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So I'm 28, have 3 children, 9, 7, and 4 I am...

So I'm 28, have 3 children, 9, 7, and 4 I am married and unhappy with my body. I have always hated how flat my chest is. I'm 5 foot even and about 135lbs, bra size 36 A (which is really hard to find) and anywhere from an 8-10 waist. I tried cavi-lipo a few months back and it made no difference. The girl doing the proceedure told me there was too much extra skin hanging and I needed a tummy tuck. All 3 of my kids were c-sections and I had this layer of skin that would just hang over the c-section scar, it used to gross me out beyond belief. I hated my husband even seeing me naked. So finally go the $ together and decided to go for it. I was scheduled for 11/22.

Thank you for starting your story on RealSelf! How are you feeling now that you're a few days post-op?

I'm very happy to have found this site. It's really helping me to try and keep myself calm. I think I'm way more emotionally damaged then physically at this point lol, hopefully I will be back to normal before I know it.

I'm glad you're here, too. You look like you're still early in recovery, riding high and swollen. Please please please try to be patient. I know it's super hard, but you'll be happier if you don't think too much about the results until you're further post op. Hang in there!


Day 6

So the last few days have been rough. The pain from the tummy tuck is min, but the boobs just hurt. the pain, the pressure, it all hurts. I'm pretty unhappy and trying not to be. I've read so many stories and everyone says to wait, but I'm just unhappy. I had planned all along to go with 375cc In the textured shaped silicone. When I woke up from surgery the dr said he had to used 320!!!????!!!! Really??? That's a huge friggen difference. I feel like if I'm gonna pay that much $ for just a tiny difference I could have saved a lot of money and bought padded bras. When I asked the dr he told me those were the only ones that would fit my body and frame? Again, are you kidding, I've seen much smaller women with much larger boobs! He told me to trust him and wait and see once they drop. I feel like they aren't dropping, they are rock hard, etc. My husband says he sees a big difference, I just see disappointment!

I'll post some pre opp pics soon.
You are about the same size as me. I can't wait to see what your results are! Hope your healing is going good.
I can tell you, if you are undecided on size, go bigger. I didn't have a choice in size and I'm very unhappy :(
;( I'm sorry and I hope they fill in a bit better so it is better for you. I'm debating 450-500. So I'm hoping it's not too big on me

more pre op photos

day 2 photos

Hang in there. Give it time. Your doctor is pretty good from what I have researched. I wanted to consult with him over a year ago, but because I was so far out, I did a phone consult with the nurse. That turned me off. I wanted to meet Dr. Cohen for myself. Your implants are pretty "high" so it doesn't look like you could fit much more. Trust that he didn't want to cause you to have complications. They will drop. I have been looking at boobs for over a year and have seen some strange boobs in the beginning turn out great. Some ladies have to do 2 rounds to get the boobs they desire. Best wishes.
I'm trying to be patient. I've heard he is the best and I know people who have gone to him and I've seen a lot of his results and I just feel like this is not what I want. I guess we'll see. ...

day 5 photos, day 7 update

So today is day 7, I'm still unhappy. I feel like my boobs are way too small and pointy. My left hurts way more then my right. My stomach looks like Frankenstein, my belly button looks awful, and the scar doesn't go all the way to my hip like he said so I feel like there is excess on my love handles. He keeps telling me to wait, and maybe I just need more time, but I'm just so unhappy and wishing I wouldn't have put myself thru this. Anyone feel like I have? Or anyone have such pointy breasts at this stage that turned out nicely??? I'm posting pictures of day 5. In a bra they don't look too bad, but outside of the bra they look awful.

day 7 photos

stomach day 5

I will like to know how are you doing? I just have the same surgery and I choose 325 texture silicone and when I woke up they told me he use 300 and for me I think they small too. I decide that in my two consultation and the same day of the surgery he ask again. Also the same day of the surgery he come up really rude asking if I'm going to have a mini or full. When also that's was discuss precisely. He said that what I want he couldn't do it. I almost cancel the surgery and don't do anithyng but then later he came and apology to me and my husband and correct and mark me the way was discuss on the consultation. But again I'm no satisfy with my breast size because I want they look natural but notable and so far I don't see that. I'm today 10 days from my surgery and I was told the same like you. " just wait" one boob is bigger than the Oder one and higher. Hopefully look normal in 1 more week.
So sorry about the size :( I know how you feel about spending a good chunk of money. I've never spend so much except for the house and car but not on myself. Hope they will drop and look better! Anyhow, a good doctor should stand behind his work and if it's necessary to redo to make his patient happy. Of course it sucks to have to go through again but I would do if I spend this much money! Take care and keep us posted!
Thats a shame your not happy ... Hope things settle down for you soon and you are happier with your results xxx
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