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Excited to reclaim and repair my breasts and belly...

Excited to reclaim and repair my breasts and belly. Will have breast aug, lift, hernia fix, tummy tuck and flank lift. Nervous for recovery since I am ver active. Overall confident that results will be worth temporary recovery period. Really hoping hernia repair and tuck alleviate chronic back pain.


Everyone heals differently and at their own pace. Listen to your body and give it time to heal. Those of us who are used to being very active learn to take it easy... Recuperation is a process. That said, good luck on your journey. I for one am extremely happy with my results and am coming upon 3wks- 3 LONG weeks staying at home, trying not to do much! :) Your TT scar line will depend on what bikini you wear to sx as well as your PS's technique. Be verbal w your PS, make sure you know where the scar will be placed (front and sides), and ask if your PS is the one sewing you up (as I've read other RSers had 2 ppl sew and they sides were uneven! Yikes).
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Thanks for your comment, wouldn't have occurred to me to ask about the stitching. I will ask. Good tip about the undees/scar. Did you find that moving around the last 3 weeks is helping you heal faster or just aggregating things? All thr best for continued recovery and flight with your results. Congrats!
Do your research. You have to move asap. First night home- rest. After that, you gotta pee and try to poop, which means you gotta move. Moving helps the healing. If you're a vegetable, you'll get stiff, things will gel (and feels like it), and you'll risk a clot. Move whatever you can- have someone massage your legs, wear compression socks (altho VERY hard to put on), wiggle your toes, move your arms, try to hobble around the house every time you get up to use the rr... Every day, try to do a little more- without overdoing it. You'll feel it if you do- stomach turns into knots. Standing upright will be your goal#1 bcz the hunch-over kills your lower back - and then you have to recuperate from that! :)

Before Pics and Shopping for Implant Size


Good luck! I'm looking forward to following your journey. have you decided what size implants you're going with?
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Three weeks til surgery! I'm pretty excited. I had my pre-op with Dr S yesterday and really love my doc and staff. I feel like they are being very thorough and there is a strong ease of communication. I'm a little worried that things won't go as smoothly as they think it will. But it's nice to be optimistic and hopeful. On the downside, my sweet, loyal beautiful dog of 5 years died suddenly yesterday morning. :) So another concern I have is depression. Between managing the sadness I feel about my dog's death and the inability to exercise intensely & recovery discomfort/pain, I fear getting really down after the surgery.
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I am so sorry to hear about your dog! I had to recently put my sweet dear dog down due to cancer. I know what it is like to lose your best friend. Nothing can replace your dog...we got a new puppy recently and it just is not the same. You will get through this. We are blessed to have them for as long as we did. God had his timing...we do not always understand why. I am thinking about you! xoxo

Two weeks to go

Two weeks to go! Surgeon paid in full! Had my EKG, physical and blood work today. All good. Prepping myself mentally in different ways since I rely so heavily on physical activity for endorphins. Tomorrow is the last day I can take my nutritional supplements. Doc is very cautious. I wrote and taped a vision statement for myself from the other side of recovery and am listening every day now for positive focus. Banishing any negativity. Enough time for that after......

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Woke up feeling unsure about implant size. I have been waffling over a relatively inconsequential size difference so finally called Surgeon's office, went down from 500 to 475 and feel better. In the pics I posted black bikini has 475s and purple top have 500s. Anyway, have to stop nutritional supplements tomorrow ie 2 weeks prior. Not so happy. I use Standard Process, which are no herbs and essentially compressed whole foods. Decided to follow my doctor's request. Want safety to be first and cannot afford a hematoma or any other complication. I wish my surgery was tomorrow. I want to be on the other side ....NOW!


Glad you decided to follow doctors's orders! They usually know what they are talking about! I think you look amazing with the 500's.
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Go larger. No regrets. :)
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Thanks, I appreciate your reply. 11 days til surgery and I am going to make each one count. Still missing the dog but staying BUSY. He really and truly was my dog and I am a little bit in denial about how big a hole he leaves. :( Meanwhile, NOT getting a new dog til I am recovered, if ever. We do have another dog, Cookie, and she is adorable and a comfort. if I get another dog, it would be more for Cookie's broken little heart, not for me.....or my boys....

bright idea

I got the "bright idea" to rent a recliner and have a feeling it's gonna be one of my better decisions. :-) Was worried that my period would come around surgery and make me even more miserable, but it blessedly came today, YAY!


Awesome that your surgery is almost here! I had a few sets of implants and the biggest was 650 cc's (recommended by the PS); they were very difficult to work out with (runnund, weights...) and they were very heavy. Went down to 425cc and it was a little better. Just a heads up when choosing your size ;) good luck with your surgeries!
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No more hiding places soon!

Was just showing my sister my "hide the tuna can" trick (hint: under saggy breast). And, that handful of extra skin is why surgeon is going all the way around......flank lift.


Hi there, I read your amazing story! Thanks for posting so much good info. So very happy for you to be happy with your body! I also have 6 kids and breastfed them almost 10 years. Sadly I also had 10 losses and the combo left me with very saggy flat breasts and lots of extra skin around my middle. I'm getting 475 silicone implants and a breast lift with body lift and hernia fix this Wednesday. I am 5'7, 128 and have well defined broad shoulders. Feel really good about the implant size, would like to be where I was before the children. I'll be posting updates after. Is the breast ultrasound you mentioned only for post explant surgery or for post- implants as well?
Dr Jeffrey Schreiber, MD, FACS

Dr Schreiber is awesome. Honestly, I have never felt this comfortable with any doctor. I really needed to feel 100% comfortable with my PS and with Dr S I do. Like another patient wrote, "He is the One." I had two consults prior to Dr S and they were both fine. Glad I kept checking docs out cause, Dr S was the One. He is extremely easy to talk to, knowledgeable, responsive, available, personable, fantastic reputation locally and here on Real Self. Office conveniently located, staff all wonderful so far. Can't wait til my procedures in 8 weeks so I can write another "post" review.

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