Who is the best on the East Coast ?

I am in the D.C. metropolitan area, and I am...

I am in the D.C. metropolitan area, and I am interested in doing a bbl or ba. I have been looking to do this since I had my child in 2008 and now its time. I want it done before the summer because I have a cruise to go on and I just want to be right and tight.

P.S. I wan to do a breast reduction & nose job too!!! Can I ?


The best in the area is Dr. Markmann. He charges upwards of $15k. The better doctors are out of the area in Georgia and Florida. I live in the dc area and went to Miami.
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What did you have done? I am thinking of going to the better doctors out of the area. I know they are more skilled in the south and over the west coast. Girl gimme that info I am all ears
Hey where are you thinking about going to get it done. I'm new to the area and I want a buddy!!! Well I'm in Virginia lol but I still want a buddy. I heard about American lipo center in Virginia but haven't seen anyone's pictures, but they say they are good.
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Ok so I have chosen not to do a breast reduction....

Ok so I have chosen not to do a breast reduction. Not now I will Do that procedure some years later. However I did not get in touch with the original doctor here in Baltimore. Dr. Ricardo Rodriguez have yet to get in touch with me so I'm going to call in the morning and get in touch with him and set up an appointment !!! Super Excited !!!


Dr. James Benjamin in Bowie, MD did mines and I love my results.

Ok, Ladies I need your help big time, I want to...

Ok, Ladies I need your help big time, I want to find a doctor in my area, I think it would be wiser to be close to home with responsibilities and a young one (under 5).
Did anyone find a great Doctor on the east coast or what ?
Please comment below I would like my procedure to be completed by May for the latest !
Thanks in advance !!!


Ok I am hearing a lot about Miami. Can I have your doctors info, and can you tell me how it went down. Like how much did he charge you, how was the stay and for how long and when where you able to travel back ?
I went to Dr. Perry in Miami, he changed my life! he charged $7,000 for lipo everywhere-arms, thighs, back, waist, etc. He doesn't nickle and dime like most doctors do for extra areas. My hips and butt are better than I could have imagined. After transport and etc. I still paid less than staying n dc or going to Dr. Jimmerson like I originally wanted.
I am glad I went to Miami. One the weather and two just being able to be away from the daily stress hustle from being home recuperating. Stay was good. I was there 1/1-1/9. I paid extra to b n hospital for surgery and stay over night. I had nurses for 45 hours over a 4day period. My husband came to help last three days. My rt tix from bwi to fll was $100. The surgery was easy it is the recovery that is hard. Look at my review and pics.

I finally visited Dr. Benjamin whom I was happy...

I finally visited Dr. Benjamin whom I was happy with I feel like he does his work from the heart he even recommended other doctors on my list that he can stand by. But I am not sure if he'll be able to couture the body as I need. Plus I am also trying to do rhinoplasty at the same time and Dr. Benjamin no longer dose it.
Any one knows of Drs that do both ?

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I am saying to hell with it I am too anxious now....

I am saying to hell with it I am too anxious now. However I ran in to a situation. I spent some of the money for my BBL on an emergency so I may need to finance the rest. Does anyone know a good health care loan supplier?
Any how this is my game plan... I'll go get rhinoplasty first seeing that that take less time to heal intially, 2 weeks in I'll go get my BBL so that way I'll get all the PS out of the way and be on my road to recovery and happiness all at once. The more down time taken the more I'll have to pay for it later on because the way my life is going at the moment. Plus it's better to take off for one whole month then one month here and then another one there

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I found a Dr. Who does bbl and one who dose the...

I found a Dr. Who does bbl and one who dose the rhinoplasty. They are willing to do the procedure together and work with each as I will be both of theirs. However I am afraid the Dr. Lynch who would be doing my bbl has only had a few clients and none of them seem to be ove color, all the photos on her site had slight changes, nothing dramatic. And I understand that may have been what they wanted but if I'm got to graft fat to that area I want it to look relatively huge. However for $100 I will get a consultation for both doctors so if anything I would be wasting $100... Ladies do we think its worth it ? Or dose anyone know if there is a rhinoplasty specialist that may work with Dr. Benjamin. Ahhhh I hate making such tough decisions !


