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I am having a BR because i have been experiencing...

I am having a BR because i have been experiencing neck back n shoulder pain along with rashes. I am having a Panniculectomy because I have sagging skin on my lower abdomen that causes lower back pain as well as leg pain. I am So excited , can't wait til the day of surgery. I welcome my new look n life.

Surgery date change

Hello everyone this morning I received a call from my PS office telling me that my insurance is covering for me to keep my belly button and to offer me a new date of August 12th which happens to be my bday as well, I took that date instead of my original September 2nd date because I do home school my son it would better for me, that way I can start on September 1st. Before pictures coming within a week. Wish me luck.

Pre op

I will be having my pre op testing done on Friday the 8th of August , then off to the OR four days later. I will post some before and after pictures.

Pre op done

Went to the prep center to do my pre op for my surgery, now I'm jus waiting excitedly.

After surgery must haves

Things I will need after surgery for recovery:
*Bedrest pillow
*Moomoo gowns
*Bio skin oil treatment
*Sports bras
*Shower chair
*Disposable cleansing cloths
*toilet riser
*Beach Chair to sleep in
*Bacitracin / Benadryl ointment
*IB Profen
*Hair dryer

If I think of anything else I have purchased I will update

Some of my essentials for recovery

1 day and a wake up to go

Tomorrow is my big day

Well not only will I be celebrating another year on this earth, I will also be celebrating and embracing my new look. I have everything I need my bag is packed I am READY!!!!!! I hope I'm not to medicated afterwards so I can update my experience for all of my fellow Realself members.

The day is here and the time is now (almost)

Well RS family ,my day has finally arrived I am on my way to a new me. Will keep you posted. Please keep in your prayers.

Out of surgery


20 hours out..

2 days post op

Feeling great, satisfied and excited


Funny everyone has sort of the same reaction when they see me (all positive) , they say how my face even looks different and my complexion has gotten lighter. My 12 year old son said u look skinny lol I had to explain to him how being top heavy makes a huge difference because that's all people see so they will automatically consider u fat.

Coming along

This chair is the I have been sleeping in this chair since the second day home at its wonderful...

PO today

Well I had post op appointment today, PS says I'm healing perfect, he removed all 3 wound vacs and 3 out of 4 drains , he gave me my binder and I will go back next week to have last drain removed and staples from my tummy removed. I feel great , I can shower now..


My boobs are itching like crazy, but not even where the incision is it's on top. I put some Benadryl cream on it but it doesn't seem to do the trick the only thing that seems to work is if I take 2 Benadryl pills....hellllllllllllp

Itching like crazy 11 days Post op

My itching is terrible, I just grab a chunk of skin out for some relief. I have tried Benadryl pills, cream and my prescription pills for itching and none of it seems to give me relief....uuuuggghhhh

Allergic reaction

Well I had an allergic reaction to the bacitracin ointment ...this really sucks, like I really need more itching. F/u tomorrow hopefully he can give me something else to use n to stop this itching.

Pineapple juice

Has anyone started drinking pineapple juice for the swelling and has it worked?

Guess what

Had to return some large bras for medium one's, woooohooooo so pumped. Can't wait till tomorrow so I can wear one. Also I visited my mom yesterday and she said she could see a big difference from the last time she saw me which was on August 23rd. I am so excited to embark on this new journey of mine.

Approaching 1 month PO

I seldom go back in mind and remember when this journey I'm on was just a thought and want. I still find it hard to believe how many life changed just after a 4 hour nap. I would tell my husband,mom and children how I couldn't wait to be free of the pain that was caused by my breast and stomach. Now that I have had my surgeries I must say I was really grateful that my pain was minimal and I never had to take my pain medication that was prescribed for me when I was discharged. I have no regrets thus far and would do it again if I had to. I have even been an inspiration for some family members to start looking into getting their breast and hanging pannus removed.


Has anyone who had a panni notice expansion of the tummy after eating.


Thanks I feel better knowing its a natural process

Workout time

Tomorrow marks my 31 days PO do you think I would be ok doing tummy exercises like crunches etc? What exercise has anyone done that has had a panniculectomy and BR around 30 days PO or do you think it's to early.

