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I've had back and neck pain for over 20 years....

I've had back and neck pain for over 20 years. I'm so uncomfortable in my body and I want to be out of pain and feel good about myself

Less than 2 weeks to go. I've been reading...

Less than 2 weeks to go. I've been reading reviews until my eyes burn! I've learned so much, but still have many questions. Do you really have to sleep on your back? Exactly what kind of bra will I have to wear afterwards and where is the best place to get one? I'm sure I'll hear all about this when I have my surgery, but I want to be prepared ahead of time.
I've been a 40DD since I can remember, and always wanted to do this, but the insurance I had didn't cover it. Then I found out that my new insurance does! I was so hesitant to even ask about it, but I'm so glad I did. My doctor is very kind and understanding and answered all the questions I had, except the ones I forgot to ask. I've already found jammies that button up or zip up the front, so I have that covered. Already starting to clean and get things ready. Can you tell I'm excited? i need to take some pictures to post when I find my camera.

I've been reading reviews and comments and it...

I've been reading reviews and comments and it makes me very glad I've found this forum.
I've had many of my questions answered, but I still have more! I found out last night that I can sleep sitting up--i fell asleep watching TV and propped up on the pillows. I had a very restful sleep, so that calms some of my fears. One of the things that worries me thought, is after-care. My daughter is able to take 4 days off to take care of me. Will I need more afterwards? I have no one else here, except my ex-boyfriend, and I'm not I want to ask HIM! I'm worried about the effects of the anesthesia. I don't always respond well afterwards...I'll break out in hives and feel dizzy and sick. Should I ask for something beforehand? I'm beyond nervous to anxious, and feeling sick at my stomach. Is this normal? Any comments or answers will be greatly appreciated. :)

I'm having horrible tension headaches. I guess...

I'm having horrible tension headaches. I guess it's because I'm so nervous. I called my doctor's office to ask what I thought were stupid questions but I was assured they were not, LOL. They are calling me back with answers. Another crisis averted!
Thanks Iowa! I have talked to the doctor's office about the bras, and they also suggested the Walmart sports bra. So I'm set on that. Now if I can get rid of these migraines, ill be ok

I didn't have a front closure one either, just one that pulled on and that worked fine. I think I have a picture of it on my review.

Welcome to RealSelf, Tink! You've come to the right place for answers and support!

Everything you are feeling is completely normal! The excitement and nervousness and even the nausea.  We have all been there. I can tell you from my experience that it is definitely worth it all though!

Sleeping on your back is necessary for the first couple of weeks. I used a recliner or the couch for the first week. In bed you can prop some pillows under your head and one under each arm and you really do sleep pretty comfortably. I used my pain pills at night to help me sleep a bit better though. After a couple of weeks I slowly started transitioning to my side and eventually back to my tummy.

I freaked out about the bras too. What I ended up getting was one from Wal-Mart that was cheap. I know some of the PSs require these really constricting bras, but mine did not. I also used a 6 inch ACE wrap. I loved that because I could control the amount of pressure as I felt I needed it. But make sure and check with your PS about the bra. He may have something specific that he wants you to use. And I would certainly follow his recommendation on that.

Super excited for you! You will be thrilled once this is all behind you :-D

One week! I'm more then ready. As I was dressing...

One week! I'm more then ready. As I was dressing this morning, I was thinking about how nice it will be not to slather powder under my breasts so I don't drip with sweat all day. Of course I'll have to reapply several times a day, but not for long! Yay!

One thing that is great is that I don't get as hot as I used to. Even after spending two hours on the mower there isn't a pool of sweat! This surgery has been totally liberating in so many ways!

Six days left! Excited!! I think most of my...

Six days left! Excited!! I think most of my questions have been answered, but I still have one more. The measurement of my chest below the bra band is a 36. does that have any bearing on what size I might be when finished? I'm very small boned, and I look like I have watermelons hanging off of me! Just wondering...

