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Worth It, but Go to Good Doctor - Baltimore, MD

Left with a visible scar, and planning on getting...

Left with a visible scar, and planning on getting it done for a second time early next year. Going to better doctor next time. Had the procedure done in 2008 and unfortunately the lip has dropped too much for my taste. Worth the procedure, but didnt think I'd have to get it redone so soon!


Where are your pics???
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Hi Bouknows, i'm really sorry to hear about your bad experience with Dr. R. I had planned to have my lip lift with him last Sept and was very close to booking my surgery. It wasn't until I did some more extensive research in real peoples reviews of his work. I only found one bad review but that was enough to put me off. I'm due to have a lip lift with Dr Niamtu in Richmond Virginia in 5 weeks. He specialises in face surgery rather than face/body, his photographic results look stunning and i've yet to find a bad review. If you're planning on having it redone then i'd recommend checking him out as he also does facial reconstruction. I'll be posting my pics soon :)
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