Full of anxiety and anticipation. I'm so grateful...

Full of anxiety and anticipation. I'm so grateful for all the women who have shares their experiences on here. It helps a great deal when you're trying to prepare mentally for this life changing surgery. 7 weeks to go ! I'm scheduled for a full tummy tuck and extended arm lift . Also Really not happy with my upper back . That would have to be another surgery at a different time. So my surgeon agreed to attempt some lipo in that area to help it appear a little smoother under clothes until I can come back for round 2 . (If I get the nerve that is )
So for now just working hard & Trying to get my mind RIGHT :)


Congratulations on your upcoming surgeries! I had a LBL as well as an arm and breast lift, and I can truly say it is the best thing I have ever done for myself ( well, after losing 100 lbs.). I am so happy for you! I hope you have wonderful results and an easy recovery.
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Thank you ! I'm started to let go of the fear and getting excited :) Did you have all that done at once ? I looked at your profile YOU LOOK AMAZING ! I also lost over 100lbs but I'm still a big girl...my surgeon suggested the lower body lift but I just couldn't mentally handle that lol and also he wouldn't be willing to do my arms the same time and those bat wings bother me more than my booty. Have to prioritize right? Lol
I had 2 surgeries, I had a Lower body lift, and 3 months later had the breast and arm lift...You are right about prioritizing, I just picked which body part I hated the most and started there!

Surprisingly calming down ?

So I've been noticing my anxiety is at an all time low this week . Most likely due to the weening off the phentermine . I started taking that after I lost 90lbs (with diet and exercise ) and was stuck at a plateau. I lost 20 more pounds over a 6 month period . I ended up too afraid to come off the phentermine with fear of gaining weight back. I know , horrible decision . So to be safe doctors want me off of it 4 weeks prior to my surgery. So I've been slowly weening off this magic pill. I forgot how LESS crazy I was without phentermine lol ... Besides the cravings and and fighting to maintain my weight I'm feeling pretty good. Just keep upping my workouts and hope to survive the holiday temptations without any weight gain. 6 1/2 weeks to go and counting ...
Happy healing to all you post op ladies :)


I had a tt and thighplasty done at the same time and could not imagine doing my arms or anything on top at the same time...I use my arm strength, for daily things like lying down and getting up..if I didn't have my arm strength to compensate for the lower I'm not sure I would have such a happy outlook on this...I would definitely split lower and upper surgeries
Lol welllll yeah thanks for freaking me out more ! Like I tell people - for me I had to prioritize . My arms bother me the most along with my stomach. I'm pretty sure I won't be able to afford anything else for a long time or ever for that matter. My goal was to wear a tank top for the first time in my life and big have to cover my arms up with shrugs and camis. And my stomach is such a burden and not budging. I know I'm in for a rough time but hopefully it's all worth it . In the meanwhile I'm building up my leg muscle overtime ! They will be what's getting me around lol I'm renting a remote lift recliner to help me get up and down . Hopefully I will get through it all

This germaphobe is FREAKING out ! Two weeks to go !

Yikes ! Two weeks left until my big day and there's sickness all around me ! The stomach flu and some nasty cold/flu/mutant virus is circling around maryland ! Lol yuck! As we all know - any little sickness can cause them to cancel our surgeries. Working In the salon this time of year ? Lots of sick clients and coworkers :-/ and can't take my vitamins anymore . Oh man this will be a stressful 2 weeks for this paranoid neurotic germaphobe !

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well the sickness got me !

Surgery is one week away from today Eeeek! Still so unreal , not sure when its going to hit me . So im fighting a cold right now but after a few days im starting to feel better. This sickness will NOT win! Ive been waiting so long for this the anticipation is making me CRAY! Lol im so ready to get over the fear and move onto the healing process!


How exciting, just around the corner now!
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I know I'm freaking out !!!
Deep breath you can do this. It will be over before you know it.

3 days post op ! What a ride!

So after a long anticipated wait, I'm finally here ! Over the hump and on the train to recovery . 8 pounds removed from the belly and a pound from each arm. 10lbs total. I was betting on 15 but hey I'll take ! Don't have the best post op pics yet but putting up a few befores and what I could handle for now . As u know standing doesn't come easy these days!?
I'll post better after pics soon . So excited about these guns !


What was your height and weight pre-op? I also lost 110 lbs and am getting a TT on Friday!
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240 and 5'6. I was 350lbs at my highest . Good luck with your surgery !

Post op day 3 what a tease you are !

