Breast Reduction May 25th- Baltimore, MD

Hello! I am about to be 22 years old and have been...

Hello! I am about to be 22 years old and have been overly blessed with large breasts! Ever since I was 9 years old I have had large breast. When I was 10 I was a C cup. I remember in 5th grade my class asked me if I got breast implants...ever since then I have been self conscious about them. I am doing this to elevate the back and neck pain I have developed. I also want to be more confident in the things that I do! I am overweight but have been steadily loosing weight since I got out of my cast from a foot injury. Though I am overweight the majority of my breast is of the dense breast tissue. I am also hoping this reduction makes it easier for me to workout! I am scared I will feel naked without my breast because I have been hiding behind them for as long as I can remember! I know this is what needs to be done I am about to graduate from college in December and I want to feel like a new person when I leave and I know this will be the start of it!

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Got another call from the doctors today! The one...

Got another call from the doctors today! The one yesterday was about the post-op bras. I am going to buy mine from the hospital for a whopping $70.00 I hope it is worth it! Today they went over the pre-op procedures and such, nothing new though. I am still very nervous! I was reminded that I need to buy anti-bacterial soap so I may run out and get some of that tonight or early in the morning. I can't believe this is actually happening! I am still a little nervous I just wonder how I will feel the next two days!


Deeds628, How did it go. Mine went fantastic they said. I really wish for you the same. I am in very little pain but I am moving slow and taking it crazy easy. I am on Tylenol 3 and antibiotics. I am however getting slight moments of dizziness. nothing to bad but I still feel it. I don't know about breast sensation or how the girls look but so far I feel good. Take care of yourself and get well.
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Hey Zing! Glad to hear from you I am glad yours went fantastic!! I will make an update most likely when i wake up in the morning. But mine went pretty well! I love how they look thus far though they are swollen! Yea same here little pain but I move fairly slowly. I am still a little nauseous! I am on Percocet and 1 antibiotic and 1 drug for Nausea. But good news they were able to keep the sensation!!! I'll explain in the update!!!

Just checking in on you, Deeds. Hope you are resting and impressed with those new little ladies!
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Soo here is my journey I woke up at 4:30, and my...

Soo here is my journey I woke up at 4:30, and my mom and I left the house around 5:30 to get to the hospital by 6:00. We got to the hospital and was able to register rather quickly. Oddly enough the lady registering me was someone I knew in middle school, it was kind of weird. Nonetheless, we spoke for a little while and then I went back to my seat. Ten minutes later a nurse from the back came and got me. We did the regular blood pressure/ peeing thing. After she left another nurse, came in. She was nice but said I was pretty easy because there is not much going on with me health wise. After the questions, she put the IV in my hand. She left and another nurse, came by and let me know that I was not Finally the Anesthesiologist, came by and started talking to me about the process and such.

My OR nurse came in afterwards but our time was cut short because my Surgeon came in. He started of talking to me about how he wanted me to keep sensation in my nipples. He said that's how he was going to do the procedure and because I am young, despite the size of my breast, he was confident that it would work! He also told me he wanted to do a little liposuction on the sides to make it look a little better with my breast, I had no obligations! He began marking me with a pen, which was a little awkward at first but then I was a little fascinated with it. He finally finished and then gave me a consent form to sign. Before anything else could go on my mom proceeded to ask him the funniest questions ever, which made me and the Doc laugh a little, he reassured her that all would be well.

The OR nurse and Anesthesiologist was standing outside as the Doc left. They put me in the wheel chair and took me to the sixth floor! I met some more people in the OR and then got on the table. My Anesthesiologist was asking me a ton of questions and then brought out the breathing mask and the last thing I remember is him telling me to breathe harder. The next thing I remember is waking up in recovery at around 12:00pm. As soon as the nurses saw me awake they came asking if I was thirsty or hungry and gave me some crackers and ginger ale. They eventually wheeled me down to the fifth floor to the room I started in. I was fairly nauseous and my throat hurt (and still hurts) from the breathing tube. I eventually went home after they showed me how to use the various devices set up on me! When I got home all I wanted to do was sleep which I did off and on every 2hrs.

