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22 days post op Baltimore, MD

Hellos ladies I'm back. I'm 26 years old and I...

Hellos ladies I'm back. I'm 26 years old and I have 2 kids 8 and 4. I really hate the way my body looks and I'm finally going to do something about it. I was supposed to have my tummy tuck done on March 5th 2012 but I had to cancel it due to financial reasons. I was so hurt, but I'm definitely doing it this time. I go Feb 20th 2013. I am getting a tummy tuck, lipo to the back/waist and a breast reduction. Right now I'm a 40DD i just want to go down to a regular "D"

I am so nervous I really don't know what to expect. I never been put to sleep before. do you dream. My doctor gave me a prescription for demerols 50mg. I freaked out when i picked the medicine up from the pharmacy and realized it was only a 6 day supply. So I called my doctor and he called in another prescription for Vicodin. Can yall tell me which one is better at managing the pain. I read a lot of reviews on here and a lot people say an electric recliner is the best so that's what I'm going to get. What are some must haves ladies. I want to be completely prepared for my recover. I have all my meds I just need to buy some more arnica montana. Do you guys have any advice and suggestions for me

Hello ladies just took some before pictures and it...

hello ladies just took some before pictures and it is so hard for me to post them on here because I'm very self conscience and I hate the way my body looks but I keep reminding myself in 5 days all that nastiness will be gone lol. I hated my saggy breast for as long as I can remember and I can't wait for them to be nice round and perky. I'm still scared of all the pain but I'm quite sure it will be worth it in the summer time when I buy that sexy 2 piece. I'm open to all advice ladies because I really don't know what to expect I just know I can't wait to be on the flat side
all advice l

I'm using my cellphone and I'm trying to add the...

I'm using my cellphone and I'm trying to add the pictures but when I click the add a photo tab nothing is happening. is anyone else having this problem can you tell me another way to add pictures on here from your cellphone

Hello ladies I finally figured out how to get...

Hello ladies I finally figured out how to get pictures on hear. It is so hard putting these pictures up. I can't believe I'm actually doing it because its soo dam embarrassing. I'm down to the wire only 2 more days to go and my nerves are all over the place. I'm getting last minute stuff done. I rented an electric recliner and they delivered it today and I got a lot of cleaning done and shopping for items I think would be useful. You guys reviews have really been helpful I brought a lot of things that yall said are "must haves" My meds have already been filled. The only thing I have to do now is go to the market and I'm going to do that tomorrow when I get off work. After that I will be all set for Wednesday morning. Please Pray for me ladies I need all the prayer I can get I am soooo dam scared and nervous about this. That's all for now happy healing everyone.

Tomorrow morning is my big day I have to be at the...

Tomorrow morning is my big day I have to be at the hospital at 7am and the surgery starts at 830am. Right now I'm at work struggling. I am sooo hungry and everyone's lunch smell so good. Maybe its a mind thing. They say people always want what they can't have and lord knows I want some food lol. My co worker momentarily forgot that I couldnt have any food today and offered me some of his lunch and it was so hard for me to decline lol. I keep thinking one cracker or cookie shouldn't hurt but I'm going to be strong and stick to the doctors orders.

I forgot to mention my lil dilemma this morning. I...

I forgot to mention my lil dilemma this morning. I get to work and I sit at my and I remember I that I must take my arnica montana is reach in th coat pockets and pant pockets and its not there., I repeated this about 5 more times and I said to myself I know I put it in my pocket. Then I thought well maybe I didn't and its home. So I leave work (hoping the supervisor won't notice that I been away from my desk for awhile) and drive home of course it wwasnt there either. I check my pants pockets again and guess what there it is

It was in my left pocket but on the side. That...

It was in my left pocket but on the side. That bottle is so small and thin. So when I stuck my hands straight in to pocket and patted then i didnt feel it. So now I'm rushing back to the job. Thankfully my supervisor didn't realize I had left. I said to myself you are loosing your dam mind and letting your nerves get the best of you. I really need to chill out and relax but that's easier said than done. I also forgot to mention that I came on my period Monday morning and I got a little down about that. I say outta all times why now. I am on the birth control called implanon. So my periods are alway irregular and I can never predict when they will come. One year I only had 2 or 3. This is my first 1 for 2013 and it couldn't have came at a more messed up time (2 days before my surgery) I was soooo pissed. Now I gotta deal with the bloating and additional cramping on top of the pain associated with the mommy makeover. I swear it just seems like I have the worst luck and I'm having second thoughts. I'm thinking maybe thats a sign that I shouldnt be doing this but my money has already been paid time off work has been granted meds have been filled and all other preparations have been made so it's definitely too late to turn back now. I have a 8 year old and a 4 year old so I also been thinking of them. I have thoughts like what if something goes wrong during surgery and they dont have their mommy anymore. Yes i know i shouldnt think like that but i just couldnt help it. I'm trying to push those thoughts out of my mind completely. By tommorrow afternoon I'll be on the flat side happy healing everyone. if you just reading my post and think of some "must haves" please shoot them my way I'm open to all suggestions and advice. I'll update as soon I can ladies

Hey everyone I'm on my way to the hospital right...

