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Love my IPL and Pixel Treatment!

My advice: Start with a professional that you...

My advice: Start with a professional that you TRUST, not where you get the best deal. Start with a facial if you go to an esthetician and ask if they have done IPL on themselves or had treatments on their own face. Ask about the different levels of IPL on your face. CONSULT FIRST AND ASK QUESTIONS ABOUT POST OP!!! I went to a Doctors office where they do medical grade facials and have highly trained esthiticians. She primed my face 10 days earlier with a microderm facial at no cost as I bought a package of 3 IPL/3 pixel treatments for $2100, typically $375 for each one. My face was deeply clogged and there was no way to start the process with my skin in bad shape.

Day One of IPL/Pixel - Pain was about a 4, and definitely tolerable. I am 48 years old, have a moderate case of rosacea, fine lines, dark spots, freckling and broken capillaries and overal rough, uneven skin tone. I have had years of difficult skin, difficulty finding skin care and the right makeup. I was ready for this. We discussed all post-op care and I already took the week off to take care of whatever shape my face would be in, just in case - this IS NOT a lunchtime prodedure, do not be fooled. Ladies, if you are in so much pain they have to hold you down - they are doing something wrong, and have it turned up way too much. You should feel this, but not a 10. And I have a low tolerance for pain. And that smell during the pixel is nothing more than the fine hairs on your face, and they should TELL you that dbefore they start! It should not be your skin burning OMG!!! How scary is that! I was sunburned - had the look, but only required a clariton (provided) moisturizer, (provided) sugar scrub (provided, to help remove the pixel on day 2) and I did buy their retin-A to use day 3 if no redness. I was instructed not to use the scrub and retin A together in the evening. It really is all very simple when done correctly.

Day 2 - all red gone - no peeling, but you can definitely see pixel marks and peeling/flakes are beginning and I begin to use scrub am/pm along with the cleanser they provided. I am also taking pictures each day to chart progress. Yes, you can use a scrub if they provide it to you and if you are ipl'd/pixeled correctly. It aids in the exfoliating process and de-flaking process.

Day 3 - Today - New skin emerges!! Skin is still rough to the touch, but the glow is starting, and the flaking is still in progress. Tonight I will use Retin-A to help the process along. Stll only have one nasty pixel mark under left eye where my spots where really bad and some on forehead. From far away, I look pretty good, LOL!! But cannot wear makeup, as the roughness and sandpaper like texture to my skin will not allow it. Looking forward to Day 4....

My treatments include a "clean-up" at the end of the week Scheduled for Day 6, another facial to remove all the dead skin from my face. I have to say, at this rate, I feel pretty good. She is giving me a fourth treatment, as we went a little lower with the treatment due to not knowing how my face would react and process, so I still some some areas that need to be hit, but overall, success. Unfortunelty, I think most people do not do their homework, and the practitioners go fullforce on peoples faces and that is where most burns occur. This is a treatment where in a lot of cases less is more. You can always go back for another treatment, it is not always best to GO FOR IT in one treatment. That is where I hear horror stories. Know your doctor or esthitician, make sure they do this day in and day out. Ask questions, and interview several offices and spas. I was familiar with this office, and even so, I interviewed 5 offices before doing this procedure. This is your face. Be careful who you trust it to.

I will post pictures after my clean up facial for all 7 days.

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Took the time to explain the prodedure, alternate procedures. Did a complimentary pre-treatment facial for prep for procedure and was very clear about post-op instructions. No pressures, no sales job, just kindess and understanding and a wealth of knowledge of the procedures I wanted.

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Thanks for your detailed posts. I had my own face done (IPL, V-Beam, and blu-light) and it turned very red, swelled for about 2 days, peeled for another 3-4 days, and now its 2 weeks later and I do not see any difference in the appearance of my face now than I did before the laser treatment! I am really disappointed, as it was very expensive. ($900). I would say my procedure "hurt" but was nothing a normal person couldn't stand. I am so disappointed it didn't work on me after all that. And yes, it was a performed reputable dermatology doctor & laser specialist I have been seeing for a few years.
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I had my first treatment done on Friday and today is Tuesday, which I am calling Day 5 since I had the first treatment at 9am on Friday and a full day to start the healing. Yesterday I was pretty unhappy with way I looked, but when I washed up last night ALL the dead skin and pixel started to wash off!! I was so excited! I gently used a soft washcloth to removed lots and lots of dead skin and saw beautiful new skin that began to look all one color. This morning, Tuesday, my skin is smoother, and I only have a few spots that are still holding on to the pixel, but I imagine that is because those areas were more damamged. Today I can actually go out, with NO MAKEUP and look fine! I am still just a bit pink from the treatment itself, but by weeks end, I should be looking pretty awesome. Next treatment, I suppose I will have the strength go up, to treat the spots we missed this time around as we went slower to see how my face would react, but wow, what difference already! The spots under my eyes will probably be the toughest to hit, but next time. I am really glad I took this first treatment slow, and hearing all the pain people have experienced.
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Day 4 - Today I am really seeing the flaking and it's definitely not covering up with makeup and it's really hard to go out in public. I am still glad I had this done, but am very anxious for the peeling to stop and for my face to be all one color. You can definitely see the heavy pixel marks today, and new skin and the brown spots that havent flaked off - what a mess I am today. Actually, today is the worst looking day yet. I look horrible actually, when I thought I was looking better! When I took my pitures, I thought, hmmm, maybe I looked better beforehand. I know I will look great when I go in on Friday, Day 7 for clean-up in the office for my facial and exfoliatoion cleanup. However, it is hard to get through today, Monday - and if I had to go to work, I would be quite embarassed by the way I look. The moisturizer they gave me is very heavy, and I am getting little whiteheads on my skin. Over moisturizing is an issue for my face. It's amazing that some people get the strenth turned Way up, and manage to go back to work. I just don't know how they do it. Hopefully, tomorrow much of the dead skin will have come off. This is quite a process. I go back next month for my second treatment. another week off.....but that's my face for ya. I hope to look 10 years younger and thats GOOD!!
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