Right now I am able to sit up and stuff I am in a little pain my boobs feel like they are on fire. They are so small though maybe next time I take out the drains I'll take a picture. They are extra firm right now because of the swelling I am sure. I am on percocet, 1 antibiotic, and 1 anti-nausea medication. I haven't really eaten much but crackers and soup. The hardest thing for me so far is getting up from a laying position and also putting the gauze pads back on without them falling off. This bra that they gave me is comfortable. I am a little sleepy right now but I am sure that I will be fine!

If you have any questions cause I am sure I left some info out feel free to leave a comment!


Deeds628 , I am so happy you are doing well. How many pounds or grams did your PS remove ? Mine removed A whopping 3.8 pounds !!! :O) I was expecting 3.75 so It pretty much was as planned. Take Iowa71 (and my nurses) advice and do not store ANY medical items in the bathroom or kitchen. There are a lot of bad germs in those rooms. My nurse told me the only time my boobies should be exposed in the bathroom is while I am actually in the shower. Best of luck to you in your recovery :O)
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Deeds same as everyone else!! So glad all went well! Rest!!!
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Deeds, so glad to read your surgery went well and you are home. Looking forward to hearing more as you recover.
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Agh so today I woke up at 3:47 am with the worst...

Agh so today I woke up at 3:47 am with the worst stomach ache in a while. I decided to man it up and try to go back to sleep but I couldn't. So I was awake until close to 7:00am, then was able to go to sleep. When I woke back up it had gotten worse. I wanted to vomit but couldn't, wanted to use the bathroom but couldn't. After I took measurements of my drainage I decided to take my pain medicines. After and hour I still couldn't sleep. My head got really really hot and I took some Advil and fell asleep again! I currently feel a little better! I just hope that I don't feel like this again!

Tonight once I empty the drainage I should be able to take a picture or two. For anyone who has had this before I have an OnQ pump attached to me and the drainage attached to me. The nurses said I could shower after 48 hours, how on earth am I to shower with these things on??

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Hey All I added some pictures! let me know what...

Hey All I added some pictures! let me know what you think!


Hello Deeds , to answer your question about what to do about your drains during showers. I used a ribbon / bath robe tie, tied it around my neck loosely of course and pinned the drains to the ribbon with safety pins which freed up my hands for washing myself. Good luck and happy showers too you.
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Wow! They look great! Your incisions look great and what a nice shape. It just gets better from here! Take it easy! :-)
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Oh my, Deeds, you look great! I'm sorry you are feeling so crummy! Do you maybe need to go to the bathroom? That can sometimes cause some pain? You aren't running a fever are you? Or having any pain or tenderness inyour breasts? I'm hoping you feel better on Monday, don't hesitate to take your pain meds. If your pain is under control you are better able to heal. Good Luck! Thanks for posting pix! You look amazing :-)
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Hey all just wanted to update you!! I am doing...

Hey all just wanted to update you!! I am doing well today!!! I had a great memorial day with my family! I had a lot of family come was kinda awkward! I got through it though! I called the PS today I have my post-op appt on Thursday! Woo-hoo!! No more drains no more pain pumps! The drains are seriously annoying me, I feel like I smell like blood and drainage fluid (whatever thats supposed to smell like). I'll update with more pictures as I take them!!!! Thanks for all of the support!

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I'm freaking out here you guys! I was just...

I'm freaking out here you guys! I was just finishing up my drainage and I saw some sort of fluid filled blister on my areola/nipple region. I have no clue what this means or could mean! If anyone knows please let me know I'm so nervous! Has this happened to anyone before?? Thank you in advance, Deeds.


Praying for you right now!! Will wait for update!
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Thanks so much! I'm scrummaging through my papers and hopefully will be able to get in touch with someone tonight. Thanks !! I'll update you all whenever I get an answer!!
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I agree with Faythfull. Call your PS, even tonight, if you are worried or go to urgent care. I don't think you can be too careful. If it turns out to be nothing that is great, but if it is something that needs some antibiotic or a cream then it is better to find out early so you can get the treatment started. Let us know what you find out. I just offered up a prayer for you!
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Talked to the PA and she told me to wait to the...

Talked to the PA and she told me to wait to the morning. So I did I woke up and of flattened out. I have an appt tomorrow and the doc will take a look at it then to make sure! Thanks for the support.


