Looking Forward to Running with No Bounce - Baltimore, MD

I am 37 and a mother of 2 little boys. I have...

I am 37 and a mother of 2 little boys. I have always had boobs but they were not overly large, until after the births of my sons! I now wear a 36FF and am hoping for a C cup. My surgeon is great and got me approved from my insurance after they denied me initially. My surgery is less than 2 weeks away on January 17. I am scared and excited at the same time.

I am very athletic and have always played sports and run. This last year I ran 4 half marathons and did 2 triathlons. I am signed up for a bunch more races this year. I am uncomfortable wearing tank tops and tend to overdress while exercising to hide the girls. I am ready for the tank tops and no "boob" pain running! I also do a lot of pool training and hate going out in my swim suit. In the sport of running/triathlons you see all kinds of bodies, skinny, lean, big, but the one thing you rarely see are larger chested women. I will be so happy to rid myself of this classification!

The countdown is on! I will post photos later!

Tuesday I will be a week from surgery! I am...

Tuesday I will be a week from surgery! I am starting to get more excited at this point rather then scared. I'm sure that will change as the day gets closer. I have not been running since I know I do not have to run with these huge boobs anymore. So I am waiting until I am recovered to start my training back up. I also have had symptoms if IBS so I have completely changed my diet. It seems to have worked and I am feeling much better all around. My mom is flying in from CA next Sunday to help e and to take care of my boys for me. I plan on locking the door at night so I don't get a surprise jump on the chest from one of them. Ouch. My surgeon said I don;t need to buy anything ahead of time but I probably will pick up a few things I have read about on this site. The pillow to put over my chest for car rides to ease the seatbelt pain is a great idea. Other then that I just feel like I am waiting and I can't wait to get this going and start recovering with my new, small and perky boobs!

I forgot to add that my insurance includes an...

I forgot to add that my insurance includes an overnight stay in the hospital that I think I am going to use! I know I am going to be miserable for the first day/week so I might as well be in a bed that props me up and have them bring me all of my meds on time, etc!

So tomorrow I am 1 week away from surgery. I can't...

So tomorrow I am 1 week away from surgery. I can't believe it is coming up. I know this week is going to fly by. I keep looking at the pictures on this site and it is so hard to imagine having small boobs. I can't wait. I am up in the air about staying at the hospital overnight now. My husband works in the medical field and keeps telling about all of the surfaces being covered in every cootie imaginable so maybe I'll come home and sleep in my recliner instead!

Less than a week to go and I am up at 2am because...

Less than a week to go and I am up at 2am because I woke up thinking about general anesthesia. I go back and forth between not being scared and scared. I have had tons of surgery but only 1 where they put the tube down my throat and that was eons ago. I am sure I will be fine but there is always that 1 little...what if in the back in my mind. I am also worried about infection. I had a really bad one after my first son and it turned into a nightmare because they didn't catch it, then didn't remove it all after they took in to emergency surgery. Ended up having 5 surgeries over an 8 month period and wasn't totally healed for a year after my son's birth. So...I get freaked about that. I just have to keep reminding myself that I have a great surgeon and am going to a JHP hospital so everything should go well. I have to admit I don't read any scary experiences from BR and I don't want to watch any videos. I saw one years ago on the Discovery channel and at the time my boobs were not big like now. I remember she was a runner too and had to wear multiple bras and had pain while exercising. I remember thinking, wow I am so glad I don't have to have that done. Here I am like 10 plus years later! I know I will be so happy when this is over and I am on my way to recovery so I just keep the end goal in sight and all will be well!

One thing that I have noticed over the last few...

One thing that I have noticed over the last few years is that I am tending to hunch to hide my boobs. I normally stand very tall and straight but I've had people tell me it looks like I'm sticking my boobs out. I am really looking forward to not having to hunch to minimize anymore!

The hospital called me today and told me my...

The hospital called me today and told me my surgery time. 10am which means I have to show up at 8am. Not too bad. I hope I am able to come home that night, if not no biggie, guess I'll stay overnight. I think I'll pack a bag to stay just in case. Can't believe this is happening in a few days!!!!

Lat night I dreamed I looked in the mirror and I...

