I have officially set my date for my breast...

I have officially set my date for my breast augmentation surgery! Deposit paid, vacation time taken, holy crap!

I am a petite woman and love my body and generally love my breasts, too, just not on me. lol. If that makes sense. I have no problem with small breasts (I am a 34/aa -34/a), in fact I think they are super cute, elegant and sexy, but I have myself never felt completely feminine or satisfied with being very small chested. At times I even feel inadequate and, well, embarrassed by how small I am, which you would think would have made this an easy choice. But somehow it didn't.

It took me 30years - maybe just 17 since I started to think...hmm, this just may not happen for me - to have the courage to finally get implants. I struggles with fear about not getting what I wanted and, god forbid, ending up with worst! Or having health issues, or being judged by people I know and don't know like my extended family. And I guess there is also the money that got in the way as well. But one day shortly before turning 30 I realized that due to my work and lifestyle I change my clothes between 3-5 times a day! and almost every time I feel limited, or sad or uncomfortable with how my breasts look in and out of clothing and thats a ton of negativity! What if I just removed that daily negativity from my life, what would I be able to replace it with? What would be possible? Why do I insist on living with it!?

So after spending some time examining my personal concerns and doing research I realized that much of my concern was unfounded and as for being judged.... I'm the only one who has to deal with my body on a daily basis so screw anyone who wants to hate on me for doing what works best for me. :) And I literally got to a whole other place mentally and emotionally, I felt so free and happy and above all EXCITED!

So here I am, I picked my surgeon (I saw 3 total), paid my deposit and have arranged all my post surgery stuff: care-taker, money, work changes, etc. And now I wait.

I have found all the "this is my boob story" type blogs and vlogs incredibly helpful and I am so grateful to have had them to guide me along this long and sometimes uncertain journey and hope that I can give back a bit by telling people about my experience!
Hi. I'm almost 4 weeks post op and let me tell you, the only thing that will go through your head is why didn't I get it done sooner. I'm so happy with mine. Good luck
Thanks for the comment, it's so reassuring to hear happy stories:))))
You are on your way. I'm 11 weeks post op and wouldn't change a thing. Well maybe not complained as much during recovery. Good luck!!

Round textured silicon 250-275cc

So I realized I didn't talk about what size and type of implant I am shooting for!

I want to have it be a significant change for me and yummylucious, but still look natural and allow me to be active. I workout and am a professional samba dancer. I also play capoeira which requires a lot of upper body use, someone of my concerns is losing strength or the ability to do my professional activities.... Did anyone have issues with this after their implants?

I'm 4.11, 125-120, and have verrrry little body fat. So I have been told that sticking with that size would be best. Ideally I want to be at least a c, have something I can push together and get some fun cleavage out of it once and a while:)

Do you think this would be too small?
I'm 18 days post op and wish you well I had a consult with Dr Cohen as well but went with a different surgeon. I too was concern about what my friends or family would think but then I really thought about it and realized that I'm doing this for me and could care less what anybody thought besides either way people always gonna talk and have something to say so do it for you and you only. Did your ps say 250-275 will make you a c cup? Just be sure that you don't go too small. And are you getting them under or over the muscle? Keep in touch....

Point of no return!

So my ps allows me to cancel anytime 3 week before my surgery date, and that just past! soooo.... it's happening!

I'm excited and I think the nervousness is slowly setting in, not quite real yet but its the first the I think of when I wake up so theres something there.

I've been spending so much time reading other peoples reviews and am so thankful for people comments on mine. Next week I am going to take before pics in various outfits to share. Is there anything you guys recommend I do now before I get it done? things I'll miss, or will want to compare with later? or anything you are curious about?
Looks like we are getting similar size implants, I hope things go wonderfully for you, and I'll certainly share my experience on here. I totally share your feelings on not feeling as feminine because of my small breasts and am also sick of changing my top 3 times or more before deciding on one. Good luck with everything, and I'll see you on the other side! ;)

To tell or not to tell.... that is the question...

So I'm exactly two weeks away from my surgery!!! And I'm running into a lot of situations between job interviews, dates, and family where I need to figure out if I tell people or not. I'm going for a very natural look and actually don't mind people knowing anyways but for some reason it seems weird to tell people. Has any one else run into this?

Any advice?
Oh, I also meant to add I went with smooth round silicone under the muscle. I was initially going with 325cc. But after doing the rice test and wearing 325cc under my favorite clothes, I found it made me look too top heavy and made me look disproportionate since I have a long, lean frame. While I can't wear regular bras yet, it seems I'm a 32C/D or a 34B/C now. Best of luck on your procedure!
You may not have to say anything at all;) I just my BA 2 weeks ago also with Dr. Cohen. He did a great job! I went with 275cc. I am also petite and small boned. I am 108 lbs and was previously a 32AA. It looks so natural! When I'm wearing regular tops (crew neck, boat neck and buttoned), I look like the way I do when I wear padded push up bras, only these days, it's all me. None of my closest friends could tell until I told them. When I wear bikinis, low cut tops and dresses, it is noticeable, but more feminine. My husband and family say that my augmented breasts compliment my look but don't detract from my general appearance -which they think is elegant and fit for my age of 45 years.
Thanks for taking the time to write me! Hearing that 275 can be a good size and not too, small. It's also nice to hear that you had a good experience with Dr. Cohen and that they look natural! I also was looking at 300/325 until try sizers and felt I looked heavier all round once going over 275, but am concerned that I will get them and then wish I had gone bigger, as so many people seem to. I know everyone is different but it helps to hear some one with a similar issues get what they wanted, so thank you!!!! I hope your recovery is easy and quick!!!

More on my new boobs to be:)

Here are my stats again because I noticed they were incomplete and scattered about. When I read through other people's stories I am often looking for someone with similar stats and desired results to better inform myself, so as this becomes more complete I hope it will help some small little lady our there:)

Age: 30
Height: 4ft 11inches
Weight: 114-120lb depends on training phase
Natural Size: 34AA
Desired Size: C
Desired look: Natural, modestly voluptuous
Implant: 250-275
Type: Silicon, Round, Textured
Incision/Placement: Below the breast, under the muscle
Lifestyle: Super Active, use upper body and chest a lot/ concerned about not being able to go back to usual activity.
Hi Rachel9946: I wouldn't worry about telling everyone. It's your body not theirs. Also I'm getting mine done in the same day as u! What time is your operation? I'm EARLY in the morning so I'll be home soon. For me it's Mentor 375/400 HP. My doc will choose. I'm petite with a narrow ribcage and was wondering if u think that is too much ? Also how r u preparing for postop. ?
Peera, thanks for the comment! I don't know my operation time, but I'm hoping for morning, thats what I requested so we'll see! I'll post once I know! When you say petite what is your height and weight? Obviously, I'm not a doctor but that would be very large for me, 4'11 115LB. But I am also looking for a very proportional natural look and I don't know how much you are starting with or if you have sag to fill that I don't. Also, from my understanding each size implant has an ideal size pocket it fits into and your breast measurements would dictate that. I would try the rice sizer tactic in a sports bra to see if you feel comfortable with that much extra on your chest and also maybe inquire with your ps what size pocket you have and how that correlates to the size you are getting. I think mine was 11.8- 12cm and that is perfect for 250/275cc's. I will also post the make that I am getting once I know. I don't remember if it is mentor or allergen(?) ... As far as prepping for post, I'm picking up my meds now, buying some "peas" ice packs 'cause I saw some one noted that they were great and I like to squeeze the little spheres inside of them:) I also am considering getting the silicon scar strips because I've seen people talking about them. I'm going to bring zip up sweatshirts and super loose pants for the days after so I don't have to lift my arms. I have stopped taking all my vitamins and supplements, including protein powder because of some of the ingredients for recovery. I've been told to take a really good shower, shave, do laundry, clean my house, buy groceries, ll that stuff that will need to have done for the two weeks doing that stuff will be difficult. How about you?
Awesome review and I am sure you will have awesome results. I have had my implants for 13 years and am scheduled for a revision in a few weeks and to comment on your "to tell or not" : my personal opinion is why tell? Some people will just know (very close family) I would rather have them wonder than have me tell them, some things are personal. If it has come up I do not lie: I am not ashamed at all. My sons do know; however I find it no one else's business :-) This obviously is just my personal opinion. I am a pretty private person though! Can't wait to see your results!

Scar talk

Peera commented about my prep for my surgery and I had mentioned that I was looking into silicon sheeting scar stuff and decided to get more specific. I will note I have never used any of these but I would very much like to have no scare since my incision will be below the breast and I have very VERY fair skin that usually takes a long time to heal. So I found this comment on someones question about scar treatment and liked that it came with an article. What do you guys think of this product? Any tips on ways to make the scaring heal well?

The Aesthetic Surgery Journal published an article several years ago on the effectiveness of silicone sheeting versus creams versus herbal treatments for scars. The solid, silicone gel sheeting came out on top, by far. We use Biodermis, but you can go on line and search for silicone gel sheeting for scars. Despite claims that additives to the sheeting improve results, there is no evidence to support this. It is the pressure of the sheet that flattens and fades the scar. So I would purchase the least expensive product. All the best, "Dr. Joe"

Web reference: http://www.tcplasticsurgery.com/QuickRecoveryBrstAugmentation.aspx

Joe Gryskiewicz, MD
Ok. I'm taller than u. I'm 5'4 although my hubby is a doc and he keeps telling me that I'm shorter than that ! :) My weight is btw. 110-115. I'm a 34a cup and have a ribcage of 18cm. Not sure about the pocket size. As for prepping..... There is soo much info that it's hard to decide what to do. I did get a lot of advice from a nurse friend. So I will be on a multivitamin, antibacterial soap, clean the WHOLE home, make lotsa food, no more coffee/soda, more greens,ice packs, silicone strips and pillows. She also told he to massage my breast muscles as often as I can. This will help them adjust better to the trauma of the surgery. Other than that I've not done much. I'm the type of person who likes to be prepared a month in advance. I keep thinking that I'm forgetting something. Dunno what it is though!! ;)
Wow! those are all great suggestions, too! If I think of anything I'll post it!

one week to go!