That should not affect your cup size. Although if you were to wear a 36 band rather than a 34 band you would more than likely wear a smaller cup, just because of the extra space that you would have in the 36. I however do not like the 36 band because it just feels too loose on me and I don't feel it offers me the support that the snugger 34 does.

Have a great weekend!

Four days left!! I got the bra situation in hand....

Four days left!! I got the bra situation in hand. Only problem is that they are on sale NOW, and I don't know what size to get...I'm afraid if I wait too long, they will go back up to $40. I have the button down shirts taken care ex-boyfriend (we are still friends), is giving me a bunch of nice, soft, button down cotton shirts, so I don't have to worry about THAT expense. Floor is vacuumed, laundry done, and my pre-op physical is tomorrow. I hope he can give me somethings for these migraines--I have to have that jeopardize the surgery. My brother called me to say Happy Mother's Day and to see how I am faring. We had a good laugh when he asked that Chelsea call him and let him know how the surgery went. He commented that he knew I was going to be glad to get all this off my mind, AND my chest! LOL.
Happy Mother's Day to all of you out there--hope it's a good one.
Thank you for all the "good lucks"! I'm so excited. It will be wonderful to be lighter this summer. That is the worst time of year for me. Good luck to you, too, DDD! We can compare experiences and commiserate with each other :) Had my pre op physical and blood work done yesterday, and today they called and said my potassium was very low. I have to take a supplement before the surgery or they won't do it, and 2 weeks afterwards. I should have known why I am so dizzy all the time! BTDT for ages. Time to finish all the dishes, cause I know my daughter hates to do them, and they will sit forever until i can get to them!
Hi Tink! Hope the next two days fly by for you! Youm ust be over the moon excited and anxious to get this behind you and start healing. Wishing you the very best on Thursday and can't wait to hear from you afterwards!
Hi Tink, Looks like we're scheduled for the same day. Won't it be great to have a lighter, cooler summer. Good luck! Kerry

Tomorrow! I'm so excited. I've got everything...

Tomorrow! I'm so excited. I've got everything together, done last minute laundry and vacuuming. Trying to eat but my stomach is queasy. I wanted to get my hair cut, but I can't find my ride. So I will relax and try to take a nap. Sigh...

Just checking in, Tink. Hope everything went well and you are resting and well on your way to beautiful perky breasts!
I'm right behind you! Tomorrow is my big day. I'm trying so hard to get everything in order. I'll check on you from time to time. I will pray for a speedy recovery for the both of us!
Sending lots of positive energy and good wishes your way today Tink!!

Had the surgery yesterday; stiil pretty out of it....

Had the surgery yesterday; stiil pretty out of it. Im in more pain than I had expected and I didn't sleep well. I that will be my main activity today! My daughter told me that my hips were bigger than my boobs, LOL. They are very perky and I love them so far. I can even see my feet for the first time in 20 years. OK, nap time now.
Hi Tink, Looks like we've both made it to the other side. I'm in more pain than I thought I would be too. I think it's due to the drains. Hope you're feeling better soon and let me know if you want to chat.
Tink thats a good thing!! I'm hoping mine are all there when the boobs go!! LOL
Yep FEET! one on each leg. AND a lap :)

Well, this weekend I haven't been feeling great....

Well, this weekend I haven't been feeling great. The pain is down to an ache and it itches! I started to run a fever; if it's not completely gone tomorrow I'm going back to the doc. It looks like he took a lot out, it's nice and perky. I can't.
wait to see them!
I'm feeling a bit better now. I have been taking Tylenol and that has helped the fever. Now just resting and itching. No benedryl LOL.

How are you feeling after resting today, Tink? Is the fever gone? Have you taken any Tylenol?
Hey Tink, some folks have found some relief with Benadryl and/or light icing to TOP part of chest.....not directly on girls, I don't think, because you don't want to impede circulation. The good news is that most people have mentioned its a daily short period if itchiness. Hope it (and the fever) pass quickly.

Well, good and bad. Still hurting, but it's more a...

