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3wks Post Op!!! Loving This Decision

Hello, Hello, Hello!! Finally, I decided to get my...

Hello, Hello, Hello!! Finally, I decided to get my sexy on. 38yr old mother of 2 (16,1), yes you read the ages correctly. I decided on my procedure after my son when I hit my heaviest of 220lbs at 5'2, n my "extra baggage" seemed to just hang around even more. I love all the reviews n support received on here, especially for this long journey. Procedure complete, now the struggle begins.

Saw my full results for the first time, IMPRESSED...

Saw my full results for the first time, IMPRESSED.com, Drains removed also yesterday. Feels funny to look straight down, lol. Also able to do more moving around n able to get up on my own .. Posting pix shortly !! HAPPY HEALING

Noticed more swelling today but I moved around...

Noticed more swelling today but I moved around alot also as u can see in the pix.Ordered my new CG that will feel better than the binder u get at the hospital . Will keep u gals updated

Hello RS crew!! I'm up n can't sleep, can't get...

Hello RS crew!! I'm up n can't sleep, can't get comfy n it's still hard to sleep on my sides. I've been up since like 2, channel surfing. Been having the pins n needles feeling most of the day n still very swollen BUT no regrets. I will say its the best feeling to look down n not see anything but flatness and not have to pull my panties over the excess baggage, lol. It feels so much better w/out the drains and I'm moving a little better but still not able to stand straight. Patience is key as I have learned on here. Glad to be on the flat side, HAPPY HEALING LADIES!!

Hello!!! Two weeks PO tomorrow n I go back to work...

Hello!!! Two weeks PO tomorrow n I go back to work gladly!! Eat to much sitting home!! LoL I'm healing well, Dr says I should be fine, just don't overdo it. Just went n bought some flowing tops so I can wear my binder comfortably n keep the office chatter to a minimum on my new look, I work with a bunch of busy bodies. All in all I feel good just still very swollen especially my lower abdomen n flanks. Was it worth it??, heck yea!! I've always put everyone before me n I've even postponed my surgery but this time I was like ITS ABOUT ME and having me feel confident and doing something for myself! Do it ladies, don't think twice, COME ON OVER TO THE FLAT SIDE! Will post some pix later, Happy Healing

Well today was my first day back to work, it was...

Well today was my first day back to work, it was soso bc I just couldn't get comfy in my chair so my super went and got me one of the high back boardroom chairs which felt alot better. I got up n down as much as I could to keep blood flowing but man oh man was it rough. Plus the first day back to work ANYTIME is always the hardest, lol. Ladies when 4pm hit n I got to my car I let that binder go, WHEEEEEEW what a relief bc I was super swollen n had had it on since 6:30am. I really wish I had just stayed out the rest of the week but duty calls. So needless to say I'm in SWELL HELL now, hubby opened the front door n escorted me right upstairs, no argument from me I was ready to relax with my feet up. Ladies enjoy this down time bc we know its back to reality once we heal, BUT will look sexy n flat cooking n cleaning .. LoL. Well I'm about to get ready for day2 so I can go back to relaxing, just wanted to updated my RS fam. Also I finally took the tape off my BB, little gross to me but I know I'm fresh outta recovery, attached a pix

3rd day back to work and I swear it gets easier n...

3rd day back to work and I swear it gets easier n easier! Swelling still present but expected. 16 days PO N loving the results so far. I still can't fit clothes so that's kinda blah but I know when I do, there is no turning back..lol.. When they say this is a process IT'S THE TRUTH!!!! Happy Healing Ladies!!!

So I learn something new everyday. If you eat too...

So I learn something new everyday. If you eat too much after a TT, it is the most uncomfortable feeling!! U literally, well I literally feel like I'm about to pop n my stomach protruded a little and I didn't really feel it until I went to stand up. So def have to watch portion control thru this and you should anyways bc who wants to throw money away. I have been taking a multi vitamin and 2 vitamin c's a day and I can tell a big difference in my healing process. Most PS recommend Vitamin C to aid in healing at least 1000 cc's a day. I'm loving my new look but can't wait for healing process so I can begin working out again or at least walking which I'm gonna start next week. I have to post pix n I am soon, I just forget to take an early morning one with no swelling, not really a morning person so a pix is the last thing that crosses my mind, lol.. I'll check back in later. :-)

Hi RS Fam!!! Been hella busy tryna get some OT to...