Of course I need to get sick. I feel pretty sure that I will have time to recover before my surgery but it really has slowed me down which is a bummer before basically a 2 week break I'm going to be taking to recover. I am also not able to work out as I was hoping to do since I won't be able to for about two months! so I'm hoping I don't gain too much weight or lose too much muscle in this time. Has anyone else had this issue?

I am feeling the nerves kick in a bit, too. I'm trying to ignore them and sometime rationalize my way back to normalcy, but I think I'm going to be pretty shaking on my day. I just found out my surgery is set for 1130am. I was hoping for earlier since I expect I won't sleep well and not eating is tough for me (I generally eat every 3 hours... I'm gonna be super hungry...) but I'll manage. I am getting super excited nonetheless, just looking forward to actually having boobs!!!!

Thanks for everyones updates, they help and make me really pleased I finally found the courage to do this! hurray for boobs!
So exciting that your day is getting nearer!! This last week will go by faster then you think I promise! As for gaining weight and losing muscle, just remember that you will be bloated and retain water the first few days or week so things might appear worse at first. After that just watch what you eat and remember that you will be able to get back into your normal routine soon enough! Good luck with everything, can't wait to see your results! :)
Thanks!! It really does help to know from other people what to expect! I'll keep positing!

disappointing Dr. visit

Well, yesterday I got a scare:(

I went to the Dr. to see if there is anything I should do or be concerned about since I am due for my surgery in 5 days and I have a nasty cold and a crazy amount of sinus congestion and stuffiness. Good news is its seems to be just a cold that will likely be much better come next week, so I am no longer worried i might need to postpone the surgery. How terrible that would be! Especially since I am doing it out of state by my parents and have all the fights booked, etc. yikes!

However, she has breast implants as well and when I told her I opted for inframammary incision she flat out told me I should cancel it! She said that is so old school and that she would only recommend through the armpit! All the surgeons I went to recommended inframammary incision, plus I've heard that the armpit incision has a hire risk of losing sensitivity and they have less control of the shape, two things that are very important to me. But I'm sort of confused. That's a pretty strong statement, that I should cancel it! She said I will always have a scar and that it is just so old school....

I'd really like to hear about everyones experiences with scaring and if I am crazy to think that inframammary incision are still completely live and well in this industry? I'm still confident in my decision based on what I know but I'm wondering if there is a boat-load of info out there that I somehow am overlooking?

Also she prescribed Umcka cold care and Afrin nasal spray (for 3 days only) in the meantime. thanks to Afrin I am able to sleep again because before the stuffiness and incredible sinus pressure only allowed me to get 3-4 hours of very poor sleep but when I told the nurse assigned to me for my surgery she said I can take the umcka and extra vitamin c but need to stop using it because it is so close to the surgery and it's a "thinner"!? huh? Should I be worried now? I'm so torn because I feel like if I don't sleep I def won't get better by my surgery and sneezing will be super painful, and sleeping is also very important for recovery, but I want to be safe. Has anyone else had their PS tell them they can't take Afrin the week of their surgery? I understand that some meds like aspirin can be dangerous but do the effects of any of the over the counter drugs last over 3 days, such that it would effect the surgery?

I did do a little research around this but you know how the internet is very good at giving you what you want to hear so I'm hoping some one who has been through something similar could let me in on their actual experience. Thanks!

why no edit button!

ugh sorry for the poorly edited bits, I was rushing.

too much to try to correct now, lol, I hope the slips like "hire" instead of "higher" will be easily understood. wooops.
I have a medical background so when I did my research, I read the current medical literature and studies in plastic surgery. I actually only discovered this site just 1 week before my surgery. I humbly disagree with your primary physician. I'm not sure how long ago she did her BA. But in the past under the armpit was what was popular. But most of the updated literature suggest inframmary incision and under the muscle is associated with decreased incidences of capsule contracture. I have found the majority of the top plastic surgeons on this site also agree. My scarring is healing well and hard to detect because it right on the beast fold so it looks like a shadow at best. My husband says it is barely noticeableand I'm almost 4 weeks post. As for medication, I would highly recommend also discussing the your primary physicisn's recommendations with Dr. C. / his nurse. Hope you recover soon and get the much needed rest you need. I will see Dr. C. on 7/2 (I can't believe it's been 1 month and I feel great / no regrets). Good luck on Tuesday! I'm sure everything will go well:)
Thanks! I appreciate you taking the time to respond to my post! It really helps to hear real people share their experiences and give me feedback on my concerns. I'm ok with the scaring, it's surgery, I expect it to leave some sign behind but I want it to be safe and to look good otherwise so I'm still glad I'm going with inframammary incision. Congrats on you BA! I'm glad you are happy with it and that the recovery time is flying by! good luck on you 1month post op!

The day before the BIG day!

I had my preop today and am feeling very confident about all my choices! I also did another fitting just be sure because it seems so long ago the last time I tried them on I wasn't sure if it really was big enough and I'm almost thinking it will feel too big for a little while since I am coming from sooooo little. So I feel better about that. Also the surgeon on second inspection decided to go with round smooth implants instead of textured. I hadn't read great things about the textured ones so I'm also feeling good about that.

So here we go. I'm remarkably calm. Im not even going to take the meds they gave me for anxiety the night before. I'm a little nervous that I'm NOT nervous to be honest. I'm excited!! I guess I also don't really think it has sunken in yet. So i'll let you know how I feel as I arrive into the operating suite.

Thank you everyone who has commented on my posts and been generous with your experiences. They have helped me so much, and I imagine will continue to help me. Probably one of the reasons I am feeling so good about it today. Thank you.

So some final pics before they meet the next stage in their little boob lives:)
My surgery is July first.. TODAY TOO! good luck!!
Thanks! You too!!

Morning of, soooo thirsty

Well I am taking off for my PS office in 15mins for all my preop work. I slept fine, just not very much because I usually keep water by my bed and sip it all morning to keep sleeping. Since I had to stop eating AND drinking at midnight and its super dry air here my mouth and throat are very uncomfortably dry. I'm even developing a sore throat. Good news is at least that my sinuses have followed suit so at least that part is solved for now.

I was instructed to put an anti-nausia patch last night after dinner and I can't tell if its the lack of liquids or the patch but I am a little off balance. Has anyone else experienced this? It doesn't help that I can't wear contacts today and I don't have glasses and I'm not see 100% wonderfully.

I think the nerves are finally starting to kick in. Mentally I feel fine but I can feel some anxiety in my chest. I'm mostly nervous about recovery. Yesterday at my preop the nurse told me that on the 2/3 day 80% of patients experience depression! Thats a very high statistic! She said its a side effect of the anesthesia wearing off. Has anyone experienced this?

Took my shower, washed my hair, shaved my legs and use anti-bacterial soap. had a hard time finding shirts to go home in, so I'm bringing some options. its hot here in DC (where I'm staying with my parent) so I need something shorts-leeved that buttons in the front, which is remarkably hard to find.

Trying to keep my mind off the surgery and my super dry mouth and throat. Ugh.

Here we go!
Good luck! I'm looking forward to your update. My surgery is tomorrow. Although I'm taller than you, your pre-op boobs look a lot like mine do. Wishing you an easy recovery and great results!

All Done! Soooo great!

All set! Surgery went very well. I'm not in any pain. I almost feel better because I can drink again. The nurses told me that it was the patch for nausea they had me put on last night.

I have yet to take pics of my post boobs but I have one from right before surgery today with all the markings my ps did.

I'll post more pics later:)
Huge congratulations!!! I took a very similar photo on my way home hehe thanks for sharing your story and I hope you have a easy recovery! Look forward to hearing all about it!
The drive back was not the best but it could have been worst. I think the drive so far was the most painful experience. ;). Jets hope it stays they way.
Yeah! And Congrats! I

More on me boobs, 5hrs postop

Something I've experience just in the 5hours since the operation is that the boobs are still swelling and causing mild discomfort. And my left breast is winning the race to my coller bone and the upper outer part it is burning a little. It's like a deep ache.

Good news is my nipples are
Not completely numb so I feel like I will get all that sensitivity back! The rest of my breast are a bit numb too.

Honestly it was so fast and painless and that I don't have much pain, it hasn't really sunken in that I have new boobs! Can't wait to see them, even in their crazy hard and high up placement at this point.

275 smith round implants! More pics

My mom took some pics. These look much like I expected. Very hard to tell now what the shape is or the size. Nonetheless They seem very small. But I wanted them to just fit me, they don't need to be a promenant feature of mine.

They are so hard I can't tell if I can get good cleavage, but dr Cohen said they will look very nice and I'll have cleavage.

Still I'm so glad I did this!
If you got 275 cc, smooth, round, high profile implants then you would have exactly what I have. Don't worry, as the swelling goes down and the implants "drop and fluff", you will get cleavage as you get fuller at the lower pole. I was planning to do a full review after my 1 month visit tomorrow since I only discovered this site late in the game. I just got officially fitted at VS and Soma, when I needed to get sports bras. I'm consistently a 34C. Yay! Coming from 32AA, it's just what i wanted. I've been having fun buying bra tops and dresses with built in shelf bras from VS semi annual sale - lots of cleavage enhancing with just the tops/dresses and no need for padded bras. Hallelujah! The shelf bra provided enough support so i didn't need to wear a sports bra when i went dancing this past weekend. I got lots of compliments:) I can still wear my bikinis which are XS - I have ample cleavage and even have side boob! I've never filled my bikini tops that way before. Lol! So don't worry. Lots of changes and good things to come. Take it easy these next few weeks. Congratulations and happy healing!

Day 2 post and sore as all get up!

So the pain has finally found it's way in:(. Both sides hurt but the left is still the most achy and swollen. My range of motion and ability to move is much worse today. I was told day 2 and 3 are the worst so I'm crossing my fingers!

Sleeping was very difficult besides finding the right angle and not skidding down from there my back is killing me. Maybe I was compensating with it yesterday and strained it accidentally.

