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So far I am healing..not expecting a Kelly Rowland...

So far I am healing..not expecting a Kelly Rowland nose; just a softer version of mine..Friday I went to the hospital (White Marsh) the nurses was very kid a and attentive saw Dr Boheine very handsome smiling I was so glad I was very nervous..As this was my second nose job the first one was not what I expected,,Dr Boheines presence reassured me I was in good hands..I am very grateful this is my third day little swelling and bruising..my nose is kinda stuffy..but I feel Good waiting for bandages to come off on Wednesday...I will post pictures soon:) so far so good!!
Am having a reversion with Dr boahene in December.tanks zooster!it was you story that motivated me.lucky you Tonya!
So glad I could help he is very good...I only went for a softer version nothing extreme I do have big eyes and lips so I'm positive with the results so far...You wont regret it!
Speedy recovery. I also had my revision with Dr. B. So far so good.

First Nose Job

I felt this nose was still too wide..a year later I relieved a cortisone shot and my nose swelled up even wider..

Update for Review..

That first review was not to good OK I am 4 days into recovery..The nurses Dawn and 2nd Dawn was so funny..They kept me laughing so much I guess they knew I was nervous;( Dr Bohene was wonderful I couldn't asked for a better surgeon( I truly believe this man is an ANGEL)..His voice is calm I mean his touch is reassuring ..I told him I was not looking for a kelly rowland nose I just wanted a softer version of my own...I already have big eyes and lips to fill out my nose..I was gonna go with Dr Naderi but his quote was $11.000 plus I heard Dr Bohene specialized in ethnic noses...so here I am feeling good little pain..nose is still stuffy but minimum bruising...I am swelling but should subside...I'm just glad its out the way...so far so good..I will post more pis when the bandages come off:)
I can't wait to see your results. I also had Dawn as my anesthesiologist, she's wonderful. The whole team is just amazing! Dr. Naderi quoted me 14k!!! for a revision!! unreal!!
I wish you a quick recovery and I hope you love your results, my revision is this month with Dr. Boahene, I'm so excited, he is really good.
You welcome, Hope. I'm glad my review has helped you. All the best!

Ok 6 days after Revision Rhinoplasty..

Alright I actually like this nose better... it's more refined.. I do know it will take some time for the swelling to subside...and the natural shape to fall in but so far I am pleased.. Smiling is a little awkward..but I'm getting use to it...I will update in a month or 2 see you guys later...hope this helps:)

more pictures..

you look amazing. he did an amazing job on you. i also had my primary with dr. boahene, and if i ever need a revision i will have it with him. can you tell me what he used in your nose and if you had an open or closed rhinoplasty. thanks
It's much narrower now. The tip is obviously and as expected is very swollen. Wishing you a smooth recovery. Thanks for the update.
It looks smaller even with the swelling, so far so good.

Me with make up...still swollen and painful to touch.

I wish you the best healing. May I ask what he did? Did he do the bridge, or just augment/narrow the tip? I hope the swelling continues to go down quickly. Please be careful massaging/touching the nose--I learned that the hard way (pinched a blood vessel without thinking) as the framework settles. Arnica gel helped me a lot with bruising and was a great massage gel.
thanks for sharing with us...looking forward to your updates....as you know, it will take a long time to see your results....best of luck to you!
You look great. He did a awesome job. Be mindful that your nose will continue to shrink for up to a year.

Feeling a little better so far so good

Here's a recent photo
Looking great!
DR Bohene did a closed Rhinoplasty with ear cartiladge.... as you can see he narrowed the nose..and I think he said he gave me a shot after the surgery..It's still hard at the tip and I'm still in pain but it's getting better...
Thank you :)

Groogy and listless weeks after surgery..

Did anyone else still feel the affects of the anesthesia after surgery.....I still feel as if im under .....
What was the cost of your rhinoplasty with operating cost?
Hi, Thanks for the feedback..I would say it cost me around $8,000.00 but it was so worth it I never liked my nose as a little girl...So I decided to go with Dr B he is a good surgeon..this man has some kind of magical powers or something...I am actually happy with my nose today . The only thing is my scars are taking a while to heal..but it's getting better...Please go with Dr B you wont be disappointed..promise:)
Hi tonya, Congrats to you on your new look, You Are very nice lookng. How's post surgery going? I just discovered the site the other day, truly a God send. I scheduled my initial consult with dr. B this morning. Cant see him till oct 25th so will be countng down till then. Thnx for sharing your experience, it has encouraged me to take this step that I've wanted to do forever. I cant wait for my new look too. Take care...
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