Lat night I dreamed I looked in the mirror and I was completely flat! I looked like a guy! lol I know that will not happen so I am not worried about that! I guess I must be subconsciously thinking about the size cause I've had one dream where they were too big, and now the one where I was flat! I am from SoCal and out there many of my friends and family members have had boob jobs and are very large chested It is so funny to think so many women pay to be big chested when those of us that are larger chested want to be small! I am so excited I have been buying shirts online cause there are so many great sales right now! Can't wait to see myself in them after I am healed! Not buying any bras yet though. I am going to wait until I am healed and can go to Nordstroms and get fitted so I know I am buying the right size!!!

Just got a call from the hospital and my surgery...

Just got a call from the hospital and my surgery time has been moved up! Have to arrive on Tues at 6am! It's getting closer!!!

I have been avoiding the gym since the nasty cold/...

I have been avoiding the gym since the nasty cold/ flu viruses are going around and I haven't run. I did a 30 miles bike ride a few weeks ago but I am feeling like a sloth. My hip and knee are hurting and they usually don't hurt. Guess all of this inactivity is getting me! Ready to be done so I can start training for my first half marathon of 2012. It is at the end of April so I won't have much time but I know I'll be fine. I just won't get a good time! Tomorrow night my mom gets here then Tuesday morning is the big day! Sure wish I was getting my stomach lipo'd at the same time! That is the hardest place to lose no matter how hard I work out! I am going to get rid of it this year though! I have declared war on it and I am determined to win this time! I have a sneaking suspicion it will look worse after my boobs are smaller! Even more motivation to get rid of it!

Well tomorrow is the big day. I have to get up at...

Well tomorrow is the big day. I have to get up at 4am and be at the hospital by 6am. My surgery is at 8am. I am not going to lie, I have hit the point where I am a little nervous and scared of the surgery and the pain factor afterwards. Hope it is not too bad! I guess if all goes well tomorrow I will be a B or a C! I'll let you know how it went after it is over and I feel well enough to.

Had surgery yesterday. Was at the hospital at 0540...

Had surgery yesterday. Was at the hospital at 0540 where they were very organized and checked all of the 0730 surgery patients in. I was very impressed with the whole operation. My surgeon was on time and marked me all up. She was very precise. She double checked the size I wanted to be and I made sure to tell her if it came down to it I wanted to be smaller rather than bigger. My surgery lasted 4 1/2 hours as she wanted to make sure the results were perfect. Everything went very well and even my recovery room nurse was awesome. My surgeon recommended I spend the night so I could take advantage of the Morphine and stuff. I am sooooo glad I stayed! I was very naseous(sp.) I got Morphine every 2 hours and percocet every 6. I loved the bed went up so I could get out of bed easier. My results! Oh my gosh my boobs are tiny!! They said they are C's and I don't even think they are full C's. I can't believe it! I got home at about 12 today and took a shower. I have to clean my drains 2-3x a day. That was not fun. My right side hurt really bad and I felt sick as the suction amped up as I cleaned the line. I will have them in until next Thursday and have to write down how much fluid comes out. I saw my boobs and they look amazing! They are small, perky and the areolas are small! I am truly amazed. It looks like I lost 20 lbs! More later but I am also on BActrim as an antibiotic and think I may be able to go to just Motrin either tonight or tomorrow. I feel pretty good!!! Will post pics later!

The boobs are sore an every once in awhile I get...

The boobs are sore an every once in awhile I get pain in my nipples which is a good thing I guess. My drain on the right side is the most sore. So far I am using Motrin and Perc. Hoping to end the Perc tomorrow. I am surprised by how much fluid is coming out the drains! I suspect my sleep tonight will not be very restful. Looking forward to this first week being over!!!

Well another day of recovery about done. I feel...

Well another day of recovery about done. I feel pretty good for 2 days out. My right drain hurts though. Very tender and that is really the only reason I am taking percocet. If it wasn't for that, I'd just be on Motrin. Tomorrow I am planning on stopping it no matter what. I am also on Bactrim for 2 weeks. I am happy to be covered for MRSA and stuff but I don't like taking antibiotics cause they tear your system down. Going to have to do lots of probiotics afterwards to build it back up. I still can't believe how good I feel overall and how good my boobs look! I need to get my pics posted but just haven't uploaded them yet to my computer. I can't help but try on a bunch of stuff in my closet. Even with the bulky drains my clothes fit so much better! Looking forward to the next few weeks and seeing the results without the drains.