So most of the time I'm laying on an incline with heating pad on my back and ice on my chest, lol.

I'm hoping by Monday on my first postop check up, the pain will have subsided because they are very sensitive to the touch.

I've also noticed that there are little air bubbles all around the implant. They don't hurt and I read somewhere that that's normal and the body will eventually absorb it. Has anyone else experienced this?

Also on my sides right under my armpits is extremely tender and sore. It's weird cause the are no where near the implant. I'm curious if others found this happening too?

Hope everyone is having a great week so far!
You're out!!!! Arghhh how did it go? Im so nervous for mine. How are they feeling today, is the statistic true....?
Congrats again, things are looking great! Very similar to how mine looked on day 1! My back hurt a lot and unfortunately at 2 weeks post my boobs rarely hurt but my back hurts all the time. Definitely from compensating and leaning forward because of the heaviness! Also, my PS said the same thing about having good cleavage and they do come down more each day it seems, so I'm sure it will happen for you! I felt the plain near and under my armpits too, did you go under the muscle? If so, I think it's just from it being stretched out. Good luck with recovery and be sure to take it easy the first few days, it'll just keep getting better and better though. :)

Day three rears it's ugly head!

So it's day three and I can't say I feel any better than yesterday. In someways I'd even say I feel a bit worse. Overall tighter and more pain around the sides and bottom of my breasts. I dreamt that I saw the sutures last night and they were basically staples, yikes! But I haven't showered yet let alone peeked at the scars.

I took off the nausea patch yesterday since I haven't been at all nauseous and it gave me terrible dry mouth. But now I realize it also dried up my sinuses which are now quite diligently filling up with mucous, sorry for the tmi. But this is adding to my discomfort. Blowing ones nose with a tight, sore chest is not really in the game plan so I'm just dealing with being completely stuffed up.

I am feeling more and more grateful that my parents volunteered to help me recover. I can't imagine how hard it would have been to keep on top of the discomfort without their help. My dad has sacrificed his side of the bed so I could share it with my mom, who was waking up every 2-3hours to help me readjust, drink water, pee or take meds. I don't think I would have felt comfortable burdening anyone else with those tasks all night.

I have been able to sleep, and as you can see from one of the pics we have devised a little contraption to put the ice packs in over my chest so no matter my incline they stay in the same place. I highly recommend this! I also recommend having 4 ice packs so that there is time between rotations for two of them to freeze sufficiently.

I can't say that the swelling has subsided at all, the left one still feels bigger. To be honest, as far as augmentation goes, they feel very small to me in general. I'm hoping it's just because they are spread out funny and squished. Otherwise I'm going to wish I had put another 50/75cc.

One thing I'm becoming increasingly aware of is the air or fluid bubbles that seem to be all around the implants. Mostly between them by my sternum and the lower outside parts. Even along my rigcage where the implant isn't going to end up. I've heard of "boobfarts" and after sleeping for a few hours with very little incline, I experienced it myself when I sat up. Very strange. Another thing I would recommend is making sure the person taking care of you is strong enough to lift your upper half from a flat position to a 90degree angle without your help. Unless I am mostly sitting up straight it is super painful to sit up on my own. And is probably illadvised anyhow while you are trying to get your muscles to relax and heal correctly.

Ok so here comes some more tmi, you've been warned. Pooping. I expected to be constipated and read plenty of reviews talking about eventually taking laxatives. I haven't pooped since the surgery 2 days ago so I'm adding prune juice and "smooth move" tea (normally very effective!) to the menu today. We'll see if that encourages any movement in that department.

Of course the diet has been pretty scarce so I'm not sure what to expect. I am drinking loads of fluids so I'm peeing about 6-8times a day! But food-wise I only get through 1 belvita soft baked biscuit and a few crackers throughout the day with my meds. Over the past two days I've ingested about 2 cups of tomato soup, 1egg with 1 very soft piece of buttered toast, a nectarine and some Greek yogurt. For some one who was eating six 6-9ounce meals and protein powder daily this is very little food. But honestly I'm not at all hungry. I'm eating mostly to avoid an upset stomach when I take my pain meds.

The pain meds seem to be working. Since I'm so tiny to start with they recommended starting with only half a pill (1/4 of the prescribed amount) every 4-6hours. What I've found works best for me is a whole pill every 3hours. It doesn't mask the pain completely so I still can feel my limites but am able to breath and rest comfortably.

In general my breasts and nipples are pretty numb now and high and so very tight. I'm going to talk to the nurses from my clinic today to make sure that the firmness I'm experiencing is normal and how long it will likely stay this way. I can press and poke them and there is some give but when I try to move the whole breast, like push then together, they seem completely fixed into position and unwilling to budge. Frustrating at this point.

All in all I'm still glad I did this! If anything it gave me some insight into how much courage it takes someone to make these types of changes. Physically it's taxing, obviously, but the conviction it takes to go through all the steps before ending up on the operating table is nothing to roll your eyes at. And mentally it can be a pretty scary process even when you trust your doctor and their staff.

There is a part of me that still hasn't quite woken up to the fact that I did it! That we now have a new set of titties!!!! Can't wait till they start to drop and soften!

In the meantime id love to hear about you ladies recovery experiences, ups and downs and the time it took for them to start to look and feel normal:)!
I went very well! Thanks for checking in! Today is day three and I feel great mentally, so maybe I'm the 20% that don't get depressed or that was just an exaggerated number. If anything I am just getting impatient about seeing some changes in their firmness and placement. Its pretty hard to gage if I like the shape and size when they are frankinboobing it to the max. You will be nervous but it will go so fast and well you won't have to feel that way for long! Can't wait to hear about it!

A bit about the hour before my surgery!

I wanted to talk a bit about the actual surgery and how I felt that day and what happened in general.

I somehow was not very nervous until the morning of the surgery when they took me in to get a pregnancy test. Thats standard Im told and having nothing to do with looking particularly fertile or promiscuous;) The first thing I'll say is, save your pee for the nurse. I didn't realize they needed a urine sample and the first thing I did after checking in was go pee - mostly out of nervousness. But then I had to wait 20mins with an IV in me to finally have something to give them. Little things like, "oh shit, I have basically no fluids in me since my 12am fast, how am I going to conjure up enough wee before the surgery!?" that adds to your stress level. Amazingly the IV did help, but it did stress me out thinking maybe we'd have to postpone the surgery if I couldn't pee even a little!

By the time my PS came in to mark me up I had gone through several mins of quite meditation to try to calm my nerves between nurses and staff coming in prepping various things. When you have to put on weird socks and a hair net, and the gown the correct way (open in the back) thats when shit gets real, or at lest it did for me.

My father was my ride so it was actually nice to have him come in and wait with me after I had an IV and meet all the people who would be taking care of me during and after the surgery. It was good to talk about something other than what was about to go down. And I do feel like having the Dr Cohen come in and mark me up was sort of calming as well. He was very relaxed and calm and told me all the ways I was perfect for the operation and how great it was going to be.

If you do find yourself getting very anxious I recommend focusing on the results and reasons you choose to do it. Think positively so you can replace some of that nervousness with excitement. I focused on the fact that I will be able to try anything on in a clothing store because I liked it not because it might mask how flat I am or I could easily hide a super padded bra under it. I'm excited just thinking about all the different styles and cuts I will now be able to wear...maybe now I'll even like shopping!

Getting on the operating table is also an interesting moment. My anesthesiologist was very talkative and friendly and kept me distracted, he let me know when he had given me something which made me feel better because you can REALLY feel those drugs take effect! At one point he gave me something that made my head feel so strange and heavy, almost like a brain freeze feels and immediately my pulse quickened. It was nice to hear him say, don't worry I just gave you something. It's odd to be attached to all these machines and to hear your own pulse beeping away on them, especially when it doubles in pace. We discovered that we had both graduated from the same college, which some how made me feel better, too. And the next thing I knew I was in a recovery room. I actually don't really remember much of anything from there, just nurses coming in and out and them putting on my fancy/hideous little new bra. I remember being a bit confused because she asked me what size band I wore before and when I told her 34 she said "ok were gonna give you a 36 now". I thought the cup is what changed, and not the measurement around, but I don't know. I have no idea what size they will end up being cup-wise, either.

It was all very fast, and easy. Every interaction I had with the staff was friendly and reassuring so I'd recommend that when you pick a PS you also feel comfortable with all the other people at there office and in the operating room, too. It's really the collective interactions that made me feel at ease in the end. Ok well, I'll be taking more pics as the days go by. Good luck to everyone who is going to have theirs soon, it will be great! Just relaxed, hold your pee for the nerves and think positively!

Frankenboob de-bra'd

They look terrible but I am really hopeful that when they drop and relax I. That they will have a great shape! Yeah!

Posting these in hopes that it will be reassuring to others in their first post week that this high, tight, misshapen boob situation is all part of the journey.
You are looking great! We have such a similar story into terms of coming to accept your body and deciding to really do this for yourself. I'm sure that rings true with so many other women! :) That and our stats are similar as well. I cannot believe how much I changed in the first 5 days... every day got better. I iced religiously (my mom even came in the middle of the night to bring me packs). First 3 days and on/off couple more days. Congrats- the worst is over! :-)
Mine looked really similar first 3 days. Don't fret!! Literally every day gets better. Try to keep yourself busy and distracted :-) my girlfriend came and to help me shower and pull my hair back- made me feel human. ♡

Day four. A tough night behind me.

Well, I had a pretty terrible night yesterday. Sometime around 2/3pm yesterday I developed a severe migraine and only was able to leave a dark quiet room this morning around 2pm.

We suspect it was a side effect of the anesthesia wearing off, or maybe the heavy duty painkillers I was on. I am allergic to Amoxicillin, so I was afraid that maybe it was a reaction to the other antibiotics they had given me, but I have since started them again without issue. I had so many strange pains it was hard to identify what they were from. My stomach from hunger, my lower abdomen from constipation, my chest from tension/soreness my head from god knows what and my back from not moving and being hunched forward. Yesterday was rough. Certainly the worst day yet. For a while I was concerned I might have an infection or had had a minor stroke or something. It was really painful and scary.