Cant wait to see how things go!
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I have not had my procedure yet, with Dr. Benjamin he his kind and not about making a quick dime, if he feels there is something that needs to be added or not needed he will let you. He is African American and has done a range of both. Give him a call. By the way consulting is free.
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Because u were in a hospital they could take out all the fat they wanted right? I heard the 5000cc rule only applies for outpatient

So I am most definitely choosing Dr. Benjamin. He...

So I am most definitely choosing Dr. Benjamin. He is thus far the only one in the DMV that I feel I can trust he even knew who the other doctors were and have me his honest opinion on them.
So I said shiddd noore time to waste right ?
He has said he is willing to work with another doctor at the same time to do my rhinoplasty as well so I'll have a total new look!! He hasn't called me back since about if the doctor is able to do it at the facility he practices at but I pray to God that it'll all work out.
I am going to see the Rhino doctor on Wed. And I got to pay $100 just for the consult but if I can do them (two procedures) both at the same time I'm going for it.
Just waiting for my dates and taxes.
Still trying to figure out the financial part I want to get financing since it two procedures at about $7000 each

Do you queens/ ladies have any experience with the financing ?


Hey KKK, just stopping by to check on you. How's everything going?
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It's slow over here I had a appointment set up to talk to the Dr doing the rhinoplasty and I had to cancel my son got sick therefore I have to reschedule and wait to see if the two for toes can work together or not. So we shall see I'll set my appointment this week and let you ladies know !!! Oh and thanks for checking on me !!!
Yeah smile I may just do a personal loan and settle this year. Great idea !
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Unfortunately for all that I was trying to do I...

Unfortunately for all that I was trying to do I have to push the date a month or two. There are justo to many other things going on at the moment. So I'll contact Dr. B and see what we can do in the time being.
I'll be on pins and needles as I get closer to my target date and collect the amount needed for the duel surgery.
But I will update once everything is set and when the count down begins.

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So I am now not considering Dr. B anymore seeing...

So I am now not considering Dr. B anymore seeing that one of the ladies didn't get the results she expected. I know everyone's story will not be the same but I have to say he body type and shape was a lot like mine. And I figured he needed more practice because when I went for my consultation he didn't have any previous pictures of his work on BBL that work for me.
So I am looking again and trying to see who else on the east coast is worth it with out spending over $7000.
Any suggestions ladies ?


Hey gurl... I'm going to Santo Domingo Dra. Yily de la Santos here are some of the girls who have gone to her: bootyliciousdmd, fill_me_out, mizz.scorpio, sexxibooty, ensureaddict... And Dra. Agustina Dura here are some of her girls: missk3booty, mzzyummybooty, laitcaramel (has pics up of other Duran gurls) ... There is Dr. Haiki, Dr. Rodriquez in Maryland for bbl's... My quote for BBL, lipo of flanks, back, tummy, arms, thighs, chin is $3500 if I add BL/BA its $4700. They have a spa with 24 hour nurse care and 3 meals a day w/ transportation to/from Dr. Appt and Airport for $90 per night. Hope this helps...
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That did help but I'm so scared of going to the DR w/o someone and yes I have heard the stories but they seem to end at some point once all is done. My next concern is with Dr. Duran is that she said I may have to do a tummy tuck after I said I didn't want too :/ uh no hun.
Dr. J and Dr. Salama are the best on the east coast from what I've seen online. There is another doctor here in GA, Dr. O(can't think of his full name) that is supposed to be pretty good too. Don't know if you would come to GA but I have a consult scheduled with Dr.O's office and they told me that I could get my surgery done in June. But I've decided to go with Dr. Yily. If you want you can take my consult. I will call and see if they will switch and do a virtual consult for you. Let me know
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How long after BBL can I do a RP

I am wishing that I can find a doctor that's does both at the same damn time (heehee) or maybe a doctor who is willing to work with another doctor.
I know combine too many surgeries at once can be a bad idea but I think the less time I take off the better for my recovery. What do you ladies think any one has ever did like a totals make over ?


Markmann is the best in your area. I have a girl who's had her butt for like 8 years, still big as ever and small waist
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Wait should I show him wish pics ??

Going to see the Doctor on Thursday for my first consultation. And I don't know what to expect. Should I bring wish pics ? I actually have pictures of my self (profiles) that I wouldn't mind my nose to look like , know what I mean ?
I'm thinking my side profiles looks great but full frontal it's too wide how should I explain that? Any ideas ?


Expensive tho isn't he ?
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