Hey everyone I'm on my way to the hospital right now and I'm crying already it started this morning when I kissed my kids goodbye and it hit me that its possible that I may not see them anymore. I'm on an emotional roller coaster I can't believe I'm actually going through with this. That's all for now see y'all on the flat side

Hello ladies I thank my lord and savior Jesus that...

Hello ladies I thank my lord and savior Jesus that I made it through surgery without any complications. I was so afraid and praying up a storm. I am 1 day post op and I'm doing ok so far. my stomach is real tight and my breasts real swollen they are not painful Thank God I have pain in my stomach from the tightness and I get pain in the middle of my lower back I took pain meds about 2 hours ago so I'm feeling okay for now. I have been draining a consistent 10 ml in one and 20ml in the other drain for most of the day. I drained at 915pm and they both were 10 each. I stayed over night at the hospital the first time the nurses got me outta bed to walk I was to stand up straight so I thought that was pretty good. I got home about 530pm. I was shocked I was able to up the stairs to my room thanks to the pain pill the nurse gave before I left. I took 1 picture even though u can't see nothing but bandages but I am flat. I can't put the picture on here right now cause I can't upload pictures from my cellphone I have to do it from my computer and that's all the way in the basement. I'm bouta get some rest just wanted update y'all on my progress so far

2 days post op and I feel pretty good. I woke up...

2 days post op and I feel pretty good. I woke up at 645am and I was able to get out the recliner and go to the bathroom by myself. My grandmom emptied my drains one was 30 other was 40ml. I don't haven't had much of an appetite and when I do eat its very little. I get full real quick. My doctor is awesome he gave me his cell number at my consultation and told me I could call or text him if I had any question. he always addresses my questions and concerns and he is very caring. He made me feel as comfortable as possible through out this process. He came to check on me in the hospital the day after the surgery. I came home yesterday evening I text him last night and early this morning and he always responds in a timely matter to address any questions I have. It feels good to have PS that cares about your well being and recovery and not just about the money u paid for the procedure. If anyone is thinking about getting anything done to their body I would definitely recommend Dr. Schreiber. He is awesome. His staff is nice and caring too. The most irritating thing to me so far is the coughing. I hate the feeling of phlem (I know I spelled that wrong lol) being stuck in my throat and I can't get it. Coughing hurts so I'm trying not to go into a coughing fit. Other than that I feel great so far. I'm starting to itch a little under the bandages but I think that's means the healing has started. I wish I could see what I look like but I gotta wait til next Friday. The doctor will change my bandages and look at everything. Ill make sure ill ask him to take a picture. He told me he removed 8 pounds total of skin and fat. I haven't had a BM yet. I been making sure I take the colace. I had heart burn in the hospital and when I came home so I made sure I got some over the counter medicine for that. In the hospital my chest would start hurting when I drank 2 sips of water. But once the nurse gave me some maalox I felt better. I also had my PS call in a prescription for nausea so I got that when I came out the hospital. My grandmom is making breakfast. She cooking bacon eggs and grits for her and my daughter but ill just be having cinnamon oatmeal. I can't wait til I'm able to eat the foods they eating. Grandmom can throw down in the kitchen lol but that's all for now happy healing everyone

Good evening ladies, I'm still feeling pretty good...

good evening ladies, I'm still feeling pretty good. I finally managed to get in my basement to the computer so i can post a picture since i can't do it from my cell phone. I just take my time walking up and down the steps. I haven't really been needing the pain meds. I've been taking advil and that's been good enough so far. depending on how I feel I may take a pain pill before I go to bed. Something is telling me i'm going pay later on for walking down all these steps so soon. So far it's not like the horror stories I done heard from my co-workers. One of them said her sister got a mommy makeover a few years ago and when she went home after her surgury she would just cry all the time cause the pain was so unbearable and she only had a little bit of pain meds. My other co-worker had a similar story about her aunt. She said her aunt got lipo done all over her body and would stay in the bed crying constantly. I see that everyone is different and recovers different. I just thank God that I'm alive and doing ok. I still have no pain at all in my breast. I took 3 advils at 5:30. Right now my pain level is a 1 on a scale from 1-10. I'm able to completely sit down and get up on my own. I just use the bed post or walker to lean on for support when standing up. Im able to walk completely straight. Overall I had a good day so far.

Hello everyone im 3 days post op and everything...