Hi RS Fam!!! Been hella busy tryna get some OT to start me a new wardrobe.. Swelling has gone done tremendously, now I will say the lower abdomen looks deformed bc the swelling is going down in certain areas and not all at once. Other than swelling I feel really good, unless I keep my binder off to long which I try not to do for too long. My scar is healing really well but my lipo area is still swollen. Still not fully upright if I sit to long but I'm moving a lot better. Doc says not to force myself up, I will get there eventually. Wanted to drop in and give an update and post a few pix. Happy Healing
Towson Plastic Surgeon

Few of my friends have gone to him and I loved their results. Also the fact that he is a wonderful Dr n very attentive to his patients.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait tmes
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Looking great girl. I just tried on some sun dresses I thought would never fit. They used to look so horrible on me with all the rolls, but they looked awesome! So I'm right there with ya on looking forward to the new wardrobe! I wonder what week you need to get to before you are at your post op clothes size- where you are probably gonna settle at so you can buy pants.. Any one know?
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I'm excited to try on my summer clothes! Right now I'm avoiding the scale and clothes! I don't want to be disappointed. I will say I love looking in the mirror! Even swollen looks better than my fat rolls! I'm happy for you Kricken!
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Not sure bc I can only fit jeans or dress pants that were to big too begin with bc of swelling. I haven't tried anything on either bc I don't feel like being disappointed :-) my one friend said it was almost a month before she wore anything post op..
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Keikei you look Fab girl. Are you sitting at work most of the day. I am hoping my re overt goes as smooth as yours so I can heal and go back in 2 weeks.
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Sexydiva thanks mama!! Cant wait to see your results either.. You will not regret it, so RELAX bc we all get the same nervous feeling n a should u do it or not. OH n yes I sit at a desk, just try to get up n move as much as you can. BEST WISHES N KEEP US UPDATED :-)
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I guess I'm getting worried because I haven't really advised the office no more than I need to be off three weeks & I can work from as well. Just nervous.....
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It's ok to be nervous, but you will do just fine. Especially when u wake up n look n feel around like WHOA!! LOL.. Even the swelling doesn't compare to the flab. Just try to take it easy with work for at least 2wks even at home
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Thank you because I'm reading stories and some are having minor to major set backs and I'm getting scared when I realize I'm two weeks away from this Wednesday.
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Now that I am on the flat side, I will say that the days leading up to it are the worst! My anxiety was sky high, and the day of surgery when the anesthesiologist walked in I almost changed me mind! So glad I didn't!
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And when my PS walked in to mark my body, I started crying cuz I was so scared!
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Oh wow. I am just nervous and I am congested ans I can't get all the cold out although I'm feeling better. My cousins have SCARED me saying you can die from sinus.
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I had a stuffy nose the day of my surgery, and I told the anesthesiologist when he came to see me. He said it was ok, and he wasn't concerned. I was allowed to take mucinex prior to surgery, but it was still lingering. I would try not to listen to your cousins. If the doctor and anesthesiologist are ok with doing it, it should be fine. They don't want to do anything that could be dangerous, cuz their job is on the line.
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Thanks for that. I'm not coughing just got congestion. I was sitting before I ready your response thinking oh my what if this is a sign. Well I guess it will have to be bigger lol.
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ShayRenee is telling nothing but the truth.. I'm gonna share this as well. The day of my surgery when I was sent in the bathroom to give a urine sample I put some papertowel down on the floor n kneeled to the man above n PRAYED bc I was like I'm a bucket of nerves. We all have the same thoughts, trust us :-)
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LoL.. We knew beauty was pain, but not fear huh? I love it, no regrets
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Thank you ladies because I'm a bucket of nervous. I have worried my doctor so much he had to say you are fine and dint comeback til its over. Lol. Well he didn't say it but I know he wanted lol.
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Kiekie your healing nicely and your belly button is perfectly round, mine look like I will have to do the ole Marble trick I keep hearing about on here lol :)
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Thanks a bunch!!! I heard about the marble trick also, n thought I may have to use it myself. LoL
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Looking great how are you enjoying your new belly?
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@georgiaexcited Loving it!! Will love even more once the swelling is completely gone. Thanks for the love
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Kiekie herbal life is the Bomb girl. I have my own personal blender for work and home by Hamilton it's 15.00 I add almond milk with the cookies&cream herbalife mix along with thier piƱa colada mix first then add a banna blend that and then some Ice girl I be in heaven it's so good !!!!! A lil expensive though I got my momma hooked lol!
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Aelice2008 is the herballife cookie and cream healthy drink? Im also juicing, I want to drop 15-20 pounds before my surgery in July
  • Reply
Im a distributer for Herbal Life now I love the cookies and cream I add a lil suger free fat free jello pudding n cookies n cream powder n go to town they also have Cinnabon shake n Wedding Cake Shake n Blueberry muffin that is the bomb I been on fir a week n I lost three pounds and a whole lot of inches in a week this program is a life style change and that's what you need after these kind of procedures
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Yes they allow you to put jello sugar free fat free dry mixes in your shake its a whole system you have to purchase a start up kit it's worth let me know if your interested I'm a distributer I can ship any where!
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That's what up, I'm fully stocked right now, But for futures references do you have your own site or something?
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