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I have been researching doctors like crazy making...

I have been researching doctors like crazy making sure I find the right one. I have finally chosen Dr. Kofi Boahene. I've read reviews online and loved his pictures of his before and after of his patients. We have been emailing back and forth for weeks and I'm going to have a skype consultation with him soon and I will be booking my procedure in late August early September!


I'm excited for you and am glad you're doing your research! Please let us know how the Skype consultation goes.
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Thanks! My skype consultation is today and I will make an update about it!
Good luck with your consult and surgery.
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Skype Consultation

I just had my skype consultation with Dr. Boahene and I must say I am very happy with my decision! I've been thinking that I needed open rhinoplasty and I would need extra cartilage taken from my ear or my rib (which honestly terrifies me) but to my surprise he will be doing a closed procedure with no extra cartilage!! We spoke for a while and he asked lots of questions and drew out pictures and was very thorough. He sent all the details to Karen and now I am just waiting for the estimate cost!


Your desired result seems realistic.
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I'm glad yo hear your Skype consult went well. I had a revision rhinoplasty eith Dr. Boahene. Still healing but there's definitely improvement. I look forward to following your journey.
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Patiently waiting :)

I am still waiting on Dr.Boahene's secretary to get back to me about the pricing of the surgery and so I can set the exact date. It's been almost 2 weeks since my skype consultation and I've called the office and I never can get anyone on the phone. I've also left voicemails and no one returns my calls. I've read that she is a very hard person to get in contact with but since I have to request time off from work in advance this is a little inconvenient. If I don't get a response in another week I will reach out to the surgeon directly and see if there's anything he can do to help speed up the process.


I did Skype consult a few months ago.. I love him and will be getting mine done by him. Karen does not call back.. no returning emails no response to voice mails It's weird. I wonder if he knows this about this part of his business I remember when I first started to inquire it was like this too. He is excellent at getting back to people. But she is supposed to schedule and collect money so.. frustrating
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Yea I've been emailing them trying to set up a consultation and still no response. It's like hellooo does anyone work there?!? So annoying. I definitely want him to do my rhinoplasty though.
The trick is to CC Dr. Boahene on the email.
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