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Full TT, Inner Thigh Lipo - Baltimore, MD

I have 4 children ages 18,14,9,and 1. My husband...

i have 4 children ages 18,14,9,and 1. My husband and i are finished having children so now i would like to have my body back. I had breast implants done in 2005 now they look worst then ever after having our last baby.

I am scheduled for a full tummy tuck on January 3rd and i am so scared and excited at the same time. I am also scheduled to go back on Febuary 28th to get my breast redone. I have been so scared, but this web site has really help me to not change my mind about getting my surgeries. It is really helpful to go on mommy makeover and read all the posts that everyone shares. I have 9 days to go before surgery and i will be posting before and after photos.

Well its been 5 days po and i feel good,,i wasnt...

well its been 5 days po and i feel good,,i wasnt as scared as i thought i was going to be.i have a wonder husband that is taking good care of me and the kids i feel so helpless...i got the drains that was in my legs and pain pump taking out yeaterday go bk tues to get drains taking out that are in my stomach...i think they are the worst part...i just wish i could have done my boobs the same day but my doc wanted to wait 3 weeks...i will post before and after pics..

Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Dr. S and the girls at his office are all very nice and caring. He believes that when he does surgery all his patients are statements of his work so he really takes pride in what he does, i have had two precedures done with Dr.S and with both surgeries i have been very happy. i would recommend him to anyone in the Baltimore/Washington area in need of a plastic surgeon.

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Out of curiosity why did you have to wait for your breasts to be done? I'm researching docs in our area including dr.sinno and am curious if you don't mind sharing. Congrats on your surgery!
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Congrads, good luck with healing!
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You look great! Cant wait to see more updated pics as your healing continues!
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Wow great difference in that tummy. I didn't realize you posted up there I had just been looking to see if you had any additions to your posts. So glad you are doing well. The helpless feeling will go away soon. There are still things I have issues with but getting better all the time. I am now 5 weeks PO
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I thought you were going soon. Hope you are doing well. Can't wait to hear from you. I have been having a problem keeping up with everyone now that I am back at work and I have to keep up with breast messages and silicone tape. I do check my personal posts more quickly so if you have any questions please post there and I can come to your site to answer if you like.
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Best of luck with your surgeries. What a great way to start off the new year!
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Best of luck Chrissy - you will do great! Just lean on all the girls on this site. They have helped me through this entire journey and tomorrow morning I go in for my TT and BL. Like you said, I am so scared and excited all at the same time!. Best of luck and I look forward to following you through this journey!
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thks soo much,,,,good luck u will be fine,,,,its funny i was reading what u wrote the nite before your surgery and i think the same things i guess if we wasnt scared then tht wouldnt be normal....cant wait to hear how everything went....
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Hey Chrissy. I am so excited for you. Make sure you have lots and lots of help for that little one. I have a 2 year old and it killed me not to be able to pick her up. It is like 2nd nature to us to just go and grab...but you wont be able to do that for a while.

We are here for you!!!
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thks so much...i have the best husband he took off of work for a while.....i have 6 days to go i am so happy and scared at the same time...
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Wow, you must have your hands full, LOL! I can't wait to see the befores and afters you post! You're going to look great. Please keep us posted on how you're healing. And if you get a chance, pop over to our Mommy Makeover forums and read JenBob's 10 Things I Wish I'd Known Before A Mommy Makeover. It's a great read.

Also, if you're interested, I've started a Facebook community called Moms Who Want Their Bodies Back.

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Hi Chrissy, welcome to realself glad you are doing this for yourself. What a difference in your childrens ages. My baby is 13 and I would not want to start over at this point. I am sure you will love your body after your surgery I am a little over two weeks out and loving how I look. There are definately some hurdles but after four children you are more than ready to handle it.
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thks..i cant wait but i am so scared i guess thats how everybody feels i just keep thinking its been 18 yrs since i had a nice body...i really love this site it really help's me that i know everybody else feels the same way i do before surgery...
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Everybody does feel the same that is why you don't feel so alone when you come here. Monday will come quickly we will be checking in on you. You will do terrific. Kind of funny if you look at sunshine she was saying how worried she was about not waking up. I wrote a letter to my boyfriend the morning before mine. Same thought just different ladies.
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thks alot it been hard to sleep all i do is think about the surgery, i going drive myself crazy,,,i am so happy to hear from sunshine i kept checking to make sure she was ok...only thing is i getting pain pump not sure why she didnt get one my doc said that really works,,,,
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