I don't know if these kind of complications are something others have experienced but I am so glad I had my parents with me to help me deal and make decisions around my health. I hope that was the worst day.

Today I am eating as much as I can and icing my breasts a lot. My left breast is much tighter than my right. I had even noticed that when I first woke up from my surgery. It was burning a bit and they said that was normal. Right now it is hard for me to believe that they will ever feel normal again and be moveable. they are very stiff and high. I wonder how long it will take for them to soften. Has anyone else felt this way? like they are impossibly stiff?

hope every else is having a smoother recovery than I am. I'm sure it will get better, I'll keep posting!
Just wanted to let you know that things should start feeling better from here! Also that I experienced that impossible tightness too! Took until about 10 days in to start getting softer so try not to worry! :)
Thanks so much! Hearing from you and watching your progress is so reassuring, too! Yours look great! I really do appreciate you taking the time to tell me that it will get better. What absolutely wonderful women there are on this site! I feel so blessed to be part of this community! Keep enjoying you new girls!!!! Can't wait to see more updates!
thanks! this made me feel a ton better:) I think its hard to tell how much change they've gone through since I am looking at them so much but Im trying to ice them well. The tension is very strange, I'm just trying to resist the urge to stretch. Keep enjoying your new twins! I love your updates! thanks again for chiming in!

Still sitting super high

I need to keep busy with something else cause I'm getting very impatient with progress lol. I just want then to drop so my nipples don't point down any more. I wanted a very full bottom boob and basically no upperpole fullness, right now I have the exact oppisite. But maybe these pics will prove reassuring to some one in the same situation in a month when mine finally have dropped. I hope.
I think you're looking great! The process is certainly a slow one, I'm at day 20 and they're still sitting high. The good news is, I can see the progress because I take pictures every day. Be sure to do that for yourself even if you don't post them! Also, try to just enjoy them in every stage, it's truly amazing to me how our bodies adjust to the implants, so I try to just be excited with the process so it doesn't feel like a waiting game. Hope you're feeling good today! :)
Congratulations! I think you chose the perfect size. They really look great! I had mine done on the same day. I'm being extremely impatient so it's nice to see that I'm recovering at a normal pace.
It made me feel good to show off the cleavage when mine were really high (well around the house at least hahaha). Keep the time when you're checking them out naked to a minimum and just enjoy the view from above ;-)

New bras!!!

Can't believe it I'm a 26C! Didn't buy too many incase once they drop and fluff they are a different shape and size.

It is such an amazing feeling to go to the bra section of the store and have a selection! Or to say, too small! As if! I'm so glad I did this:)


Your new additions look so similar to mine, i'm going to be following your progress like a hawk!
Hey! I'm posting some 1day vs 1week pics that might make you feel better:)
You look amazing. Once they drop and fluff they will develop nice cleavage :D

1day and 1week comparison!

Ok so it's technically 1day and 9 days but I think it's close enough:)

It's sooo crazy! I really can see the changes now! Amazing! They are still terribly high but I didn't realize how much they rounded out! And I remember thinking, oh no they are too small I should have gone bigger! (although I couldn't imagine anymore tightness in my chest, I'm amaaaaazed at women who get more than I did proportionally!) but now it seems they are too big! Lol. Maybe not too big, as long as they drop a lot I think I can get used to the size but I was expecting them to only get smaller with the swelling but as you can see from the pics, at least mine, have gotten bigger!!! What!? Lol. Has anyone had a similar experience?

Also, without my noticing at all, they really are getting closer together! Yeay!!!!!

Softer....sure, a bit....but they are still pretty unwilling to move much. I can't get them to touch but they are starting to allow some squish in that direction. It's so exciting!

And only 9days in!

If you're in the process like me or considering plastic surgery, I suggest reading other girls updates and commenting on their walls and replies. It is a very active and supportive community and has been so incredible for me. It has helped me stay positive and excited!
I also recommend starting your own and updating it whenever you feel you need some reinforcement! Use pics! They will engage more support but also be a great way to keep track of your own progress:) and my last suggestion! Take pics!!! They will make you feel better when you have spent hour after hour lamenting and assessing and trying to watch the water boil. It will give you the perspective that that much attention robs you of:)

Have fun and be happy:) thank you everyone who has contributed to my thread here:) it's been very very helpful and transformed my experience:)
They so do! Amazing RS! I'm just updating mine too whilst balancing peas on my chest, they are looking better!

First breakdown:(

Alright ladies. Had my first real breakdown since the surgery. I am not good a sharing when I am upset but I think its an important for me to learn to be vulnerable so I don't have to deal with these things alone.

I'm trying not to freak out. I read something that scared the bajezzez out of me and I'm having a hard time talking myself back down to sanity.

this is what I read, it is an answer on RS to the topic Round Moderate Vs High Profile Implants :

March 17th, 2009
The high profiles are less natural looking

The three implant profiles are designed to create different "looks" depending on what the patient desires.

"Moderate" profiles look the most natural (what nature can make) with no excess upper pole fullness.

"Moderate plus" profiles look slightly fuller than natural, what one of my patients termed "perma-cleavage."

"High profile" implants are designed to provide dramatic excess upper pole fullness.

If your chest wall is very narrow, and if you have very little breast tissue, the high profiles might be okay for you. Otherwise they might seem too big and buldgy. Make sure you see pictures of many patients with high profiles to be certain it is a look you want.

I do have a narrow chest wall and had very little fat to begin with but I'm starting to have a hard time believing that they will drop enough for me to get me out of "fake" territory:( As soon as I read the review I burst out in tears. I don't know what to do.

I had two main priorities when I decided to get breast implants. First and foremost that they look natural. Secondly that their shape is very bottom heavy with little to no upper pole fullness. At the beginning I knew none of this lingo so I just showed pictures and tried to make myself understood by saying I want them to be very VERY natural. I was happy to sacrifice size for that result and I think 275cc was a pretty conservative addition. I admit I did have moments of boob greed and worried I might come out thinking I had gone too little but the shape of the breast was still always the most important thing.

That being said I followed my surgeons advice and got High Profile and I am now terrified that I made a horrible mistake by not asking more questions about how that would affect my results. When I inquired about the reasoning for HP and my concerns with the projection being too drastic I was told that they will be more spread out and under my existing tissue (unlike the test ones) and that due to my chest wall measurements HP was the best fit.

Heres the deal. I flew half way down the country to my surgeon and trusted him to cut me open and bring me back to health so I feel silly that I am, now after the fact, questioning his judgement. Is it possible that I didn't make myself clear or that he didn't hear me some how? I showed him the same pics I pasted here as Wish boobs (minus the darker extra busty one;:) I'm terrified that I have gotten exactly the look that kept me for 15years from considering implants in the first place!

I know no one could possibly have the answer and not even my surgeon, but I'm scared that I will actually look super fake and just have switched feeling uncomfortable clothed with feeling uncomfortable naked. At this point I can't imagine allowing some one to see or touch me. It's embarrassingly fake. As it is I haven't sent my boyfriend naked pics, just ones in a bra, they are simply too distorted, I can't get comfortable with having that impressed in his brain, at least not until they have improved.

I know I'm only 10days in and this ISN'T the final result (THANK GOD, lol) but how much softening and dropping is possible? I feel foolish to be in this position, now.

Has anyone else been here and come out ok? I'm trying to keep it together but the fear that I have just traded one evil for another (maybe a worse one) is really getting to me.

Then on the other side of the spectrum it is really nice to be able to actually have a handful of boob! It is calming some how. ugh. I'm having a rough day, ladies. Glad I have an outlet to put this stuff. It feels better to be able to tell some one. Thanks ya'll!:)
That comment is based on the assumption that natural breasts come in only one shape, which is very wrong! You have seen so many examples on RealSelf by now, you know what looks good. You chose a very modest implant that fit your body... So hang in there! They will continue to change, soften and look more natural over the coming months. I have been pondering the natural question a lot lately and I think any profile can look natural if carefully fitted to your dimensions and your tissues. I'm no plastic surgeon, but I have seen examples of each profile that looked great!
BTW, I have moderate plus and I definitely do not have "perma-cleavage"!
I saw they look incredible! Thank you for your post:)

bouncing back thanks to friendly posts and.... my first new cloths!!!!

Firstly I just want to thank everyone who kindly jumped to my rescue (or at least is how it felt:) after my breakdown post. I am repeatedly delighted and touched by how awesome this community and the people in it are. I am feeling 400% better and am just so excited to see how things unfold in the next few weeks and months!

Also I have noticed other great things come from being part of this community. When I decided to get breast implants it was about me and my own transformation, and having this outlet has made me feel so much more confident and comfortable with my own decision, for which I am grateful. But additionally, in hearing other peoples stories and experiencing how mutually supportive everyone is with eachother I am feeling differently about the community of people in general who decided to make these type of changes. I don't realized it, but part of my fear of entering into the "augmented" community was being associated with people who were perhaps unstable, or insecure or somehow "damaged" and turned to the evil Plastic Surgery to fix themselves. I knew people who had work done and was happy for them and didn't think this way about them but I guess it was still in there somewhere. And while it wasn't an active judgement I was aware of, I am seeing now that it really influenced my choices before, and it is now completely shattered as I come into contact with the people on this site. I don't know if this is making me look like a real ass, I am and always have been a very open-minded and liberal person, so seeing this about myself has been very strange for me. But I guess I'm experiencing a new level of compassion and reverence for the people who have the courage to make the changes that they feel they need or want, even when they are relatively drastic, painful and costly and I guess easily judged. I'm particularly impressed by all the mothers, who are juggling so much already. It's also just so cool to see people from all over the place with really different lives uniting over boobs:) Yeah!

I'm writing this because this one big thing that stood in my way of doing this earlier was that hidden judgement I had. I am seeing how liberating and positive it is for others here and in general how wonderful everyone is. I'm realizing that this is something that I would have greatly benefited from years ago. SO perhaps it will save someone with the same mental obstacles a few years of deliberation and discontent to read this and potentially identify it in themselves and just do it already! lol.

ok, got that out!

