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Soooo, I have been stalking this website for...

Soooo, I have been stalking this website for YEARS!! I've been trying to get a breast reduction for longer than that but it has always been an epic fail...until now!! Yes, ladies I will be getting the procedure done tomorrow and I am ecstatic!! I could tell you how the whole process went but my attention span isn't really allowing me to do it but I promise to post it if anyone is truly interested in it. Let me tell you the pertinent information now before I spontaneously combust: I (allegedly) wear a 36HH size bra, I'm 34, have two children- 12.9 (her birthday is in a few days) and 4, and I have always had very big boobs. When I was younger I didn't mind so much but after I had my children they got so big that I almost need a bra for my bra. Tomorrow is the big day, April 15. Pray for me and I'll try my best to update with pics tomorrow after it happens.


Good luck!!
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Congratulations to You Im one month post opt. today Did you discuss how much was going to be removed ? I know that is always a concern I made sure to tell my surgeon day of surgery I wanted on the SMALL SIDE OF C nothing to do with full or bigger LOL Happy Healing
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Good luck with everything! You're going to feel do much happier once it's done! I had my surgery a week ago yesterday and I can't stop looking at them! Lol
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the day of

No punctuation today, no spellcheck, no proper grammar...because I'm in pain. Not "OMG, this is the end" pain but "OMG, I just got cut open and sewn back together" pain. The entire process was so fast- I checked in at 0600, 0800 I was on the operating table and by 1300 I was in my room for an overnight stay. I'm here in the room now and underneath my left boob is burning but I am excited about the healing process and seeing the final product.


WELCOME TO THE OTHER SIDE ! YOU Made it ! You have come to the Right Place here - with a whole bunch of nice gals and a LOT of Help and Encouragement !
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It feels like you're right everyone is nice and I've learned a lot. It was so nice not going in to surgery "blind."
you did it! Happy healing :)
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I'm in need of all advice concerning what to buy for soreness, scars, burning sensations, what to use to massage away the "stoney boob" and anything that you used that you strongly recommend for any reason for new boobs. Thank you so much, seriously, thank you for taking time out to help.

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One more thing

Advice for swelling?


Welcome to the perky side!   You are going to love the nipple placement now:)
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I actually love it and I got my teen tattoo removed too!! My nipple is where it used to be
Bromelain and arnica cream helped (and are still helping) me with the swelling. After the first week, I started taking some Ibuprofen when I really needed it too. Eating a very healthy diet and taking extra vitamins so my body has the nutritional support for healing. No sugar, no alcohol or processed foods for the first few weeks. Rest! Compression! Ice!
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I need to get this off my chest! and by "this" i mean the bra

I really want to take this compression bra off! (Strap yourself in because this post is going to be me whining and moaning about silly stuff). Most of the posts I have read have talked about minimal pain and not hurting and only needing ibuprofen. So maybe I'm an odd case because my breast hurt. (i'm exaggerating but I do have discomfort) it's that they are really stiff and the incisions underneath burn a little. In all honesty I have had to use the serious narcotic that my doctor prescribed because my boobs would laugh at the ibuprofen. I want a couple of minutes without the bra on but I have strict instructions to wear it all times so it had not been removed at all, except one when my husband was changing my dressings. I'll have a photo update tomorrow because I get to shower tomorrow, so be on the lookout for my Stoney Boobs. For anyone who reads this and is thinking about a BR, knowing what I know now I would absolutely do it again. Healing is an uncomfortable process and I have an non-existent threshold for pain so it is therapeutic for me to whine but there is no excruciating pain just stiffness, swelling, and burning at the incision site.


I feel you! I was looking forward to the minimal 1 day of pain and no Need for the meds! Hell no I ran out of my narcs! I was in so much pain and I'm still in a little pain! I understand exactly how you feel but I'd do it all over again!
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I tried the bromelian and also felt a little relief when I woke up. Thanks for the advice peediewife and Savannah May

It's super early in the morning

We've been up since 0500 because I needed to tinkle and I also needed to re-up my pain medicine. My husband decided to go ahead and change the dressings so I actually have some pictures to post this time. My right boob looks really bruised but it doesn't hurt at all (unless I touch or something silly) my left boob has a throbbing pain on the outer bottom stitch area (near my arm pit). I'm truly excited about how they look though! It's only day 3 and they look promising even if they are still in the stoney boob phase


I'm considering using Dr. Shermak. How long did you need to wait for a consultation? Did she require you to meet with your primary care doctor as well? Looks great btw!
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My consultation date was within a week (or 10 days) I honestly don't remember but I know it was short than two weeks because I was anxious and two weeks would have caused to explode with anticipation! I don't quite understand what you want to know when you ask if she required me to meet with primary doctor so I'll answer it twice and if I still don't answer you correctly, forgive me. No, she didn't require me to see my primary care doctor in regards to her decision on whether the surgery was necessary. She looked at them, asked me how small I wanted to go, and then shared me her medical opinion with me. When we had a surgery date set she did require that I go to my PCD because they had to say that I was healthy enough to have the procedure done, it as kinda like a physical with bloodwork. I hope that answered your question. Dr. Shermak is awesome. She doesn't do every BR the same because she respects that everyone is different. She is nice and most important of all she is timely. She has a great respect for your time and you as an individual. If you consult with her I know you'll want her to do your procedure.
Thank you!! I'm glad to hear you had such a good experience and thanks for answering about the PCP. What hospital did you have it done at and did she require your overnight stay or was that something you just wanted to do? And....I know you went through insurance (I read through all the comments here!)...but do you know how much it would have cost you without insurance coverage? I'm not quite sure I'll be approved.