It's 635am which Would now make me PO day 4 . Man this was a rough night. My body is SO sick of sitting still . I guess I'm starting to feel the pain from the lipo done on my back and all down my sides. And that little blister taking up residence on my hip is turning into a monster ! It's definitely the size of a LARGE grape at this point. I'm getting to the point if being tired if sitting around and needing help getting up and down. I know if I was just recovering from the tummy tuck things would be a little easier . But once again- I needed these Arms done ! That flying squirrel look wasn't cutting it ! Especially knowing how muscular I am in the arms and shoulders (thanks to Jillian michaels) lol
So I'm set up in my seat massager for now . Once my mom and dad are up and awake I plan to venture down some steps today . Feeling confined and I don't like it ! Lol need more room to walk around in and stretch my booty ! Hoping to actually go to the bathroom soon . Stool softener hasn't worked so it's time to pull out the serious stuff. Someone's going on a cvs run today that's for sure :) I had no idea how bad it would feel being constipated and covered in incisions at the same time ! Owch! I'm also still torn about the binder . I've been taking it off at night but I couldn't wait to put it back on today . Need to find a comfy compression tank that I can get my arms ink with out much pull. Definitely a challenge !


Just hang in there. It does get better. Understand the depression, I would cry most days in the first week and cried non stop on day 8. I think the reason was that I felt helpless! But the next day was a turning point;)) all the best!!
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I think I'm mostly depressed because the thought of my stomach not being smoothed out like I thought it woULD Be :-/ looking so deformed right now
Hey. How is the pain with TT and arms at the same time? Is it hard to get around with less use of your arms? I was gonna do both procedures at once but I'm nervous!
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Beauty is pain !!!

It's been a long emotionally and physically draining day. Hoping for day 6 to be better ! One day at a time right? !


Welcome to the flat side, fast your seat belt and get ready for a recovery ride, take care of yourself and take it easy, check my profile l have some tips that maybe can help you in the healing process, happy dance in you name. :-)
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Congrats on your journey yes beauty is a pain but it's so worth it. Happy Healing!!!!!
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Hey! Everything is so new right now, give your self some time to settle... Trust me week 4 for me was a big turning point. The lipo pain/bruising is still a pain so it all takes time to settle. I am keen on arm lift, but it's the scar v's skin battle in my head. Wishing you an easy recovery journey x

1week down :)

Feeling good:)
anxious about getting the drains pulled from my underarms tomorrow ! Don't know what to expect .


Thank you ! :)

3 down 1 to go !

9 days post op now ... Saw the doc he pulled both drains in my arms and the one in my groin that has been bothering me like CRAZY ! There looks like a little infection so now antibiotic to add to the list! Tried to sleep in the bed tonight -TOO SOON! lol was a pain in the ass to get out of . So back into this horrid chair it is !

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What was I thinking !

Haven't taken a pain pill today decided I didn't need them and that Tylenol would be enough. Took my fake shower and washed my hair and now I feel like I'm on fire ! All my incisions are burning. One of my arms is being rude and opening up a little . The other arm is healing great! I haven't taken pics of my arms with bandages or garment yet because I keep them to something at all times. when it comes off I'm time to switch? That 2 minute periods is god awful and can't get over soon enough! But once they feel more normal again I'll take pics :)


Just think in a year what you'll look like! As hairdressers we are so used to taking care of everyone else, and being so active, and now it's time for us to just breath and relax! You will be fabulous! Xoxo
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AINT THAT THE TRUTH! Thanks Stevie1girl ! My body may be on medical leave bit my brain is on vacation! Lol I'm so sick of people and their hair ! lol love what I do but geez I needed a break! And now I need to start planning my next surgery for my upper back lift. Im thinking right after Christmas maybe - things usually die down lol clients will not like this. This time I should be back past time after 3 weeks. And then I'm gonna just accept my saggy thighs and tiny boobies lol
Ooo just seen your latest pics looking good. Cant wait to see your arms.
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Yay ! No more ball and chain!

12 day post op and just had the last drain pulled ! Yippeeeee! Also no more staples in the arm pits ! This bring me joy:) still keep forgetting to take new pics off arms when I change my bandages. I'll get those pics up soon


Good for you
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I heard that! Had my own shop for 20 years, sold it. Now have government job, easy. And I just do hair when I feel like it, a few friends at work. Defiantly have to take care of you, clients, there will always be another they multiply like rabbits. Lol .
Lol this is true but you know how it is when you're not salary based ! We freak out when we're not busy. Especially after financing such a big expense . But it's worth every penny :) You're so lucky you were smart enough to venture out and get a career with a more secure and depends bel income ! I question myself all the time what else could I see myself doing besides hair ? I have no idea! And the physical part of it sucks . I wouldn't have to take all this time off if I had a desk job . Same with my next surgery. Not to mention I'm 95% afflack isn't picking this up for my "disability" but if I needed a breast reduction they would! So unfair . This is like having big boobs where they're not supposed to be! Lol still a hanging appendage that causes pain .

