Tummy Tuck and Lipo of Flanks - Baltimore, MD (couple of new photos)

I'm a mother of 6 with my latest baby being born...

I'm a mother of 6 with my latest baby being born may 2010. I decided to get a tummy tuck after realizing that this time around my tummy didn't bounce back as usual. I stopped breast feeding my son in February of 2012 and went on an all out fitness routine and successfully lost 25 pounds; however, after getting back down to below my pre-pregnancy weight, I noticed my tummy had very little change in appearance even though it did change in size...it was still very wrinkly and flabby and stretched out...my muscles were done.com (LOL) So I decided to go ahead and have the procedure.

I can't speak much to the outcome yet, as this is only day 3 post op. However I do find that I have some concerns. I took my first shower today and was able to get a good look at my tummy...it seems that to me the ends of my scar rise a little higher than expected. I expected that the scar would be hidden in regular bikini panties. My husband thinks that the reason the ends of rising a little higher is because I am still very swollen...(eh..I don't know...but I hope so).

Another thing I did not expect was the level of PAIN...wow...I'd had two C-Sections in the past and for some reason...I thought the recovery would be along the same lines...LOLOL...whatta dummy...right?? Well anyway...I find that I was mistaken...this procedure was a lot more involved to say the least.

I got a full TT with LIPO of the flanks.

All in all...my only concern so far is whether or not the ends of the scars will end up under my panties...if anybody else has any input on this I would sure like to hear it...

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Well today was a little better. I didn't end up...

Well today was a little better. I didn't end up taking any pain medicine until like 4pm...(basically went almost the whole day). I got out for a little while today as well...

I took a few more pictures...but everything pretty much looks the same. I still have my drains in, and I seem to be draining more from my right side, than my left side and my right side seems to be the more swollen side...(is this coincidence?)...anyway...

I showed my girls (19 and 23) my pictures and they said I looked great! :-)

I think that once everything starts feeling a little better...I will be a little happier...I'll keep you guys posted. (I'll post more pictures shortly)


Wow! girl you look great. Looks like we had our surgeries on the same day. You look flat, your PS did an awesome job and you are even standing straight already. Good for you :) How are you feeling? Happy healing.
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You look great! Congratulations!
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Congrats on your recent TT! I don't know what you looked like before but your results are beautiful from what I can tell! As far as the pain be sure to stay on TIME with those happy pills. They will make life tolerable! Good luck and happy healing!
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Hi All, I've been on this site reading reading...

Hi All,

I've been on this site reading reading and more reading. I WISH I had found this site in the weeks prior to my procedure. I did numerous google searches and for some reason...out of all the stuff that popped up...this site never materialized.

Reading some of the posts I have come across LOADS of information that would have been helpful. Like what types of stuff to have on hand before the surgery, bed rentals, recliner rentals...etc. all kinds of information that would have gave me insight on how involved the surgery would be.

I had my surgery on October 4th, but I was originally scheduled for Mid August but my husband was taking me to Paris for my birthday on September 5th....I was just assuming I would not be able to have a good time if I had my surgery before hand, so I postponed it...(even though the doctor's assistant kept trying to tell me I would be ok...GLAD I did not listen to her).

If I had found this site before hand, I would have KNOWN without a doubt that I should postpone the surgery and go on my birthday trip first. But luckily for me I did end up postponing and I had a great time in France.

I have a very busy job...hahah...if you guys could have heard me talking about how I was going to have the surgery on the 4th but then be back at work like 3 days later...you all would BUST YOUR STITCHES laughing at me...LOLOL (see...once again...if I had known about this site...I would have known how utterly RIDICULOUS that notion was....LOLOL).

I live in NY, but I had my procedure here in Maryland...I really like this doctor better than the doctors I encountered in NY. I had a couple of consults there...but it all seemed...I don't know ...like a set up...for instance...I call this one place, and tell them EXACTLY what I was interested in....I get there....and instead of speaking with a surgeon...they have me speaking with a LIPO person...WTH?? ...so basically put, they had this set up where...you FIRST get talked into the LIPO... and then...you get told that you would only get optimal results with an additional tummy tuck...I was having NONE OF IT...The LIPO guy was trying his best to play on whatever insecurities he THOUGHT I had...but girl...BYE...insecurity has never been one of my strong suites...LOL...he was all like...we can lipo this...and tighten that...I was like...pump ya breaks partna..."I LIKE ALLL DAT stuff you talking bout" and I am not trying to get rid of any of that...like I said "it was a set up".

Well after that last experience, I decided to look elsewhere...and found my doctor who was over all really good. He emphasized how he combined the TT with LIPO all in one procedure...so there would be no reason for two massive bills...and the thing that I noticed the most about him...was that he did NOT try to play me ...and pretend like I needed ALL this work...he in fact did the opposite...he did tell me that there would probably be nothing that I could do about the flabby skin and stretched out muscles in the gym...but he said I really looked good for having had 6 kids. :-)

So I decided to go on and have the surgery here in Maryland, and here's another crazy thing I thought...I thought that I could drive on down here (with my baby)...have my surgery and me and the baby just CHILL in the hotel room for the week....(pahahahah)....yes yes...I know now...CRAZY TALK...LOLOL

My daughter just came in with my grand daughter...they bought me a card...it's soo cute...I'll post a picture of it soon...


