My Hair Grafting Surgery Turned out Amazing!

I have no cons t report- the reason for havin gthe...

I have no cons t report- the reason for havin gthe surgery done was due to a feeling of being incomplete ever since I bcame bald. I am estatic with the results! Anyone considering this procedure , IMO, should do it and ONLY have it done by my doctor- who has great bedside manners, excellent technique, and does a grat job of following up with you.

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Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

He is young enough to know the latest hair transplant techniques which he perfected at Johns Hopkins, while still having a great deal of experience in teating many difft. types of patients, wonderful bedside manners- makes you feel comfortable and confident the entire procedure and pre and post proced. Overall, I can not recommend Dr. S more, my experience/results have been so positive that I will state that any person who is cnsidering this procedure and does not utilize the expertise of Dr. S is doing him/herself an injustice.

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