These arms are giving me grief :-/

So first week of recovery my arms were the easy part and the tummy tuck was my hardest struggle. Now I'm 13 days post op and my arms just can't get comfortable. They feel right especially te left one (which had opened a little ) and is healing slower than the left arm. I did so much research on these procedures prior to my surgery so I knew this was a common part of recovery so I'm not totally freaked out . However it DISGUSTING! Lol when the air guys my bare arms I just cringe ! So finally took some bare arm pics for u guys . It's a little gruesome . Not the best pics but like I said I was in a hurry to cover these guns back up ! lol still very swollen just like my ken doll gut! And saggy vajay :-/ that's a whole other story. Maybe next update !


Your arms look sore jeez! Ok do tell.... Whats happening to your vajay, you ok?
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lol they hurt sooo bad it's driving me crazy. I took my first real shower yesterday and I was not even excited about it. More petrified . And before surgery I obsessed about the no shower for 2 weeks thing ! I'm considering going back to just sponging it down while I stand in the shower . I can't deal with the arms getting wet. I think I just did way too much with them the first week. Just by getting myself in and out of the chair or having to prop myself up. I hated waking my mom up every time if get up to walk or pee once she was asleep. The doctor says they're healing fine it's just one of this things that can happen and takes time. They just feel so damn tight. Especially my left. I truly think the garment they put on me day 5 was too tight and caused more problems which caused more pain . Until that day my arms were doing great but have been rough ever since :-/ The vajay .... Ahhhhh . This I'm annoyed about. To be frank after I lost the 110lbs my vajay looked like a freakin sagging ball sac! Lol sorry but it is what it is. So needless to say I told him to do some work down there . We had talked about doing a vertical slit in the mons and them a horizontal slit. Bringing it in more sours not so Wide and up so it's not so low. And a little lipo. Well the vertical line didn't happen. He was very weary with that Because he didn't like the idea of that scar there. For me ? I rather that scar be there than a ball sac ! So now it's little smaller but one side seems longer than the other !!! And my actual Vaginal opening seem to be crooked ! Lol like it is more to the left instead of centered. He insists that it's still very swollen and to give it time. Ok doc. But if time comes and it still looks like this? Were fixing that mess ! I'm 30 divorced and single and just had all this fluff removed ! I'm not letting any guy see this mess lol and that may sound twisted but I had a rough divorce ! And it's been 5 years of me pulling myself out of that and just improving myself physically and mentally and focusing on building up my career/clientele. I'm finally ready to be open to dating and now I got this he/she looking thing of a private? No way. So maybe just a little lipo revision In the office ? I hope so !!! If not I totally intend to have him fix if when I go back to have my upper back lift . I know he already removed so much skin and he had my safety as a priority so I understand . Can't make perfection the first time when you're dealing with a case such as mine . And if I didn't research the hell out of these procedures months and. Months prior ? Id be FREAKING OUT! Lol so far I'm happy with the way everything else looks :)
Stupid typos ! Moms was supposed to be brought in so it wasn't as wide or long and saggy *

"Swell hell" has taken over and it burns !


Love the side to side pics truely awesome transformation
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Thanks Jules :) buttttt did u see my post about not fitting in my fat jeans ?! What is that ??? :-(
Lol its early days! Im sure ive got at least 5 kgs of fluid in my thighs alone!

Allergies are attacking

Afraid to sneeze and fighting the urge to cough. This is no fun ! Also we had over a foot of snow fall last night and I'm feeling so bad I can't be out there helping my 60 year old dad do the shoveling like I usually do. And still haven't been able to sleep in my bed :-/ arms are still tight and on fire. And can't fit into any of my pants. Can't you tell I'm in the best mood ever? Lol I'm sooooo over this . Ready to have my life back


Sounds like you're having a hard time :( Hope things get better! I just keep telling myself that this will all be worth it, and that I would take the pain and discomfort over how sad my body made me on a daily basis! Stay strong.
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You're so right cate ! Thank you ! You hang in there too !!! My next surgery is to get my back done in so curious to see your upcoming pics !
Looking great!!!!! Hang in there it's gonna start getting better every single day!!!!
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Arms are throbbing

