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I had been considering a chin implant for over ten...

I had been considering a chin implant for over ten years but was terrified to do anything surgical to my face. I was worried that it would be so noticeable in order to get the change I was looking for. I decided to go to two local, highly recommended plastic surgeons for consultations. When I visited The Baltimore Center for Facial Plastic Surgery, I was so impressed with the office, the staff and overall professionalism and comfort that the entire experience had to offer. Dr. Capone was able to show me through photos what my face and profile would look like if I did decide to take the plunge and have the surgery. Dr. Capone was very honest, reassuring and knowledgeable. After speaking with him and seeing my photos, I knew this would be exactly the change I was seeking but would not change my face drastically and most may not even notice much of a difference which was exactly what I wanted. After my first visit with Dr. Capone and his staff, I knew I had found the place that I could trust.

I am now a little over three months post surgery and I am thrilled! My profile has had a wonderful makeover and was exactly the subtle difference I was hoping for. Dr. Capone and his entire staff have been so sensitive and coherent to my wants and expectations which lead to the EXACT end result I had dreamed of . The only thing I regret is not doing it sooner!
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Awesome results, you look fantastic!
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Thanks so much!!!
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May I ask the size? I am having my surgery on November 14th and am debating between the Large and XL- my chin is more receded than yours but I would love to know the size..Looks wonderful!
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Dr Capone used a medium implant! Good luck with everything!!! You will love it, I am sure. Thank you kindly!!!
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May Baby, before I answer your question. I have noticed...a lot of patients, dont bother asking heir own doctor what implant size and more importantly which shape and material they will use on them. Not sure if most just forget or shy asking them. Which is key in my opinion. I had a chin implant, I wanted to know and see all shapes, because each shape can make a difference, depending what your goal is and what you kinda want your chin to look like. If you know what shape implant you want, you can figure out the size...because you can see all the dimensions of an implant, how wide,long etc in millimeters each implant and size is. So that way, you can see, what difference in numbers a Large to an Extra Large is, but you need to know the exact shape, and implant brand. In my opinion, most females are givin a "anatomical chin implant with wings" @perfectprofile, your profile and implant looks superb, what a difference!!!
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Hi Shawn, Thanks for your reply. I absolutely talked to my surgeon about my size. He brought a sample of each out for me to see a touch and suggested to me what he thought would be most aesethic ( Lg or XL). Because my chin is so far back I thought the xl would be most appropriate and he agreed. Although there were 4 sizes- they all came in the same shape with wings. He said he would trim the wings down significantly as I said I didn't want my jaw to look to wide and more masculine. But I think we are making the right decision with the XL- i am just a tad concerned because I haven't seen a single person who said they've received the XL ( although the xl is not even 1cm thick so its not as huge as it sounds!).
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i would like to see your picture. And i agree with you, the size difference isnt as much as it sound. Cause extra large sounds like a huge difference compared to Large, but its minor. But then again, they say each mm, can make a big difference. The only advice I would have for you, be prepared for the change in your face...because at first u might not like it,cause u'll have a new look and may think it looks odd,different.... although it will make u look so much better. I think there is a stage when you have to get used to ur new face aka profile and chin size. So be prepared for that, mentally! Cause as a female u might think, its way too big etc...because its new. But eventually you'll get over that stage and get used to your new look and start loving it :) good luck dear
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Do you know what type/size of implant was used? You look great!!
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Thank you so much! A medium was the size used. I am unsure of the type of implant or brand though. Hope this was helpful
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Its awesome to hear you are loving your results! You look great!

Were you fully out for the surgery, or did you just have local anesthetic? How was the healing process?

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Thank you so much! I was fully out for the surgery, thankfully. The healing process was not bad at all. I had surgery on a Friday and was back to work on Monday. I would wrap it every day after work and sleep in the wrap and during the day I would just wear a small skin colored bandaid over the sutures. A week post surgery most of the noticeable swelling went down and shortly after that the sutures were removed. The area around the opening was numb for a few weeks but now, all feeling has returned and you can barely even see a scar at all!
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