Well, good and bad. Still hurting, but it's more a tingling stretching feeling. I'm not sleeping well so I'm exhausted all the time. I keep waking up on my side and I'm afraid I'm hurting myself. The fever is gone and my doc said the itching will get worse. I guess I'm just depressed because I don't know if I'm doing things right and I don't want to keep calling my doctor with stupid questions. Sorry about the rants, I go for my post op tomorrow. Maybe I'll feel better then.

Oh yeah. There is a good thing along with the...

Oh yeah. There is a good thing along with the rants. The bra they put me in is a 38B/C. I'm hoping I stay a B
I hope you are feeling better soon, I noticed a big difference right at the week mark. I was very tired the first week too, even when I did have a good night's sleep I still needed a nap or two. Try not to think about doing things right or wrong, relaxing will help things go smoother. But you also shouldn't feel bad calling your surgeon with questions, it will put your mind at ease over any worries. For sleeping, I have pillows down each side and under my bum/legs to stop me from rolling. I'm a side sleeper by nature! Take care!
Grr! The DOG sleeping on it!
I do fall asleep on my back with pillows under my arms. I'm very restless and end up on my side. This morning I woke up curled up on my side and the pillow was on the floor with the sleeping on it! I finally pulled the pads out of the bra today and does it feel good!

Post op today! Doc said everything looks great, I...

Post op today! Doc said everything looks great, I can sleep any way I want and I took a shower! OMG it was wonderful. We went bra shopping and the one sports bra in "my" size was too big and UGLY. Went to the mall and looked at the Bali's that everyone has talked about and it fit perfectly and was SO comfy, but I can get them cheaper online. Now I'm exhausted but clean and happy? .
Thanks! I'm feeling great. For the first time since I can remember, I went to a. Cookout this weeknd wearing a cute tank top. Everyone was talking above how much confidence I have now. It was wonderful!
congrats... you look great!
I got my bra at Kohl's. It's a Bali comfort revolution 3484. You can find it at just about any department store. And it comes in pretty colors!

I'm feeling great except for one thing --the glue...

I'm feeling great except for one thing --the glue holding my stitches together. It's sticky and makes me hot and uncomfortable. Should I let it come off naturally or help it along, as it peels? It's nasty!
I agree with Iowa71! My little one had back surgery at 2months old and they used super glue!! We just let it come off on its own! You dont want to have it come off before the proper healing takes place!! The incision may not heal nicely if it comes off before ready!! I know its irritating but this will pass!!!

I would double check with your PS regarding the glue, but my advice would be to let it come off naturally. I would be hesitant to force it off as it is holding together precious merchandise!

Three week check up today. He said it looks great!...

Three week check up today. He said it looks great! I'm still a little tender around the incisions, but I feel wonderful. He I look like a 20 year old! Sooo much more confident and cute clothes! Just no lifting.

WooHoo, Tink! You look great! And your not lop-sided any more! Congrats!
Aww, Tink, you look GREAT! What a beautiful shape and they look perfect for your frame. You must be so pleased. Thanks for posting that lovely pic - its really encouraging to see such a great "after" when I'm right in the middle.

OK, I tried to update earlier, but it didn't show...

OK, I tried to update earlier, but it didn't show up. Let's try again. It is hot hot hot, and it feels great not to have sweat dripping down the front of me. I was told yesterday that I used to keep my arms crossed in front of me all the time, trying to hide the girls. Not anymore. Someone also said that they never realized that I was THAT tall, LOL. Now I can stand straight and tall and with pride.
I still have very little feeling in my nipples. Is that normal at 3 weeks? How long might it take? I'm not concerned, just curious.
Hi Tink, you look GREAT and I agree about the sweating, it was 91 degrees here yesterday (I don't have ac) normally i would have been miserable, but I just walked around in a tankini without a care in the world I cannot believe those big boobs created so much heat! lol. About your nipples, i remember my ps saying they can be super sensitive for a while but recover as well as not so sensitive for a while and still regain sensitivity, so I wouldn't worry just yet.
Dunno Tink about the sensation but I agree with Iowa - they look adorable!

