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So Far, So Good. Melasma On Face - Baltimore, MD

I have melasmas on my upper lip and on each part...

i have melasmas on my upper lip and on each part of my face aside my nose but not on my nose. they are quite big. i have been using retin-a and hydroquinine for 6 months and that did lighten them but i went to both a plastic surgeon and a dermatologist and they both said the only thing that would make a drastic change is chemical peels. i had my first Vi Peel Friday, it is a new one aimed at melasmas. i was fine, didn't hurt too much, nor after but i am mixed race and don't tend to burn (mixed indian, as in from india, and white). i applied the pads at night, again nothing bad. day 2, same same, my face a bit red and tight, then at night i started peeling around my mouth. i continued and put the second round of pads. today is day three and im peeling. the melasmas are not as faded as i hoped but they are lighter, i will be getting another peel in two weeks. if there are more results from that i may get a third. we shall see. my skin definitely looks healthier.

Hi, thank you megan! So far the ones on my cheeks are much lighter and I am definitely getting another peel in ten days. I have very chapped lips but she told me that would happen. I went to this place owned by a plastic surgeon Dean Kane. The aesthetician that worked on me, Felicia, is wonderful. The melasma's on my upper lip seem the same. . . that sucks. Maybe the next peel will make a difference. I will update (remind me though). Also, I AM breaking out a bit from the peel but I would rather break out than have these dark spots!

Glad to hear your skin held up well with the peel. I'm looking forward to hearing how it continues to go for you and how much it helps with your melasmas, so please keep us posted!


It has been over a week and my skin is breaking...

It has been over a week and my skin is breaking out. I got pictures taken by the aesthetician last friday so that when i go in on wednesday to get my second peel i can see exactly how much change has happened. it is hard because since i am getting used to my face and its new color i cannot tell if they have gone back or if i have just adjusted to how i look. perception is a hard thing to navigate. so i will know way more when i see the before and after pictures. i am getting another peel wednesday and will update then!
So the pictures show some fading on the cheeks, not as much as I hoped, but much fading on the upper lip. She gave me a more aggressive treatment this time so my face is very red and burns. She did microdermabrasion on the spots for free beforehand. We shall see how this one goes. Oh, I did break out from the peel, but I am more concerned with the Melasmas.

So how did you peel go today?

Your comment about perception couldn't be more right on. Thank goodness for pictures, huh?! Would love to hear how the comparison looked.


So i had almost the same exact experience as last...

so i had almost the same exact experience as last time, but because of the deeper peel and microdermabrasion i was itchy and burning the first night so it was difficult to sleep so i just took some tylenol pm. the next day it was fine. just like the first peel i started to peel around my mouth at night and the next day came the sloughing. by thursday though it was mostly over although my skin seems to still be peeling but barely. the spots are definitely lighter. i am biting the bullet and doing the recommended 3 peels. i will do the next peel three weeks from the second one, i want my skin to heal a bit more than last time. overall, so far, i am happy and i want to wait until i see the post pictures.

So glad to hear that overall you are happy with how things are going at this point. I hope your skin heals up quick this time. :)

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