I'm miserable because patience has never been a virtue of mine

I woke up this morning and guess what?? My boobs aren't healed and ready to go!! You're outraged, right?!? I know, right, me too!!! No one bothered to teach my boobs the art of compromise or negotiation. They don't seem to understand that there is an entire backless fashion world that we just got invited to. I have every intent of writing a very strongly worded letter to boob management if things don't start to progress soon!! My first post-op appointment is Wednesday and I'll post some more pictures and update on that date. Pray for me and my lack of patience, I know that this is a journey and luckily for me I have awesome support and I also have RS as support and an outlet but I just want to show off my new friends!


Your review made me laugh out loud, but then you have a lot to smile about, your boobs look to be a lovely shape already! I'm jealous, I shall be writing to mine tonight and showing them your picture :)
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Thank you so much! I really appreciate it. You should write, I've been talking to mine lately about the importance of a good and positive attitude!
your sense of humour will see you through, your result is superb!
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First post-op check up update

I went to see my PS yesterday and all is well! I'm healing nicely, there is a little redness on the right boob so she prescribed an antibiotic to be safe. She also suggested I start on a antihistamine medicine for the hives that I'm beginning to get around the incisions near my armpits. All in all I feel good. I'm trying to cut back on my narcotic pain medicine and I'm succeeding there also! I'm loving these boobs more and more everyday!


the sooner you are off the pain meds the better, you look great!
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I don't think that the Boob Management Dept here - got the memo Either ! I really had NO IDEA - HOW LONG - it would take to Heal and the Time of Recovery at ALL ! It has helped me a LOT - In reading people's reviews - to know that I am NOT ALONE - in this whole Long Healing Process ! Your Shape and Size look very Nice for your Frame ! I Know you'll be happy - in the Long Run !
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Hee hee, you should write a book!

It's been a long time....I shouldn't have left you

Second post op visit was today. I don't know if I mentioned last week that my PS put me on antibiotics because my right boob was kinda red and she was a tad concerned. Also, I had hives under my armpits on the incisions and just in that general area (on both sides) o.k....I say all of that to say I'm all better! I'm still on the antibiotics but the right boob has stopped draining from the nipple area and the redness has gone away. For the hives, my PS gave me the miracle mixture for them! ...get this (you will never believe)... She told me to take Zyrtec and Zantac and guess what?!? It worked!! No hives, no itching and no more misery. I don't know, other people might have known about this but I didn't I thought it was so weird to take an acid reducer but hey, who am I to judge? All I know is the combination works for hives.

So today all is well, my left boob is starting to soften and the right had technical difficulties so it's still pretty swollen and hard but she told me (my right boob) that she's ready to play catch up. Also, I got the stitches that were sticking out cut and removed. So, I don't see the doctor for another three weeks if everything remains on the track that it's on.


looking very good, what a fabulous figure
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Thank you so much! I feel so much better
You are so funny , love that your boobs have personalities of their own lol! Happy healing.
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My Theory

I am just shy of being 4 weeks post op and I'm loving how my boobs are healing. Between me and you I have this gnawing feeling that right boobs have bad attitudes. I don't want to talk about anyone or start any rumors, but I've been reading lots of other BR reviews and the right boob has collected a lot of different concerns and questions by other ladies. My right boob is trying (sigh), I'm being patient and giving her lots of positive reinforcement and she seems to be slowly responding. I've posted pics so that you can see the progress. I also have an appointment with my dermatologist on Wednesday to look at my scars because unfortunately I do tend to form keloids (sp?). So, I just want to get an early jump on that, just in case. I'll let you know how that goes, too.


Hi there...I'm so thankful for your review. Your comment really helped me a few months ago while going through the insurance process. I have 2 little ones (7 and 4). Do you have any after surgery advice? I was also wondering what size you are sitting at now. I'm a 36j hoping for a C but I'm not sure that us realistic. Any info would be much appreciated.
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How are you doing? Post more pictures please!!
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Lol! My problem is the left boob :)
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Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Shermak has been wonderful since the moment I met her. She is patient never rushed or huffy. Her hands aren't cold, which deserves an honorable mention. Most of all she has one of the BEST (if not the best) medical personal assistant ever! Ann does not call and keep you posted on everything but if you call her she calls you back and she gets the job done.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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