So I'm 2 1/2 weeks post op- my arms have been so sore . My tummy hasn't been too bad the last week or so . Still tight from the muscle repair . And I have occasional sharp pains nothing too bad though. However my arms have been so bad today I started taking my Vicodin again. They just feel very tight and bum but also very Achy . Very weird feeling. But the scabbing on the right arm is gone . My left arm is tail about 50% scabbed . Both armpits are still very raw and tender . Ughhhh I just want my arms back ! Feel like a T-Rex ! They look good but I just want them to feel good . All the other arm lift reviews people seem to be doing better than me at this point in recovery . I know everyone heals differently but being a hairstylist and needing my arms - I'm starting to worry


I am at 2 1/2 weeks post arm lift and my swelling at the elbows is worse than ever. I am actually waiting on a call from the PS office. I am worried about seroma. I have not been using compression for a week. I just wrapped my arms with the ace bandages again to see if it will help. I hope is does, just the though of a needle is making me feel very nauseous.
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At 2 1/2 weeks I had a few days of burning and aching but it passed quickly. Your body is healing multiple spots at once and there are a lot of nerves that need to reconnect. It will improve. Try to rest more, drink a ton of water and make sure you are eating a lot of protein and little sodium.
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Let's look at positives... Your arms are distracting you from the swelling in your tummy :) I compared myself to other ppl, biiiiig mistake. The only person you should compare yourself to is yourself. Keep those photos coming. Put together pics from this week till last week, you'll be amazed the differences in a week. My recovery has had bumps but the pictures speak volumes and not just pics pre op, do weekly updates in photos and see. Hope you are ok and the pain gets more comfortable xx
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4weeks today !

So my surgery was 4 weeks ago. I'm feeling much better in regards to the tummy tuck. My arms are still uncomfortable . Still have tightness and numbness there . Especially the left arm. However I saw my surgeon 2 days ago and he seems to be very happy with my progress and appearance of my incisions. Apparently everything I'm feeling is normal. I did talk to him about my saggy vajay(mons) and how it's lopsided . He agrees that the symmetry is off and said we could do a revision most likely in the office . But not until 6 months ! :-( he wants all swelling to go down first. But I don't think I just need a little revision . I really want more of a reduction in that area. He has definitely made a but improvement there but it's still saggy and haut hangs there . It drives me crazy. So I mentioned before that I am going to have an upper back lift either in the fall of winter . I may just have him do more work on the vajay then . I have to plan when I could take time off from work again like this. May have to wait until next January again . Which sucksssss but it has been a slow time in the salon especially with all the snow . I'm due back to work In 2 weeks. Honestly terrified of going back to work at this point . If my arms aren't better by then he told me I may want to consider another week off. Not to push myself . Not sure if I can manage that. Not getting paid for 6 weeks and having all these new surgery bills roll in doesn't really make room for taking MORE time off. So I'm taking it easy and resting as much as possible . Drinking lots of water taking my vitamins and getting my protein in. Fingers crossed !!!!


Do you have recent pics of TT do you have any lose skin or in need of revision
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Yes sorry been meaning to update but haven't had time. My stomach has loosened up a little . When I stand it's still flat but of course when I sit there's some muffin top goin on lol but I'm still overweight so I figured that. I don't need a revision on that part but I do need a revision in the mons area. That is still very loose and bulgy . I will be getting that tightened up more most likely when I have my upper back done in January. I hate to have to wait that long! lol I'll try to msg u a new pic
Hey how are you? I'm thinking od getting my arms and tummy done soon. Do you feel doing them both at the same time was too much???
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3 months post op

Feeling better every week . Noticing my skin is starting to loosen which was to be expected but It's still a little disappointing lol


Looking good!
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Hey Jules! Thanks so are you ! How are you feeling?
Thanks looking good just having second thoughts of getting mine done???
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Updated before and after at 3 months


Fantastic before and after. Wish i had thought of taking better before pics to compare.
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You look amazing... The before/after is incredible!! Would you mind putting some pics up of your arms pretty please? I'm really tempted xx
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Thank you pels! Yes I'm working on it. It's hard getting a good shot of the scars there without the lighting looking all crazy . I'll post those ASAP

Updated before and after pic for arms...