SO, I had such a great shopping experience today! For the first time I was able to choose things solely on whether or not I liked it and not that it happened to fit! So awesome. I had so many choices and the boutique owner who was running around excitedly getting outfits for me to try out (I became a dress up doll, and didn't mind a bit!) kept on repeating "you have the type of body anything looks good on"! Lol. She had no idea how ludicrous that sounded to me:) I get that there is an element of salesmanship in that but NEVER in my life has anyone said that to me! I am super short and I have wide shoulders and hips, large thighs and a pretty sizable butt and was super dooper flat. It was a miracle to find anything that fit, lol, but I guess all I needed was a nice set of tits and voila! Finally there is stuff that fits the bottom AND fits the top! Genius!

I'm now so excited to try all the cuts and styles that were formally off-limits to me! Before I was so focused on just filling out a bra, and being able where lingerie, finally:) But boy did the world open up today! lol soo exciting!

Also the boobs are getting softer and rounder, too. Its subtle but so very reassuring. And last night I slept a whole 6hours straight! un-heard of! I'm so pleased to have my sleep back, it was really starting to eat away at my productivity:) "Morning boob" as I've seen it termed here, continues to be a problem but I've just decided to take extra strength Tylenol with breakfast and after a good 20min walk I am feeling nearly 100%! Sure I make a movement here and there that reminds me I just had major surgery (probably for the better) but in general I can go about my day without worrying about how I'm going to open doors, sit comfortably, or ask for help reaching something (that is clearly in my reach...awkward!)

The only thing is the itching. Lordy lord do my incisions itch! Did anyone else have that? I'm choosing to believe it as a good sign of the healing, sure hope I'm right! I get to see the scars for the first time this Monday. So I'm trying to prepare myself mentally for that. I'll post pics once I get the stitches out and I can get a look. Weird thing is how SUUUUUPER itch my breasts in general get when I sweat. Im in DC and its pretty hot right now so when I go for these longish walks I end up breaking a sweat and find myself shamelessly digging around my bra the whole walk back because the itching is insane! I also feel like my nipples, which I never lost any sensation in, have been almost painfully sensitive the past few days. yikes. wonder whats up with that!?

All in all though, 2 days shy of 2 weeks and feelin' good!
Wow, you look great Rachel!!! And I just have to say, I LOVE your nipples!! Lol, so perfect!! Reading through your update and it was like I was reading my own!! Everything you're experiencing right now is exactly what I was dealing with at just about 2 weeks. I remember the itching!! Horrible!!!! I just wanted to scratch my boob off!! And scratch the incisions raw! I don't think it lasted TOO long. And the nipple sensitivity, ugh...I was so worried about LOSING sensation that I never even knew you could become overly sensitive! My nips were killing me!! The shower even hurt them, I had to cover them from the water! Believe it or not, they JUST stopped hurting so much the other day. I had that for a month or two :( But don't worry about looking "fake" with high profile. It's a shame they carry that stigma with them, but HP's alone will not give that fake look. If you're wide, bigger and have broad shoulders and choose a HP implant smaller than your own breast width diameter, then yes, they will look ridiculous. But you're gonna look AMAZING!! They're perfect for your petite narrow frame!! I can't wait to see the girls once they start to D&F!! I'm so happy for you!! It's all so exciting!! I'm really looking forward to more updates :)
Thanks for all the info, and the compliment:) its so fun to hear about other peoples experiences especially when they are so alike! Man, I'm a little nervous about whats going to happen when I don't have the bandaged protecting scars from the wrath of my nails. Its going to take a lot of control and I'm just hoping I can muster it! now I feel like a whiner... as of yet, the shower doesn't hurt my nipples they are just annoyingly sensitive - Like I'm glad I HAVE to wear a bra all the time because I'm sure the blankets rubbing on them at night would keep me up! Yeah for boobs and extra yeah for awesome women with great boobjobs:)!
That is so true what you say about having a certain idea of what "women with implants"are like. I was the same and it was something that I realised I had a problem with recently like two years after I had my op! I found it difficult identifying myself as someone who have had plastic surgery. And then I had to ask myself what kind of woman that would be and for me it was a superficial and very vain woman. I saw myself different to that but why? There are so many levels to this. First of all you can be any type and have implants (or any other cosmetic surgery). Secondly I am still the same person and I live my life in the same way as I did before. My breasts do not control who I am or what I do. But also I don't want to judge anyone for wanting surgery. Not even when I see those young girls who I might previously have judged as "over the top"and fake. So what if they want big boobs it's up to them and I hope they enjoy it! We all have different dreams and longings in life and for some of us it's having bigger breasts than Mother Nature gave us. Anyway, sorry about the long comment but there is a lot that can be said about the emotional aspects of going through something like this.

Yeah for boobs!

Gosh I feel so privileged to be in such a cool community:) It's funny, this is the real "locker room" of American Pie movies. A bunch of beautiful women letting it all hang out while having normal conversations, complimenting each other on our beautiful bodies and comparing boobs. Its awesome! We must never let the men find out!!!

Today was great! More shopping! Found out my size is now pretty consistently a 4 and SM, which is such a relief. Before I was a always floating between 0-2-4 and XS and SM. it was always a gamble, especially shopping on line. of course some brands are different but I found today at least between H&M and boutique assortments that I can rely on those two sizes. In fact! I'm glad I didn't go bigger cause I'm right on the edge of b out-boobing those sizes. Perfect!

A highlight of the day was my first clumsy boob moment! I was talking to my mom by a rack of clothing and after when I turned toward it to switch directions my boob, I guess, landed between a few hangers and pushed them all off the rack! ANd HoW!? I had to laugh, its like puberty all over again. I guess I extend out to this point now. got it!

Another thing that made today so great was the accumulating connections I feel I'm making on this sight and the wealth of funny perspectives, good information and support that come with it! I asked Misty3351 if I could repost one of her posts here because I thought it was soo good and I had never seen anything about this subject in particular. There is a lot of fretting and nervousness about the deformity of the pre D&F boob but little science and really visual aids to help calm one dow. or not that i had found at least and i thought this was great! Misty3351 also has a great post on sizing that is really helpful i think to. I just posted the pic she had with it but I recommend giving it a read, her posts are funny and well written so it s good time all round:)

Misty3351 (cut and pasted here:)
I was interested in what D&F actually means because silicone and saline aren't fluffy an don't compress noticeably. Apparently it is a change in shape rather than size. I ran across the following on another website:
"Drop doesn't mean that the implant changes position. Some people might misunderstand and think it means that, but it doesn't. It means the contents inside the implant drop down to fill the bottom due to (1) gravity and (2) relaxation of the pec. Fluff doesn't mean the implant literally gets bigger. It means the breast appears bigger because there is more projection and the volume is more visible and rounded at the bottom of the breast. Because the breast rounds out more, a woman may well go up a cup size because before "D&F" a significant portion of the volume was stuffed up under her pec muscle where it would not influence bra size."
Another post continues:
"When the implant is placed, the muscle tightens and holds the implant up higher, near the collar bone. The muscle also squishes the implant into the chest. As the muscle stretches and relaxes the implant contents will drop down into the lower portion creating more lower pole fullness. The implants will also "fluff" out as the muscle relaxes and stops squishes them into the chest. As the bottom of the breast fills out, cup size will increase (because cup size is determined by lower pole fullness not upper pole). At this point, they will also look larger although there is no technical increase in size. stretches and relaxes the implant contents will drop down into the lower portion creating more lower pole fullness. The implants will also "fluff" out as the muscle relaxes and stops squishes them into the chest. As the bottom of the breast fills out, cup size will increase (because cup size is determined by lower pole fullness not upper pole). At this point, they will also look larger although there is no technical increase in size."
What are people seeing for themselves? I have seen a lot of shift from upper pole to lower recently, but they don't seem to project as far as they did.

So great! and I felt like the photos were really good to see too! So does this might mean I might end up a 36D once they have fluffed! Craziness!

Hope all is well in boobland with you fabulous ladies, more posts to come!
Aw, you're so cute! I love your posts! And thank you for all of that helpful info on the D&F process!!! I saw the pic before but never got such an in-depth, useful explanation as to what REALLY happens during it all. It all makes so much more sense!! Lol!! And once your girls start to drop more, you'll be shocked at your new size :) In a good way! Lol!! You're looking fabulous! And so are your results!! So happy for you :)
Wow Rachel! They've changed so much since your last post- you're so slim too (cow). I'm totally not enjoying this whole not exercising thing...tick tock

On an INfo KICK!

Found these posted as a comment from one of the site managers, (eva I think?) I think I might have benefitted from one or two of them before mine operation, and I can imagine it will help some one down the line:)

10 Things I wish I'd known before Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation: 13 Things To Do (Or Buy) Before Your Procedure

Top 10 Essentials to Getting the Best Breast Implants

Just Got Here? An Urban Glossary For Breast Augmentation Terminology

Looking fabulous!!!! Right there with you on having tons of fun trying things on. I had the same issue with being obsessed with trying to fill out the top. Such a great feeling. I'm glad you are enjoying your new boobs so much. I really like the image you posted that explain the dropping and fluffing. Makes sense why I just recently started to feel like they look much better and larger under clothes and fill bras! I also had the major itching problem!!! Try putting lotion with Shea butter on them it helped me a lot, the incision you can't though so not much help there sadly. The good news is, mine suddenly stopped itching around day 18 or so. I just remember going hey...they haven't been itching...yay!! So hopefully that'll happen for you soon too!

Scars and self-bondage, ooo lala!

So I'm back in Boston, getting back to normal life:)

Finally got to see the incision site and I'm very pleasantly surprised! They look great! I also purchased a scar cream that I assume is made of an exotic rare substance like unicorn sperm or diamond vapor cause it cost a friggin' fortune! But I figure, I spent 7gs on them already I might as well go the extra mile to hide the evidence! And also purchased some drugstore silicon strips that may or may not be helpful but I feel at least cover the site and cream and still let them breathe. So I'll post updates of how it's looking!