Hi Deeds, checking in on how you are doing/feeling, and hoping you are well. What is your pain level today? I am trying to compare, I am feeling pretty crappy for the last couple days.
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Aww thanks! I am doing well! I have been feeling okay these last days. Not great but not bad. I have slight discomfort right now and my breast are really sensative. Sometimes it gets bad but I just take in deep breaths. Im trying to wean myself from any medication right now.
What is your pain level??
Glad you called in!! Praying it all goes good!! Thanks for the update!!
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So I haven't updated in a while (sorry lots of...

So I haven't updated in a while (sorry lots of random things I have been doing). These last few days I have been feeling for the most part okay. On Thursday the tubes and pain pumps came out - it didn't hurt at all! So Friday was my first time taking a real shower! I was scared but got through it! I have some sharp pains every now and then but I am sure that is the healing process. So far I am happy with everything the only thing I am worried about is my left nipple. The right nipple is formed well and reacts to cold and all of that stuff! my left nipple looks a little weird to me. When I take my pics later on you'll see what I am talking about (hopefully). I have faith that it will look better though! So far I love my new boobies! I do not regret this at all. If anyone is doubting it or scared to do it please do so it is so worth it I promise!
Yesterday was the first time I experienced clapping without my boobs being in my way! It was so awesome! I am sure this is the beginning of all the changes I will see thank you for the support!


You're the 2nd person that mentioned clapping. Makes me want to go see a concert or something now to try out the new boobs. lol.

You look amazing. What a change. You must be so happy with the outcome. I'm a week post-op & other than a day of 'oh woe is me' I'm feeling really good & happy with the surgery too.

All the best!
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Lol yea its awesome!! Thank you! Your boobs look great also! And Im happy you are feeling better, cheers to you!!!
Deeds, they look GORGEOUS!! And I totally relate about the clapping thing, although right now my nipples are so friggin' sensitive I don't want my arms anywhere near the center of my chest.

About your nipple, can you call the PS office and talk to them? I think that's one of the things they say you should call in for.
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Hello all! Sorry I have been gone for so long I...

Hello all! Sorry I have been gone for so long I have had so much going on! So the latest with me is that I did not have enough blood flow to my left nipple so the area was scabbing. It started to smell bad to so I got worried. One day in the shower the scabs started coming off and bright pink tissue was appearing. So I sent the pictures to my the PA and she was a little worried, so she sent them to the Surgeon. My surgeon actually emailed me and gave me instructions and told me to come in to see him. I went in this past Wednesday making sure to have taken great care of it. He said it was healing good and that I did a good job in keeping it clean. he gave me some ointment and gauze to keep it protected as it heals. Right now I have sensation in both nipples they are super sensitive though. Other than that my breast are looking good to me. I can't believe its been three weeks! I honestly love these new boobies! I can't wait to go buy a real bra and to start exercising next week!! Maybe soon after I'll be able to sleep on my tummy like I've wanted to for the last few weeks lol. Pictures to come soon!


I was wondering how you were doing. I am glad you are well and that you got that nippel looked at. Keep up the great healing.
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Aww thanks! Yea I am happy I did too!! im glad it worked out in the end

So happy everything turned out ok with that nipple. Can't wait to see your pix!
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Its been a while but all is well! I have been up...

Its been a while but all is well! I have been up at 5:45 each day out the door by 7 and not back in till 7pm soo tired! But healing has been going well!!! I am finally cleared to wear a non-sports bra! I plant to start working out again now!! I am excited to work out. Im really anxious about going bra shopping so i keep avoiding it ...but i know i'll have to go soon! Ugh!! My nipple is healing wonderfully!

Check out the pics!


hey miss deeds yes im glad your doing well and also for me i finally did it and i feel like a million bucks except for tired and a little sore but i am only 3 days post op lol.... glad yoiur doing well keep in touch godbless....
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hey miss deeds congrats on your surgery girl sorry i havent contacted u sooner you look great how do you feel girl u look great
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You look great Deeds! You can barely even see the scars. Happy healing :)
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Dr. Brendan Collins

The entire staff was so caring and encouraging. I was very satisfied with the process. Even if I had to wait it wasn't super long. I am so glad I got the procedure done. I haven't seen the final results obviously but I can tell he did a great job with them! Not one regret! I even had a few aunts come by and compliment me already!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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