Buttock Aug Round 2!! - Baltimore, MD

Good Morning Ladies! I will be using this profile...

Good Morning Ladies! I will be using this profile now to put all my Buttock Augmentation stories, lol. So, I already had this procedure done June 2012 by Dr. Vogel is Baltimore, big mistake. My butt looked great like the first 10 months after surgery. I felt like after my 5th month, it kept getting smaller and smaller, after 10 months went by everyone kept saying "you lost your ass, what happend?" Basically most of the fat did not survive , and I followed all my Doctors instructions, he told me not to sit for 2 weeks, but I didn't sit for a month, just incase! Honestly, I was in a rush to get this procedure done, and I had the money for it, so I asked myself "Why not?" So now I am ready for round 2, only problem is I am not sure which doctor to have this procedure with! I do not want to make another mistake, I want this round 2 and thats it! No more rounds after that lol. I already had a consultation with Dr. Salama, and I am scheduled for surgery October 2014. I had a consultation with also Dr. Jimerson and Dr. Markmann. I really dont know what to do! I'm 50/50 with Salama, his results are great, but I also heard some bad reviews. Jimerson and Markman results are amazing too, but I'm looking for permanent results, I don't want temporary results. I feel as though patients results are a amazing for the first couple months, then they end up having to get a round 2 because their butt got smaller, ugh. Help!! Do you ladies know anyone who had this procedure done by any of these doctors?!
Hi phoenixrising, do you have any pics?
I would highly recommend Dr. Markmann. He did my revision, and not only did he do a fabulous job with my butt, he also managed to greatly improve the disasterous lipo - complete with lumps, dents & ridges - that the first PS did. I'm one year post my BBL, and my results are great! Be warned though - you are going to feel like you've been hit by a bus, but then again - he's honest & will tell you this himself! I also really like that you spend the night in the hospital with oxygen - no other BBL doc I know does this.
Yes your right! I love dr Markmann. He did my breast aug and did an amazing job. He is such a humble person and he really takes the time to talk to you and answer all your questions. I might end up doing the surgery with him! Just gotta schedule the date, so excited :)
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