Day 3 and feeling pretty good. Had some nausea...

Day 3 and feeling pretty good. Had some nausea today and I think it is from the motrin and Bactrim. Also lots of gas and stomach and intestines trying to return to normal. I posted a new pic. It is at an angle so they look a little crooked in the pic but in real life they are not!!! I am so happy with them. Getting a little impatient with not doing much but am going to follow docs orders! Don't want to pull any stitches or anything. Last night I woke up freezing and was shivering so hard I could feel it tightening and pulling on my stitches. I turned up the heat and went into bed with my mom! Warmed up and slept pretty well. I won't sleep with my husband because he tosses and turns and my kids always end up coming in at 4 or so in the morning. My mom washed my hair today and I feel human!!! I put some make up on and clean button up jammies, mom blow dried my hair and I flat ironed it a little. One of my friends stopped by and she couldn't believe the difference!!! I was afraid my smaller boobs was going to make my stomach look bigger but it has actually made it look smaller!

Today is recovery day 4. I didn't take any pains...

Today is recovery day 4. I didn't take any pains meds last night and slept pretty well. My stomach has been very bloated since surgery but is slowly going down. It doesn't make too much of a difference because I have the huge drains tucked into my pants. When I stripped my drains this morning the suction in the right one was pretty bad so I took some motrin. I also made sure to eat 30 minutes before I took the Bactrim cause it makes me feel sick. Feeling pretty good right now just lounging. I haven't been able to stand up straight cause it hurts and feels like it is pulling a little bit. My surgeon used the Wise pattern. I've seen it spelled 2 ways so I am using this way. It allowed her to lift my whole bust line higher and my nipples are a whole lot higher! I can't get over it!

Day 5!! My right drain is a pain in the $%^. It is...

Day 5!! My right drain is a pain in the $%^. It is the only reason I am taking pain pills once a day. I also am taking them right before bed. Other than that I feel pretty good. My stitches look great so far. I only see my boobs once a day when I change my dressings. They don't get bloody they are more to protect my boobs from rubbing or pulling. I was able to go out with my mom and do a bunch of errands. She dove and I had a pillow under my seat belt across my chest. It was pretty comfortable. It felt great to get out of the house!! I was getting stir crazy. Anyway I am so thrilled with my results and it is like a gift every time I see them!

Day 7 of recovery. Went to the mall for hours...

Day 7 of recovery. Went to the mall for hours today and walked around. I am still taking it easy and not lifting anything over 5 lbs. My drains come out on Thursday. I still have a small amount of bloody fluid coming out so I am glad it is coming out rather than staying in my body. By Thursday it should be almost gone. My swelling is minimal and the bruising is really clearing up. Every once in awhile I get a throbbing pain in one of my boobs from healing. My nipples both have sensation and have since Day 1. I am so thrilled when I look in the mirror still. I only see them a few times a day so it is still amazing. My boobs are getting itchy underneath the bra but I know that is means they are healing. My stitches are dry and look great. I am still taking Motrin about (800mg)/ day. Only when I change the drains still. I bought some new underwear and tank tops from Bali today. They are super soft and will be comfortable. Looking forward to hearing what my doc has to say on Thursday.

Today is the last day with drains!!!! Yea, looking...

Today is the last day with drains!!!! Yea, looking forward to them coming out in the morning. Felt great today and was out doing errands. I am still not driving but hope to be this weekend so we can go to some fun places while my mom is here! Bruising is minimal at this point and the drains hardly had anything in them tonight. I will post new pics soon.

Had my drains removed this morning! It didn't hurt...

Had my drains removed this morning! It didn't hurt. She told me she spent an extra hour or so after removing the breast tissue because they looked too flat and hung too low. She spent extra time building them up and making them perkier. I am so happy with the healing so far and how they look. I am wearing a shirt and sweater that would have made me look heavy before and it looks very cute! What a difference!

Today is post op day 11. I have been out and about...

