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Hi all, I'm actually writing this on my tummy...

Hi all, I'm actually writing this on my tummy in my hospital bed. It hasn't even been 24 hrs yet. I went in for bbl surgery yesterday around 1:30 pm and was out of surgery around 9pm. I am so sore and I've had lipo b4 about 3 yrs oh my I must say big difference in pain! Everyone is different and the dr said I had a lot of scare tissue so maybe that's why I'm so sore.

I will say that I could not imagine going home the same day of surgery, you definitely need round the clock nurse care!! I feel like I need to stay for 2 or 3 days. I do not have any pros or cons as of yet it's just way to early. I will up date once I start to feel better. I'm hoping for a speedy recovery.

My Dr. is very caring and patient he actually called me while I was writing the review to check up on me :) He also gave me his cell phone number to call him anytime I need to. I will keep you guys updated.


Hey Hun just checking in to see how ur doing!!!! I hope healing, and resting and staying off that I just wanted to ask you also or anyone else who has gone to dr. M how did you finance ur procedure? I got behind on 2 credit cards and they went into collections but I just pd. them off with my taxes but I'm not sure if my credit score will be half way descent by this time next year so don't know if I would get financed...I don't have anything else on my credit report but my car note so I'm willing to put about $5000 down and finance the balance if possible. Thanks and take care...
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Hey girl so you had it done....yay for you! How many cc's did he put in each cheek and how long did he say you had to stay in Baltimore? Hope you feel better soon!!!
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Yes I had it done and I must say I was very uncomfortable the first 24 hrs. I got it done on the 21st and I will be leaving tomorrow the 25th. He put 740cc each cheek, due to excessive scare tissue from previous lipo that's all he was able to save. I'm content with that and I hope I heal nicely. I stayed at Northwest hospital which is where he works out of. The hospital is BEAUTIFUL with the exception of one nurse in the recovery room. I didn't want to leave lol.
As of today I'm feeling pretty good drinking lots of water and vitamin water. Only time will tell the out come. I did see the Dr. yesterday morning in his office and he removed my garment (ooochh) but I can already see very nice conture in my waist, my "booty" as Dr. M called it lol is just huge and swollen no real shape to it yet. I will say that this is the last cosmetic procedure i'm doing cuz I can't take the way! I will keep you posted on my progress. :)


sunnytx83 I had BBL couple days later than ladeebuggmi )) Dr. Markmann is a great surgeon and I like his care after surgery - I get my check up appointments every week! Butt looks good and areas after lipo look good as well. Love my flat stomach. I experience the same as ladeebuggmi - I keep loosing volume of my butt cheeks but I don't think that I will loose it all tho... Even if I won't get big bobble butt at the end as I wanted I won't be THAT upset cause at least I didn't waste my fat after lipo and gave it a shot. By the way the price of my surgery without BBL would be just 5G cheaper so I decided go with BBL. I had lipo on my stomach, bra rolls, love handles, arms, outer and inner tights. So far I like the result.
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Baltimore65....thnx for putting me at ease about Dr. M, how r u feeling about your decision to have a BBL?
Its kinda early to judge cause I ll see the final result only in 3 month. I like the way it looks now - the shape and the volume. I just wish I had more fat to put in((( So If u don't really have a lot of fat on ur stomach - u should grow it, girl. Anyway Dr M will sack it off))

Well I'm 4weeks out today and I started...

Well I'm 4weeks out today and I started sitting yay!!!!! My bootay looking real good :)) it settled some it's not so high up it's rounding out and projecting more. I will say it is very painful (for me) to sit, everyone is different but I am happy to be sitting. I will post be 4 and after pics once I feel my butt is where it's gonna stay, the body goes through so many changes during lipo and bbl that anything sooner would be a waste of time ( my opinion). If there is anyone else who experienced pain the first few time they sat please let me know. Thanx ladies I will keep you posted!

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Ok so I changed my mind I'm looking so good I...

Ok so I changed my mind I'm looking so good I had to post some pics lol....let me know what you think! :)


Hello ladies I'm knew to the site here. But, I currently reside in Houston, Tx. Originally I'm a Detroiter and I'm unsure what Dr. to go to for BBL/or Buttock augmentation. I'm 5"6 ok size behind. I use to have a very large butt until I had my second child two years ago. I'm devastated because I've worked out and did squatts at 250lbs ... My butt will not stay up as before.. I've seen Dr. Ricardo Rodriguez work in Baltimore. and Dr. Markmann.. Have you all checked out Dr. Jimmerson works.... Ladeebug you look great did he say how long it will last? Did he do the fat transfer through cannules procedure (harvest method)??? BLushingboo HELP!!
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I was gonna go to Dr. Markmann but then I started reading other post Dr. Leon Campos in Tijuana Mexico...he's giving amazing lipo and fat transfer results for $3600 so even If I wanted to go back a second time I could because it would be alot cheaper paying for a roundtrip ticket, hotel accommodations for 3-8 days, and the cost of the surgery is still cheaper than going to dr. Markmann!!! His results are amazing also but his prices are too! I really didn't wanna go to Mexico but after talking to alot of the women on that website and doing my research I felt more comfortable. I would have to pay $15000-$16000 for dr. Markmann and that's only for 2 or 3 areas of lipo, roundtrip ticket to Baltimore, and pay for hotel accommodations...that's way too much money. I can't see myself paying that when I can go to Mexico and have it done for a fraction of the cost! I know they say you get what you pay for and as far as what I've seen on the MMH website their getting a hell of a lot more cc's for the money and even though some of the fat is reabsorbed they still have huge bootys! Just my opinion though!

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you have some very impressive results! Congrats! I just went for my first(of many) consults lined up and was a little dissapointed that he projected only being able to do 5-600cc's per cheek. I'm 5'5 157 lbs. I have a 5 yr old and have a decent sized pouch. He said that he would lipo the inner thighs,abdomen,and flank. Now I know that I carry my weight differently because I'm a bit muscular but still I want at least 700 cc's injected. As someone who was quoted a low number and got a big result what would you suggest I do?
Any advice would help, thanx and congrats again
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Photo Update


I mean of projection?? Lol
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Hey ladeebugg,do you still have alot off projection?I just want to make a good investment.How did you drive?
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What happened to baltimore 65?
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11 weeks post-op feeling great and looking better....

11 weeks post-op feeling great and looking better. I will say my lower back where the indent is (the most lipo'd area) is still very sore. when I stay in any one position too long it hurts like heck when I move. The most pain I experience is in the morning getting out of bed....OMGOODNESS it feels like my skin is separating from the tissue in my back. I'm assuming it's due the the aggressive lipo in that area, I hope this feeling goes away soon. I find that wearing my spanx helps keep the skin on my back tight and in place so it feels a lil better, like an idiot i threw away my binder to early. If anyone else hes experience this pain in the lower back where the "shelf" have be created please let me know when this pain will go away. Other than that I'm very happy with my body! :))


You look amazing! I am actually in Maryland recovering right now - day 12. It was rough, rough, rough the 1st week. I’ve been through this before bout 2 years ago and had Dr M revise it. Right now everything is so tight it doesn’t even look like i have a butt. I’m assuming all that will round/fill out as the swelling comes down. Anyway, I totally trust and adore him. He really cares and has the skills to change a body. He changed my body shape. My waist has never been this small. Anyway, hope you’re doing great!
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One month out! Outstanding! Everything looks amazing and my little butt popped out. I have the curvy body I was told I could never have because of my ‘structure’. I don’t know how he did it but he did!!
Hello.....How r your results?
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