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I wonder why I didn't end up with the horizontal...

I wonder why I didn't end up with the horizontal incision that I requested....I will most definitely have to ask in the morning. It's what would have worked best for the types of clothing I like to wear...but at any rate I guess it doesn't matter at this point ...right? what can be done? :-(


You look awesome! And your drains are still in! You don't even look like you has any swelling! High five!‚úč
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Lookin good!!! I love the card....I especially liked #11. Teach yourself how to levetate....now that would have come in handy the first couple days! Blessings for continued healing!
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Got my drains out today...gotta say...that was...

Got my drains out today...gotta say...that was pretty painful, but it feels better now!

I also have to give Dr. Ashruf a healthy SHOUT OUT! He is just soo calming...

He's given me the OK to head back home...with the understanding that I make my way back to see him in 3 weeks. He's really a good doctor...


Thank you!

So today was my first day back to work (8 days...

So today was my first day back to work (8 days post op). So far it has not been that bad at all. I'm still moving kind of slow, but I just made sure that I was bound up really well this morning and I took things really really slow. Around 2pm or so I took two Advil as I noticed that I was feeling a little more pain that I needed to feel and so far that strategy has proven successful.

I only have one real friend here, and she knows that I had the procedure...it has been a challenge to NOT laugh at her jokes today...(she is soo funny). But I feel blessed to have a friend that I confide in here.

I contacted my doctor for some of the "before" pics that he took, as soon as he forwards them to me I will post them here...(there was big difference).



My sides are also uneven! But they seem to even out more the further along I go.
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Thank you Cherrybabi...I am really really starting to worry...I took a few more pictures of my situation this evening ...and the uneveness is REALLY pronounced now...it's hard to relax about it because...everytime I have to change my CG and dressings...I have to see it...and it looks really different...(sigh)...I hope this isn't a problem...
My sides are uneven but I am thinking it is because of swelling. I plan on asking my ps next week when I go to see him.
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October 21, 2012 I look at everyone else's...

October 21, 2012

I look at everyone else's posts and wonder how the steri strips can be gone already??? I am 17 days post op and my strips are still holding strong...how is that??


I am 20 days po and my tape is holding strong also!
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good to know that I'm not the only one...for a minute I was getting scared that something was wrong...but I just asked the doc about it and he said that the tapes should stay put for at least 4 to 6 weeks...I don't know where everyone else's tapes went!! but when I look at the other ladies pics, it looks as if they are healing nicely and good and fast...so I was thinking something was wrong with me...
You look really great! I don't notice your sides being uneven. I will say, I had 5 consults in total and 1 of the PS's told me that my sides were uneven. I had never noticed before but it's probably b/c I was just completely focused on my flabby stomach. Ever since that comment I have been noticing tons of things about my body. LOL my point is that our bodies are really not symmetrical at all. I wouldn't worry about it too much, unless it's a major difference.
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November 19, 2012 Well here I am almost 7 weeks...

November 19, 2012

Well here I am almost 7 weeks post op (I will be exactly 7 weeks on the 22nd of November). I still have on steristrip holding strong...the rest have all fallen off. At this point I still don't think that I am altogether happy with my results. I keep telling myself that it takes up to 6 months and that I'm only a little over 6 weeks....but I still find myself increasingly concerned with asymmetry. I feel like one side of me is well defined and the other...eh...not so much.

I am really disappointed that it looks as if I may have to do some correction. I really really wanted this to be a one shot thing...did..and then DONE. But now it looks like 6 months down the line...I gotta be doing something else... I am soo disappointed about that.

well anyway...I posted a couple of new pics. :-(


You look good, and that doctor didn't lie. For a mother of six, you looked good. Im scheduled for April 3rd, can't wait to wear me a two piece, after 5 years!!!!
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Thank you soo much, it was this last baby that did me in though...all the others I was able to reasonably bounce back...but this last one?? HA!
You look great, did you end up having to have more work done after your jan post
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Had my revision yesterday

Hi all...

It's been a while...but I wanted to stop in and say I had my revision yesterday. I don't know what anything looks like yet as I've not tried to look. I'm trying my best to manage my pain without the pain medicine Dr. a shrug prescribed for me..(I'm just not good with strong stuff...my body doesn't like it)"...anyway...what I can reiterate is that this is a good doctor. He could probably use more office help...but he himself is awesome!

Again..he's very claiming...(just the look of him calms you down)...

He's professional and very reassuring.

Once I get a look at myself I'll post a picture or two...


Why did u need a revision?
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I had dog ears...apparently its pretty common
Oh okay so not a total revision. Because I thought u looked fantastic. I didn't see why you would need a revision. But yeah dog ears are common.

2 days after removal of dog ears....

Well I had the dog ears removed...but it appears that my scars are now HIGHER than my panty line. I spoke to my doctor...he told me that they should fall under the panty line once the swelling subsides...but I'm worried anyway...because if you look at the pictures from my full TT the scars were under my panty line even just a day or two after the surgery.....

I'm scared that this look will be permanent and no way to fix it. I hope that the doctor is right...

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