Today is post op day 11. I have been out and about and doing lots of stuff. I drove yesterday but my limitation is turning around fully to see behind me when backing up. I have my mom do that for me so I don'y hit anything or anyone. Other than that feel great. My stitches are itchy but look really good. My boobs are getting a little softer at the top but still very firm on my most of them. My swelling from my under arms is slowly improving from where I had the drains removed. Those spots are a little tender. I am keeping gauze on my boobs and under arms to cover the stitches so they don;t get rubbed by the bra. I am still taking it easy overall and not lifting heavy things or pulling. But I can lift my arms over my head for the most part. I am using Dial soap to soap up my shoulders and upper chest and let it run down over the boobs. I hadn't shaved in 9 days because the drains made it impossible so that felt great that day. I have been trying some of my old clothes on and my old bras and WOW is all I can say. I ended up going a little smaller than the doc would have recommended but it works perfectly for my athletic lifestyle. I figure I can always add those silicon inserts to make them look bigger if I want! I am so happy!!!!

Tomorrow is 2 weeks post op! I feel great. I drove...

Tomorrow is 2 weeks post op! I feel great. I drove to Leesburg, Va just for a fun day yesterday and it was an hour and a half drive each way. I am still covering my breasts with the abdominal pads the doc gave me. I cut them in half and tape them to my body (not on the stitches!) to help hold them in place. I also place gauze and tape over my drain incisions. They are still sore. I am putting Bacitracin on the drain holes and on parts of the stitches that are itchy. It helps. My stitches and glue are all holding in place very well. No separating yet and I am doing everything I can to prevent that. I believe keeping the incisions covered is helping because nothing is rubbing on them. It is kind of a pain but in the scheme of things this is a few short weeks and I feel so great after the surgery it doesn't bother me. My drain sites are still tender but I don;t need any pain meds or anything. My right breast is more swollen and bruised than the left. Under my armpit I can see the swelling and bruising. The left side looks great! Still not lifting or pulling anything heavy but am able to do quite a few things and getting out of the house really is helpful. I am eating really healthy and have been doing Weight Watchers since right before surgery. I have lost about 9 pounds (2 was boob!). About 3 of them were extra holiday pounds so I am very happy to get rid of them. I feel great and am not really hungry. Now that my big boobs are gone it is really motivating to get this pregnancy weight off and to get back to my old self!

Tomorrow is 3 weeks post op. The glue and scabs...

Tomorrow is 3 weeks post op. The glue and scabs are starting to come off. I am pretty amazed at how small the incisions are. I don't think there is going to be much scarring. They are still hard but softening some. Still tender especially under the armpits where the drains were. Overall I feel and look great. I have my next doctors appointment on Thursday. I lifted my 35 lb little boy for the first time yesterday and everything felt good. I am still careful though. Overall recovery has been much better than I expected. The first 24 hours were the most painful and the first week because of the drains. Will post new pics soon!

I had my 2nd post op with my surgeon today. They...

I had my 2nd post op with my surgeon today. They peeled of the remaining glue except in a few small places. Also cut put a few stitches. They look so good. She gave me the clearance to start spinning and doing non bouncing activities. Told me to make sure I shower right after (which I do anyway!) She said no running or high impact exercises until I see her in 4 weeks. That is fine with me! Just so happy I can start spinning and yoga next week! More pics soon. As far as how the pain is....just tender when touched on the bottom and sides. My nipple sensation is better than it was before! I think some nerves connected that weren't before so that is a plus. The right side is still more swollen than the left but not bad. Looking forward to continued results. Tuesday will be 4 weeks out. Since they took most of the glue off I am not wearing any more pads to cover the incisions. I don't have much to catch on the bra anymore. She gave me this special cream to put on my boobs because they are very dry. I haven't wanted to put anything on them except for soap. They look even better now that they aren't dry anymore! Still love my surgeon and her resident! I feel so blessed to have had this done!

Today is 5 weeks post op and my first day back to...

