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I started my tattoo on dec 14th which was my 25th...

i started my tattoo on dec 14th which was my 25th birthday.. this had to be the coolest idea and executed tattoo ever.. but i just wanted to add onto it.. it was an angel on my outside forarm.. everyone and i loved it.. but i felt like it just needed a little more.. then i went back and got a banner on the inside of my arm, needed more.. i had an idea then when it came down to it, i just impulsively went.. just fill up my inside arm and make it look cool!.. which was filled with dark mountains and crappy looking clouds.. so there i went.. fully wrapping wrist to elbow with black ink!!!... i knew halfway in i so hated it, i didnt want it so dark then i started thinking of my two little girls.. 2 years old and 1 years old..

so after i got home from the tattoo guy, i was so displeased trying to keep it together..everyone loves it besides me, because i know it isnt me.. i cant even pick up my kids and look at them without regretting my inner impulsed arm tattoo.. i just want to turn back the hands of time and go back to the happy family man i was 2 weeks ago.. i have nothing but regret.. i finally started being able to eat again.. not being able to sleep much, and when i wake up i have so much anxiety and angst about my tattoo, its unreal..

ive been called a crack baby all of my life due to my drug addicted parents, and worked very hard my whole life.. bought my own house, i have a great job, a loving fiancee and two wonderful little girls.. i just want my old life back, ive never felt this way despite all the negativity in my life, nothing has bothered me so much.

Hey man. I know what you're going through. I recently got an impulsed tattoo on my back of a quote that I loved. However, the quote is too big and the most important word in the quote is slanted downward more than the rest. Yes my tattoo is hidden, but it's personal and I am affected. I'm sure it may be worse on your end because it is on your forearm and you feel it is so visible. Like you I have had problems not eating and sleeping and I have had tons of anxiety and depression over it. If the word wasn't crooked I don't think I would be feeling this way, but now I regret the whole thing. I have been looking into laser removal for a week now and I am going for a consultation tomorrow to see how much it would cost. Although I do not like the tattoo at all, maybe if I can get the one word lasered off then I can get it reapplied straighter. I'm not sure what your plans are, but I hope that you can take the advice that I'm not taking from my friends and family. You seem like a great person who is dedicated to his family. Your kids are going to love their dad regardless of anything. You can be covered in tattoos and your kids would still love you. Do not be ashamed. Everyone makes decisions they regret, and the regret is what destroys us. I know because it's what is destroying me. Hang in there, Ang
To answer your question, she is only removing a part of her tattoo because she doesn't want to remove it all. It was bigger than she was thinking it would be and want to make it smaller. Have a nice day
Hi Eva, I have just seen for the first time "Seven years in Tibet" and it was such a great movie with a Buddhist message. I especially liked the part where they go through the struggle to get to the Dalai Lama saying that "the longest and the hardest is the road the greater is the reward" :) I am from a lovely small town in France of about 50 thousands people and what brought me to China, Shanghai to be more specific, is that first I needed adventure and second wanted to find myself, but no specific plan. I have been here now for about 4 years. It is a huge city with a big H. their is even more than 50 thousands French people in Shanghai. A lot of foreigners from the whole world. me this experience has been quite extreme so far. As soon as I arrived I realized that it wasn't like I expected it to be. So big, so tall, so modern, lights everywhere, people everywhere. The "Asian New York". I immediately had opportunities in the Fashion industry has model, something I was only seeing only in my mom's magazines. Can't tell you how proud she was when she saw me on the catwalk in "ELLE". I am evolving in a world that was so distant from where I from. Scary and fascinating at the same time. On one hand, It has done so much good to be here for me. My confidence got high, been dating women I could have pin on my wall in my teenage room, and most of all I found a passion, I am now studying to be a fashion designer :) .On the other hand, it reveled my worst demons. I have done a lot of drugs on a regular base, partying way to much, drinking wayy too much, and had wayyy too many girlfriends. I was euphoric, thought I had everything. Felt I was on top of the world. So foolish. As you know, most recently, It also took me to hell, depression, melancholia. Facing my worst fears and to places of darkness as i could never imagine i had inside me. honestly i was scared. I have took my head above water and now I am very relax. I am looking at this 4 years behind me and through the good like the bad I don't regret anything. I'm making the balance of it. learning from my mistakes, focusing on the good, approaching things patiently and more spiritually. Such a breath of fresh air. Sorry to spill my story like that, i know it's weird. But I had to take this out of my chest and you seem like a wonderful person :) .So like I said It has been a bit extreme in my case, but only because I was young, by myself (meaning with no family) and easily influenced. But yes I do love being here and most people do :)
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