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My doctor has been recommending that I do this for...

My doctor has been recommending that I do this for about 2 years because I am constantly complaining about my turkey neck. I am 45 years old, and when I looked in the mirror and saw a neck that could pass for my grandmother's, I knew I had to go ahead with it. As the price for the entire face was $400 more than lower face and neck, I did a full face ultherapy. First off, there was a mix up when I scheduled the treatment, and they told me that I was not going to need a driver. So I drove myself to the appointment, left my kids at their camps, only to be told that I was going to have to take an oxycodone as it was sooo painful there was no way I was going to make it through the procedure with just numbing cream. I had already paid a $1600 deposit and waited 6 weeks for my appointment, so I was not anxious to reschedule. Even if I had been able to find someone to pick me and my car up, I still had two kids at different camps with all sorts of things to do today, so, against all the nurses pleas, I went ahead and did the ultherapy with just numbing cream and advil. And you know what, it wasn't really that painful. There were a couple of the deeper passes on the throat that radiated into my shoulders that stung for a second, and on the more superficial passes across the forehead, it feels like your hair is standing on end, but I found that the pain, while is isn't exactly pleasant, isn't terrible. It is very transitory -- we're talking a few seconds, ladies -- and to be honest, I think getting a filling or a dental cleaning is more troublesome. I was in the procedure for almost two hours, so unless you panic at the mere thought of pain, I wouldn't give the issue of pain another thought! For comparison, I have done exilis and fraxel in attempts to fix the neck, and I thought the heat from the exilis was far more uncomfortable than the ulthera. As far as after treatment goes, my neck feels like it has a bit of a sunburn, but itsn't red or inflamed, and the rest of my face feels fine. No redness.

I'm hoping my ugly neck looks better soon!
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Hi mignonio....just checking to see how you're holding up. Are you having the stinging and itchy thing happening? I had my neck done 5.5 weeks ago and I'm still having the tingling and slight burning thing going on, but it is finally starting to settle down. So if you're having that on your face and neck, just wanted to reassure that it will go away....but it could take a while. I've read some of the women on here had it for 2 months and others just a few weeks. We're all hoping it's a positive sign that good things are happening in there! Hang in there, and update when you can. =)
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I had the treatment about 10 days ago and it was VERY painful. Almost unbearable. I didn't even had numbing cream (just 400 mg of Advil). I am very skeptical when I read the reviews that say the procedure was not painful. Please post some pics so we can see your progress.
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Wow, no meds. You brave girl. I had Ultherapy almost a month ago on my neck only, no results yet, but it's early yet. I have the turkey neck thing happening also. Funny thing. When I talk to people, I never notice them looking at my neck. I think we are much more aware of it then anyone else, and I have to say...I never notice anyone else's neck when I'm talking to them! not until my own neck started bothering me...now I find myself noticing other people's necks. Keep us posted on your progress. There is a lot of help on this site. Most people give their honest opinions and everyone's results vary. The biggest help for me has been knowing that what I'm going through, others are going through the same thing and they're getting through it...some with results, some not as they had hoped. Good luck to you...hope you get the results you're looking for. =)
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Love Dr Weiss & her awesome staff!
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