Today is 5 weeks post op and my first day back to the gym! Last week I didn't go because I had a few stitches that were poking out and a spot that I was watching on my incision. I felt super out of shape but after 30 minutes I didn't feel like I was going to die anymore. I wore a tight workout tank with a built in bra and felt great! I also looked great! I used to wear at least 2 jog bras and a big shirt to hide. I didn't sweat nearly as much and looked pretty good! Overall the healing is going very well. They are still a little tender and I have had to cut out a few stitches that were poking through. I can tell there are going to be more soon. There is a little bit of bruising on the bottom still as that seems to be the area that has the most to heal still. The size is great. People close to me keep asking me if I think they are too small! HECK NO! I am so happy and every time I put on a shirt or jacket it feels so good. There is so much room in my shirts now it is amazing. My next doc appoint is in 3 weeks and I need to call and make it! OOPS. Other than that things are going great and I expect to be cleared to run after my next visit!

I am over 11 weeks out from surgery and life has...

I am over 11 weeks out from surgery and life has gotten back to normal! I feel great every time I put shirts and bras on still. I have started running again and guess what...no bouncing! At all! My bra size is a 36C and I m not spilling out at all. I almost could be a B I think. I love my small boobs! When I wear fitted tops I still have boobs but they are not big at all and don't jump out at you. Exactly what I wanted! I can't express how happy I am with the results. They are also very perky!

I don;t even know how many weeks I am out now!...

I don;t even know how many weeks I am out now! Surgery was January 17. So much has been going on. But the most important news to share is....I did a mud run on Saturday (5k with obstacles and water and mud) and my 7th half marathon on Sunday. I finished in 2:27 which is slow for me but considering I haven't run further than 3 miles since recovering from surgery I am pleased. I still love my boobs. The shape keeps getting better. They are very soft. One is lightly larger than the other but it does not bother me since you really can't tell. I only notice in my bra. My running was so much more pleasant with the no bouncing. I cannot express how much more fun it is to run again! I have a triathlon in 2 weeks and am so excited to wear a tri suit and wetsuit without having to fit the big girls anymore. I would tell any body to be realistic about your surgery. They will not be perfect and they won't look like they did when you were 20 years younger but they will look amazing and feel so much better. I cannot express enough how happy I am with my results and that I did this surgery!!!
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You do look fantastic! Like a different person in your photos! I am not a runner but I am going to try the treadmill. Congrats on your marathon!
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Congrats on your runs! That's so awesome to hear! Definitely motivation to me, I can't wait to recover and start going to the gym again! I am most definitely taking it slow, not trying to slow any recovery time!!! Thanks for the update!
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Yes just take your time! It is worth it and you'll feel great!
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Triathlon?...UGH! I can't even imagine! My next project is to get to work on my diet. I've not lost any weight...and I even gave up soda for Lent...so I know I have to get control of my sugar and carb intake, but that seems impossible some day. Oh well, one step at a time. Good luck with your triathlon! Let me know how that goes!
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How is everything going Iowa?? I don't get a chance to get on here to much but like to update every month or so!!
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Things are going well! I'm so glad to hear you are doing so amazingly. I've been wondering how running was feeling for you. My running was doing great but then started having some trouble with plantar fasciitis. I was encouraged to rest my foot for a couple of weeks. I'm getting back to it. It is so frustrating because I've never had trouble with my feet but got a pair of Reebok Easy Tone shoes about a year ago and though I only wore them for about a week they certainly ruined my left foot. I know a lot of people like them, but they certainly aren't for me!

You were cdefinitely right about giving the running about 12 weeks. That is about the point where I started to notice the weight coming off. It was like all at once I dropped about 8 pounds, which is super exciting and makes me even more eager to get back on track.

The mud run sounds like it was a lot of fun. That is what I'm hoping to be able to do in July, though I fear I'm a long way from being able to complete a 5K in the most ideal of situations, let alone covered in mud and surviving obstacles! But I'm determined to do it. Even my husband who hasn't really run since he was in the military (and that was more than a couple of years ago!) has gotten on the treadmill. I'm excited for us to be at about the same level so that we can go to the lake and run together. I think that would be so great.

Best of luck at your triathalon! Will be excited to hear about it!
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I have plantar fasciitis too. After my half my right foot killed for a week. I had debated about wearing my inserts and chose not too, bad move. I bought Dr. Scholls gel arch supports for running. They help support the arch. I have had to rest mine and we have been moving also so it has gotten several weeks of rest and no longer hurts. Yea, a pair of bad shoes can wreak havoc on the feet. I've had the same thing. Under Armour are the only ones for me.