New pictures

I will post pics of my stomach later when I can get someone to take them for me

New pics

Will post my stomach later, need some one to take pics for me
Dr. Singh

My PS is the best he has really changed my life.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Is your stomach flat now?
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Not quite but it's not at all the size it was I will take and post some new pictures tomorrow.
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My dr. has allowed me to get back to my somewhat regular routine. I will be 30 days out on 09/14/14. I'm allowed to run, jog, jumping jacks and mostly everything. He told me still not to lift over 5lbs yet can't do burpees , push ups or abdominal work yet.My dr. said even though I'm feeling great my insides are still healing. He's also still have me wearing my compression garment . I go back to him on the 09/08/14 . He told me my body still need the support to help the inside walls to adhere back together. My stomach has been flat but I'm listening to my Dr. because I know that it's more going on than meets the eye . Please consult with your Doctor first. You want the best long time results.
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Thanku 52brandnew.
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I'm so happy for you. ....yeaaaaa
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Thanku me too, and how r u coming along
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Yes, I have noticed expansion of my tummy after eating by about 2 inches. I actually measured before and after.
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Very happy for you! :)
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Thanks MJ1964, how are things with you
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Thanks Cree11, how are you coming along
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Yay! Congrats!
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No - Because it really won't help ! With the BROMELAIN - You get 2400 GDU/g for the 500 Mg Strength and it is Made from an Enzyme from the STEM of the Pineapple Plant. It's NOT From Juice ! What Helps for the Swelling - is to take 500 Mg - 3 or 4 times a Day - on a Totally EMPTY STOMACH - Between meals . I got Mine at a Health Food Store. I didn't even KNOW of any here - so I just Googled " HEALTH FOOD STORE - and My Zip Code " - and found it that way !
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take 3 or 4 times a day on an empty stomach....I don't think I could to do that. How is it working for you?
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Why couldn't You ? It's just a Capsule that comes 60 in a Bottle and I took mine ever 6 Hours ! I eat just once a Day - so No Problems for Me ! It helped Me MORE than ANYTHING ! I STILL TAKE it Yet - at 6 1/2 Months Out ! If it is NOT Taken on an Empty Stomach - then it WON'T help with the Swelling.
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I had gastric bypass...I have to eat something about every 3-4 hours small amounts. So I can't image being able to fit those in too. Especially if by any chance they are large capsules.
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Okay thanks Wendy1956, I decided to let nature do its thing and heal naturally.
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I have a question I was scheduled for TT, long story short after dr marking me up he recommend just removing skin & no tightening of the muscles! Seems that's a panniculectomy exactly what u had! What is the over difference after healing. I know less invasive, quicker healing. But I'm hope I'm happy with my results. Why didn't u go with a TT???
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Well the reason I didn't do a TT was.because my insurance didn't cover it n I didn't want to pay extra but I.hope my results are good or I will go back n get a TT but since my.PS repositioned my BB I should be ok just not super flat
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Jade805, u didn't post before pictures
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I know I'm gonna have to get from my dr. Funny thing is my nephew is always in my phone so I deleted them!
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Oh i see! Well from some research I've been doing when the tighten muscles it gives u more of that hour glass figure it's like having a corset from inside out! I also thought if In not happy my Dr. Would have to revise, but honestly I don't want to go through that again!
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The reason I didn't have a TT is because in my discussions with my PS he asked if I wanted that "beach body" "hourglass" look or did I want to have the pannus and skin removed and some lipo so that my clothes would fit better, and that is what bothered me the most the "apron" that hung over my private area and the muffin top etc, having a beach body was not necessarily what I was trying to accomplish.
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Shoot, even if I had te extra cash for the TT I have too much weight to still loose, too many scars, and will no longer have a belly a "beach body" is not a goal for me. I would love to be able to walk or ride my exercise bike again with out my thigh hitting the stomach causing more pain.
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Exactly, I still have too much more weight to lose as well. I too just wanted to get my stomach out of my way so that I could become more active, and look better in my clothes. I recently did the dirty girl run in April and to say my stomach got in the way is an understatement, I got thru it but it was difficult so it was about a month after that run that I decided to have the surgery.
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Wow I bet u feel south better! I'm got get some b4 pictures on a scale of 1-10 honestly I was a 6! I'm 5'5 & weighed 170 & a lot aid weight is on my legs!
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