Hello everyone im 3 days post op and everything has been pretty much the same. I had my first BM this morning and that was easy thanks to the colace. im very anxious to see what everything looks like under the bandages but i keep telling myself to be patient you will see it on Friday. Time is just moving so slow. I can say that so far this experience is not as bad or as painful as I thought it will be. I'm very thankful for that. I've noticed that my appetite is starting to pick up a little. That's all for now.

Hey everyone, Today was my first post-op visit...

Hey everyone, Today was my first post-op visit with my PS I'm now allowed to take a shower thank goodness. I was hoping he would take both drains out but he only took out one. The other one comes out next week. I also got the stitches on the side of my back from the lipo taking out. The stitches around my breast will come out next week. I'm a lil down today because I don't like how my belly button look, its ugly and my left breast is way bigger than the right. The doctor said my breast are very swollen. I keep telling myself its going to get better I just got to have patience and wait for everything to come together. I still have stretch marks on my stomach but before the surgery they were on my sides and now i see that they are more so in the middle of my stomach. Lipo was done on my sides but I still have the love handles there, I'm hoping its just the swelling and it will slim out by the summer time. On the bright side I'm happy to see that my scar is very low and I dont have any pain but I can tell when I overdo it cause my stomach starts to feel real stiff. That's my cue to sit down and rest. Thats all for now. happy healing everyone.

Hello everyone I'm 22 days post op and I feel fine...

hello everyone I'm 22 days post op and I feel fine. (I added a few more pictures) I got my last drain removed last week and I'm happy for that, that thing was a pain in my butt lol. I'm still concerned about the love handles and I talked to my Dr. about it and he said it's a skin issue. For my sides to be completely flat I would have to get a back lift. A cut will have to be done along the bra line and the skin will be removed. Of course that's another surgery and I can't afford it, so I'm just going to have to work out and hopefully that will tighten the skin up on my back so it can look completely flat. My left breast is still swollen and bigger than the other one but that's to be expected since breast tissue was removed from that breast but I have noticed that the swellen has gone done slightly in that one but the dr said it will take months for it to go COMPLETELY down so i just have to be patient. My stomach is still swollen too, especially on the sides. I walk completely straight and I dont have any pain. I only start to walk hunched over when I been on my feet too long or walking too much. Thats my cue to sit down and rest. All and all I'm doing great. Happy healing everyone
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Hey lady my review has just been posted Check it out when yo have time.
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Hi I just had my surgery with Dr Schreiber this Morning. I had breast enlargement 800cc high profile gel implant. I just love them I read your review how are you doing?
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Hey I'm doing ok. How are you feeling? Are you going to do a review if so I would love to follow your progress.
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I just started my review I'm waiting for it to be publish than I can post more pics. Do you live in Baltimore? I'm from pa I decided to drive 2 hrs away to have surgery. I did'nt really feel comfortable with the doctors here. I had revision surgery I don't have much pain just a little discomfort around the incision area!
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ok thanks i didnt know that. im going to definitely get some when i go to the store
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Hi, you look really good, remember you are all swollen, drink a lot of pineapple juice and give your new sexy body time to heal, about the strech mark is a good oil call BIO OIL, use daily day and night and in a month you will see the results. God Bless you and take care of yourself.
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Hey lady! Hope you're recovering well. I can't believe how successful my surgery was! #teamflattummies
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I'm so happy to hear that you are doing well!
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Glad to hear you are doing well.
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Very nice! Rest rest and more rest......
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Thanks for the update...happy healing!
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Thanks everyone i been getting plenty rest I took a pain pill before bedtime and I slept good last night. i also been making sure I get up and walk to prevent blood clots.
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Thank u for lettn us kno u are ok.. Now praying for a speedy recvery... Gd nite get some rest
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Glad it went well!! Can't wait to see more pics. I'm a wife and mom of 4 and I scheduled my MM for April. I'm as terrified as you were! Happy for you!
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Dont worry but I know that's easier said than done but you are gonna do great April will be here before you know it.
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Glad your doing good, get lots of rest. :)
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Prayers for you! You will be just fine!
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You are in my prayers and god is truly amazing!!!
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Good luck!! You are going to be ok :) Hang in there and keep us posted.
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Everything will be alright...good luck.
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Alot of us go thrum those emotions right before the procedure. I hadn't been put under either and went thru that anxiety. Think happy thoughts about the after and you'll be fine. Cant wait to hear about your progress. Good luck.
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Oh, by the way, I'm in MD too.
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Awwww!!! Don't give into that kind of anxiety. Good luck and looking forward to hearing how it all goes for you! I'm praying for you today!!!!
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Good Luck with the surgery! Sorry about the period thing. That worries me too! Can't wait to hear-Congrats!
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