That is soooo awesome you have lost weight. I knew you would. Yay for hubby running with you. It makes it more fun and if you are both on the same page you will be more successful in the long run! Keep me posted!!!!!!
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Great to hear! You are rocking the running! Yes I have heard of the Warrior Dash. I think you would have a lot of fun with it! There are tons of runs similar to it also so if you like it.....there are plenty to be found!
Sounds good about the docs plans. I imagine removing it surgically will take a little bit longer to heal but probably not too long! Running outside is fun. You'll enjoy iy when you find a good route. Thanks, I am really enjoying the new boobs. I am getting back there. Next week should be in full force. I signed up for another triathlon next month with my training buddy so I have to get it going! Keep me posted!!
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Weird, just posted a comment and it disappeared on me! Thanks, been running and feels so good now! When is your next appoint and how is your training going??
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Had a follow up today. We are going to wait another month because he suspects I still have some swelling. When I go back we will decide if we are going to try more lipo or maybe just excise the tissue since it seems to be more dense tissue than fat tissue.

I made my 20 minute goal yesterday, so I'm going to continue that for a week and then start going for more distance. When I can get to 5K regularly I will start aiming for time then. And of course I'm going to have to get outside and actually run on the road with hills and all of that junk that is going to make it hard!

My cousin wants me to do the Warrior Dash with her in July. Have you heard of that? It is a 5K obstacle course. She assures me I can be ready...I'm not so sure, but my boys are eager to try it, so I guess I'll try not to embarass myself too much!

Your doctor really did a great job! Glad everything went so well for you. Are you back to your regular routine?
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I've been thinking about you and wondering how you were doing. Glad you are so happy! You do look amazing! CONGRATS!
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Wow you look great! I am jealous! I need to start running! lol
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Thanks!! Running and biking give great results!! Even better when you add swimming in too!!!
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I am doing great Iowa!!! Thanks! Was 8 weeks on Tuesday and couldn't be happier! Went for my first run on Monday and felt so good! My boobs did not bounce! lol Not once! I love running again though I have been mostly cycling and doing weights! My next half marathon is on April 29 and I have to say I will not be ready for this one since I was just able to start training! Will still be out there though. Sounds like you are doign great! So happy to hear and maybe we can do a half marathon someday! I know you will do it!
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I've been running almost daily since mid-February. I have actually come to enjoy it. I'm along way from a half-marathon though! I have lipo to my breasts at the end of next week, so hopefully won't have to interrupt my schedule for too long.
I'm glad you are doing so well. You are truly a success story! Good luck on the 29th!
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You are doing so well!!! I am sooo happy for you! Good luck with your lipo. I can't wait to hear about your results. I really hope it gets you to where you want to be. You deserve it! Keep me posted and I will of course check on here periodically to see how everyone is doing!
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Just checking in now that you are almost 2 months post-op. Hope you are still doing well!
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WooHoo! That is great news!
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I got fitted at Nordstroms yesterday and I am officially a small C!!!! And there was no lifting and no tucking. It was surreal!!! You girls will be thrilled!
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Sounds great. And no more wearing a push up bra to lift boobs with a sports bra over top just to go to the gym!
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keepthefaith good luck! It is an exciting journey. Just keep focused on the end result and you'll do great. Follow the surgeons orders and rest as much as possible the first few days to a week! You are going to be so happy you don;t have to lift up your boobs and tuck them into your bra anymore! I am still weirded out that they stay where they are supposed to stay, bra or not bra!!! Keep us posted on your surgery and your results. I am wearing tank tops for the first time in years!! You'll be so happy! : ))
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lol. i seriously can't wait until i don't have to tuck my boobs into my bra :)
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Wow I can relate to all of you on here. You look great! I love your post! You make me feel so much better. My surgery is March the 12th. I have been reading post like crazy and some of them make me more nervous. I am a 38DD to DDD but I have major sagging from pegnancy/nursing and weight loss. Im going in for breast lift which my doctor said I will be a size smaller. Hoping for a C! You really inspire me to go threw with it. Thanks.
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I love this thread. Thanks to everyone who posts. My surgery is April 10th. I absolutely can't wait. 7 weeks (45 days) and counting.
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