They also gave me a kinky self bondage device that I believe was invented to torture my life tit which is apparently dropping more slowly than the right. I actually like wearing the band because it make them look more normal and I tell myself that's what I can expect. I hope:/ but the left one is clearly muuuuuch tighter and is currently taking one for the team.

Two things I have noticed are raised hard parts behind the incision. On the left some of it is even visible. The surgeon said it was scar tissue and it will go away eventually. It's a bit odd for now though.

What I wish I had seen before fleeing the state were these strange strands of ???? That pull and elevate underneath the skin when I stretch my chest and stomach. It's a very strange, sharp pain if I stretch enough. I wonder what it is, I'm really nervous it's not something that will fix itself...

Has anyone had this? I tried to capture it in a pic, might be tough to see...

Otherwise they feel great!

Leperchaun tear scar cream and silicon sheeting

Incase anyone was curious I thought if post the products I am using to treat the scars and how I'm applying it:)

The nurse told me they don't have a sheeting they recommend but they sold some scar cream (which I bought) but the important thing is it has a silicon base. I just prefer be a sheep and not have to choose so I went with theirs but others might find that helpful:)!
Great! Thanks for posting updates it is super helpful xx
Think you look great , very proportionate for your body !!! Congratulations :-) You must be a dancer in Las Vegas ?
I'm a samba dancer in Boston, but its a good guess:)

Update pics!

Let's try again!

Problems uploading pics....

day16 , mondors cords, real bra's ohhh my!

Pics wouldn't load from my computer so I posted them first from phone:)

Funny story to start!
All the lovely pics I posted here today I first ACCIDENTALLY sent to a guy friend of mine. Oppps..... lol, well.... that happened. lol.

Anyhow... Things are going well! They are softening every day and the band is becoming more tolerable. Actually I almost feel more comfortable with the band because I feel nice and low, so I can't say its actually making them drop but the sit in a much better place when I'm wearing the band.

Also lower breast (a part that has been numb since the surgery) and my nipples (particularly the bottom) are starting to feel very sensitive, annoyingly so, lol. So I'm hoping that's just the feeling coming back and it doesn't last too long. I have to wear a bra or nothing at all or it is too uncomfortable.

Also, thanks to some great readers! and later confirmed by my BA nurse, I have developed Mondors Disease, which is also not very comfortable but temporary so no big deal. I have 4 ligaments under my left breast and 1 under my right that is affective, so I will be taking Ibuprofen every 6 hours or so unitl it gets better. this actually helps with other weird pains that still linger so, as a person who generally doesn't take meds unless it's really bad, it might be a blessing in disguise:)

Just for those who don't know, Mondors cords brought on by Mondors disease are inflamed ligaments that can appear after breast augmentation no matter the incision site. They are more likely to appear in thinner women and they usually will go away on their own with in 2-3 months but can be helped with ibuprofen and heat. If that the one complication I have to deal with I feel pretty lucky!

So I also, out of curiosity, ordered some different style and size bras from ASOS.com (free shipping both ways, great selection!) and trueandco.com, which has a Try-out option! and although I've decided to send them all back, I got a good sense of what may or may not work for my new additions! I've posted them here. I tried 36C, 34C and 36B in different styles. The one I really liked (the red one) had a weird bend in one of the front boning parts which distorted it a bit so I'm gonna see if they have a replacement one:)

I also posted day1, day6 and day16 comparison photos! Can't say they are lots of big visual changes from 10days ago, but they feel much different! So excited as the weeks go on to see the changes!

Life is good!
Your boobs are looking awesome Rachel! If you look at your nipple position in your comparison pics you can see a lot of progress! Too bad the red top had the wonky boning, it looked great on you. I also got that annoying sensitivity, I think around 2 weeks po. Started with really sensitive nipples, then this weird sunburnt feeling on the sides and under boob. Pretty much resolved within a week so hopefully you wont have to deal with it long! Sounds like your friend got lucky this morning ;).. You probably made his day LOL!
eeee look at them go!!!

Why so obsessed with Fake or Natural?

So not much of a review up-date so much as sharing a bit of a revelation I had, that I think might be helpful to others.

Firstly I needed to make a change in how I was spending my time since the surgery. I took a good amount of time off of work and since I work for myself it has been very hard for me to get back into the flow of things and not just spend hours searching the internet for similar breast augmentation cases and reading other people experiences. On one hand this site is the best thing that ever happened to me since getting the courage to finally get implants. I have gotten so much perspective and support and good information, I don't know how women do it without a resource like this! And I have a great affinity for all the women I have gotten to know here, it truly is such a blessing! On the other hand it really enables me to spend hours obsessing over something that can only be working out in time. lol. And while I know, logically that that is the case, somehow I still find myself searching time and time again for girls further along like it's somehow going to change my outcome. very strange.

So I have spent some time trying to get myself out of this strange mental cycle so I can get back to normal life and let the time pass and do its thing and I got to thinking about Fake vs. Natural. Mostly because I realize it is something I am pretty concerned with and I don't think I'm alone in this. I also have marveled at women who are looking for a "fake" look or are at least confident and comfortable with their "boobjob" happy to share the news with everyone. I'm realizing that I don't necessarily need to feel like they are the realest of real boobs ever, they clearly aren't and won't ever be, lol, but rather that I want to be able to "own" them. Feel comfortable no matter what people think about their origins. And that, of course, boils down to a confidence issue in general.

There was a part of me that was trying to "own" the no boob thing and was hoping with time I would just get used to it. And frankly I never did, no matter how many beautiful role models I had, or adoring small boob fans (yes they are out there!:) I was never really comfortable or felt the way I wanted. But I wonder if my obsessing about something I can't really change then is no different than my issue with looking "natural" now. Before it was masking that I am soooooo super flat, and really feeling ashamed and embarrassed that I simply had no breasts, and I don't want it to now be the same thing just about them being fake. And I'm not saying I regret the boob job, actually I think it is one of the best things I have ever decided to do for my confidence and for the practicality of having a proportionate body. Even at their odd stage right now! But I'd really like to get to the bottom of it so I can enjoy them to their fullest. And if anyone has find a similar issues in themselves I've like to hear and see how you have approached remedying it:)

I can say in this little soul search that and two experiences keep popping up that I think had more of an impact on me than I thought, and the people involved probably don't realize it and addressing it will be a good thing for both of us.

First one was something that one of my business partners said to me. He and I met on a dating site many years ago, the relationship didn't work but we were later able to build a great company and in a lot of ways having been "together" has helped us deal with some of the harder conversations that have to happen in a business because we were already so comfortable with each other. That being said we also sometimes have not so professional conversations and I happen to know he is a "natural" boob guy who likes smaller boobs. Was a pretty good fit for me, at the time. lol.

Anyhow, one time he said to me "the moment I see that boobs are fake, I am immediately turned off and not interested". That was fine with me at the time because I didn't have them, I realize now that it did make me feel like I would be less attractive if I had fake boobs and it was clear that they were fake. I didn't think much about it though and now I am realizing that that is such a dick thing to say or be for that matter! lol, what a broad judgment to make about something so unrelated to the person they are!? That really diminishes a girl to just her breasts and decisions about them that no one can truly understand especially some random dude.

Honestly, I feel a bit foolish that as an active feminist in 2014 that wasn't my first reaction but since I think I judged myself for being flat it didn't raise any red flags. Thats so F^&**ed up! Here is the thing, he is actually a nice guy, compassionate and sweet so it made it extra confusing and I guess upsetting that some one who is otherwise not superficial could completely cut some one off just for having implants. It scared me I think. So for one, it got me thinking that, hey maybe he isn't as non-judgmental as I had thought, or he has never thought about how sexist and shitty that line of thinking is. Secondly it makes me think that I'm no different when I obsess over looking "natural". Why? What is it about them being "done" that makes me feel like they are not as great as real boobs that are just as beautiful? And I'm still me in the end anyhow. I know its simple, but these two things can become conflated more easily than, well, I ever thought! So taking this a part a bit has actually made me feel a lot better and I think talking to him about how it affected me will help, too. Any insights ladies?

The second experience was with a female friend of mine about 2 weeks before my surgery. This is a friend who is very VERY vocal feminist , somewhat heavyset, top-heavy burlesque dancer. She chooses not to shave and is quick to point out when something is sexist. And I appreciate it and love having aware critical thinkers in my life. She is great:) So we were chatting about Dita Von Teese, who I have loved forever, she is such a talented beautiful woman and brought striptease and pinup to a classy, accepted place which I love. And she started saying that she had drawn so much courage and self-acceptance from Dita early on in her burlesque career but that she lost respect for her when she found out that she had breast implants. Wow! I was thrown. I was just about to tell her about my surgery and I immediately felt uncomfortable sharing it with her. I also was like "Hell yeah! Dita has implants!? She looks amazing, I'm pysched I'm gettin' me some!" lol. But I was in such shock I couldn't really pull apart why it was upsetting to me. Now I think it's that it's one thing to believe that we don't NEED to alter ourselves to be beautiful and accepted by other people, or we are somehow less valuable without certain measurements etc., but it's another to lose respect for women who chooses to make changes. Also, I truly believe that Dita would NOT have made it to where see is today without her perfect pinup boobs, so ... well, that does carry some weight, I think. lol. So if a guy is a douche enough to think less of me because I had plastic surgery, good riddance, it's 100% my luck in that the case, but a friend of mine who a have great respect for....that's harder to swallow.