I think they look really good! Such a change in the incisions. The nipples look pink, so they must be getting plenty of blood flow, so hopefully you will start noticing some sensation soon!

I'm doing great, four weeks in. I bought a bunch...

I'm doing great, four weeks in. I bought a bunch of pretty t-shirts to replace the big baggy things I've worn for years. I have a spot under my right breast,it's been tender and oozing. The doc said it was fat necrosis and nothing to worry about unless I startedto spike a fever. It looks nasty but it'll be fine.

Glad you are doing well, Tink. Could you tell a difference when you were trying on clothes? Isn't it amazing?

OK, dumb question. Are your breasts supposed to...

OK, dumb question. Are your breasts supposed to get softer? My bras are starting to fit a little different. It's not bad, I just don't kow what to expect!

Well for some reason part of my post didn't show...

Well for some reason part of my post didn't show up. They are also dropping quite a bit. Still perky, but a bit lower.
,ROFL Piggles! That is too funny. I've never heard that before. Thanks for clarifying. :)
Hey Tink...yes and yes! They get softer as the swelling goes down ("fluffing") and settle into a more natural shape (the "dropping") You'll often hear it referred to as just that, "dropping and fluffing". It's exactly what they're supposed to do, so you're right on the money!

Argh. The new tank tops I just bought are now too...

Argh. The new tank tops I just bought are now too big! The straps keep sliding off my shoulders. Mediums are too small, so I'm going to have to fix all the straps. Ick. I hate sewing.
Thanks! I FEEL great!
You are really looking great :O)
OMG no! For so many years of buying XLe or XXL, it is fine to have things be too big . I'll sew if I have too!

I just noticed something. NO stretch marks! I've...

I just noticed something. NO stretch marks! I've had them since I was 16 and developed from flat-chested to a 36 something overnight. Having 3 kids and nursing didn't help. It just dawned on me while rubbing lotion on them that they are completely smooth! I wish my hips and stomach were like this. LOL

OK, ladies, another question. How soon can I wear...

OK, ladies, another question. How soon can I wear an underwire? Not that I want to, but I have some cute shirts which need something low cut, and that.that is all I have for now.
That's pretty much what I thought. It's my daughter who is worried, LOL She thinks that I should wait until all my stitches are dissolved, which they pretty much area.

I was trying underwires on at 4 weeks, but not really wearing them until about 8. Some girls can't tolerate them, but they do not bother my scars at all and I feel the most comfortable and confident in them. I would think that you could wear them as long as they don't irritate your incision line.

Sigh, more questions. I have some very painful...

Sigh, more questions. I have some very painful lumps almost under my armpits. Is this normal or should I be concerned? Also, do the little puckered areas at the corners go away? I've been massaging with lotion but I don't know what to expect when! LOL
Tink, the lumps under your arms could be totally normal - sounds like some wacky healing stage - but if it happened to me, I would call the nurse and bug her about it. It's just the kind of thing that makes me antsy. My PS was looking at my dog ear under my left arm and said she'd trim it off in the office at 6 months if it was still there, maybe the same could be done with your puckers?

Hi, y'all. I stiil have very little sensation in...

Hi, y'all. I stiil have very little sensation in my nipples, I have major "headlight " action going on all the time. It's kind of embarrassing. I have a very sore spot and a blister under one of the girls, and wearing a bra for very long is irritating. Any suggestions?

My sensitivity was unbelievable for about three months. I still have significant response to stimulation, cold, etc, but its not constant any more. Try putting some gauze in you bra to hide the reaction, but otherwise you just have to wait it out!

Great day! I went to my doc for my three month...

Great day! I went to my doc for my three month checkup this morning, and I am totally cleared for everything. No wearing a bra for 24 hours a day, which means sleeping without one! I can exercise, I can do anything I want to do. He said everything looks great and all the things I was worried about are totally normal. I feel wonderful!

WooHoo! let the games begin!
YIPEE!!!!! Now theres nothing holding you back!!! You look great!!
I would love to know as well as I am in suburbs near you guys!! Also did you get more than one consultation before selecting your PS?
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