So I've been asked a lot to put up pics of my arms ... I'm not completely happy with these scars right now to be honest. I misunderstood as to where they'd be placed and I also think they're a bit thick . HOWEVER... I don't regret having them done . It's a huge improvement to me . It's an amazing feeling to not have my wings flapping around while I'm doing people's hair all day . I will eventually embrace these scars . Just not yet lol ... I'm currently using some compounded prescription scar gel that will hopefully help .
I do have a tiny opening under my right arm . I believe it's a suture working it's way out. Nothing too serious but it is annoying when I'm exercising and trying to build these guns back up . I look at the before pics and I'm amazed how muscular I was even with all thAt skin. I'm working on getting that back :)


I would love to see your updated pics? I think the scars are fading fast I had smartlipo on arms 12 days ago. The WORST part for me is the waiting period. 6mos seems like 1 year. Happy healing and take care
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Hi, I think you look amazing! I am 2 weeks post-op from arm lift, breast lift and lower body lift. My arms are the most uncomfortable at this point. Also, my left arm is bigger than my right arm and still appears fat. My right arm is beautiful. Did you experience something similar? My doc says the swelling will come down, but I think the difference between the 2 arms is too much and will never be similar unless I get a revision. I'm nervous and feeling down that my left arm is still pudgy with a bulge. Ugh!
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Thanks and I'm sorry to hear about your experience. My arms looked similar from day one. Maybe there is a simple explanation for it but that is something your doctor will know and unless your arms were different prior to surgery I can't think of a reason why they would be different now other than the doctor not taken the same amount of skin, etc. of both arms. I would ask him if it doesn't change after a few weeks and hopefully it will resolve by itself.

Almost 6 months post op

Its been awhile since I've posted an update so here it is . I'm feeling pretty good these days besides some swelling in both the tummy and arms . The swelling in the arms aren't too visible but I can feel it . This hot humid weather seems to make things worse . But nothing too unbearable .
I do still have some discomfort especially in the arms . They get numb from time to time and my armpits are still tight.
A couple months ago I noticed I was getting these massive red marks in my arm pits and down the inside of my arms . Stretch marks! Ones you've never seen before . So deep and sore. My surgeon didn't seemed concerned he says it's just from the skin loosening up from movement and exercise . Not sure if these nasty marks will be permanent or not but I'm assuming it was a possibility from the start. If take the stretch marks over these scars any day! Yes ...these Scars SUCK. For some reason my scars from my arm lift didn't heal so well. They're very thick and wide, as well as slightly raised. I've been very persistent with scar care since the beginning and I'll continue to do so . I just don't see them getting much better . Whiter eventually but not smoother . Owell we shall see ! It's frustrating because I still find myself covering up my arms . Even more so now. They're just too red and noticeable at this point. I really wish I didn't are but I do. With that said I still do NOT regret my decision with having them done.
The scars on my tummy are flat and smooth. Now why couldn't my arms have gotten on board with that ? Who knows . I haven't even put any Scar creams on my stomach after 2 months post op.
I'm still unhappy with the amount of bulge and saginess in the mons area. However I'm planning to have that revised when I go in to have my back done in January. Upper back lift as well as have the tummy tuck extended completely around which will then make it a circumferential lift . A lot of surgeons don't do these surgeries together from what I gather . But after talking to my dr he seemed confident that is doable in my case . I'm so excited to get these 3 tiers off my back! It's been nice to be Able to wear more fitting tops but I'm still limited to wearing anything too tight because of my back. Not too mention all that crap bulging out of the back of my jeans? Yuck! I got rid of one muffin top now it's time to lose the other.
So I have been slacking on the diet part of this life long journey of mine . It's very disappointing to myself. Gaining weight is just not an option. These procedures are very expensive and I'll be paying for them for a few years . I owe it to myself to at least maintain and boy oh boy it's been a struggle ! I'm still working out like usual . Usually 5 days a week for an hour. But apparently it's not enough for my body. I really need to limit my calorie intake again. Time to get serious ! So I'm back on weight watchers as of today- wish me luck! lol I'll need it!


thanks for the update. I am sorry about your armpits,the red scars and numbness. They will eventually fade,i'm sure give it time. When is your next post-op?
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I just saw the surgeon earlier this month . I go back in September to touch base and set up my next surgery . I don't think they'll fade much at this point.
When i have had surgery I also got keloid scars. My surgeon mentioned that if it bothered me they could inject steroids to minimize the appearance. I mentioned it to my dermatologist while I was seeing her for something else. She said absolutely, and injected steroids into them, and they almost disappeared. They flattened out and lightened to almost my normal skin color. Ask your doctor about it. If he says no, then see a dermatologist and see if it is an option.
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