So I'm going to digress for a moment, so bare with me. I grew up a perfectionist. Or rather I have been PLAGUED with perfectionism my whole life. And in a lot of ways it has been to my benefit. I can't take credit for much of the success I've had, I have been very fortunate with my circumstances, but I can say being a perfectionist pushed me to do more than just lean on my luck. What it also did though was make it very hard to feel accomplished or allow me to relish what success I did manage because I was never satisfied. It was never good enough. (seeing a theme here yet?, lol). That being said I've been working on it and have learned to accept imperfection not only in myself but also in others. And thank god for that because the last decade has been pretty full of failure and struggle on many levels for me and while I now see that as human, had I not let go of becoming "perfect" in my early twenties, this would have been more devastating than I could have handled. To give you a peek: I thought people who had dysfunctional relationships were "messed up": have since found myself in at least 2 pretty bad ones, I labeled people with misbehaving dogs bad owners: have a dog that bites and has anxiety issues, I thought being your own boss worked for anyone who wasn't lazy: have since had 2 failed businesses. That's just a taste. Now while there are elements of truth in some if this, for instance, the likelihood that some one with unaddressed issues is gonna end up in a dysfunctional relationship is certainly high, I learned first hand that life happens...to everyone! And it's simply not black and white why or what that means about them, but that the struggle is equally painful for everyone. So my own hardships made me more and more comfortable and tolerant with things and people as being continuous "works in progress" or just human. And still be able to enjoy the ride.

I felt I needed to say this because before realizing this about myself I was pretty judgmental. I didn't mean to be I just had had very little experience with struggle and my circumstances made it easy to strive for "perfect". And, while I still have a good ways to go, I did learn that people without experience of hardship may not have compassion for those who are not as fortunate and it doesn't make them assholes, it just is what it is.

So it's hard for me to look at anyone and think that their opinions make them dicks, even though now looking at these two example I feel like "gezz, that's a dick way to view things" but I still left with this discrepancy. Great people, dick views.... is there room for being vulnerable and still accepted? And there is a part of me that thinks F*#K em, you don't need to be accepted by anyone, you are great, but the truth is we all want to be accepted and these are two examples of people who if I just wrote them off because of this it would be a loss in my life, too. And then of course there's Dita....

So I guess I'm just thinking I need to brave it out and instead of hiding behind the fear of being rejected and "fake" or in my language "imperfect", and just put it out there and be vocal about my experience. In a way that's what this forum has allowed me to do, I'm very thankful for that. So I'm gonna try this out, and go with the flow.

Hope this wasn't too weird of a rant. I appreciate a place to work this stuff out and hope some one got some value from it.
Please keep the updates coming! I just discovered this site yesterday and found your reviews tonight particularly helpful and relatable! My surgery is in 8 days...so yes, I'm in the obsessive reading/preparing/stressing stage! You look fantastic and give me hope!!!
Thank you for writing all this. So much of what you are saying are thoughts and experiences I have had myself. First of all being obsessed has never gone away completely for me. Why am I still on this site after two years and two operations?(I had a revision recently) For me this experience has been exciting, thrilling but also emotionally exhausting and I think I am still processing everything. Even though I now have the result I wanted ( I had significant asymmetry after my first op) and I am very happy, I still can't let go. Some days or weeks life goes by and I hardly think about it. But like now I keep coming back to it. To be honest it is a fascinating process and there is so much info but I don't actually talk to anyone about it. One close friend, my husband and my sister knows but I don't feel as if I can exhaust them with my boob obsession. So here we come to "other peoples opinions". Although both my sister and friend have been supportive and wonderful through all this I don't think they totally understand why I did it. Both these women are naturally small breasted and I always felt very conscious about not making them feel awkward about their own breasts. Also even though I consider them very thoughtful and open minded people I was surprised by little remarks that sounded negative and judgemental. One was a sort of ridiculing those girls who had big implant just so they get more attention and how stupid they are. And another one was that it's unbelievable that anybody would want silicon in their body, as if that' crazy. And of course a woman has to be insecure to go through with something like this I was told. I have to say that they have been so supportive, I have to let these remarks pass. But it's similar to the attitudes you came across with your friends. It is funny how acceptable it is to criticise women who have plastic surgery. Your feminist friend is an interesting example. This is a big subject and it would be fascinating to discuss it with someone like that. All I can say is that I think that you are right in that going through something like this forces you to become open minded. I can not judge myself or anybody else for wanting to have plastic surgery. And like you I have learned to become accepting. Accepting myself and others. Actually accepting myself has been a healing process. I accept myself for being vain and brave enough to do this. It is also strange that I now look at my before pictures and feel much more accepting and loving towards my natural, small breasts. I used to feel so negative about them. (I had kids and breast feed so they changed a lot) my husband has been great. His attitude is that he liked me before and he likes me now. He was worried about me going through with it and probably would have preferred if I hadn't but now that everything is ok and I am happy he loves them! The fact that I am so much more confident is a turn on for him. But I am happy that he loves me and my body with or without the implants. I don't think it bothers him at all that they are not natural. Now coming to that issue I went through a period of being worried about them being fake or not natural enough. Especially because I am 43 and I have breast feed. I felt that they were almost too perfect or young for my age etc. I though they reminded me of my teenage breasts but in a larger size. I have come to the conclusion that I just don't care any more. I love having them. I feel so sexy and happy it doesn't matter anymore. They are not entirely natural but close enough. It is basically my own breast tissues with a bit of a boost. Acceptance again is a part of getting used to the new body. I think in your case it's still very early days and as they drop and heal you will worry less and less about how natural or fake they are. They will be natural to you. I am really surprised by your friends attitude about being turned off by women with implants. So many have such natural looking results that it's difficult to tell. I wonder if it's a certain "look" he doesn't like. Like what you said some women really want the "fake look". I would love to put him in front of a row of topless girls and see if he can really tell which ones are totally natural and which ones are natural with an implant underneath because that is how I see it. It's an enhancement of your own natural breast. Sorry about my writing not being that great. It's late here and English isn't my first language.
First of all.. Blue sky mum.. are you sure English isn't your first language?!? You write better than most girls on here!! Rachel, in your paragraph that you talk about realizing how judgemental you were, I think you hit it dead on. Most people don't do it intentionally, but like you pretty much said, they are limited to their own knowledge and perceptions, which most times isn't enough to make an educated or justified opinion. Women get breast implants for a variety of reasons.. to be more proportionate, to feel more feminine, to give them back what they once had whether it was lost due to weight loss or breast feeding or whatever.. then of course there are the girls that actually do it just for attention and flaunt them everywhere they go (these are the ones that probably give us ALL a bad image lol). But either way, all of these reasons are pretty straightforward and all have the same goal; to feel more confident/sexy. And what woman doesn't deserve to feel that way? I wonder.. if your friend fell in love with an amazing girl who later ended up wanting implants.. would that be a deal breaker? Or what if he had been seeing a girl and didn't find out for months down the road that her breasts were fake?

3 weeks post and lovin' every swollen curve!

Hello again lovely ladies!

I originally had written "every swollen inch" but determined it was a bit too easy to misread, errr. Anyhow, I have been trying not to spend so much time waiting for the girls to do their thing, after all 3 weeks has felt like 3 months from all the active waiting. But I do see some girls here saying "omg the time has flown by!", so I hope I hit whatever time warp they did sometime soon! And I've been trying to keep busy.

So here are some follow up pics! I love them still! Even in their extra high position right now. It simply feels so good to have full, perky breast that are alllllll me!! I really get it now when people say "best investment I ever made". If I think enough about it I get teary eyed I'm so glad I did it, and I look at my old pics and it's hard for me to believe I dealt with it for so long. I feel like my body fits me now, like this is what I should have had to begin with. I don't know if that sounds strange but, forget the sex-appeal, and clothing options and cleavage oollala, I just feel more like me now. the rest is just bonus upon bonus!

Anyhow. I had the best experience! My roommates brother is visiting but before coming my roommate had told him I had gotten them done. And since he is gay I kinda didn't care about wearing my strap and no bra around him, I just acted like I usually do at my own house, lol. Recently it came up that I couldn't move something due to the 20lb weight limit I have to observe until next week and I was explaining this to him. He looked really puzzled and then after a few seconds lit up and said "oh!!! you got them done already!" So I guess they are pretty proportional and real enough! Maybe some girls would be disappointed but this actually made me feel so good about them and less self-conscious about their current state:) I even wore a low cut shirt the same day with no paranoia that people were gonna "know".

So a few updates. I still have "The dreaded Itch!", it gets worse sometimes and better others. I have been cleared to do cardio so I finally stepped onto a machine and geeezzz I get winded laughably fast. Has anyone else noticed that they are unusually out of shape endurance-wise when they get back to exercising? I'm hoping I can get my stamina back sooner than later, I even feel it after a few flights of stairs!? I don't remember that ever being the case even when I'd take many months off of a routine....

Also the Mondor cords don't hurt anymore but are still around. I might only have 6 at this point down from 7, so thats good, but whatever.

Can we talk incision scar tissue for a minute? Firstly, I found and removed a piece of suture that I guess was still in there... makes me wonder if there are more and I just cant see them because of BIBS (boob-induced blind spot;). And I'm wondering if there is anything I should do or put on them to make the scar tissue dissipate. Have you guys found that they just go away on their own or that anything helped? If so what and how long did it take? Honestly, it doesn't really bother me but some parts are so pronounced they make a notch or a flat part in the otherwise wonderfully round lower boob area. Aaaaaand I'd really rather not have that be a permanent thing if I can avoid it. Any tips ladies? I'd be super grateful:)

What else.... I fixed another one of my costume tops and after removing allllll the padding and some reshaping I got it to fit! Yeah!!! and I love it! I've attached pics of that for fun:) Only thing is, right now the boobs are still relatively stiff and they don't threaten to pop out when I move around but I wonder if this is a new problem I will have to work out when they finally to loosen up..... hmmmm. Well it's a problem I happily take on:)

I'm also finding that I most likely will need nipple pedals if I ever want to go braless or wear a thin bra, (at least thats what I've hear them called). The little flesh-tone covers that adhere to the nipple to decrease head lighting on coming traffic:) The perkiness sets them at a very "in your face" angle, lol, combined with the projection it's aaaahhhh not family friendly. Any styles or brands that you guys would recommend?

Another great week, its just getting better and better! I've also seen so many exciting and beautiful updates and I am so excited for so many newcomers waiting for their date. Lots of reasons to smile!

Ugh! I'm having trouble adding photos every time now? whats the deal! I'm going to keep trying but I might have to put it in a separate post.

3 weeks post pics!

