Natrelle 450 CC's High Profile!! Soooo Happy!!!!! :-D - Baltimore, MD

I have always wanted implants for as long as I can...

I have always wanted implants for as long as I can remember as I was a 30A. Everyday I wore padded bras and gel inserts. I started researching surgeons here on real self, and I feel so blessed and happy that I found Dr. Schreiber. Once I met the staff at the office for my consultation I knew right away that this was who I wanted to go with! First of all, I love that someone from the office called me to book my consultation with in hours of me submitting a request online. Other offices sent me generic email responses or never got back to me at all. So I already felt good about that. The environment at this office is so friendly, very professional, and Dr. Schreiber made me feel extremely comfortable immediately really listening, giving great guidance, and just having a fun and humorous personality.

I told him I was looking to be around a small D cup, as my frame is pretty tall and athletic so I didn't want to look too wide up top or top heavy. He picked out some sizes for me to try and the sizes were spot on. We decided on 450cc's.

I had my surgery done at Northwest hospital on a gorgeous wintery, snow covered day. Dr. Schreiber did such an amazing job as I came out with beautiful symmetrical breasts! Prior to the surgery my left breast naturally was smaller and sagged down lower than my right so I was so happy when I looked down and they were so perky and even!! :-D

I had a sub-glandular augmentation (over the muscle) and I really did not feel any true pain, just a little tightness, but I did not even need to take any pain medication on the first day. It has been almost 2 weeks and my swelling has gone down a lot. I am so excited and so happy every time I look in the mirror!!!

Before & Two Weeks & 3 Days Post Op Pics

3 weeks

Seven Weeks Post - Op 32DD

Seven Weeks Post Op. Just started wearing non-sports bras a couple of days ago. I could have done it sooner but I just wanted to play it safe. lol. Got measured and I am a 32DD. I also just started exercising again last week. Felt great!!! 450 really does not look big on me at all. At 5' 8'' they do not look that large. Exactly the look I wanted. Full but not huge! And if I ever want them to look bigger in a dress or top I could always just use different kinds of bras for different effects. Love them and am extremely happy!!! :-D

Re-measured - 32DDD (f)

I have been remeasured, now a 32 ddd. Initially when I was measured I was wearing a sports bra with a compression fit so, I started buying 32dd but it was leaving marks on the top of my breasts and I was spilling out of the cups. It was not comfortable. I am now in the correct size and it is so nice to wear bras that fit really well.

I am a 32ddd (f). My sister sizes are --> 34dd and 36d. So if I go somewhere to look for bras and they don't carry 32ddd, I just look for my sister size. I am loving my boobies, they are feeling nice and soft and the incisions are healing up great!! I have loved the whole experience and I am so happy I went with Dr. Schreiber as my surgeon!!

Victorias Secret Miraculous Bikini

3 Months Post Op

3 Months post op now. They are continuing to take their shape. It's been pretty cool watching how much they've changed and will continue to change over the next couple of months. The feeling true doesn't go away, I really do feel blessed and grateful to finally have boobies. lol.

Summer Summer Summer Time!

The weather is getting great and swimsuit season has arrived!! I kept seeing American flag bikinis everywhere and found this cute one at Target. It is important to note that the sizing is not universal for bikinis and where you may be a large in one brand, you might need xl in another brand. This one is tiny bit small as it leaves a mark in breasts when I take it off if I wear it for a long time, but for a short period time its really cute.

Victoria's Secret Semi Annual Sale!!!

Prior to getting implants I never had purchased a bra from Victoria's Secret before. So the semi annual sale that's going on right now is super exciting to check out. It happens twice a year for about 2 weeks at a time. I picked up a couple of different bras. The 32 band size bras seemed to be going quickly, so I found there were more options in my sister sizes.

