damn binder on. I go to the doctors tomorrow for my 2 weeks check up and I am hoping he can tell me I can switch to CG. The velcro is not working any longer so I have to tape it, but the tape doesnt last very long either....lol.. I am hardly having any pain. The binder rides up and rubs on my incision that hurts a bit. Where the drains were has been hurting alot, so I am going to have to ask him about that. Other then feeling pretty good, almost back to normal.

Went to the Ps today for my 2 week. Yay! I canstop...

Went to the Ps today for my 2 week. Yay! I canstop wearing binder. I bought a tank top CG. It is way more comfortable but rolls up at the bottom by my incision where i need the coverage, so I may try and buy a different one.
He said I am healing on schedule even ahead of schedule. Told me I could start light excercise treadmill or elliptical. Was hoping to get on treadmill today but after running errands all day and three loads of laundry, I am exhausted. He also gave me the ok for sex... at my comfort level :)
I see him again in two weeks.

3 weeks post op! Swelling has gone down and I am...

3 weeks post op! Swelling has gone down and I am starting to love it. I had a bit of a rough week last week. Went back to my normal work schedule. By the end of each shift I was completely exhausted and hunched over. I didn't get a lot of sleep so was worn out. The past few days i was having horrible pain at a spot on incision. My left drain opening still had not closed and was leaking fluid. I went to PS today he said there were stitched trying to surface and poke through, He cut open the incision and pulled out the stitch. OH BOY did that hurt!! Said to keep anitbotic cream and bandaids on it and it will be ok. It is def sore. I am going to take it alot easier this week at work just a few hours each day, rest and let these two holes heal and close up. Other then that I am doing great and loving it.
I order beachbody brazialian butt lift workout and am excited to feel better and get to working out. I have always had a huge butt and thighs. I am itailan and all the pasta sure did it.. lol.. Wanna get a nice firm butt to go along with my beautiful new tummy. All the girls at work are commenting how skinny I look saying there jealous.. lol.. I said yeah but I paid for it.

Also.. any suggestions on stretch marks. I still...

Also.. any suggestions on stretch marks. I still have the big red ones on my side they are not fading at all??!?!?! I have no clue what to do to get them to fade?

Went for my one month post op appointment...

Went for my one month post op appointment yesterday. Drain hole is still not closed but getting better. My PS pulled another stitch out and it seems to be doing much better now with that out. I don't have to go back for 2 mths unless I have any problems or questions. Said to continue to wear cg with activite.
I worked out for the first time yesterday finally he gave me the ok two weeks ago but with working 8-10 hours most on my feet and the pain from the open drain hole I just did not feel up to it. It felt good yesterday walked/jogged on treadmill, was discouraging though got worn out from jogging alot sooner and had to walk then before surgery. I am going to have to build it back up. I did my first brazialian butt lift workout tongiht. ( you know you have seen the informoricals ).
I loved it!!! Gotta get this butt and thighs nice and tight to match the new tummy!
Excited to be feeling almost normal again. Been back to my normal schedule and not exhausted or sore, feels great!
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

I was recommend to Dr Birely from a friend. My first visit I felt comfortable and wanted him as my surgeon. He answered all questions and made me feel very comfortable.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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You are looking great! I know in your story you say you had your child at 19 but how old are you now? I have only heard that time will help fade stretch marks, im assuming they are the left over from your baby, and not new from the sugery? The only other thing I have heard that may work to fade them is strivectin? (sp) You look great!!
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Thank You! I am 31 they are the original stretch marks from when I was pregnant they have never faded. I wish I new why?!!?!
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WOW those new pics are great, what a difference from the 2.5 week scar to one month way less swelling, you look amazing! Your story is giving me so much hope that I can get back to work, and get on with things!!!! You look fabulous and should feel so proud of all the hard work you put in!
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Thank You so much! It is getting easier everyday. It has been tough at moments but I am very happy with my results. I am so glad I did it. You are going to be so happy.
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Gia4462 u must b so happy with Ur great tummy. I'm 5 days po. Just wondering how long my tummy will feel so weird. U know the feeling like my skin could fall off? Did u have that feeling? Im ready for that to b gone!
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after about 2 weeks I started to feel better. It stil feels strange especially when its swollen. Some parts still feel numb and tingling. I think its just the nerves trying to connect..idk... From what I read on here some people feel weird for months. I love my tummy, but I just want to feel normal too. It just takes be patient. It is not easy but I am learning to be. Congrats on your surgery!!!
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WOW you look great I have to go back on day 17 you are giving me hope that I might be OK, you look wonderful how are you feeling now a few more weeks out? Have you resumed exercise yet?
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Thanks! I am feeling good. Still tired more then normal. I went back to normal work schedule and I am on my feet alot so that has a lot to do with my tiredness and swelling. My PS said I could do some light excersise, treadmill or elliptical, but after a full day of work I am to exhausted so I have not done anything. I am dying to get back to normal schedule, but I am to scared or over doing it. Congrats on you surgery!
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Congrats on your weight loss, you look amazing! You are going to love your new tummy. It is so worth it!
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Loving the new waistline. You are a trooper I couldn't imagine going to work before 2 weeks. I think the healing is faster without MR/Lipo lucky you :)
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U look amazing!! Congrats on ur new bod :-)
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Thanks everyone for the comments! This site has really helped me, through this.
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Your pictures look great! I can't imagine going back to work at just 9 days PO -- take it easy on yourself! And I couldn't stand up really straight until 14 or 15 days po, just let it happen naturally, you'll get there.
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wow! I think you got great results! Hope you feel better soon.
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Looking great!!! I think we're TT buddies...I did mine on the 18th of Jan.
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Anytime, gia. :-) I'm feeling good for the most part. Like you I haven't been out and about but hope to tomorrow for the first time (apart from my post op appt). I'll be 12 days post-op tomorrow. I took a long shower today and a good long look in the mirror - hard to believe these changes to our bodies, isn't gia? It will all be worth it!
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I am starting to accept the swelling it was scary to see at first. I think I am getting house sick as well. I havent been moving much. Couch to bathroom, couch to kitchen.. that is about it. Thanks for you words of encouragement maumeeMG. How is your healing going? I hope you are well!
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Still looking good, Gia! I know the swelling is frustrating but from other pics I've seen here (including mine) your swelling doesn't *look* that bad! Keep drinking that water and try not to do too much; being on your feet too much leads to swelling, too. Happy healing! :-)
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Hi Gia! Congrats on your bathroom success! That took me 6 or 7 days and it was a struggle but it seems to have happened easily for you. Don't worry about the swelling!! It is normal for the next 6 weeks. It is also normal to be less swollen for the morning (you've been off your feet all night) and more swollen at the end of the day after you've been up and around. Just make sure you aren't doing too much, too soon. And definitely drink that water! Between the MOM, the pain meds, the antibiotics, etc., you need to keep your hydration up.

Your 'after' pictures look great!! If you're happy now, you'll be ecstatic when the swelling subsides. :-) Happy healing!
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thank you maumeeMG. I had a bit of a melt down freaking out.
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No problem - anytime!!
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Welcome to the flatlands! You look great!
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Congrats on your surgery, Gia! I am 9 days post op and I notice that I feel more burning on my incision when I try to stand too upright. Take it slowly!
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Congrats to you too!! Been doing bed today, but itchy!
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