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Arm Lift, Breast Lift With Augmentation - Baltimore, MD

I'm 59 years old and lost 160 lbs ten years ago....

I'm 59 years old and lost 160 lbs ten years ago. After years of my skin drooping more and more I was finally able to have these procedures. The breast lift and augmentation surgery went well. My surgeon, Dr. Larry Lickstein, did an amazing job. The size and shape of my breasts was exactly what I expected. I did have two drains for two weeks. They weren't a problem and did the job. I did have a problem with my incisions healing. There was one spot on each breast that separated where two incision lines intersected. One at the areola and one under the breast. The area on the areola healed in about a month using silver cream and Restore. The area under the breast was more serious. There was an opening about the size of a nickel and maybe a 1/4 inch deep. This took about two months to heal using Restore. At 3 1/2 months both wounds are healed completely and scars are slowly fading. I use scar cream daily. The surgical bra that I wore home was tight and uncomfoetable. I was very swollen. I finally found a front zip sports bra by Playtex that worked well for me. The arm lift has been the most difficult surgery to recover from. The surgery itself went well. Two drains were placed and did their job with no problem. I started wearing compression sleeves within 3 days of surgery. The sleeves provided by the doctor's office were very tight and increasingly uncomfortable. The sleeves eventually opened the incisions in my armpits. I ordered different types of sleeves and finally found a set by Marena that were most comfortable. In the meantime, my body started to reject the dissolvable sutures and clips. The incisions in both arms began opening up at different locations on the incision lines between my armpits and elbows. Until 2 weeks ago both arms had finally healed nicely. Then one arm started getting red and warm in several spots. The incision was not infected but there more clips working their way out from under the skin. Not really painful just annoying. Now using antibiotic cream and Band-Aids on the opening. It will probably take several more weeks for my arm to heal again. I go back to the doctor at the end of July. Hope everything will be good by then. After all of the problems, I'm happy with the way my arms look. No more wiggle waggle! I can finally wear sleeveless tops. The doctor and his staff were able to get me in the office each time I had a problem and that was very comforting and reassuring.
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Lickstein explained the procedures in detail and as usual he or one of his nurses was always available when I needed them. I plan on returning to him later this year for my last procedure. I know I'll be happy with the outcome.

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First..Congratulations on your weight loss! I lost about 100 lbs and had the tell tale residual arm flab to prove it! I had a LBL as well as a breast and arm lift....I can honestly say these procedures really changed my life! Ii is so liberating to wear a tank top and not have to worry about your arms! Enjoy your fabulous results!
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Thanks and congrats on your weight loss! I also had a LBL and then the arm and breast lift. They have been life changing events. I finally feel "normal" after decades of being overweight.
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Did your doctor measure your arms and tell you how much fat was taken out? I was just curious,as my doctor didn't do this and i never wore a compression garment. All reviews on here had at least pics of how much fat was taken out i have none, I guess every doctor is different and i will definitely ask. everyone wore a cg except me. i will ask him on the 23rd my 5 week post-op. I already asked about the compression garment and he said i didn't need it.
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I'm not sure if they did measurements or not, they did take before pics. Haven't done after pics yet. I have no idea how much fat was removed. My upper arms measure about 11" now. I'm very happy with them. I didn't wear a compression garment as long as my doc wanted me to. My incisions have become so sensitive that even the arm seams in the sleeves of tops bother me. I've read reviews here and some docs don't use them at all. Good luck with your next appt.
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I Never used compression garmentu &he didn't measure my arms. he took b4 pics,he'll wait til 6mos to do after pics. i don't even know how much fat was taken out. my appt is on the 23rd&i will ask. how r u?
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I haven't had after pics done yet either. Figured they wanted my arms healed before they take them. I'm doing fine. I'm still healing but that's ok. I knew this was going to be a long journey when I had my LBL. I'm just so happy that I've kept the extra weight off for 10 years. I still can't believe that's me when I look in the mirror.
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That's amazing how much weight you lost,i can't even lose a lb or an inch. I am sure our arms will be back to normal in 6 months and look great. We'll look back and say "It was all worth it."
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It is all worth it!
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Yes,it is. I am doing abs and waist in october. and i wish i was doing it Monday! LoL
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Hi, Do you have any before pics and after? This helps,i just had my arms done,but had smart-lipo. I hope you heal properly and your arms are back to normal feeling and looking fantastic. Happy Healing Bella
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Thanks Bella. I'm sure my arms will heal just fine. Just will take longer than I thought. I lost my before and after pics for my surgeries. Going to try and get copies from my surgeons office. I can do after pics now but of course it won't show the early recovery period.
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No problem,i too have to get before pics from my doctor.
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