VS Semi Annual - 34 DD

6 Months Post Op

6 months post. I still wear a sports bra when I sleep at night to give me support, but other than that just wearing regular bras. The size is nice and full and not overwhelming at all, They feel awesome, and I am just so grateful, blessed and happy!!
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Schreiber has a super fun personality and really makes you feel comfortable and at ease. He is so professional and really knows what will fit each patient the best. He really listened to my questions and my lifestyle to determine what would be the best type of implant, incision, size, ect. And I am really grateful and happy that Dr. Schreiber was my surgeon.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Dr. Schrieber performed my surgery as well; your are beautiful!
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Thank you so much! You too!!! You look amazing!!!! Dr. Schreiber is seriously an artist with his work. He's incredible! You look awesome!!!
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How tall are you and how much do you weigh before surgery I love the look yours are amazing!
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Thank you! I am 5' 8'' and weighed 137 when I got them done.
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I'm 5"1 lol 113 but I love yours I think I'm gonna use your pics as wish pics lol
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lol :-) Nice, thanks so much!!! And best of luck to you with your procedure and your recovery!
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I have a ? I'm out 2 months and 2 weeks from ba ..frm ur experience did they get fuller bigger if u compare when u where 2 months and the way they look now?? I'm just woundering if there is a chance they can get bigget lol. .
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Hey! Great question! I think everyone's body is different so it's hard to say what the changes will look like, but in my experience I do feel that they look bigger now than a couple weeks out from surgery, mostly due to the fact that your skin has to adjust to having them in, so it has to relax and create more room. A couple weeks out you still have swelling in the area, so as the swelling goes down and your skin makes more room for them, it's definitely possible for them to appear a bit fuller. 2 months out is still really early and they most likely will continue to change for like at least 6 months. But you definitely look great now!!! Congrats.
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Wow you look fantastic that's size looks just perfect on you! I got a lil bit more cc then u but yours look biger..its weired gow it dose diffrent effects in each body. I got 475l and 500r..I wis h I went bigger.. bwe..nice bras :)
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Very nice
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Thank you so much! You too! You look great!!
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Beautiful Breast
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Thank you so much!!
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And if you don't mind me asking.... Have u had anything else done besides your breasts?
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Nope, just breasts!
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Ok! Girl I want him to do the whole nine on me!!!! Boob exchange and my booty.... He does implants but doesn't go under the muscle so I'm tryna decide if I want him 2 do them.... I think he would do a good job but there isn't anyone who has left any reviews abt it or anything and that's hard ya no....
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Those are super cute babes!!!! Boobies are POPP'n!!!!! :))
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Thank you!
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Wow amazing results girl!!!! Love them!!!!! I'm using one of your pictures to show my doctor lol:)
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Thank you!!! :-) That's very flattering!! Thanks so much!! Another great method to kind of estimate what size you like on your frame before you see your doctor is to make rice sizers and where them in your bra for a while to find out what size you are comfortable with and you feel like flatters you the most. has a great and easy method to create them: . It's not a perfect science, just sort of an estimate, but using it, combined with talking to your doctor about what you like and trying on the sizers in the office will definitely get you the look you are looking for! Have a wonderful surgery and great recovery!!! :-)
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I'm loving your results! I'm hoping my 505HP will look that big! Did you get measured at all before 7 weeks? I measured myself using the VS sizing method and I'm measuring at a 34C! I'm hoping for at least a D! Thanks for posting your progress!
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Thank you so much!! I didn't get measured before 7 weeks because my Dr. let me know that they change so much that you won't know your true size for several months out. With 505hp I think you will definitely end up being at least a D cup for sure. I had very little breast tissue and very tight skin to start also, so my first couple of days out, the skin was really tight, I was really swollen, they look Nothing like how they look now 4 months out. I would say just give it a little time because they are gonna fill out a lot more as your skin relaxes and accommodates room for the implants. You look awesome already and they will continue to take their shape and fill out more and more as time passes!! :-)
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Awe thanks for the reply! :) I am trying to be patient but I can't wait! :)
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Hey boo... Was it a hassle dealing with the hospital for payment at all? I hate that it's a separate charge....
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