Looking good Rachel :). I wrote some stuff about nipple covers in one of my last posts if you care to have a look.. Pretty much I was really disappointed in how the reusable silicone ones look! About the scars.. from what I understand, fairly vigorous massage is the best way to break up scar tissue. One of my cousins was in a very serious car accident and had many deep cuts on his face, and that's what the doctors told him to do with his scars. They are nearly invisible! I have also heard the same from redglory on here :)
You have similar breasts to mine to start with. I'm looking at getting this done next year so will be interesting to see your end product once they have fully settled!

More pics!

Forgot another fun story from this past week, but first! I like the before and afters because they make me feel better but I think are also really nice for others a little earlier on so I put these together on a free app in online and every time I save one it say "Masterpiece Saved!" lol sooooo true. it really pumps me up for some reason:)

anyhow I went to training for my dance company and got to show my little samba family the new additions for the first time and it was so fun! that night I took off the silicon strips I otherwise wear 24/7... or more accurately, after a week, they took themselves off.... anyhow I proudly lifted my shirt and showed them off and one of the girls said "what there's no scar?" now obviously there is but I'm thinking the placement is just right that you really can see it! thats so great:) we'll see if that changes as they drop but for now I'm stoked!

any who... enjoy the comparisons!
You look amazing! Love the size and shape!
Thanks for all the details!! Very helpful to me as I am less than 2 weeks pre op and so curious about everything that is to come for me !
You are healing nicely!! You look GREAT! And I totally get what you're saying about the whole "real VS fake" issue. I feel completely hypocritical sometimes, esp when it comes to my daughter. I tried to keep my BA from her, since she's only 6 and already becoming somewhat self-conscious about her weight. She's a pretty husky girl. But I always try to tell her she's beautiful and to love herself the way she is. Total double standard! She still doesn't know, or understand I guess, what really happened to "mommy's boobs!" Lol! I just told her I had to go to the doctor so he could fix them. But she's very confused. And I don't want her to know I got fake boobs, but she's knows something is up, she wonders why they got so big. LOL. It's a complicated topic. Trying to teach her to embrace her body and beauty yet here I am getting plastic surgery. And I also have a close friend that LOVES small, real boobs. He tried so hard to talk me out of getting a BA then made me promise I wouldn't go any larger than a C. Haha. But he says they look great now. I think it's just the stigma that is associated with getting plastic surgery. People who have cosmetic procedures are often viewed as being vain and superficial, or conceited and selfish, with a ton of self esteem issues or excess "baggage." But that's not the case, at all. At the end of the day tho, it all comes down to doing what makes you happy!! And just being happy in general. And there aren't too many women that regret having their BA. Yea, your boobs may be fake, but your newfound confidence isn't. And you're HAPPY! You really are looking fantastic! And get excited, 3 weeks was when I started seeing some major changes happening. The girls will slowly start to D&F and you're gonna look even more amazing!! :) So happy for you!

1 month! hey hey!

Well.... I'm adding some comparison pics.

Can't say much has changed. I very rarely feel any pain or pings at this point. Just some itching along the incision point. I also think that there is another suture bit still underneath the scar, it's really uncomfortable. You can kinda see it's irritating the bottom scar on the left end of the scarring.

Def feel like I've plateaued a bit. But at a good spot so I can feel comfortable wearing most clothing. Naked....well.... I'll just deal for now. I'll see my boyfriend for the first time since in a week (due to unfortunate work travel overlap with my recovery time away) , so I'm curious to see what he says.

sorry not much to tell... love hearing about all you lovely ladies experiences!!! stay happy and boobalicious!
You look great girl!!
hi thank you for posting about mondors disease as I have this also! do you still have this? You are looking fabulous!
I know you think they are looking pointy and like they're not getting better but they 100% are!!! They look so so so so natural, far more than the rest of our oranges xx

45 day update!

Hey ya'll!
I have been so busy I didn't even take 2month pics! But here are 2.5 month update! Time is moving fast! Life with boobs is great still, no more weird pains, even started working out again and doing minimal upper body stuff. It may feel weird but I'm glad I waited so long because there is finally no pain. The Mondors cords are not painful anymore and only 2 or so remain visible I think.

What else.... I am still wearing the band when I can and scar strips as well. My surgeon said 3 months until I can wear bras with underwire so I am still excitedly waiting to try on nice bras and even push ups:) Wondering if I will be able to find something that will give me real cleavage! Wouldn't that be a treat!
Hey girl, you look Great!! I am 53 yrs young, When I was deciding on getting my BA, I would ask my husband, "do you think hers are real??" EVERY time we would see someone out or on t.v. (the crazy boob obsession I guess} my husband's attitude is "who cares if they are fake?" So what. He doesn't mind large (his ex :-P ) or small (me prior to BA) or super small. Of course he loves them, seeing them, touching them etc. and I feel more confident and sexy. I have only told my childhood friend and she was happy for me. It is a personal thing and should be shared when you are super comfortable in sharing that info. But you have to remember there will Always be someone to take that good feeling away from you. I get emails from Better After 50, and I get so frustrated because the "fashion" person is always telling us what we should wear and should not wear at "our age" I work hard to stay fit and wear sexy (not teenage, and not "trashy") clothes, my husband loves it and Hates when I say I can not wear that out because I'm too old for it. Guess I am just on a soap box b/c I read where your business partner and your good girlfriend had such negative foolish remarks about BA. She doesn't shave, and he is probably never known a woman with implants. I have to admit I had set in my head that breast implants would be hard and noticeable, but I was wrong. I love my "new" boobs, yes, I have boob greed but they look natural and No one will know but me, hubby, and bestie. So in other words, enjoy your new girls, and don't let any one that has a closed simple mind make you feel bad! You went with a perfect size, PS did a great job. Btw, what did your boyfriend think? Did he know in advance? LOL sorry to rant and rave! Glad we have RS!
Thanks so much for the thoughtful comments. It's nice to hear such a positive perspective and I love to hear that you have supportive people in your life who stand up for you flaunting your stuff! I move between boob greed and this is just right. Everyone says they are the perfect size and I agree but sometimes I think, they are still quite petite, but I love them nonetheless:) I def had a great PS, I am in awe of what these professionals can do. I have a whole new respect for the profession! To answer your question my boyfriend loves them but he also said he loved them before, too. I had been dating him for about 1 month when I decided I was actually going to get a BA and he always said that it is a personal choice and he only cares about my health. He said, for him, he likes what I have to offer either way and he supports what I want to do. I feel extremely grateful for having had his support because it was always a very delicate thing for me and it made such a difference to have a place of acceptance to go through this transformation in. Funny thing is I think in my life I'm not the only one who is losing their prejudices for fake tatas because of my BA:) It seems like the people in my life (including my partner) that were not supportive before were actually pretty surprised at the results and have come around. Either way, this whole roller-coaster has helped me get comfortable with the fact that there are always people who, as you say, will try to take a good feeling away from you, and that I can have confidence in my choices for myself despite them. I'm glad you love yours, I sooooo love mine. I sometimes can't believe I managed without them, lol. Silly but boy the difference in feeling at ease with my body is so profound, it really has been such a great growth experience for me all round and I have no regrets! Due to my profession it wasn't a change I could really selectively share with people who already knew me and had seen me perform, in fact I have since gotten calls from past boyfriends and friends who have seen recent pics who want to get the low down on the change, lol. They have all been supportive, but boy am I glad that I got over the idea of other people knowing so I could actually embrace it:) The last thing, because you mentioned the outside forces that tell us how we are supposed to look and dress at a certain age and I get it! I'm 30 and I have always looked younger but especially as I hit my thirties it has started to strike me as unsettling that people say wow you are lucky you look so young. I have no problem with my age, nor do I think looking ones age is a bad thing. I know they mean it as a compliment but it almost offends me because, whether they realize it or not, it's sort of a backhanded way of telling women we have an expiration date we are lucky to push off if we can. It's absurd really. And I for one am not interested in spending the next 50 some odd years feeling like I'm getting further and further away from my "best days". Screw that! That doesn't mean I don't like to stay fit and sexy and take care of myself but it really upsets me that at a certain age, women in particular, are told it's not appropriate to flaunt and feel gorgeous. So do your thing!!!! As a dancer I have come to appreciate allll kinds of beauty in many different forms and am simply proud to be confident in my own beauty and love hearing other women who are, too. In my dance company there is only one girl who is younger than me (by 2 years) and the rest are in their late 30's and early 40's and owning it! So in part to these amazing women I look forward to my forties and beyond, if I am anything like them I will only get better with age:)
Looking great! Glad you're no longer in any pain! When I reached the 45 day mark things leveled off for a while and now just recently I'm starting to see done noticeable changes with D&Fing! It's pretty interesting. My scars look similar to yours, guess it just takes time. Good luck with your continued healing!
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

14 day post op review: After having both of my first post ops I am still very impressed with the staff and Dr. Cohen, and my breast look better everyday! Highly recommend them! 6days post op review: I had a great experience with them as of yet and the operation went so well! I have my first post op today and I am excited to go back and talk to them and see how things are going. The day of I felt very VERY well taken care of. The days prior I got over 5 calls from their office from various nurses and such preparing me for the big day and the day of the procedure I met everyone of them. It really made me feel like I was in good, well organized and professional hands. I also called several times the week of my operation because I was getting sick and needed advice about how to deal with it and they were great about advising such that we could still operate on the original date! My results are of course still new and have a lot of changes to go through but I can say I have ZERO bruising, they are tight and high but perfectly even and the suture site is very flat and basically painles, so I feel like they did a very gentle, clean and accurate job. I have also since called them with questions several times and had to reschedule my first post op twice and they have been very responsive and thorough. They were able to accommodate my scheduling needs TWICE last min, which is hugely appreciated. So far, I'm extremely pleased, my expectations have been surpassed and would highly recommend Belcara and Dr. Cohen! pre op review: Have't had the procedure, yet. But I have had a great experience with Dr. Cohen and all the staff so far. They are very attentive and have taken as much time as I needed to answer questions and give me options that fit my needs and desire. Feeling very comfortable and excited to be working with them!

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